Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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The next morning.

' Hmm. Looks like this is the time where Ye Zong gets the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. ' I thought as I spar with Da Zhuang

ng and Shen Xiu.

" Haaa!! " Shen Xiu shouted as she continues to chop at my direction, and I dodged it easily, as her angle of attacks are too predictable.

" Hoh! " Da Zhuang shouted as he continuously kicked at me, but he always loses balance while airborne and flaws always show itself.

I countered them and guide them by telling their flaws and improves it even further.

" Alright. That's it for today. " I said as Shen Xiu sits on the ground, and Da Zhuang is standing still.

" *sigh. To think that the technique that I am proud of has such flaws. The sayings of there are skies above the sky that we witness is true. " Da Zhuang said as he heaved a sigh.

" Hehe. Indeed, that is why, we humans always train and do their best to improve from generations to generations. " I said.

" Hey. You are still a brat. Don't say what an old man would say. " Da Zhuang said.

I forced a smile as I then leave them and tell them to train with each other because I have things to do.

' YinLong, FengDaJie, Kirin. Are you all busy? ' I asked.

' Yes. We are SUPER busy. ' YinLong said.

' *chuckle. What do you need Yuuji? ' FengDaJie asked.

' Heh. Don't bother with him. Let's finish the quest first. ' Kirin said.

After a while.

' Hey! Wtf is going on!!! ' YinLong cursed.

' Wtf! The game is frozen! ' Kirin said in irritated tone.

' *chuckle. Maybe Yuuji is angry right now. ' FengDaJie said.

' Heh. You two are out of control when it comes to game, so I block the access for game for you two. ' I sneered.

' Wha!! How dare you! Hurry up and give us our access to the f*cking game! ' YinLong cursed.

' Hey mind your language ! ' Kirin scolded.

' Hey, which line didja pick that from YinLong? ' I asked.

' Hmph! I learnt it myself of course. ' YinLong proudly said.

' Hmm. Well then, I will strip you from your authority to access 18+ novels, movies, animes and mangas. ' I said.

' What the f*ck!! ' YinLong continues cursing.

' Keep spouting profanity, and I will ban you from accessing my memory for a day for each profanity starting from the first time you say the profane word. ' I said.

' Sh*t! ' YinLong continues cursing.

' *chuckle. He never grows up didn't he? ' FengDaJie ridicules him.

' What didja say ya b*tch! ' YinLong said.

' *sigh. You never learn didn't you. ' I sighed.

' Well then, excuse me. ' Kirin said as he shuts YinLong.

' Mhmm!! Mhnn!! ' YinLong struggles as he is pinned by Kirin.

' *chuckle. Yuuji. What do you need? ' FengDaJie finally takes us back to the main topic.

' Ah right. I wanted the three of you to help me hunt down legend rank demon beasts or Black Gold Rank Demon Beasts for their Demon Spirit. I don't care about the Growth Rate, but I need each of you to collect at least three hundred Legend Rank Demon Spirits in two months. Is that possible? ' I asked.

' Hmph. For what reason should I do that request. ' Kirin snorted.

' Heh. It is not like I won't reward you. If you manages to collect it, then I will increase your allowance by 1 hours per 100 Legend Rank Demon Spirits, and 1 hours per 1000 Black Gold Rank Demon Spirits. How does that sound? ' I asked.

' Hmm. Not a good deal. How about one and half an hour per 100 Legend Rank or 1000 Black Gold Rank Demon Spirits? ' Kirin asked.

' Hmm. Okay then. But should you fail, I will deduce your quota for gaming by two hours. ' I said.

' Deal. ' Kirin and FengDaJie said unanimously.

' Heh. Why the f*ck should I do this sh*t ? ' YinLong snorted.

' If you manages that, I will specially let you say profane words without banning you from gaming, and increase your game quota by three hours if you manages to collect 500 Legend Rank Demon Spirits AND 5000 Black Gold Rank Demon Spirits in two months. You also may ask for help. ' I said.

' Deal. ' YinLong said happily.

Heh. A simpleton.

' Then, I will make three shadows, and you inhabits the shadow and hunt for demon beasts. Remember, the time limit is two months, so after two months, you all come back to my mansion directly. And remember! Safety comes first! ' I said, and then they inhabits my shadow and leaves Glory City.

City Lord's Mansion.

Hmm. Looks like the meeting is over and Lord Ye Xiu is already back with the book on his hand.

" My, my. Lord Ye Xiu. What is the book on your hand? " I asked.

" I don't know. This book is given to me by Lord Ye Mo. He found this book in the corpse of an expert. " Ye Xiu said.

" May I take a look at the book? " I said.

" Hmm. Here. " Ye Xiu gives me the book after pondering for a while.

' Great Sage. Scan it and see whether you can upgrade the array or not. '


" Hmm. Lord Ye Xiu. You must keep this book with great care. If this book goes to the wrong hand, it could be fatal. Since this book contains a super array that can massacre Legend Rank Experts if they are trapped. " I said.

" Heavens! So, you can read this book? " Ye Xiu said in surprise.

" Yes. I can. " I said as I nodded.

" Then, can you lay down this array? " Ye Xiu asked.

" This array? I don't think this array will be good enough. "

" Wha.. " Ye Xiu said in disbelief and surprise.

" I promised father-in-law that I will present him a one hundred thousand Demon Beast Array, yet this one is only a ten thousand demon beast array. " I said.

" Aiyaa. To think that you will go as far as to make this as a betrothal gift. " Ye Xiu praised me.

" Ah! That's right. How many demon spirits of Black Gold Rank does the Snow Wind Family have? " I asked.

" Hmm. If I am not wrong, we ever encountered 10 huge chests containing demon spirits. The content is arranged neatly, as if it is a gift from someone. " Ye Xiu said.

" The contents are exactly one hundred thousand various Black Gold Ranked Demon Spirits! " Ye Xiu added.

' Wha.. How come there is such treasure. Who is so bored that spend the time to slay exactly one hundred thousand Black Gold Ranked Demon Beasts and how is it preserved? Not to mention the scarcity of Legend Rank Demon Beasts in Tiny World. ' I thought.

' YinLong, FengDaJie, Kirin. Mission aborted. Someone leaves the Demon Spirits I need, so come back directly.' I said.

' Eh!! But finally I have the chance to go wild. ' Kirin said.

' *chuckle. Looks like the deal is off. " FengDaJie said.

' Wtf! Seriously. Who the hell is the one that leaves it. I'mma kick the *ss of whoever it is. ' YinLong cursed.

' Hey YinLong. If you swear that from today onwards you won't say any profane words, I will let you off the hook. ' I said.

' Yes. I swear that from today onwards, I will watch my f*cking mouth. ' YinLong said.

' *sigh. ' I sighed.

' *sigh. ' Kirin sighed.

' * chuckle. ' FengDaJie chuckled.

' Hahaha. I am joking. I swear that I will not use any profane words. Should I say any profane words, then I will be hit by the heaven's tribulation. ' YinLong said.

' Hey. don't make that swear. If you say profane words, I am the one who is punished later, not you! ' I said.

' Hehe. Not my problem. ' YinLong said.

' Okay. Your tribulations are FengDaJie and Kirin. Should you spout profane words, they will punish you. ' I said.

" Then, when are you going to start doing the array? " Ye Xiu asked.

" Hmm. Maybe tomorrow. I can't promise when I will start, but I promise that it will be done in a ten days." I said, and then I bid farewell to Ye Xiu as I go back to my mansion, leaving the dumbfounded Ye Xiu in the courtyard and waited for my trio to return.


' YES!! '

After that, I can feel I blacked out, and when I regained consciousness, I can see that in front of me is a book and map that Da Zhuang drew, which content is the hundred thousand demonic beast array. The array is very complex, but I can clearly see and understand every usage of the pattern. The placement for the 10 towers are 8 towers at the directions of the wind, and 2 towers in the center of the city, and it is very detailed as Great Sage had pinpointed the location to build the towers on the map of Glory City. And looks like Great Sage has done a good job in providing a growth boosting and obedience array to control the Demon beasts. It also have regeneration effect, so destroying it would take so much time.

After I fully inspected the array, I praised Great Sage, and it thanked me in a flat tone. And then YinLong, FengDaJie and Kirin appears in front of me and start pouting.

" Well, it is not my fault. " I said.

" *sigh. We understand. " they said and they goes back to my soul realm.

' Well, as a reward, I will increase the game time by 2 hours and YinLong's penalty is lifted.

' Yahoo!! ' FengDaJie and Kirin shouted happily.

' F*ck Yeah!!! ' YinLong said and resulting him getting smacked by Kirin and slapped by FengDaJie.

' You never learn didja. ' I sighed and head back inside my home and write down books regarding on cultivations, such as soul attributes, soul forms, cultivation techniques that are suitable for specified soul attribute and soul realm. I also ask Great Sage to make it possible to merge the cultivation technique that is meant for a specified soul attribute and soul realm.

I finished writing 10 books regarding soul attributes, 15 books regarding soul form, 7 books of cultivation techniques for specified elements, and 20 books of cultivation techniques for specified soul form while only 5 hours have passed, thanks to my shadow, and Great Sage's coordination.

Noticing that there are still time before morning, and I am not sleepy at all, I keep writing books about inscriptions, battle techniques, battle strategy, basic alchemic book, and fun experimental book. I think of making manga and novel, but I immediately drop the idea, because if the children get absorbed in manga, then I will be the one to blame.

The next morning, I keep the books and directly go to the City Lord's Mansion and meet up with Ye Xiu. I give him the books, and when he looks at it, he smiled bitterly as he quickly gives it to the Ye Zong. Ye Zong comes to my place and begins interrogating me. I the said that it is a secret, and Ye Zong keeps being pushy, so I tell him that if he continues pestering me, then the project won't be done. After that, he finally leaves me and offer some men to help me before he leaves, but I politely refused his offer and say that the other people might drag me. Hearing this, he heaved a sigh and tell me to do what I need to do.

I then start making the first tower in the city's core, which is the City Lord's Mansion. I build a tall stone tower with gaps, and then I insert the demon spirits on the gap, and start covering the stone tower with inscriptions. This tower contains ten thousand demon spirits, and I out protective barrier to protect the tower. I also put camouflage array to hide the tower to avoid it being targeted by enemy. It took me 4 hours to make the tower, 2 hours to insert the demon spirits and six hours to inscribe the pattern. I continue by making seal stones for controlling the array.. After that, I take a break for today, as I have finished making one tenth of the array.

Tomorrow morning, I go to the City Lord's mansion and invite Ye Zong and Ye Xiu to witness the power of one tenth of the hundred thousand demon Beast's array power. I then head to the tower, and activate the array, and it works spectacularly. Ye Zong and Ye Xiu stare in amazement, as many Demon Beasts' illusions are appearing, and they started to circle around the tower.

" Hmm. So this is the hundred thousand Demonic Beast Array ! " Ye Zong said in astonishment as he looked at a black tower which is emanating rich soul energy.

" No. It is not a hundred thousand yet, but ten thousand only. " I said. " But it is enough to toy with some Legend rank ants to death. " I sneered as I look at Ye Zong.

" Ants? " Ye Zong said as veins appeared on his head. " Don't you know how strong a Legend Rank is? " Ye Zong added.

" Hmm? Even though I also am a Legend Rank, and I don't think I can survive the full force attack of this array. " I said.

" Hmph! I refuse to believe this tower can do such thing. " Ye Zong said as he stepped near the tower.

" Eh? Are father-in-law challenging the ten thousand demon beasts tower? " I asked.

" Well, yeah. I'mma crush this thing. " Ye Zong said.

' What? You crushing the tower? Even with my Demigod Rank strength, I don't even think I can cause a crack on this tower, let alone destroying it. ' I thought. " Well then, since father-in-law is eager to test the array's power, then let's make a bet. " I said.

" Hmm? What kind of bet? " Ye Zong asked.

" I bet that father-in-law can't even crack the tower. " I said.

" Well then, I will bet that Lord Ye Zong will definitely crack the tower. " Ye Xiu said.

" Hmph! So what will the winner get? " Ye Zong asked.

" Well, this is just for fun, so there will be no reward. " I said as I forced a smile.

" For fun!! You think that the time I waste for being here and challenging the tower is for your fun? " Ye Zong said angrily.

" Haha. Father-in-law. I just want you to test the tower's strength, so here I come. " I said as I start making seals and begin operating the tower.

" Let the fight begin. " I shouted as I float in front of the tower.

After I finish that line, Thousands of Demon Beast appeared. They are the Fighter Demon beasts of Black Gold Rank and Legend Rank.

Seeing this, Ye Zong snorted as he merges with his Black Scaled Earth Dragon. Right after he finishes merging with the Black Scaled Earth Dragon, I then positioned sturdy demon beasts to confront him head on.

Ye Zong furiously swings his fist to hit the demon beasts. Usually, this kind of attack could sweep even groups of Ordinary Black Gold Ranked Demon beasts, but sadly the one he is facing right now is not mindless demon beasts, but coordinated demon beasts. So, when his fist is near to the demon beasts, A Legend Ranked Silver Thread Spitter Spider spays it's web causing Ye Zong's fist halting in on air, while the other demon beasts attacks him continuously.

" Gah!! " Ye Zong shouted in pain, and then he takes a deep breath and prepare to use a breath attack.

" Oh no you don't! " I snorted as I summons a Legend Ranked Black Water Slug and let it spit it's black liquid toward the flame.

" A Black Water Slug? Not to mention a Legend Ranked one? How am I suppose to subdue this brute? " Ye Zong said in irritation as he is rolled to the ground by the demon beasts and then wrapped tidily by the Silver Thread Spitter Spider.

" Hmm. Looks like you already failed father-in-law. " I said in disappointment.

" Well, I am fighting against 1000 Demon Spirits and there are some which are Legend Ranks. How should I pass through their line of defense? " Ye Zong said.

" Hehe. Not my problem. That's why I say that Legend Rank is still an ant. " I smiled as I deactivate the array and set Ye Zong free from the Silver Thread Spitter Spider's web.

" Here is the seal stones father-in-law. Give one to Yun'er. " I said as I pass several soul stones to Ye Zong.

Ye Zong accepted it as he smiled bitterly. Looks like the fact that even he, as a Legend Rank is unable to survive just one tenth if this tower's strength. Imagine what will happen if it utilizes one hundred percent of it's strength, and not to mention that there will be ten more towers like this.

After that, I bid farewell as I proceed to my an empty space near my mansion and start making the second tower. Twelve hours have passed and I head back to my mansion and lie down on my bed.

' Hummm ' an ominous sound is coming from somewhere near my mansion. I then use my soul force and scan my surrounding, and found out that at the northern area of my mansion, 10 Black Gold Rank experts are converging together, and at the empty space where the second tower is built, sixty people are there and they are preparing to use some kind of philosopher's stone to summon something.

' Da Zhuang. Xiu'er. Are you awake? ' I asked.

' I never sleep. ' Da Zhuang said.

' I just wanted to go to sleep. ' Shen Xiu said.

' Have you both noticed? ' I asked.

' Yes. ' both of them say simultaneously.

' Please help me out. I am not fit for fighting 10 experts, as I have just finished laying down the second tower. ' I said weakly.

' Okay. Should I look for reinforcement? ' Da Zhuang asked.

' No. Father-in-law doesn't know about your existence, and if he know that I sealed your soul on a dummy, I will be damned! ' I said.

' *poof ' Shen Xiu and Da Zhuang laughed.

' The three of us will settle this. Xiu'er, I will use a shadow and accompany you. ' I said as I merge with YinLong and make a shadow of a Legend Rank and hand it a special armor made for Shen Xiu. ' Xiu'er. Before engaging into battle, I want you to use the armor my shadow is bringing. After that, head toward the sixty people, and subdue them. You may kill some of them and it will be better if you can get the philosopher's stone.' I added.

' Okay LinJian. ' Shen Xiu said.

' Da Zhuang. I need your help and suppress four of the Black Gold Rank experts on the northern area, and don't kill them if you can. I will handle six of them. ' I said.

' Got it. I am heading there. ' Da Zhuang said as he whizzed there.

The second tower area.

Sounds of spell chanting can be heard. Sixty people cloaked in black and gray are circling a massive inscription circle, and on the middle is the philosopher's stone.

" Hehe. We will crush this tower and obtain promotion from Lord Long Sha. " said the leading man. " After a few moments, we will release the demon beast and crush this freaking tower. " added the leading man in angered tone.

" Hmm? To actually dare coming her late at night, disturbing my sleep and planning to ruin my hubby's hard work! You all are basically seeking death. " a cold gentle voice resounded clearly on the entire area.

" Who's there? To actually be daring enough as to defy and threaten us the members of the Dark Guild? " the leading man said as he faces the voice's direction and see a girl with red hair, wearing a purple kimono and holding a blue dagger that emits chilly aura, standing above the stone fence.

" Shen Xiu of the Sacred Family? What are you doing here? Don't think just because you are the sister of the Deputy Guild Leader, you can act as presumptuously as to threaten us. " the leading man said in anger as he glared at Shen Xiu with killing intent. " And who is this hubby of yours? " he added.

" ... " Shen Xiu stayed silent, and then she disappears and then reappears on the top of the gate while holding the philosopher's stone.

" Wha.. Since when? " the leading man said in a shocked tone.

" Fumu. I have finish one of the requests that my hubby gives me. " Shen Xiu said while smiling sweetly.

" Hey. Give that back to us or don't blame us for being impolite. " the leading men said and the other men stand up and assume battle stance.

" Hmm. Why would she. " I asked behind the leading man while whispering.

" You!! Since when? " the leading man said in surprise, and notices that the sixty men that he brought to summon a huge Demon Beast , have been knocked out and they all are lying on the ground.

" This must be a nightmare. How is this happening. All of them are at least of Silver Rank and some of them are even at Gold Rank, yet they got wiped out by you alone? " the leading man said as veins popped on his head.

" Hmm. Wishful thinking! Sleep. " I snorted as I chopped his nape as I sense that he is trying to retaliate.

" I.. Impossible! " he said before fainting.

After that, I tie all of them and seal their cultivation and acupoints, and then imprison them.

" Good Job Xiu'er. " I said as I pat her head.

" En. " she nodded happily.

' Booooom!!!!! ' a loud booming sound can be heard as the sky becomes bright red.

' Shiet! Looks like not only my place is under attack. ' I thought as I tell Shen Xiu to follow me to the City Lord's Mansion.

Meanwhile, on the northern area.

I keep searching and scan the surrounding using my soul force.

" Hey, brat. Looks like they fled already. " Da Zhuang said.

" *sigh. Never mind then. " I shrugged my shoulder. " Well, this is good. I am very thankful for them leaving, to avoid useless fight. " I added and I realize that the City Lord's Mansion is under attack by the Collosal Abyss Demon.

" Let's go and help father-in-law! " I said as I quickly whizzed there with Da Zhuang.

City Lord's Mansion, Tower Area.

Collosal Abyss Demon is standing in front of the tower, but it is being toyed by the duo Legend Ranks in City Lord Mansion, Ye Zong and Ye Xiu.

" *sigh. Father-in-law, Lord Ye Xiu. How long are you two planning to toy with it. " I said as I sighed and forced a smile while landing with Shen Xiu, Da Zhuang and my shadow.

" What are you doing here? " Ye Zong asked.

" We are here to reinforce the defense of course. " I said.

" Heh. No need. We can deal with this big baby. " Ye Zong said.

" *sigh. " I sighed as I appeared above the Collosal Abyss Demon and swing my Thunder God's Meteorite sword, while emanating Purple Lightning, on it's nape, and killed it instantly.

" We need to stop playing, and seal the fire hole and stop the small ants from spawning. " I said.

" Hey brat. Don't order me what to do. You have ruined my fun. " Ye Zong said in irritated tone.

After that, I don't mind what Ye Zong said as I hurriedly go to the fire hole and ask FengDaJie to consume it.

' Eh? Why would I consume something unsightly as that? ' FengDaJie complained.

' Please help me once in a while. ' I pleaded.

' *chuckle. Alright then ' FengDaJie said and then I merge with FengDaJie and consume the flame.

' Phew. Thank you FengDaJie. Finally. Problems solved. ' I thought, but I can send that there are 10 Black Gold Rank experts hiding in the shadow.

" Father-in-law. There are 10 people hiding in the shadow. Why haven't you take action? " I asked.

" Hmm? Those 10 people are done for. " Ye Zong said as he sneers.

I scanned the surrounding, and found out that there are actually other 5 Legend Rank experts here. Ah! Looks like the battle is over.

The 5 Legend Rank experts are Covert Unit Leader Ye Shuo, General of the Snow Wind Family Gong LiangShu, Divine Family's Patriarch Chen ZhengLong, HuYan Family's patriarch HuYan Xiong, and Vice Principal Ye Sheng.

" LinJian. Long time no see. " Chen ZhengLong said as he smiles.

" Yes. Long time no see father. " I said.

" So, how are you doing? I heard that you are aiming Lil Miss ZiYun, Ning'Er, and HuYan LanRuo. How are your relationship with them? " Chen ZhengLong asked.

" What!! How come I don't know that you are also aiming for my girl! " HuYan Xiong said in surprise.

" *sigh. Patriarch HuYan. I have plan to meet you after I finish this project of mine and ask your agreement on my relation with Ruo'er. But looks like I don't need to wait any longer since the patriarch is here. " I said as I heaved a sigh.

" Hmm. Why shouldn't I agree? You are a genius and I believe that you can make my like girl happy. But should you make her unhappy, you know what I'll do right. " HuYan Xiong said in a cold tone.

" Yes!! " I said as I straightened my back.

" Hmm. Young Master Chen. What are you doing here? " Gong LiangShu asked.

" I am here to help, but looks like my help is unneeded. " I said in disheartened tone.

Gong LiangShu forced a smile and cheer me up.

" Well then, if there are no problems anymore, then I shall excuse myself.. " I said.

" Wait! " Ye Zong said.

" Yes? What's the matter father-in-law? " I asked.

" *cough. Who is that winged guy? I can sense that he is a strong individual. " Ye Zong said as he pointed to Da Zhuang.

" You unfilial descendant! How dare you point at me! " Da Zhuang scolded Ye Zong.

" Huh? Who are you if I may ask. " Ye Zong asked in confused tone.

" Hoo.. Is that how you treat the one that taught you the seven heart cultivating technique ? " Da Zhuang said.

" A.. Ancestral Founder Ye Yan? " Ye Zong said in surprise.

" D.. Descendant Ye Zong pays respect to Lord Ancestral Founder. " Ye Zong said as he bows.

" Descendant Ye Xiu pays respect to Lord Ancestral Founder. " Ye Xiu said.

" Lord Founder. Shouldn't you be inside the Heavenly Sacred Border? And, what is this physique of yours?" Ye Zong asked.

" This is a soul dummy made by that brat there. " Da Zhuang said as he looks at me.

" Chen LinJian! How dare you seal Lord Ancestral inside the soul dummy! You dummy! " Ye Zong scolded me.

" Huh? If I don't do so, then Lord Ye Yan will disappears from this world. " I said.

" What nonsense are you spouting again? " Ye Zong said in an irritated tone.

" It's reality Ye Zong brat. If I am not occupying this body, then I would have dissipate and cease to exist till today. " Ye Yan said.

Ye Zong and Ye Xiu stares at me with disbelief, and sighed.

" Well then, there is no problems again right? I excuse myself, as tomorrow I will be building the third tower. " I said as I leave with Shen Xiu and Da Zhuang.


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