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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After arriving at the garage, I prepare the furnace and melt the ingots, and make the sticks with different size as bone structure for human's bone, wires as the muscle, an oval ball as the face, and secret weapons that will be embedded in the arms, hands and the shanks. I also make a structure for wings on the back.

After I finished producing the structure, I connect it all and made a winged human dummy. I do the last touch with patching the Snow wind Demon Beast's fur on the entire dummy, making it looks like a heavenly deity.

' To think that you are making such evil thing! ' Ye Yan said.

" Haha. There is no evil things, only evil users. " I said as I forced a smile and made a special talisman and attach it to the dummy's chest. " Lord Founder. Your body is done. Please enter your new body. "

After that, Ye Yan was not sure whether he should do this, but he finally decided to enter the dummy rather than dissipates. As he enters the dummy, the dummy oval face emits blue flame. Shen Xiu is watching with awe.

" So, how is your new body Lord Founder? "

" Hmm. I feel fine, but I feel like I have other 2 limbs on my back. "

" That limbs are for the wing. So now try doing some martial art movements. " I said, and then he tried every move he mastered in the past.

" En. This body is not bad. " Ye Yan said in a satisfied tone.

" Then, do you want to try and fly? " I asked.

" Well then. " Ye Yan said as he flapped his wing slowly and his body is lifted to the air.

" Looks like it is a success then! " This time I said in satisfied tone.

After that, I add other function such as the fur's sturdiness will be equivalent to the soul's cultivation level, stealth feature, camouflage mode and regeneration ability.

" Phew. Done for now. Hmm. It will be quite awkward to call the Founder name, so I think we should give the dummy a name. What do you think Xiu'er? " I asked Shen Xiu.

" Hmm. How about Da FeiFei, since he can fly, and he has a huge build. " Shen Xiu said.

Ye Yan then looked at her in disbelief. He is a huge figure in the past, yet he is granted such name?

" Hmm. Well I feel bad to let a Founder be named FeiFei. So how about Da Zhuang? " I asked. " Since he is a courageous and respected symbol of this city. " I explained, and then Ye Yan looked at me with grateful eyes, and then nodded in return.

" Well then. Shen Xiu, Da Zhuang. Let's go home. " I said and they nodded as they follow me and head back to my mansion.

As we walked and head back to my mansion, I can feel 30 people hiding.

' Da Zhuang. Shen Xiu. Prepare for battle. ' I said using telepathy, and when I looked at them, looks like they also have noticed and assume battle stance.

" Since you guys are already here, why bother hiding? Show yourselves! " I said as I glared while facing the place where Shen Ming is hiding.

After that, 30 men appeared and surround us.

" To think that you noticed us, looks like I have underestimated you. " Shen Ming said in hoarse voice trying to hide his identity.

" Well, you don't look like you are underestimating me at the very least, to bring these bandits. " I said as I sneered.

" Hmm. Young Master. Follow us, and we will give you a painless death. " One of the bandits said.

" Hmph. You guys are really courting death. To think that you dare to ambush someone in the City. Not to mention a successor such as myself. It should be me saying that line. " I snorted.

As though they know that I will refuse and reprimand them, Shen Ming and YunHua shouted together and ordered the bandits to attack me.

As Shen Ming and YunHua shouted, their men charge at us. Da Zhuang and I used physical strength only to fight back, while Shen Xiu merges with her Nine Tailed Fox. After merging, Shen Xiu's skin is covered with gray fur as she grows Nine tails in different colors that represent their elements.

" Don't kill them. " I said solemnly.

" Shen Xiu. How dare you betray your own family! When I return, I will definitely tell the patriarch about this! " Shen Ming shouted.

" It is better for her to betray her family rather than betraying the city and her fiance. " I said behind him as I chopped his nape, causing him losing his consciousness.

After 5 minutes, the 30 ambushers are immobilized and tied up.

" So, what should we do regarding these unfilial descendants? " Da Zhuang asked.

" Hmm. We should send them to the authorities, and there are two places in my mind. First is the City Lord Mansion, and second is the Alchemist Association. What do you think Xiu'er? " I asked Shen Xiu.

" Hmm. It is better to send them to the City Lord's Mansion. " Shen Xiu said nonchalantly.

" I am not sure about that. The City Lord mansion is indeed a secured place, but the security on the jail is minimum, so it is better to go to Alchemist Association. " I said.

" Hmm. Then there is no problem, since LinJian is the one who decides. " Shen Xiu said as she shrugged her shoulder.

" Haha. Don't be mad Xiu'er. " I said as I kisses her forehead and act lovey-dovey there.

" Ahem.. " Da Zhuang coughed. " Are you going to escort these unfilial descendants or enjoying this little girl? "

" Haha. Well then, we will leave then " I forced a smile as Shen Xiu glared at Da Zhuang for ruining her quality time.

Alchemist Association.

" Xin'er! " I shouted, and then Yang Xin hurriedly comes out of the building. She is wearing a loose robe, showing her proud peaks. At her neck, a beautiful red jade amulet with Alchemic bottle pattern can be seen clearly. She rushes quickly and gagged my mouth with her palm.

" Umph!! Umph!! " I shouted as I am gagged by Yang Xin.

" What do you think you are doing? This late at night and you called me with such an intimate manner out loud. " Yang Xin hissed.

" What? What should I call you then? Auntie ? Grandma? " I asked teasingly and she turns back and when she is about to close the door, I holds it.

" Xin'er, why are you like this ? " I asked.

" I thought that you agreed not to say that word in front of me! " Yang Xin said as she pouted.

" Well, I can't help because Xin'er is cutest when she is angry and pouting. " I said.

" Wha.. " Yang Xin said in surprise as she blushed.

" Haha. Well, now to the main topic. Xin'er. I am here today because I have prisoners for you to handle. " I said while pointing at the ambushers.

" Heavens! Isn't that Elder Shen Ming? Why is he tied up? " Yang Xin asked in surprise.

" He was trying to get me with these bandits, who are Dark Guild's member, and I also caught a deacon of the Dark Guild, so please try and get any information from them Xiu'er. " I said.

" En. Leave it to me. " Yang Xin said.

" En. Then, I shall take my leave. " I said, and before I can leave, Yang Xin attacked my lips. I attacked her back, and resulted her trembling because of excitement.

" I think that should be enough. " I said as I released my lips from Yang Xin and then I take the prisoners inside with Da Zhuang and Shen Xiu.

After securing the prisoners, Yang Xin and I have some chat.

" LinJian. Why do you use such rusty sword? " Yang Xin asked as she looks at the Thunder God's Meteorite sword on my waist.

" Hehe. Don't worry. This is an unrivaled treasure. We can't judge book by its cover, so don't look down on anything just because it doesn't have a good appearance. " I said as I pat her head.

" Hmm. Not only your sword can't be judged by it's appearance. You are also the same. " Yang Xin said as she pouted.

" Haha. Ah! Xin'er. I almost forget about this too. " I said as I give her the Cerberus Demon Spirit.

" This is? " Yang Xin asked.

" It is a Three headed Beast, Cerberus. It is a Demon Spirit with God Level Growth Rate, so it can guarantee that you reach Legend Rank minimum. Not to mention with the help of the elixirs, it will probably take you around four week to reach Legend Rank. " I said.

" Heavens! Thank you LinJian. " She said as she wants to hug me, but I dodge her.

" Eh!! Why are you dodging? " She said as she continues trying to hug me.

" Eh? Xin'er. Your biological weapon is too much for me! " I said.

" Biological weapon? What's that? Some kind of new food menu at Divine Restaurant? " Yang Xin asked.

" *sigh. Nope. Just forget what I say. " I said as I heaved a sigh.

After that, I give her some pills recipe that can boost resistance to freezing attacks. She then happily accepts it and thanks me, as she said that I am very thoughtful for creating the pills that can help the city when facing the snow wind demon beasts. I also tell her to start producing red oil on huge quantity. When she asks me what it is used for, I tell her that it is a secret, and then she pouted. I also tell her to make a special medicine and slip it inside a bamboo stick. The medicine is a special powder that makes demon beasts lose their reasoning and make them lose sight of which is ally or foe. Of course Yang Xin doesn't know this, and I tell her to mass-produce both of the things I requested just now while keeping it a secret, as I give her one hundred million demon spirit coins, but she rejects it as she said that those thing is free of charge for her hubby. I then kiss her as the reward and I bid her farewell, and then I leave with Shen Xiu and Da Zhuang.

" Hey brat. The demon spirit you gave her. I have never heard about it before. And also that God Level Growth Rate. What is it? " Da Zhuang asked.

" Hmm? I will explain it to you later. " I said as we arrived at the entrance of my mansion.

When we enter home, I prepare another room for Da Zhuang to stay, but it looks like Da Zhuang doesn't have any intention to sleep, so I tell him not to cause ruckus around, and before I go to sleep, Da Zhuang keep asking me about the Demon Spirit that I gave Yang Xin and God Level Growth Rate's meaning, so I tell him about the Growth Rate system only, and not mention about the Cerberus. Da Zhuang listened and his eyes glitters as he thanked me for teaching him about the Growth Rate system.

After that, he said that he want to fly and see the city, so I let him be, and ask him a little favour as to draw the city map before I go to sleep.


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