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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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' Wha? Sucked dry? So, you are implying that he died because his soul force is sucked dry by using the sword's ability once ? '

" Yes. Have you forgotten that I said that Legend Rank is the beginning of cultivation? The people of that higher realm are the one who can use the sword's ability without getting sucked dry. "

' Hmm. '

" Now, are you in for this bet, Lord Founder? "

' Hmm. Yes, but why should I be your follower? '

" Hmm. If you don't want to, then we can drop the idea. "

' Hey brat. If you really know how to subdue the sword, then why go through the trouble of making bet with me? '

" If I don't make the bet, then, will you lead me to the sword? Besides, I don't want to do something unsightly as taking the sword without your agreement. "

' Hm.. Brat. I dislike your arrogant attitude, but I can't say anything negative about your character. Fine. I will lead you, but how about your disciples? '

" Let them cultivate for a bit, as I will supply the information outside to you. "

I then tell him about Sacred Family, dark guild, and the existence of humanity other than Glory City.

' Hmm. Sacred Family eh? That time, they are a minor family, which so so in every aspect. To think that now they are a one of the major families, and they use their their power wrongly and oppress the minor and noble family. This act is really unforgivable. What is the current City Lord thinking. '

" The City Lord focuses on managing the whole city, and he has a bit trouble on making countermeasure against the Dark Guild. I also have confirmed that the current patriarch of Sacred Family is colluding with the Dark Guild, so we need to wait for the time to come and deal with the Sacred Family. "

' *sigh. These unfilial descendants, to think that they are creating such organization albeit the fact that humanity's enemy is the Demon Beast horse that can attack the City anytime. '

" Heh. What if I tell you that the Dark Guild is responsible for the Demon Beast Horde? "

Killing intent flashes in Ye Yan eyes as he coldly said ' These brats from Dark Guild and Sacred Family. To think they are the cause of the Demon Beast Horde! Wait until I get out of here. I will haunt them! '

" *chuckle . An old man that deserves respect from the younger generation is acting like a kid. "

' Hey. Who are you calling an old man? I am a spirit already. '

" Yeah yeah. Well then, it seems I need to wake someone. Lord Founder, please give me some privacy here. " I said as I head to Xiao Ning'Er and pick her up with a princess carry position. Ye Yan, understanding my intention, then fade away.

" You naughty girl. " I said as I gently nibble her smooth ear.

She abruptly opens her eyes and land a backhand on my face.

" Ouch! What is that for? " I asked.

" LinJian? What are you doing here? "

" To scold you of course. " I said as I grinned.

" Scold me? Scold me for what? "

" For entering here without notifying me. " I said as I nibble her ear.

" S.. Stop it. " Ning'Er said as she blushed.

" Why should I stop? "

" Because it is embarrassing. "

" Hmm. But there are only the two of us here. "

" No. Lord Ye Yan is here. "

" No. He is gone for this moment. Did you show him your cultivation technique? "

" No. I can't possibly show it even to Lord Founder, because it is a gift from you. "

" En. Good girl. Then I shall reward you. " After I finished saying that, I attack her lips.

At first, she resisted, but as time passes, she finally stop resisting, and accept the attack on her lips. She even attacks my lips back, so I abruptly released our lips.

" I think we should stop before I lose control. " I said as I forced a smile.

" En. " Ning'Er said as she blushed.

" Well, everyone wake up. " I yelled, resulting ZiYun, Nie Li and co wakes up and when they see me princess carrying Ning'Er, they stare at me jealously with a hint of anger, while ZiYun pouts there.

" Yun'er are you jealous? " I asked.

" W...Who is jealous? " ZiYun said as she stomped her foot and blushed.

" Haha. You are clearly jealous. " I said as I gently put Ning'Er down.

" Umm. LinJian. Why is teacher Shen Xiu here? " Xiao Ning'Er asked.

" Hmm? She is not a teacher anymore. She is my fiancee. Haven't you heard the news? " I asked.

" No. I was cultivating for two days here, so I don't know about your engagement. But is it okay for you to be engaged with teacher Shen? " Ning'Er asked.

" Haha. Don't worry. Xiu'er is not the overbearing teacher she was. " I said as I pat her head, and she stares at Shen Xiu and then nods.

" Now then, Lord Founder. Please take me to the Thunder God's Meteorite sword location to subdue it. " I said when facing the empty sky.

" Huh? Who is this Lord Founder that Big Brother is trying to talk with? " Nie Li and co starts whispering, as ZiYun and Ning'Er talks about Founder Ye Yan.

' Hmm. Are you finished brat? Wait! How come your cloth is still tidy? '

" Hey. I, Chen LinJian, is a man who honors girls, so I won't force any girl to do it. Not to mention forcing a young maiden to do it. "

' ... Well then, as per our agreement, I will lead you there and should you successfully subdue the sword, I will be your follower, but if you failed, then they will be my disciple. '

" Yes. " I said as I nodded and followers Ye Yan to the place where the Thunder God's Meteorite sword resides.

The core of Heavenly Sacred Border.

When we arrive at the bridge, connecting to the altar where the Thunder God's Meteorite sword is stuck, I can feel killing intent is coming from the sword, but it is useless against me, since the only entity I fear for now is Sage Emperor. I stay calm, while Ye ZiYun, Xiao Ning'Er, Shen Xiu, Nie Li and co are trembling in fear.

" Haaaa!!!! " I screamed as I cleared the killing intent that is striking my fiancees and brothers.

They all sweated as if they have been on hot sauna for a whole day. Shen Xiu's body figure become more visible as her sweaty clothes embraced her body and outlines her hourglass body's figure. ZiYun and Ning'Er are also in the same condition, while Nie Li and co are starting at them intensely. Noticing Nie Li and co's gaze, I take out clothes from my interspatial ring and covers the girls' body, resulting Nie Li and co booing.

" Lu Piao. Do I need to tell Xiao Xue about this? " I ask coldly.

" Wha? How come I am the only one getting reprimanded? " Lu Piao said in disbelief tone.

" Nie Li and others are single, so I understand, but you who already have Xiao Xue dares to look at other girl. Should I tell her? " I said while making 🤔 pose.

" Please Big Brother. Anything but that. I admit my wrongdoing. " Lu Piao said seriously.

Nie Li and co laughed, while my fiancee giggles quietly. And as we proceed, they can feel the intense pressure making everyone present except me, Shen Xiu and Ye Yan feel weak, as they quickly utilize their soul realm and cultivate. Thundering sounds can be heard as they all broken through Black Gold Rank. I approach them and congratulate them for reaching Black Gold Rank.

Ye Yan stares at disbelief and sighs as he regrets that he is not born in this era.

After I congratulated them, I ask them to stay as I go ahead and merge with YinLong and entered Void form and evades the lightning emanating from the sword. And as I dodged the lightning, I absorb some of the lightning power and enhances my physique so I will have at least some compatibility with the sword.

After absorbing the lightning power and processed it, I appeared in front of the sword and confront with the Demon Spirits that are responsible for the intense killing intents. I absorbs some of useful Demon Spirits for the ability and the useless one is devoured by YinLong, FengDaJie, and Kirin.

After the feast, YinLong, FengDaJie and Kirin goes back to my soul realm happily, and ... What the hell? They are playing games directly?? Not to mention YinLong and FengDaJie are playing triple threat match using the Kirin's play time, so they can play games for 18 hours?!!! 💢💢💢

' Hey. How long have you been doing this? ' I asked.

' Hmm? A month after you make the deal. We can feel some flaw on the deal, and when we try our theory, it works. ' YinLong said as he keeps swinging his console.

' Hmm. Then, I will be lenient and let you do what you want, but remember, that when I need you guys, please help me out. ' I said.

' Yeah yeah. Quit yappin and let us focus on the match.' Kirin said as he presses the console harder and harder.

I heaved a sigh as I go back to reality and I place my hand on the hilt of the sword. At first, the sword shows resistance as it starts to shake and emits light blue aura and Sparks of lightning can be seen glowing on the sword's body. As time passes, the sword stops shaking and the light blue aura is fading.

As I feel that the sword has accepted me, I then pulled the sword from the ground and it releases thunder, and thunderous sound can be heard inside the border and outside the border is a special sound wave that can be heard by Demon Spiritualist of Black Gold Rank or higher around Glory City.

After pulling it, I put the sword on my waist and prepare to meet Shen Xiu and the rest.

' Congratulations LinJian on subduing the Thunder God's Meteorite sword. As per the agreement, I will be your follower, but I am afraid I can accompany you for some days. ' Ye Yan said as he suddenly appeared beside me.

" Hmm? Why? Are you going back on your word? " I asked.

' I am not going back against what I had said. It is just, after the Thunder God's Meteorite sword is subdued by you, my soul will be freed and I will slowly dissipate. ' Ye Yan said while feeling dejected.

" *sigh. Don't be so pessimistic Lord Founder. I will make a new body where I can attach your soul to. " I said.

' New body? ' Ye Yan sounds intrigued as he follows me.

I then gather with the girls and boys, and when they look at my sword, they start to complain about the sword's appearance, rust, etc. But I paid no mind as I leave the Heavenly Sacred Border with them.

Outside the Border.

" Young Master Chen! Looks like you are alright. " Ye Sheng said in relief.

" Hmm. What happened Vice Principal? " I asked.

" Just now, there is a strong sound wave, which made me almost lost my cultivation. So I thought that Young Master Chen is affected by it. " Ye Sheng explained.

" As Vice Principal can see, I am not affected by the sound wave. And as for us passing the Heavenly Sacred Border, please keep it as a secret. " I said.

" En. Don't worry. There will be no news about Young Master or his friends' accomplishment today will leak."

" I am very grateful for that Vice Principal. " I said as I bowed and then I excuse myself and leave the Heavenly Sacred Border and go to the school yard and part with each other. I escorted ZiYun and Ning'Er before going the market and buy some ingots, and Snow Wind Demon Beast's fur to make a special body for Ye Yan.

After finished shopping, I head back home and go to the garage near the cornfield.


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