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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After we exit the arena, a wave of humans are coming to my direction with teary eyes.

" What's wrong? Why are you all crying? Did the Sacred Family guys bully you? " I asked.

" No!! We are here to thank Young Master Chen for standing up for us considering Young Master's status as the first-in-line successor, not like someone who was wasted by Young Master just now."

" And we swear that from today onwards, if Young Master Chen needs anything, we will fulfill it, since Young Master has already fought against the Sacred Family for us. "

" Hmm. Then I want you all to get stronger to protect Glory City. You all can train without minding the Sacred Family. If they looks for trouble, just search for me, but if you lied, there will be punishment. Male and female will get the same punishment. Understand?" I asked as I kick the ground.

" *gulp. Yes. We understand. " the crowd said unanimously.

" En. Well then, excuse me, as I am leaving now. " I said as I leave the crowd with Shen Xiu, and after escorting Yang Xin to her carriage. She kissed my cheek before leaving.

' Damn! Why do girls always kiss me on my cheek? ' I thought as I touch my cheek and stare at Yang Xin's carriage before leaving.

" Xiu'er. Tomorrow, I am going to the Heavenly Sacred Border. Do you want to go with me? " I asked.

" En! " she nodded quickly.

" Well, I have to tell ZiYun, Ning'Er, Nie Li and co about that then. " I said " Xiu'er. Go home and take some good night rest before going to the Heavenly Sacred Border with me tomorrow. " I added before I leave.

After leaving her, Shen Xiu went home, and I inform everyone about it.

Firstly I go to invite ZiYun, but when I arrive at the city lord mansion, Ye Zong is there. I can feel his rage.

" So, my son-in-law. Care to explain your action this afternoon? " Ye Zong said while smiling with a cold smile.

" About what matter? What did I do this afternoon? " I asked as I feigned innocence.

" Hey! You proposed ZiYun yesterday, and today you signed the engagement letter to that Sacred Family's slut? And who is your target next? Winged Dragon Family's doll? HuYan Family's doll " Ye Zong asked as veins appear on his head.

" Well, Father-in-law. Firstly, Xiu'er is not like what she was in past, as she is not a member of Sacred Family anymore. Secondly, Xiu'er is not a slut, as for the third question, Xiao Ning'Er is already my fiancee, and for the last question, I will visit Patriarch HuYan later. " I said nonchalantly.

" ..... " Ye Zong is speechless.

" So, father-in-law. Tomorrow, I am going to the Heavenly Sacred Border, and I want to invite ZiYun. So, may ZiYun go with me tomorrow? " I asked.

" *sigh.Alright, but I have to warn you. Should anything happens to ZiYun, you know the consequences right? " Ye Zong said.

" Haha. Of course. Thank you father-in-law. Then, I shall take my leave and invite the others too."

Next, I visit the Winged Dragon Family, but sadly, Ning'Er has already entered the Sacred Border. Patriarch Xiao thanked me for my action this afternoon, and I said that it is the job of son-in-law to help their father-in-law, and Patriarch Xiao happily said that he will arrange the day to publicly announce my engagement with Xiao Ning'Er. I thanked Patriarch Xiao and proceed to invite Nie Li and co.

When I visit Nie Li and co, their parent thanks me as they kowtowed and I said that it is normal for me to help others. Not to mention the family of my younger brothers. Hearing this, their family then swear that they will do their best to be stronger and gain the ability to protect themselves and Glory City.

After inviting those rascals, I go home and rest.

Tomorrow, I made juice before going to the school yard. ZiYun, Nie Li and co are waiting there already.

" Sorry. Have you all been waiting me ? " I said as I pass the juice I made this morning.

" En. We also just arrive. " ZiYun said as she drinks the juice I made. " Hmm!! This is very sweet. I like it. " ZiYun said happily.

" Then, you can ask me if you want more. " I said as I smile.

" Big brother! We heard about the news of big brother proposing for this overbearing lecturer. Is that true ? " Lu Piao ask as he pointed at Shen Xiu.

" Hey. Is that the way you treat your brother's fiancee? " I said as I smile which is not a smile at the same time, causing Lu Piao trembles in fear and lowers his hand. " Besides, Xiu'er is a good girl now. Well, Xiu'er, I think you owe apologies to everyone here. " I added as I pat her hear.

" Everyone. I am sorry for being overbearing before. I indeed had crossed the line before, so I am begging for your forgiveness. " Shen Xiu said as she bowed.

Everyone except ZiYun is taken by surprise as their jaws dropped, not believing the scene in front of them, they pinch Lu Piao and said that this must be a dream.

" Hahaha! I don't feel pain. This is indeed a dream. " Nie Li said as he pinches Lu Piao's wrist.

" Ouch! Unhand me this instant ya brute. This is reality!! " Lu Piao said as he twists in pain.

" So, do you guys forgive Xiu'er? " I asked.

" En! As the sayings, let bygones be bygones. " Nie Li and co said.

After that, we proceed and meet Ye Sheng.

" Welcome Young Master Chen. What do you want to do here when it is still the holiday period. " Ye Sheng asked.

" I want to enter the Border with everyone here. "

" Hmm. Including that girl? " Ye Sheng said.

" Vice Principal. Don't worry. I guarantee that Xiu'er won't misbehave in there. "

" No. that is not what I mean. Shen Xiu is already not a lecturer here. And even with her current age, she is still a Silver Rank. " Ye Sheng said.

" Vice Principal. There is a sayings, Don't judge a book by its cover. I admit, that the previous cover of Xiu'er is unsightly, but now, after being educated by me, she has teaches Black-Gold Rank already. " I said, and then Shen Xiu emits aura of Black-Gold Rank.

Everyone is staring in disbelief.

" Well, does she qualify to enter the Border with us Vice Principal? "

" *cough. Alright then, as Young Master proposed, we allow Shen Xiu to enter the Border. "

" Many thanks Vice Principal. Ah! right. Does Xiao Ning'Er enter the Border lately? "

" En. She entered the border two days ago. " Ye Sheng said as he nodded.

" Hmm.. " I nodded. ' I hope Ning'Er hasn't given that spirit permission to peek on her technique. ' I thought as I followed Ye Sheng and enter the Border together with Nie Li and co.

As we headed to the border, I walked with ZiYun at the back and chat with her.

" ZiYun. I want to be honest with you. I want to marry you, but not only you alone. I will also marry other girls that I like. .. " before I finish my sentence, ZiYun attacks my lips.

' Geh! What's wrong with ZiYun! She is bolder than usual! ' I thought. Luckily no one is looking!

" If that is the case, then I want to be the first girl that you kiss. " ZiYun said as she blushed and hold her lips. " I don't care how many wives you will have, but I hope that you can cherish all of us equally. " she added.

I look at the others and they keep walking, so I kiss ZiYun on her lips and said. " Don't worry my little sugar. I will keep my promise and cherish all of you. " I said after I released my lips. I can feel my face become hot, and ZiYun's face is also as red as tomato, and when we look at Vice Principal's direction, we realize that they are starting, and we awkwardly get back to the line, but I can feel that ZiYun is become somewhat gentler and clingy to me all the way, and I can also feel the gazes of Nie Li and co.

After a while, we arrived in front of a huge buildings. When Shen Xiu, ZiYun, Nie Li and co enters, they feel their soul realm fluctuate and expanding at a frightening degree, so I hurriedly tell them to cultivate and focus on suppressing the sudden growth of their soul realm and expand it slowly.

' Hmm. Brat. How are you feeling fine here? '

" What? Should I be like them to feel my soul realm expanding? I am sorry, but this kind of environment won't have any effect on my body, since I am a Peak Legend Rank expert."

' Ah. Peak Legend Rank eh?..... Eh!!! Brat. It is not good to tell lies don't you know that? '

" Why should I lie? I am not interested in making such lie, and I am not good at lying."

' Ah! You have integrated with 3 different demon spirits? How do you do that? '

" It is an effect of my cultivation technique. "

' Hmm. Which cultivation technique is it? '

" I am sorry, but I have no interest in teaching a deceased soul a cultivation technique. " I said nonchalantly.

' How dare you! Do you know who I am ? '

" Hmm? I know, but I do not care. "

' Such arrogance! I wonder which family are you from, you unfilial descendant! '

" I am from the Divine Family. Ancestral Founder Ye Yan. I know that Divine Family is Snow Wind Family's shield, but I am not going to be a shield, but a sword that will slay any threat for the what are important for me."

' Hmm. Divine Family eh? That takes me back into the past. So, I guess that since the younger generations are like this, there must be a lot of legend Rank outside.' he said as he stares at Nie Li and co, who is currently 4 star Gold Rank experts, while Shen Xiu is a 2 star Black Gold Rank expert.

" No. Legend Rank experts in the city are Lord Ye Mo, Lord Ye Zong, Lord Ye Xiu, Lord Ye Shuo, my father, and myself. Maybe Shen Xiu will reach Legend Rank in these few days. "

' Hey brat. you make it sounds like breaking through Legend Rank is a piece of cake. '

" Lord Founder. What if I say that Legend Rank is the beginning of the real cultivation? "

' Hmm? Legend Rank is the beginning, not the end? ' he sounds as though his interest has been piqued by this news that he heard.

" Hehe. Well, if you want to be my disciple, then I will consider letting you know. "

' What.. '

" Nah! Better forget it. If I have a student that is being proud of reaching Legend Rank, then I will probably slap him so hard and bury him on the wall. "

' Y.. You!! '

" Well then, try answering my question. If you guess it right, I will consider becoming your disciple and show you my cultivation technique, but if you lose, then tell me where is the Thunder God's Meteorite sword."

I asked the same question as Nie Li regarding the rason why soul realm has the ability to contain a demon spirit, and he explains it wrongly and I explained back to him with the same way.

' Geh! To think that there is that theory! '

" Haha. Well, now, as we have agreed, tell me where the Thunder God's Meteorite sword location. "

" What are you going to do with it? "

" Well, Lord Founder. How if we make another bet? "

' Hmm. What kind of bet? '

" I will subdue the Thunder God's Meteorite sword. If I successfully subdue it, then be my follower, but should I fail, then you may have my students here as your disciples."

' No! It is a bad idea. The origin of that sword is unknown, furthermore, my Legend Rank comrade perish when he used this sword's ability. '

" Well, it is his fault, considering his low cultivation. The sword could dry Soul Force of an Earthen Fate Realm easily, since it is a legendary artifact, hence the cause of your comrade's death. "


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