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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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Right after the arbitrator finished explaining, Shen Fei directly jumped and he swings his hands to hit me. Alas, his attacks never hit me and always hits the air.

" Hey hey hey. Are you serious? How come are you this pathetic? Lost too many of fuel last night? " I said provocatively.

" Kuh ! " Shen Fei become more desperate as his attacks become messy and faster, but weaker, and I can easily dodge his attack without moving a single step.

" Hehe. You can't even make me move from this spot, yet you dare to challenge me. " I said as I ridicule him.

" Haaaa!!!! " Shen Fei roared as he fused with his Scarlet Black Tiger.

I sneered as he fused with it and let him fuse with it.

" If this is a deathmatch, you have been long dead, but I am not as merciful as to let you escape to the afterlife just yet. " I mumbled as I lie down on the ground and look at him while he is merging.

2 minutes later.

" 😴😪*Yawn!! How long are you going to make me wait? " I asked as I lie on the ground.

" If this is a confrontation with a demon beast, I guarantee that you have died already. " I said as I stand up slowly.

" Shut Up!! " Shen Fei screamed as he pounced toward me and swing his paw as he finished merging, resulting flame appearing with each swing.

" Is this all you've got? " I said as I used the minimum effort step to dodge his attacks.

" Damn!! " Shen Fei cursed.

" Heh. With this strength, you dare to act presumptuously, violate the girls in this town, dare to challenge me for Ning'Er and make her suffer in agony for 3 years. " I said in an irritated tone.

" Heh! Just admit that you cannot attack me! Don't keep dodging. You are being an eyesore here. " He said with ridiculing tone.

After that, I instantly appear in front of him and kick his crotch. When the kick lands, loud cracking sound can be heard. He kneels to the ground while screeching in pain.

" That is for calling me an eyesore while you are being an eyesore and trash ! " I said in a cold tone.

And then I continue to kick his crotch again, this time harder, and sends him flying.

" This one is for all the girls you violated as if they are a piece of clothes. " I said in a tone with a hint of anger.

After he is flying to the highest point, I jumped and appeared in front of him while mercilessly shoved my heel to his crotch again and when he falls to the ground, it made a hole and his body is buried while his legs are outside twitching.

" This one is for the sorrows and pains you have afflicted to Ning'Er " I said while emitting killing intent.

After that blow, every girls in the arena blushes and the male keep holding their crotch and shiver. Even the arbitrator is speechless and unconsciously holds his crotch.

" Winner Chen LinJian. " The arbitrator said in a trembling voice. After that, the guests on the arena roared, shouted, and cheered. I then wave at the crowd, and then I pull Shen Fei out of the ground and feed him a Nine Transformation Pill, which made the crowd dumbfounded, and then I write a letter for Shen Fei before he got carried to hospital.

' How can this be? Even though Chen LinJian is a peak Silver Rank, Young Master Shen Fei's ability after eating the pill should make him as strong as a Gold Ranked expert, yet Chen LinJian manages to finish him in three blows! ' Shen Ming sweats till his back is wet, and then a servant comes to him and whispers.

" How can this be! Just from this match, we have lost 10 millions! This is absurd! " Shen Ming said in grief.

' How can this be! How can I turn the table around ? ' Shen Ming thought hard.

Suddenly he has an ' enlightenment ' and he approach me.

" Congratulations on winning the first round Young Master Chen. And I also thank you on behalf of Young Master Shen Fei. Now, since you have won the first round, do you want to participate in round two? It is a two on one battle. " Shen Ming asked.

" Why should I ? "

" Well, this time I will bet 400 millions demon spirit coins, and Young Master Chen bet 500 Nine Transformation Pills. " He said as he grinned.

" Elder. Are you trying to rip-off my hubby? " Shen Xiu asked as she intimidates Shen Ming.

" Kuh! How dare you. As a member of Sacred Family, how come you are not supporting our Family? " Shen Ming starts reprimanding Shen Xiu.

" Xiu'er, don't worry. Elder. I accept it. " I said nonchalantly.

" Good. " Shen Ming said while he is pleased with me being a fool.

' Heh. I think you are quite overestimating Shen Ning and Shen Xiao. Even if both of them consume the pills, it will be useless against me. ' I sneered and I proceed to the arena.

" Round two is a two on one match." Shen Ming said. " Young Master Chen agreed to battle Shen Ning and Shen Xiao at the same time. "

' Heh. Even if you personally join, I don't even think that will be enough to stop me. ' I sneered.

" Well then, let the match begin! " Shen Ming shouted.

After Shen Ming's signal, Shen Ning and Shen Xiao directly merge with their Demon Spirit. Shen Ning with his Sacred Scarlet Bear on the land while Shen Xiao and his Scarlet Dragon Eagle on the sky.

' Hmph. A two pronged attack eh? If the situation become somewhat out of control, I will merge with YinLong and finish the match quickly. ' I thought as I steady my stance and prepare to welcome attacks.

" Young Master Chen. Why haven't you merge with your demon spirit? " Shen Xiao asked.

" Why bother? " I said nonchalantly.

" Are you implying that you can win against both of us without your demon spirit? " Shen bi said with a hint of anger.

" Well, if I merge with my demon spirit, then it will be an overkill for sure. " I said as I sneered. " That would be distasteful to finish an opponent the instant when the battle begin. " I added.

" Kuh! Then don't blame us for not giving you a chance ! " Shen Xiao snorted as he shoots rays of light and Shen Ning followed suit by shooting fireballs.

I dodge their attack while dancing, and the spectators, arbitrator, and the latter become speechless and amazed by my dancing and dodging it beautifully.

" Hey. Is this the best that the both of you can do? " I said in a calm tone.

" Shut up! " Shen Xiao and Shen Ning screamed as they used their most powerful move.

" Meteor Shower! "

" Pillar of the Sacred Dragon ! "

Pillar of flames started to rise, and each gap is closed by the huge FireBall Shen Ning created.

' Meteor Shower? Pillar of Sacred Dragon? Aren't you guys being conceited in naming your skill? ' I thought as I dodged the attacks marvelously, but sadly, my shoulder get attacked and the attack leaves a hole on my shirt.

" Hmm. You both are quite good, but not good enough. " I said as I merge with YinLong. " Now, brace yourself. If one of you two are still on your feet after this strike, I will surrender. " Black mist starts rising from the ground and envelops me.

" Shen Ning! Be careful! That thing is bad news! We need to..." Shen Xiao said as he started to fly even higher.

" Yes.?! " Shen Ning said, but then a thudding sound can be heard near him. And when he looks at it, it is Shen Xiao's body. Shen Xiao is holding his crotch, while he keeps twisting in pain. Witnessing the scene, Shen Ning starts to tremble in fear, and I sneak behind him and kicked his crotch, knocking him unconscious as I stops merging with YinLong.

Spectator POV

" Wha. What happened! "

" The mist is getting on the way! "

" I heard a thudding sound. One person is down ! "

" Wait! The mist is dissipating! "

" Hmm. What! Unbelievable! Young Master Chen defeated both of them! "

" But why are the both of them holding their crotch? "

" Meh! Who cares! The relieving thing is Young Master Chen is victorious! As I have put a lot of bet that he will win. "

" ... "

Roars and cheers could be heard as I am standing on the arena as the sole victor.

' It is over!! How should I explain this to the patriarch? ' Shen Ming thought as he snapped back into reality as he realizes that Shen Ning and Shen Xiao are lying on the ground and keep twisting in pain.

" Hehe. Elder Shen Ming. I never thought that Sacred Family is generous to give me 450 million demon spirit coin for the citizen. " I said as I chuckled. "Maybe the citizen will look at your Sacred Family with different look from today onwards. " I added as I laughed.

" Wait! How about we add a last round? The bet is if we win, then the bet is called off, and if you win, you may ask a request, and we will fulfill it, but not financial resources. " He said.

" Well, isn't this quite unfair? 450 millions and a request. I want 5 requests to be fulfilled !" I said.

" Well, three request maximum. How about it ? " Shen Ming asked.

" Hmm. Well, I should agree reluctantly then. " I said as I shrugged my shoulder. " So, who is my enemy in this last round ? " I asked.

" It's me. " A mysterious sound reverbrates behind me.

" Umm. You are ? "

" One of the Sacred Family's elder, Shen Bai. "

" Ah! Elder. Isn't this too unfair? You are practically bullying me here. " I protested.

" Well, you agree to our terms already right? " Shen Ming said nonchalantly.

" Hehehe. So kiddo, you are afraid , don't you? " Shen Bai said.

" Afraid? Then, I shall instill feat inside your heart so you dare not overestimate yourself in front of me! " I snorted.

" Let the match begin! " The arbitrator announced.

After that, Shen Bai disappears and reappears in front of me.

" Hehe. Startled aren't cha?" Shen Bai said in proud tone, but it doesn't last long. Why? Because, from that moment, his living hell started.

" One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ..... " I keep counting as I kicked his treasured nuts.

" Ouch!! Stop it!! How dare you do this to an elder!! " Shen Bai shouted in pain.

" Hah? So an elder can bully the youngster, while the youngster may not do the opposite? Ah! Eight, nine, ten, eleven, ... " I stopped for a moment and continued kicking.

" Ahh!! How many times are you going to kick my treasure! Please let me go!! " Shen Bai tears up as beg for his freedom.

" Hmm. How old are you ? " I asked as I stop kicking for a while.

" Me? I am sixty-five. " Shen Bai said with confused face.

" Well then, sixty five reduced by eleven, which will be fifty four, and then divided by two, since you beg for forgiveness, then there will be twenty seven times again. " I said as I smile and continue kicking. " One, two,....., twenty five, twenty six, and twenty seven !" I said as I stop kicking, and Shen Bai is lying on the ground while holding his broken treasure while twisting on the ground.

' Hmm? Everyone is holding their crotch. What's wrong with them? Does everyone hit their crotch? ' I thought.

Male spectator POV

" I will never provoke Young Master Chen. "

" I don't want my treasure get cracked like that. "

" I can feel the pain in my crotch ! "

" So merciless. "


" Looks like Young Master Chen is very reliable. Maybe I should thought of sending an engagement letter. "

" Who do you think you are? To actually confess to my Young Master! "

" Who is your Young Master!"

" Should we fight to see who deserves the Young Master? "

Ah! A ruckus happens. Hmm. Shen Ming. Hah! His face looks pathetic now.

" Elder Shen. Now that I have won, you will definitely fulfill your promise about the three requests right. " I said nonchalantly.

" What do you want? " Shen Ming said in a distressed tone.

" Well, first, I want you to make an engagement letter between me and Shen Xiu and finish it now, secondly make a letter that officially announced that the Sacred Family won't pester Xiu'er in the future, and thirdly, Don't even try bullying the minor and noble family. Should any of your family member breaks this agreement, I will personally crush you with my father. Understand? " I said in a cold tone.

" *sigh. Do you think I will... " He sighed and before he finishes his word, I hit the ground a few times with my foot.

"*Gulp. I understand. I will make the letter personally. " Shen Ming said in haste as he asked his servant to bring paper and write down what I said and make an engagement letter to engage Shen Xiu with me.

After that, I thanked Shen Ming, and he forced a smile as I leave the Arena with Yang Xin and Shen Xiu.


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