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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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In the morning, I go to the tournament with Shen Xiu. In the beginning, Shen Xiu keeps rejecting my invitation as she locked herself inside her room, and then I tell her that if she doesn't want to follow me, then I will send her back to the Sacred Family, and I will not listen to her pleas anymore. Shen Xiu then hurriedly go out of her room and starts complaining.

"LinJian. How am I suppose to meet my family members? I have left the Sacred Family for almost a month already. " She said.

" Well, you leave them without saying anything to them, and they don't even bother sending a search party to search for you. Why should you be afraid of them then? And besides, you are no more a Sacred Family member. Your bloodline is not from those detestable bloodline anymore." I said as I rubbed her hair.

After that, she finally nodded and we go to the tournament together. And on the way, I meet Yang Xin.

" Young Master Chen? What are you doing here? And who is that girl? " Yang Xin asked in a confused tone, as she sees Shen Xiu with braided hair and wearing a silver kimono with fox pattern.

" She is Shen Xiu, Director Yang. " I said as I smiled." Xiu'er, say hello to Director Yang. "

" Greeting, Director Yang. " Shen Xiu said while gracefully bowing.

' What! Is this really that fox Shen Xiu? ' Yang Xin is taken by surprise and answers back.

" Young Master Chen. What is the meaning of this? " Yang Xin asked with a confused tone.

" Well, Xiu'er is one of my wives to be. " I said nonchalantly, and Shen Xiu blushes.

" One of wives to be? Does that mean you will marry more than one girl? " She asked in surprise.

" Is that wrong? Can't I marry the girl I love? " I said nonchalantly again.

Hearing this, Yang Xin pouted and as she wants to leave, I grab her hand.

" What does Young Master Chen want? " Yang Xin asks while becoming red in anger and embarrassment.

" Here. Take this. " I said as I gives her a red amulet with a refining pot pattern.

" This is ?" Yang Xin asks in confusion.

" That is my proposal. Do you accept Director Yang Xin? " I ask.

She blushed as she nods.

" Hehe. Well then, from today onwards, call me LinJian okay Director Yang. " I said while smiling.

" S..Shouldn't you also be calling me Xin'er like Shen Xiu? " Asked Yang Xin.

" Haha. Okay then. Xiu'er, Xin'er let's go to the martial art ground. " I said and then we enter the martial arts arena together.

Inside the martial arts arena.

I followed Yang Xin to her seat, which is on the front most row. I take a seat beside Yang Xin and Shen Xiu sits beside me. All of the audience behind me look at me with envious eyes or even glaring at me. I then just focus on Shen Xiu and Yang Xin and talk with them.

" Well, well, what do we have here? Young Master Chen flirting with two older women!"

" Hmph. I am not flirting, but just talking with them. Are you jealous by the way? Elder of Sacred Family? " I said as I glared at the elder. Following behind him is Shen Fei, Shen Ning, and Shen Xiao.

" Jealous? Why should I? " The elder said in a ridiculing tone.

" Heh! Despicable old rag. " I snorted in disdain.

" Pardon me? " The elder said as veins popped on his temple.

" Hah? Ah! I said Despicable Old Rag. Is there any problem? " I said as I coldly glare at him.

" Y... You!! " Shen Ming pointed his finger towards me.

" What you want me to break that useless finger of yours? Stop pointing at me ya old fart. " I said nonchalantly.

" Hmph! Your Divine Family has truly ... " Before finishing his word, I disappeared from my seat, appeared in front of Shen Ming and used my palm to push his jaw lightly.

" Say anymore sentence, and I will kill ya. " I said in a frighteningly cold tone. Even the people behind me are trembling in fear, as if a Demon has stepped here.

" How dare you! " Shen trio pounced toward me.

" Hey! Let's finish this match on the arena. " I said as I dodged and jumped back onto my seat.

' Damn!! He is just a brat, yet he actually could gives off such killing intent! What a fearsome brat!' Shen Ming thought as he sees Shen Xiu and grinned.

" Shen Xiu! Where have you been these past one month! " Shen Ming started to reprimand Shen Xiu.

" Hey old fart. Watch your mouth and attitude while talking Kay? " I said as I give a smile that causes fear to the one who sees it.

"*gulp. The patriarch is worried about you. He asked me to take you back home when I meet you. " Shen Ming said in a polite tone.

" It is not your business, and I also an not going back to Sacred Family as one month ago, I already lose my status as the member of Sacred Family. " Shen Xiu said.

" What nonsense are you spouting? " Shen Ming said in surprise.

" It is not nonsense. Xiu'er no longer a member of the 'dignified' Sacred Family's member anymore. She now is a proud wolf, climbing her way to top. "

" Since when the patriarch gives you permission to leave the Family Shen Xiu? And also You! Not only you are disrespectful to an elder, but to actually barge into a family matter?" Shen Ming said while pointing at me again.

" I am sure I have warned you not to pint at me again right? " I said as I disappear and reappeared in front of Shen Ming and broke kiss index finger with a snap.

" Arghhh!!! My finger!!!! " Shen Ming cried in pain, and the Shen trio attacks me.

" Besides, the elders that can earn my respect is not some overbearing elder that used their family's game and supresses other family like you. And secondly, Xiu'er is my fiancee. My fiancee's problem is also my problem! So don't be presumptuous to actually threaten me and both of my fiancee here." I said as I dodges trio Shen's attack lightly.

Shen Xiu and Yang Xin blushes as I said that, even the audience behind stare at me and their jaws dropped as they couldn't believe what they hear just now.

" Here. A Nine Transformation Pill. Consume this as a token of apology, but the neat time you point at me, I will make sure that one of your limbs will be permanently crippled." I said as I threw the pill to Shen Ming when dealing with the trio.

" I am sorry for being presumptuous Young Master Chen. " Shen Ming said as he kowtowed three time after keeping the pill. " Young Masters. Stop attacking. Save your stamina for the contest at arena! " Shen Ming said hurriedly.

After Shen Ming's order, they regained composure and stopped attacking me while gasping for breath.

' To think that our three ways attack doesn't even land a single hit on him! Chen LinJian, what are you! ' Shen Xiao thought as he looked at me with astonishment and disbelief.

" Eh? Are you not going to consume that to heal your finger? " I asked in surprise.

" Haha. Young Master is too generous. To actually give me a Nine Transformation Pill for such a light wound. " Shen Ming said as he forced a smile.

" Hoo. Light wound eh? Then I will make a bigger wound, so you can consume that. " I said as I grinned evilly and close my distance to him.

" Wha.. What do you want Young Master Chen? " Shen Ming said as he retreated and sweat like pig.

" I believe I tell you to eat it, not keep it right? " I said as I threaten him.

" Like I say, this wound is light, so a medicinal paste shall do the work." He said as he laughed.

Then a Nine Transformation Pill appear on my hand. " Well, since elder doesn't need this pill, then I hope that elder is willing to part with it. " I said as I heave a sigh. ' What a greedy old fart! '

" Wha.. Since when? " Shen Ming said as he rubbed his robe and discover that the Nine Transformation Pill is not there already.

" Since elder have a medicinal paste for it, then why would I give it to you? " I asked nonchalantly.

" Kuh! " Shen Ming lets out a grief sound.

" Well then, how about we do some bet for this tournament? " I asked .

" What kind of bet ? " Shen Ming asked as he forgets the pain on his finger.

" If Shen Fei manages to beat me, I will give you 200 Nine Transformation Pill. But should Shen Fei Lose, pay me 100 million Demon Spirit Coins. " I said nonchalantly.

" One... One hundred million you say? " Shen Ming said while veins start appearing on his head.

" What? Are the Sacred Family is so pathetic that they have trouble paying 100 million coins while I am betting two hundred pills which cost over 200 million coins. " I said in disdain.

" LinJian. Actually 100 million is already too many for them. " Yang Xin said.

" Hmm. Alright then. How about you wager Elder? " I said as I grinned evilly.

" Then how about 20 million coins. " Shen Ming said.

" 20 million? Aiya. Sacred Family is really stingy. And looks like Shen Fei's strength is worth 20 million coins. " I ridiculed them.

" Hmph. 50 million coins then! " Shen Ming said as Shen Fei is cracking his hand and veins appear on his head.

" *sigh. Well then 50 million it is. But the one taking the 50 million is not me, but every specatator here. " I said, and made the crowds excited.

" Hmph. Say that after you win. " Shen Ming snorted and Shen trio followed him.

" Heh. Don't worry. I will win, and not only win, but also crush your next generation. " I said as I grinned evilly.

" LinJian. You are making that face again! " Yang Xin said as she pouted.

" Yes. Stop making that scary face LinJian." Shen Xiu said.

" *sigh. Alright then. I guess it's time to cause some racket. " I shrugged as I leave my seat and start walking to the arena as I make 2 shadow and alter their face and aura and make them place a bet on me with the condition of finishing Shen Fei in three move.

" Young Master. Consume this pill before entering. " Shen Ming said as he passes a pill for Shen Fei. " Remember Young Master. You need to win this, since we will gain a lot from this. "

" Heh! Don't worry! I will definitely kill that bastard LinJian, for taking my toy from me! " Shen Fei said as he puts the pill in his mouth and grind it.

" Hehehe. You are overestimating yourseld Chen LinJian. Actually dares to make a fool out of me. " Shen Ming laughed evilly as Shen Fei enters the arena.

" What took you so long ya playboy? Are ya playing with another girl behind ?" I said as loudly as possible to provoke him.

" You!!!! " Shen Fei screamed, before the arbitrator stopped him.

" Unhand me!! " Shen Fei shouted.

" Young Master. Don't be hasty! If you keep going berserk, I will declare Young Master Chen as the victor. " the arbitrator said.

" Cheh! " Shen Fei snorted and stand behind the line.

After that, the adbitratir reads the rule, and after he finishes, he declare that the first round starts, and ....


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