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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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In front of my room, I tell Shen Xiu if the maid and elder request my presence, tell them that young master is currently breaking through to a higher realm, so no one is permitted inside, and then she replied with a nod.

I then enter my room and take out my interspatial ring which contains demon spirits.

The contents are :

• 32978 Poor Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits

• 32543 Ordinary Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits

• 22375 Good Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits

• 11533 Excellent Growth Rate Demon Spirits

• 9571 Extraordinary Growth Rate Demon Spirits

• 6 God Level Growth Rate Demon Spirit ( Including the Space-time Kong que and The Shadow Devil from Ancient Orchid Ruins )

Then I start refining from the poor level. I fused all of them, and looks like there aren't failure. So I have refined 3297 Ordinary Growth Rate Demon Spirit. After finished refining all the poor grades, I continue refining all of the Ordinary Growth Rate Demon Spirit and finished refining 3584 Good Level Growth Rate Demon Spirit. I keep refining and gained 1097 God Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits. To my surprise, every refinery I made never failed, and what surprises me the most is the fact that all of the God Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits I refined undergone a mutation and mutated. ' I feel sorry for Nie Li who need a lot of refinery failure before managing to create a single Demon Spirit.' I thought as I smiled bitterly.

Now, time to sort out the demon spirits for my brothers and girls.

• Ye ZiYun - Snow-Wind Attribute, Ice Phoenix Form, so I fused a Snow Falcon and a Storm Deity, resulting a Blizzard Falcon.

• Xiao Ning'Er - Wind-Lightning Attribute, Lightning Dragon Form, so I fused a Heavenly Lightning Sparrow and a Wind Serpent resulting a Winged Lightning Scaled Serpent.

• HuYan LanRuo - Wood-Earth, Forest Shelled Turtle Form, so I fused a Diamond Shelled Turtle, a Snow Sakura Demon and a Black Jade Viper, resulting a Snake Tailed Sakura Turtle.

• Yang Xin - Light-Darkness, Three headed Canine Form, so I fused a Nether Cheetah, an Abyss Bear, and a Shadow Dog, resulting a Cerberus, with a Cheetah, Bear and Dog head.

• Shen Xiu - Unholy-Flame - Nine-tailed Fox, I fused a Fire Fox, Snow Fox, Gale Fox, Lightning Fox, Dessert Fox, White Fox, Shadow Fox, Abyss Fox, Gray Fox, resulting a gray fox with different colored tails.

• Nie Li - All-attribute, Scattered Form, Shadow Devil from Ancient Orchid Ruins, and an Iron Golem.

• Lu Piao - Chaos Attribute, Scarlet Sun Form, I fused a Chaos Leopard, a Snow Porcupine, and a Dessert Scorpion, resulting a Chaos Manticore.

• Xiao Xue - Gold Attribute, Dragonoid Form, I fused a Gold Armoured Dragon and a Decaying Vulture, resulting a Winged Golden Armoured Dragon

• Du Ze - Lightning-Fire Attribute, Heavenly Thundercloud Form, I fused an Abyss Flaming Tiger, a Thundering Goat, a Blood Bat and a Jade Viper, resulting a Chimera.

• Zhu Xiang Zun - Holy-Fire Attribute - Fire Serpent Form, I fused 8 snake demon spirits with different element, which is the Flame Serpent, Ice Fanged Mamba, Soil Skinned Viper, Lightning Cobra, Flying Snake, Poison Spitting Naga, White Scaled Holy Basilisk, and Shadow Python, resulting ab Eight-headed Serpent.

• Wei Nan - Holy-Wind Attribute, Wind Deity Form, I fused a White Lion, and a Sonic Eagle, resulting a Gryphon.

• Zhang Ming - Holy-Light Attribute, Divine LightCloud Form, I fused a Snow Dove and a White Crane, resulting a four winged Demon Beast.

After I finished fusing the demon spirits, I then keep the remaining 1055 God Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits in my interspatial ring. I then notify Shen Xiu that I have finished my business inside the room, so she may leave already, and then I take a nap, since I have been refining demon spirits for 5 hours nonstop, and exhausted my soul force to create unique demon beasts.

It is already evening, and before I leave the mansion, I give Shen Xiu her Nine-tailed Fox, and tell her to integrate with it. She happily accepted the Demon Crystal and starts integrating with it. I watches her integrating with the Demon Spirit as the demon spirit is of Legend Rank. It can think, but it is on the level of a baby, so it will be quite docile. After waiting for 10 minutes, she finished integrating and her cultivation skyrocketed to 3 star Black Gold Rank.

" Congratulations Xiu'er for advancing to 3 star Black Gold Rank. " I congratulated her as I pat her head.

" En. Thank you LinJian. " Shen Xiu said as blushes.

" Okay. Now, I am leaving. Don't slack off okay Xiu'er. " I said before I go to the City Lord Mansion.

The City Lord Mansion.

ZiYun is sitting on her courtyard, wearing a white dress, the red necklace and red earrings that gives off an elegant feeling. She stares at the sky blankly as if she has burdens in her thought.

" Is there something in the sky? " I asked.

" No... There is nothing. " She said while still watch the sky pensively.

" Then why do you keep looking at the sky? " I asked.

" I don't know. Maybe I am longing to go and travel outside with my friends. " She said in a sad tone this time.

" Then, what do you say if I steal and take you out. " I said as I blow her ear.

" Kyaa! " She wailed because she is startled by the wind as she punches me, but I caught her tiny hand which made her get into a frenzy mode.

" Calm down! It's me LinJian! " I said as I dodges her right jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body blows, etc.

" What are you doing here? " She asked as she pouted.

" Well of course to meet my little princess. " I said as I laughed.

" I don't believe you are here to just meet me. " She said.

" Hehe. I come to ask you to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border to cultivate next week. " I said.

" I don't know if I have the qualification to enter. " She said.

" Why not? You are one of the youngest genius class students. " I said.

" Well, I manage to do that because of you. " She said while she blushed.

" Hmm, now I want you to go to Heavenly Sacred Border to cultivate, and as your hubby, I will do my best to assist you. " I said.

" H..H...Hubby? Since when I said that you are my hubby? " She said as she blushed like tomato.

" Hmm. Then do you give this amulet to the wrong person? And why do you wear the amulet and necklace today? " I asked as I tease her.

She then stops talking as she blushed even redder.

" Well, that is one of my reasons, and next one is this. " I said as I give her her Demon Spirit.

" This is? " She asked in confusion.

" It is a Blizzard Falcon. It suits you, since it has the same attribute as you. Hurry up and integrate with it before going to Heavenly Sacred Border next week. " I said as I laugh.

" En. Thank you LinJian. If you need anything in the future, then tell me directly. " She said as she blushed.

" Did you forget what I said in the library that time? " I said as I get close and whispered " I don't want any material from you. I only want you to spend your time with me as my wife in the future. "

" HEY BRAT!!!! HOW DARE YOU FLIRT INSIDE THE CITY LORD MANSION! NOT TO MENTION YOU ARE FLIRTING WITH MY DAUGHTER!!! " Ye Zong rushed in an incredible speed and shouted as he throws a fist to me.

" Ah! Father-in-law! You are here! Why did you try to hit me? " I asked as I grabbed his hand while grinned.

" Since when did I give you permission to enter the City Lord mansion freely, on top of that, since when you have my agreement to flirt with ZiYun and call me your father-in-law? Letting her go with you to the expedition is already lenient enough for me ! " Ye Zong said.

" Father-in-law. Are you going to keep ZiYun inside her cage here? She is really bored when I am not here, but when I am here, she becomes more lively. Isn't that good? " I asked.

" You!! " Ye Zong said.

" Father-in-law. Please stop being a doting father. Someday in the future, you must let her go and hand her to her hubby right?" I asked, and I can see veins popping on his temple.

" Fine. Let's fight. If you can win, then I shall betroth her to you. But if you lose, don't pester her anymore! " He said as he raised his fist.

" Well, this is interesting father-in-law. How are you going to fight me? " I asked as I grin evilly. " Father-in-law knows more than anyone that even father-in-law will not be able to subdue me in a physical brawl even with my father. " I added.

" Kuh! I don't believe I cannot defeat you! " Ye Zong said in an irritated tone.

Five minutes later.

" *sigh. Why is father-in-law insisting to fight me even though father-in-law knows that his chance of winning is really slim? " I asked in front of Ye Zong whose arms and legs have been cuffed and the chain of cuff is connected using another handcuff, making Ye Zong unable to move.

"Kuh! What is this equipment? To think even my Legend Rank Strength couldn't break it! " Ye Zong exclaimed in surprise as ZiYun pleaded me to set him free.

" *sigh. Father-in-law. Rest assured. I will guarantee the safety of Yun'er. There is no way I am going to let someone harm her, and if someone do, I will definitely slaughter him. " I said as I uncuff Ye Zong and set him free.

" How could I believe you? " He said as he holds his wrist.

" Well, if I want to take her by force, I can, but it will show both how disrespectful I am to father-in-law and how unworthy of me for ZiYun by doing so. " I said.

Ye Zong stares at me with disbelief and ZiYun take a glance at me and blushes.

" *sigh. Alright. There will be days when daughter leaves their parents to follow their fiance. " Ye Zong said as he heaved a sigh.

" Father-in-law. Am I unworthy of ZiYun yet? " I asked in a disappointed tone.

" No. It's not like you are unworthy of her, but I heard rumors that you have been hitting Winged Dragon family's and HuYan Family's doll. Is that true? " Ye Zong asked.

" Well, it is true. I will cherish my fiancees and marry all of them, and love them equally. " I said.

" Well then, the decision is not at my hand, so Yun'er. Are you willing to be engaged with Chen LinJian? "

" I... I do. " ZiYun said in low voice and blushing.

After ZiYun said that, Ye Zong heaved a sigh.

" Are you dissatisfied father-in-law? " I asked.

" Don't call me father-in-law. Not until you can give me a suitable betrothal gift. " He said as he snorted.

" Well, I have a super array that can contain 100.000 demon Beast of Black Gold Ranks. This super array can easily suppress even Legend Rank Experts. " I said nonchalantly.

" Wha! Are you spouting nonsense again? " Ye Zong said.

" Well, father-in-law can either trust me or just forget what I said just now. Then father-in-law, I will take my leave, since I will be attending the Sacred Family tournament tomorrow, so I need to have a good rest tonight. Yun'er see you. Make sure you come and cheer me tomorrow okay! " I said and before I leave the City Lord mansion, I give ZiYun her Demon Spirit, the I leave the city lord mansion leaving the dumbfounded Ye Zong and blushing Ye ZiYun.

After I leave them, I visited Xiao Ning'Er, HuYan LanRuo, Nie Li and Co's family, and then I go back home and take a good night rest.


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