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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After buying the Nightmare demon pot, I then go to the secret room with LanRuo, and meet Yang Xin there. LanRuo follows me with confused face and thought what did I bid just now that makes me earn right to enter this room. After we arrived and enter Yang Xin's chamber, Yang Xin can only heave a sigh in disappointment.

" What's wrong Big Sis Yang? Why are you heaving a sigh? Have you been swindled? " I asked naughtily.

" No. Nothing. " she said as she pouted.

" Hmm are you probably jealous of how close I am to Ruo'er? " I said as I smiled and get pinched by LanRuo. She is blushing so crazy right now.

" Aw! Aw! Aw! Aw! Why do you pinch me ?" I asked.

" Since when did I approve you to call me in such an intimate manner? " She said while blushing, and then stops pinching.

" Then how should I address the woman I like? " I said " Or do you prefer to be called like that by Ye Han? " I added.

LanRuo then begin smiling coldly and turns her back on me. Noticing that she is sulking, I hugged her by her waist and pull her back inside and seated her on my hips.

" LinJian! Unhand me now! " LanRuo said as she blushed and struggles.

" Sorry Ruo'er, I have passed the line just now. I hope you will forgive me. Don't you know how to take a joke? " I asked.

" Hmph! This better be the last time you mention that incident! " She said and stop pouting.

" Hehehe. So, now you do accept me calling you intimately. " I said as I pay her head.

" Ahem! " Yang Xin coughs and we are forcibly stopped from our lovey-dovey moment, and starts our awkward moment as LanRuo stands up and seated beside me, but she doesn't keep her distance, but clinging beside me.

" Umm. Big Sis Yang. Where is my pot? " I asked her awkwardly.

" Here you go. " She said as she takes out the pot and pass it to me.

" Thank you Big Sis Yang. " I said.

Then I stare at LanRuo, after that Yang Xin while secretly using my Appraisal Skill.















' Hmm. Are their cultivation technique too lousy that the Great Sage don't display them? Well, whatever. I will make a new one for them. ' I thought.

" Is something wrong? " LanRuo asked.

" Nah! Nothing is wrong. " I said as I pat her head, and she pouted and elbowed my abdomen.

" Hey. I am not a kid anymore, so don't pat my head anymore. Besides, Director Yang is here! " LanRuo said as she blushed. " I apologize for LinJian's behavior. " LanRuo said as she bowed towards Yang Xin.

" Haha. Don't sweat it. " Yang Xin said as she smile and waves her hand.

" I am going home. " LanRuo said.

" Do you want me to escort you? " I asked.

" No need. Thank you for your consideration, but I won't let you follow me, since we won't know what my old man will say if he sees you keep pestering me." She said while heaving a sigh, and then she walks out.

I then chase after her, and before she leaves, I then kisses her cheek, and she turns red.

" What are you doing?! " She asked in surprise as she holds her cheek and blushes.

" Well, you don't even say any goodbye to your hubby before leaving. " I said while grinning.

" ... What are you a kid? " She asked.

" How does it come to that option? ' I asked while I am dumbfounded.

" We are grown up, so no kissing in public. " She said.

" Well, is it strange for a couple to kiss in public ?" I asked and she turns red and try to leave, but I catch her hand and pass her an interspatial ring containing the secret elixirs. I tell her the right way to consume the pills and the limit of consumption per week.

After that, LanRuo left and I go back to talk with Yang Xin in the secret chamber.

" So, how does it go? Young Master Chen? " She asked as showing a teasing smile.

" Hehe. Perfect if I should say. " I said as I smile back at her.

" So what does Young Master want? " She asked.

" I want to go to the Alchemist Association with Director. Do Director Mind? " I asked.

" No. Young Master is welcomed to join us. " She said as she chuckles.

After that, we left the auction and headed toward the Alchemist Association. We travel through the forest, since it is the shortest way to reach the Alchemist Association, and on the way, I can feel some people watching us from the trees, but looks like they don't want to go for it yet, so I stopped and leave Yang Xin to continue her journey back to Alchemist Association. Noticing me not moving, Yang Xin ordered her men to stop.

" What's wrong Young Master? " Yang Xin asked.

" We have guests. " I said. "Shall I execute them?" I added as I smiled evilly.

" Young Master Chen. You are making a scary face." She said as she trembles in fear.

" So I will take that as a no then? " I said, and shouted. " I know you are there! Show yourselves! "

" .... "

" Hmph! Not answering? Then don't blame me for being merciless! " I said as I disappear and reappeared with a cloaked man, unconscious, on my right hand and my sheated katana on my left hand.

" 1 down, 14 to go. " I said as I dropped the body and throw a dagger to a tree.

" Next one is the person behind that tree. " I said as I unsheated my katana.

" ... "

" Hmph! Still doesn't want to come out, then I will use force! " I snorted as I disappear and suddenly 10 people with cloak appeared and go straight toward the carriage that Yang Xin is currently riding.

I grinned and then from inside the carriage, a silhouette appears, and beheaded the nearest cloaked man, which made the other 9 flinch and retreat, but to no avail as my collaboration with shadow pressurize the 9 cloaked men and then after a few blocks, the 9 cloaked men are pitifully suppressed and knocked out within a minute, and for the 4 other, me and my shadow chases them and then knock them unconscious and take them back to the carriage.

After capturing those 15 men, and confirm that what's left is a lifeless body, I heaved a sigh and realize that Yang Xin and her guards stare at me with confused, surprised, astonishment, and disbelief.

" Err? What's the matter? " I asked.

" I just realized that Young Master Chen has a twin. " Yang Xin said.

" Ah! He is my shadow, made from my demon spirit's combat ability. " I said as I touch Shadow's shoulder and it disappears.

" What kind of demon spirit? To actually make a shadow and the cultivation level is almost the same as your own. " Yang Xin said in astonishment.

" It's a secret. " I said as I smiled smugly and then she pouted and continue the journey.

From very far away place.

"Hmm. To think that he actually manage to capture 11 Gold Rank experts while protecting Yang Xin, and chase the 4 escaping Gold Rank experts and capture them. Not to mention that scary ability that create a double of himself. I think I have to report this as quick as possible." A cloaked man in gray clothing mumbles as he destroy 15 stones.

"Well, I am sorry to let you down, but you aren't going anywhere. " I said as I whispered in a cold tone.

"S...since when did you sneak behind me? " He asked in surprise.

"Since the beginning. When you made that bid against Alchemist Association, I already send a shadow to monitor you. I forget to mention, but this shadow is of Legend Rank, so do your best and survive. " After finishing the word, the shadow pounced toward the cloaked man.

"Hmph to actually confront the great me with a mere shadow... Ice Scaled Gator!" He shouted as he merged with demon spirit.

' Hoo. To actually think that a peak Black Gold Rank expert can emit such an aura. There is something in his body. ' I thought as I used Appraisal and appraise him.

Well, as I expected, no hidden items, and branded with Soul Shackle Technique, and an explosion of Legend Rank? Hmm? A suicide bomber?? Interesting.

" So, what are you trying to accomplish by obtaining the pot? " I asked.

" Hmph! I have no obligation to answer you! " He snorted as he pounced toward me.

" Well, I have no interest in your answer, so take a nap, since there will be mountains of questions that you have to answer. Since you are an important figure in Dark Guild. " I said as I smile evilly and hit his ice cold abdomen, which resulted him vomitting blood, and his merging is cancelled.

" Kuh! I have no choice then! " He thought as he starts activating the Legend Rank explosion pattern.

" Hey. You know what? That suicide will not benefit you. " I said.

" What rubbish are you talking about? " He said in confused tone while staying vigilant.

" What are you doing then? " I asked.

" I am using the Inscription given by the Lord for me. "

" Well, that Lord is Demon Lord, the Leader of your Dark Guild tight? "

" H... How do you know. " He said in surprise.

" I have no obligation to answer you. And the inscription you are about to activate is indeed a Legend Ranked explosion pattern, but do you realize that it will diffuse with your soul sea, thus making you the source of the explosion? " I asked.

" Wha? The Demon Lord never told me this! " He said in disbelief, as he continue activating the pattern.

" Hmph. If you don't want to believe me, then when it is about to activate, I'mma punch you high in the sky. " I said as I start shadow boxing gesture.

The cloaked man sweated like pig as he continue activating the pattern, and before the pattern activates, I appear in front of him and do an uppercut directed at his chest while using my soul force to enforce my arm, causing a nice cracking sound and sending him up to the sky, and after he flew up high, his body starts to show cracks of light, and he exploded in the air, and resulted the tree near it burnt to ashes.

After making sure that the cloaked man is dead, I heaved a sigh, and then deactivate my Shadow. I turned and tell Yang Xin that I am returning back home. But before I leave, she gives me a smooch and leave me standing there dumbfounded as I stare at her carriage until it disappears, and then I go home.

When I got home, Shen Xiu is cultivating there. ' Ah! Seems like Xiu'er will break through to Black Gold Rank already. ' I thought, and waited there. After waiting for half an hour, she finally broken through, but she hasn't opened her eyes, so I walked behind her and silently waiting her to consolidate her cultivation while concealing my presence. 15 minutes later, she finished consolidating her cultivation.

" Congratulation on breaking through Black Gold Rank Xiu'er. " I whispered as I nibble her ears. ' Hmm. I don't know why, but I like to nibble woman's ear. I can't stop doing this. ' I thought inwardly.

" Thank You LinJian. " she said as she blushed.

" Xiu'er. I have things to do in my room, so please stay outside and guard the door while I am inside. No one is to enter. Even if it is my maid or elder. Take this dagger and it will protect you. " I said as I lend her Invidia.

" Yes. " Shen Xiu nodded as she received the dagger, and we enter the mansion.


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