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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After I enter into the mansion, the maid greeted me and when she see Shen Xiu, her vision goes red as she pounced toward Shen Xiu while using her broom to hit her. I then block the maid's broom and she is surprised by the fact that I protected Shen Xiu, and apologizes because she hit me. I tell her that it is alright, and I also tell her to try reducing her hostility towards Shen Xiu. At first she declined, but when I tell her to observe Shen Xiu, she gasped as she finally notices that Shen Xiu's previous overbearing attitude has changed into a docile and obidient as if she is just a kid. After that, she said to Shen Xiu that if she has any I'll intent toward me, then the maid will personally beat the crap out of her, which Shen Xiu replied with a nod.

At night, we have dinner together, and I prepared a separate room for her to sleep at night. When we arrived at her room, she looks at me and said.

" Young Master Chen. Looks like I am not welcomed here. When we were having dinner just now, I can still feel hostility directed towards me by that maid. Should I just disappear from your life and live alone outside the Glory City? " she asked as she tears up.

" Xiu'er. This is a command. Don't ever say that thing again. Not in front of me, not in front of anyone! If someone wants you to disappear, I will remind them at the beginning and finally beat the hell out of them if they repeat it again." I said as I wipe her tears and I kiss her forehead after finishing my word.

She touches her forehead and blushes.

" It's night already. Clean yourself and sleep. " I said as I tell her the direction to the bathroom and I leave her in front of her room then proceed to my room, and end the day with a good night sleep.

The next morning, I can hear the maid screaming, so I wake up and ask what happens. she then points behind me and what I see makes my heart pound. Shen Xiu is lying beside my bed with a sweet smile, naked.

' How the hell did this girl get in my room? And on top of that, why is she bare naked? ' I thought as I used blanket to cover her body and when the maid wants to wake her up and order her to leave, I tell the maid to drop the idea and leave her inside, and she agreed reluctantly.

Well, after leaving the room, I could feel something is off, but I don't think it is a big of a problem. I finish my morning activities, and then I bought a superior Soul Crystal that can measure an individual's soul force till Peak Gold Rank. I also pay HuYan LanRuo a visit at the Institute before going back home.

When I arrive at home, Shen Xiu and the maid welcome me. Hmm. Looks like they are getting together. That is a relief! I then greet them and then I takes out the Soul Crystal for Gold Rank and gives it to Shen Xiu, and ask her to inject her soul force into the Soul Crystal, and she takes the Crystal and inject her soul force inside. To my surprise, her cultivation has increased! The last time, she is still in early Silver Rank, but now she is a 3-star Gold Rank! How does this happen? I pondered and finally realized that she did a suicide that time when she lost the bet, and I revived her. So reviving using the pill can increase one's cultivation? Is this Sh*m*n K*ng? Well, that is not a problem. The one that is surprised is not just me. Even Shen Xiu and the maid are dumbfounded. I then observe the soul form and it is a Red colored Nine tail fox.

... The thing that I found first today is the fact of the Sh*m*n K*ng theory about reviving. And now a Kyuubi? What kind of cliché is this? I then ask them to do whatever they do and ask them not to disturb me. I then ask the Great Sage is there any cultivation technique that suits Shen Xiu, and as a result, Great Sage starts to combine the wolf based Cultivation Technique stored in it's memory and then finally the result is 'The Temptresster HuLiJing'.

I then pass the technique to Shen Xiu secretly without the maid noticing. I also gives her the the Divine Phaseless Fruit elixir that has been dilluted 1000000 times, and Sacred Body Enhancing Pill before leaving her at home.

After that, I strolled in town and tried to recall the things that happens while Nie Li is in holiday period. The thing I remember is he goes home and his grand elder reprimand him because their business get suppressed by the Sacred Family, but in this life, Nie Li didn't offend the Sacred Family, so he will be fine. After that, Yun Hua go to Heavenly Mark Family to assassinate Nie Li by the order of Sacred Family, and that won't happen in this lifetime. And in the following days, he will go to the auction and get the Nightmare Demon Pot, and then the martial arts tournament, heavenly sacred Border, Ye Han and then Abyss Prison Realm. Hmm. Now that the events have been sorted, I can start with ease.

I then start my day by going to the school and enjoy the view. After the school sometime I go to library or my restaurant, and when night fall, sometime I have some fun with Shen Xiu, or spar with her, until the holiday.

And finally! The holiday has come, as everyone is going to stay at their home for holiday, Ning'Er and ZiYun look for me and as usual, I teases both of them by whispering behind them and get a strike from both of them, but this time I dodged and smile smugly and both of them started pouting, and I tried to calm them down. After a few moment, they calmed down and both of them gives me a red jade amulet as they blush.

" Hehe. Thank you, but why do you guys give me this? Do both of you love me ?" I asked as I smiled brightly.

" !!! " They blush harder and their face become as red as a tomato, and as they want to run and leave me, I catch their hands and tell them that I also have present for them, and I ask them to close their eyes and then I wear the necklaces on them. When I ask them to open their eyes, they both saw the necklace on each other and smile and give me a smooch on my cheek, and before they leave, I give them the earrings too.

I smiled and touch my cheek as my face become hot. Before I wear the amulet on my neck, I carved Dragon shape and Phoenix shape on the amulet as a marker that the amulet is given by whom. And then I give Nie Li and co their respective bracelet, and I also ask Lu Piao to give the last bracelet for Xiao Xue. After that, I leave them and search for LanRuo to give her the necklace and earrings, and when I give her the amulet and earring, she asked me to put the necklace on her while blushing. I then just smile and wear the necklace on her, after that, I asked whether she is going to participate in HongYue action, and she said that she will try and attend the auction, and then I bid her farewell and leave the Institute and go home directly.

I then stay at home and remind the elders to notify me when the auction begins, and they agree readily.

Some days later, at night, the elders notify me that the auction will begin tomorrow, I nodded and then I prepare to go to the auction.

Tomorrow morning, I go to the HongYue auction and at the entrance, I see HuYan LanRuo is waiting while wearing a gold cheongsam dress with falling sakura petal pattern. I then sneak behind her and whispered.

" How long have you been standing here LanRuo? " I asked as I whispered near her ear, which makes my breath tickles her pink ears.

" Kyaa!! " she wailed as she elbowed, and hit my chest.

I made a vomitting sound as I hold my chest. " *pant *pant. Ouch. You need to be less tomboyish! Otherwise your hubby here will be in a lot of trouble having many tomboyish girl around !" I said as I forced a smile.

" Huh? Since when did I acknowledge you as my hubby?" She said as she blushed.

" Then why are you still wearing the necklace and earrings I gave you?" I asked as I smiled.

She becomes red and speechless as she pinched my waist to lessen her embarrassment, and I shrieked and tell her to release me. She then giggles as she stops pinching my waist and start to embrace my arm. I can feel her smooth silky skin and her tight, soft and busty bust is pressed2 against my arm. I then forced a smile as I enter together into the HongYue auction house.

When I enter the auction house, I can feel prying eyes, and I pay no mind to them, as I proceed and ask the attendant to lead us to the front seat of third VIP row, and he said that that seat is for the Alchemist Association, so I tell him to let me have a seat behind there, and then he escort us there.

After a few moments, the auction start. As the auction is proceeding, I show no interest as I keep flirting and talking with LanRuo, and ask what she wants, and she said she wants nothing from here. She then also ask me what I want, so I answered her that I want her. She then blushes as she tries to pinch my waist, but I hold her jade hand and she blushed even harder. After that we sit and watch the auction.

The climax is at the sale of the 3 of the 5 pills. Noticing the announcement, HuYan LanRuo wants to buy the pill, but I stopped her. She then looked at me with a confused face, then I put my hand behind her head and pull her head near my face and I whisper the tell her that I have more potent pills and elixirs, so she just needs to wait for a day and I nibble her ear gently as I have the chance to do so after I finish my word. She then touches her ear as she pushed me and blushes, while keeping her composure. She glare at me and tell me not to do that ever again. Hearing this I can only sigh, but then, she nibble my ear and while blushing, she said that if I want to do that, then it should be in a more private place.

' Shiet! This girl is also too damn cute! ' I thought as I hold my ears and realize the pills are sold out, and then they continued with other items, and when the normal item is sold out, finally every VIPS are entering the auction hall. And as I expected, Yang Xin sits in front of me. When she is entering the hall, looks like she doesn't notice me. Mm, so I took the initiative and call her while I go behind her.

" Hello auntie." I said naughtily.

When she looks behind, veins appeared on her temple. " Excuse me, but what do you call me just now, Young master? "

" So Director prefer me calling the Director grandma then? " I said naughtily again as I crouch beside her.

Not missing the chance, she tweaks my ears easily, and I wailed in pain.

" Ouch! Big Sis I am sorry. I am wrong. Please stop tweaking my ear. " I pleaded.

"Hmph! Next time you dare call me auntie or even grandma, then we won't be friend anymore. " She said in an angry tone.

" Big Sis Yang is no fun! I am joking, but Big Sis here takes it to seriously. To think Big Sis has the heart to tweak your brother's ear. " I said as I rubbed my ears.

Looking at my miserable state, Yang Xin giggles and then focus on the podium.

And the main event is here. It is the Nightmare Demon Pot. I look around and notice a gray robed man. I then passes an interspatial ring containing a hundred thirty million demon spirit coins to Yang Xin, which makes Yang Xin gasps in surprise. I then tell her to use that money to buy the pot no matter what, and I tell her to bid at 110 million demon spirit coins directly if the price hit 90 millions, in which she pondered then agreed.

I spectate the grey robed man and Alchemist Association compete against each other. Other people see the gray robed man in awe, since he dare to compete against the Alchemist Association and then when it hits 90 millions, Yang Xin directly raised the price to 110 millions, making the gray robed man flinch and gives up. I then ask Yang Xin to send someone to spy that man, and the spy have to be a Black Gold Rank at least.

Yang Xin nodded at my words, and when the hammer is hit, indicating the Nightmare Demon Pot has been sold, and marks the end of the auction.


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