Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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" ... " the examiner is speechless.

" ... " Shen Xiu is speechless.

" ... " the teachers that are inspecting are speechless.

" Lu Piao. I will deduct your allowance on the elixirs later to pay for the Strength Testing Stone. " I said as I smiled.

" Wha! It's not fair! I don't know that this stone couldn't handle my light fist! " Lu Piao said.

" Well, I will let it slip only once. Next time you break anything, I will deduct your allowance. Understand?" I said as I give him a cold stare.

" Y... Yes!! " Lu Piao said hastily.

" Ah! Examiner. I am sorry for my brother's silly action. I have a special strength testing machine. " I said as I took out the 100000 ratio punching machine.

" What is that machine? " asked the examiner.

" A strength testing machine. " I said.

" Well, I suppose that that machine is rigged by LinJian. " Shen Yue said.

" Then, you may try it if you want Shen Yue." I said as I smile to ridicule him.

" Hmph! I will break this machine! " Shen Yue said as he punches, and kicks the machine.

The machine moves a little to the 100 point, and moves a little after passing 100 points.

" Well, as expected from mister one star. Really amazing. " I said with a ridiculing tone as I clapped my hand.

" Cheh! " Shen Yue clicked his tongue before going back to the crowd.

" Now Lu Piao, go ahead. " I said.

" It will not break right? " asked Lu Piao.

" Don't worry. I made this, so it won't break easily. " I said.

" Well then, here I go." Lu Piao said as he clenched his fist and hit the machine lightly.

A clear bang sound can be heard, as the pointer moves. 100, 200, 300, 400, and it keeps rising till 1200.

" Lu... Lu Piao. One star Silver Rank. " The examiner's voice trembles.

" Wha! It is impossible. The machine is rigged! " Shen Yue shouted.

" Well, examiner. I suppose you know your physical strength right, so try punching the machine. ' I said as I smiled.

" Well then, if Young Master Chen wishes, I shall do so. " the examiner said as he punches the machine hardly.

100, 200, 300, and it keeps rising and stopped between 1800 to 1900.

" Ah! The examiner is almost a 2 star Silver Rank! " I said with a hint of astonishment. " Here examiner, take this Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill as my sign of gratitude for testing this machine. " I said as I give the examiner a Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill.

" Many thanks Young Master Chen! " The examiner said as he cupped his hands. " Everyone! I can guarantee that the machine is the real deal. " the examiner added.

Silence envelopes the examination area. Only sound of the machine getting struck can be heard.

Lu Piao steady his stance and hit the machine for the second time. ' BAM!' sound can be heard as the pointer rises from 0 to 2500.

After that, Lu Piao releases the weights and I release the weight on his body. After that, he took a stance, disappears and ' BBAM!' sound can be heard and the pointers rises from 0 to 3200.

" Lu.. Lu Piao. 3 star Silver Rank! " the examiner said in disbelief as he trembled.

commotion occurs either from the examination ground or the teacher's place.

" What the hell? A 3 star Silver Rank Fighter in Fighters Apprentice class? " one of the teacher exclaimed.

" Hehe. He is my disciple now !" said another teacher.

" Ahem.. My fellow friends. We cannot teach someone on that caliber, besides they have their master already. " Ye Sheng said as he forced a smile.

" What? Shen Xiu? She is their lecturer right? " asked one of the teacher.

" Lu Ye already checked their academic status and they have been absent for 2 months, and they don't attend Shen Xiu's lecture. " Ye Sheng said as he forced a smile again.

" Then who are their master ?" asked the teachers in interest.

" Well, it is me. " I said via Shadow.

" Chen LinJian? " the teacher exclaimed in surprise as they look at the examination ground and spotted me there.

" Haha. Honorable teachers. I am merely a shadow here, so don't mind my real body there. " I said as I smiled.

" Heh! You are only a kid, yet you dare to spout nonsense! " a teacher tried to reprimand me.

" Watch your mouth! " Ye Sheng called out in angry tone, which made the teachers stare in amazement.

" Haha. Thank you Vice Principal. Ah. I have an elixir with me right now. Please take it, and make sure not to consume any medicinal pills that boosts cultivation for a week, since the medicinal effect will be lost if you do that. " I said as I take out the 1000000 times dilluted Divine Phaseless Fruit extract.

" Many thanks Young Master Chen! " Vice Principal Ye Sheng said as he received it and wanted to kneel.

" Ah! Vice Principal Ye Sheng, please don't kneel! It is supposed to be me who is a youngster to kneel in front of an honorable elder such as yourself. " I said as I stop Ye Sheng from kneeling.

" Cheh! Ye Sheng is actually acting as Chen LinJian's follower. " one of the teacher said in disdain.

I then emit my Legend Rank aura and release an intense killing intent. " So, you are implying that you want to be my enemy eh? I shut my mouth and doesn't care about your jeering and you are getting out of control. Looks like you are not some honorable elders as what I imagined. " I said in a cold tone and flat face.

" Hi!! Please spare me Young Master Chen. I admit I have gone too far! I admit that I am wrong! I will not repeat this in the future anymore! " the teacher pleaded.

The other teacher stare at me with amazement and start to curry favor with me, and I tell them to stop the pleasantries and I tell them that if they want to teach Nie Li and co, they should ask whether they agree or not and not force them, and they agreed.

" Vice Principal Ye Sheng. I will leave Ye ZiYun and Xiao Ning'Er in your care. Please lead them and protect them." I said.

" Rest assured Young Master Chen! I swear that even if I have to die, I will protect them and sacrifice myself." Ye Sheng said in a serious tone.

" Don't be too serious Vice Principal Ye Sheng. I don't want our city to lose an important figure such as yourself. " I said. " Well then, I will be leaving Vice Principal and Teachers." I added before I deactivate my Shadow.

Now is the time to test the Soul Power. When Lu Piao put his hand on the Soul Crystal, it explodes directly.

He doesn't dare to turn his head, as I glared at him and start to reprimand him.

" Are you an idiot? " I said as veins popped at my head.

" How should I know! " Lu Piao said.

" Wait here! " I said.

A few moments later.

" Lu Piao!!" a girl's is shouting angrily.

" Geh! Xiao Xue! What are you doing here? " Lu Piao asked in a terrified tone.

Xiao Xue approaches Lu Piao and tweak his ears while putting her left hand on her hip.

" Yeow! Ouch!! Ahhh!!! Why is this so painful! " Lu Piao said in surprise because his physique is stronger than before, so why does Xiao Xue's tweaking feels hurtful.

" Hmph! I am quite lucky since big brother LinJian visited me a month ago and give me elixirs to boost my cultivation. He said that he wanted my help to discipline you for giving me the elixirs. So don't be so sure that you can surpass me. " Xiao Xue said as she snorted.

" Now, I shall deduce your elixir allowance and give it to Xiao Xue as we have agreed to just now. " I said while smiling evilly. Lu Piao then wailed at how unfair it is, and Xiao Xue tweak his ear even harder and he screamed and beg for forgiveness.

" Umm. This is an examination ground, so please don't act like this. " the examiner said.

" Ah sorry. Please pardon me for our rudeness. " I said as I give the examiner 10 Soul Nurturing Pills.

After that, we continue the test, and the results for the physical strength and soul force are :

Du Ze

1st strike : 3500, 3 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 4700, 4 star Silver Rank

3rd strike : 7000, 5 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Wei Nan

1st strike : 1000, 1 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 1300, 1 star silver Rank

3rd strike : 2500, 2 star silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Zhang Ming

1st strike : 1100, 1 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 1600, 1 star Silver Rank

3rd strike : 2800, 2 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Zhu Xiang Zun

1st strike : 1000, 1 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 1400, 1 star Silver Rank

3rd strike : 2600, 2 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Xiao Xue

1st strike : 2000, 2 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 3000, 3 star Silver Rank

3rd strike : 3200, 3 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Xiao Ning'Er

1st strike :3500, 3 star Silver Rank

2nd strike :4700, 4 star Silver Rank

3rd strike :8500, 5 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Ye ZiYun

1st strike :3500, 3 star Silver Rank

2nd strike :4600, 4 star Silver Rank

3rd strike :8300, 5 star Silver Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Nie Li

1st strike : 4000, 4 star Silver Rank

2nd strike : 6000, 5 star Silver Rank

3rd strike : 10000, 1 star Gold Rank

Soul Crystal : Bang!!

Nie Li and co are merciless, the crowds are speechless, the examiner are speechless, the teachers are speechless, and Shen Xiu is lifeless. Wait! Did she commit suicide before the test is over?

' Hehe. Running away to the afterlife couldn't help you. ' I thought as I appeared beside her body and crush Spirit Resurrection Pill and make it into powder before putting it inside Shen Xiu's mouth. After that, her body crumbles into sand, and a new body is formed. Shen Xiu is resurrected and she gasps in surprise, and when she looks at her naked body. I then takes out a set of new clothing and a towel to cover her body.

" Young Master Chen? " She said in a gentle voice.

" Hmm? Do you think you are able to escape by going to the afterlife? " I asked.

" I am sorry Young Master! I have made you worried! " Shen Xiu said as she tears up and blushes.

" So, you know what to do right? " I asked her.

" Yes, young master! " she said.

" En. Take these elixirs, go to my mansion and stay in my courtyard first. I will finish my things here and go back for you tonight. " I said as I pat her head.

" En. " she said obediently.

After that, I return to the examination ground and everyone swarms at me and wanted to be my disciple. I then tell them not to be hasty as to become my disciple. I also tell them that in this holiday, I will not have many spare time, so I decline softly, and they all start grumbling and I leave with Nie Li and co. I tell them to go to the Heavenly Sacred Border to cultivate if they want, but they have to inform me before going into the Heavenly Sacred Border.

After I bid farewell to Nie Li and co, I escort ZiYun and Ning'Er to their home and then I go back to my mansion. In front of the gate, Shen Xiu is seated there cultivating. I grinned and then hugged her from back and ask " Why are you outside Xiu'er? Isn't it cold outside? "

Listening to the intimate call, she blushed and said " The maid and elder don't let me in. Even though I said that it is Young Master's order, they don't believe me."

" Hmm. Well, that is to be expected, since Sacred Family is already an enemy of Divine Family and Snow Wind Family." I sighed and then I take her inside the mansion.

" You bitch!! " I can hear someone cursing Shen Xiu. Looks like it is the three elders.

" Hey. She is not a bitch. She is my fiancee now. " I said in a cold tone.

" What! Someone report to the patriarch! Young master have been brainwashed!! " The second elder who likes to crack joke started to shout, which resulted him getting smacked after saying that line.

" Young Master. What do you mean by fiancee? " asked the first elder.

" Are you sure you wanted to make this venomous girl as your fiancee " asked the third elder. After he finishes that line, I glared at him while emitting killing intent.

" Geh! I mean this girl. " the third elder said as he flinched.

" She is not the same Shen Xiu anymore. I win a bet with her and we signed a contract that affect our soul and force us to obey the contract that had been made, so now she is an obedient beautiful girl now. " I said as I smiled. " Besides, it will be a waste if a girl as fine as her stays single for her life. " I added as I smiled and go inside the mansion with Shen Xiu, leaving the elders outside speechless.


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