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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After capturing those scoundrels, I go back to the group and notice that Shen Yue is trying to get close to ZiYun.

" What the hell are you doing? " I whispered at his ear, and then he jumped away from ZiYun.

" Chen LinJian? It is me that should ask you that question! " Shen Yue said in irritation, since his plan of approaching Ye ZiYun is foiled by me.

" I am protecting my fiancee. Is that a problem ? " I asked him, which made Shen Yue becomes red because of anger and Ye ZiYun becomes red because of embarrassment.

" W..Who is engaged with you LinJian!" ZiYun said while blushing.

" Then do you agree being engaged with this thing. " I said as I pointed at Shen Yue.

" Wha! How dare you! Do you forget about our agreement?' he asked.

" Hmm? About you having seventy percent of the treasure ?" I asked with dumb expression.

" Yes! And there is another one right?" he said.

" Hmm? I am sorry, but I only remember about that one." I said with dumb face again.

" There is also about ZiYun! " he said.

" Ah! I said that ZiYun will be there, but I don't remember giving you permission to make a move on her." I said with a cold expression. " Now, stop arguing with me, and tell your gangs to pack things up if they don't want to end in the stomach of FoxBear demon beasts." I added. After that, he leaves and ordered his gangs to pack things up.

" Haha. Stop looking at me like that. " I said as I notices that she is starting at me and pouting at the same time that added her charming point by 100 points.

" Why would you tell such lie?' she said as she pouted.

" Don't worry. I will make it true after this." I said and made her blushes and Shen Yue gritted his teeth.

Two days have passed, and we arrived at the entrance of the Ancient Orchid City Ruin. When we arrive, I laid out the map and ask for the other's opinion, and Shen Yue keeps yapping and spouting nonsense, so I glared at him and tell him to shut up. After a long discussion, we agreed to dig at the school yard for the nobles which is the one that Chen LinJian dig in the manga series.

When we enter the ruins, Giant Blue Armed Apes started to appear one after another. Of course I become the one ordering the group to fight, and I also killed some of the Giant Armed apes with 5 slashes or more to conceal my strength. And after that, as I expected, there is a leader of the Apes, but the aura it is emanating is of a Peak Gold Rank!

I then grinned as I notice that Shen Yue and his gangs are still fighting and concentrating on the Apes, so I activated the inscription on the badge, and everyone becomes invisible, petrified, covered in a legend rank barrier and their aura also disappears as I shouted and signalled everyone to disperse as I act as bait for the Ape. Shen Yue and his gangs leave and I headed toward the other entrance as I lead the Apes.

"Halt! Something is wrong! I can feel some Demon Beasts are heading this way." a Red Cloak man said.

"Hmm. Luckily we brought 30 men for this expedition." a Black Cloak man said.

" Silence! We are here not for expedition, but the kids of the nobles!" The leading Red Cloak man who appears to be the leader said.

" Hey!! I have gift for you guys, so do accept it. " I shouted to group as I already alter my aura and appearance as Chu Ning, after that I used my escape scroll, and caused fog to rise.

After the fog dissipates, the Apes and the Dark Guild members are dumbfounded, and the Apes started to roar and pounce at them like crazy.

" Cheh! Battle formation!!" shouted the leader.

After that, they take out their weapons and started to clash with the apes.

" Hey guys. Don't die to quickly okay! " I shouted to attract the leader's attention, and then I winked as I leave the spot.

" That damned brat! Just make sure I don't catch you! " The leader said in a tone with killing intent. " Let's finish this monkeys and after that, we chase those noble brats! " The leader shouted and every men there started to merge with their demon spirit to finish the Apes.

' This is bad! To actually think that they have 2 Black Gold Rank experts and 18 Gold Ranked experts in the group! I must hurry and not let them lay hand on my group! ' I thought as I go and search for Shen Yue.

After strolling in the forest, I found Shen Yue. He is sleeping soundly while his gangs are guarding. I sneered as I knocked the 9 gangs unconscious and used a special thread and binds them using it. Shen Yue's gang of 9 are binded together, while Shen Yue is binded alone. After binding them, I looked at a tree and nodded, as I give a signal to Ye Shuo to prepare for spying Shen Yue and his gangs.

After 30 minutes, Shen Yue wakes up and notices that he is binded and his gangs are also tied up. Looking at this scene, he starts to shout, and as a result, a cloaked man appears and grinned,enjoying his findings, but it lasts only for a moment, because I used Invidia to slit his throat and freezes it to prevent bleeding that will make his cloak red and trigger the suspiciousness of the leader. I then take him behind a tree and then I started to wear his cloak, copy his appearance and aura. After that, I go back and search for the leader.

On an open space, two men using red cloak stood there. I carefully come near them.

" What's the matter? " asked Red Cloak A.

" I have secured a noble kid. " I said.

" Great Work! " said Red Cloak B. " Where is him now? " added Red Cloak B.

" Follow me. " I said as I feel something is off.

After reaching the spot where Shen Yue is, Red Cloak A gasps in surprise, while Red Cloak B started to leak out killing intent.

" This is... " said the Red Cloak B.

" He is the noble kid I caught. " I said.

After that, he lands a punch on my face, which I accept, since I don't want my cover get blown.

" What the hell are you doing! Do you have a dead wish! " asked Red Cloak B as he raises his hood, and when the moonlight falls on his face, I gasps in surprise as I recognize this figure. He is the patriarch of the Sacred Family, Shen Hong!

' F*ck! What's happening! Shouldn't this old Fox is secluding himself in order to break through Legend Rank? '

" What are you doing! Hurry up and beg for forgiveness from the Deputy Guild Leader! " said Red Cloak A with panic.

" I.. I am sorry for this blunder. To think that this kid is Deputy Guild Leader's acquaintance." I said as I kneeled.

" Make sure you catch that Chen LinJian brat, or I will kill you! " Shen Hong said with a cold tone.

" Yes! " I said as I go to the forest and then climbed a tree and concealed my aura to eavesdrop on them.

" *sigh! Bastard! To actually tie Shen Yue like this! " Shen Hong said in frustration.

" I think something is wrong about that guy. He used to be a bit rebellious, but he isn't in the slightest bit rebellious! " Red Cloak A said in suspicion.

" En! But probably because he realized that he made a blunder, so he dare not be stubborn and rebellious this time. " Shen Hong said in satisfaction.

After that, I appeared beside Ye Shuo, which startled him as he attacks me. I keep repelling his attack as I send my voice through his mind.

' Lord Ye Shuo! It is me Chen LinJian. I am not an enemy! ' I said in his mind, which made him calm down.

' This is bad! To think Shen Hong will personally come here ! ' I said as I forced a smile.

' Sacred Family. They truly have fallen! To think that they collude with the Dark Guild and Shen Hong is actually the Deputy Guild Leader! '

I could feel intense killing intent from Ye Shuo as he said those sentence, and then I patted his shoulder to signal him to calm down. After that he calm down.

' I think Lord Ye Shuo must pull back! Shen Hong is beyond your league Milord! ' I said, and then I added ' I will make a trap that will trap the both of them here for 3 days, so please help me clean up trashes that are scattered in the forest. ' After I said this, Ye Shuo nodded as he left, and I made an array that make them unable to leave this spot, wandering here for 3 days until the effect of the array wear off. I also make a special inscription to block sound transmission.

After that, I browse the forest and caught 20 members of the Dark Guild and contact Ye Shuo. I said that I caught 20 people and he told me that he have slain the other 10 people. " Shouldn't you catch someone alive for interrogation Milord? " I asked with a forced smile

" Heh! These trash doesn't even have the right to talk. I don't believe they will tell the truth! " Ye Shuo said as he snorted.

" Well, I cannot deny that, but I believe Lord Ye Shuo is proficient in using Soul Refining from the Book of Sacred Spirit right? " I asked.

" But, they have the soul shackle! " Ye Shuo said.

" Don't worry! Lord Ye Shuo can take them to the jail and use the Soul Refining and also prohibit entry for the guards, and declare entering the special area will be treated as treason." I said.

" Hmm. Sounds reasonable. Then I shall be taking my leave Young Master Chen. Please take care !" Ye Shuo said before he leaves.

I stopped him before leaving as I make a carriage and jail, with cloak covering the whole jail. I inscribe aura suppressing and soundproofing inscription, and place obedience inscription on the twenty people I caught. I tell Ye Shuo about the inscriptions I made, and he praises me and then thank me before leaving.

After Ye Shuo left, I head toward the group and dispell the pin effect, and then they all become visible and when they started to move, they are surprised because it is night already. When they asked me, I told them that they stepped on a trap and get petrified, and I searched for a way to free them from the trap, and they believes me, which is a relief.

We find a spot to set tent and tell the group to rest. After a while someone ask me where Shen Yue is, I tell him that when they are trapped, Shen Yue isn't around already, and they become anxious. I tell them that he probably already heads back to Glory City with his gangs. After that, I tell them to stop worrying and start sleeping to build up their stamina for tomorrow.


" Bastard!!! " cursed Shen Hong.

" Why do I feel like circling the same place? " asked Cloaked Man A as he started to act lazily.

" We indeed are circling the same spot. Look at the mark I leave there! I have spotted it thrice! " Shen Hong said as he pointed at a hole on the tree.

" Then we can only wait for backup! " said Cloaked Man A as he heaves a sigh.

" Hmph! I will definitely kill that bastard! If I ever met him again, I will definitely kill him! " Shen Hong said.

" Mmm.. That is quite impossible. " Cloaked Man A said as he forced a smile.

" Why is it impossible? " Shen Hong asked.

Cloaked Man A pointed at a corpse nearby. It is the underling they met just now! His throat has been slit, the wound of the slit is frozen, and from the body's stiffness, looks like this one had just been killed recently. There is a writing on the corpse.

' Thank you for taking a good care of my disciple. I will turn a blind eye on the previous matter, but should you continue pestering him, I guarantee your death will not be easy and painful.'

" Hmm. This expert is vicious! To murder and leave a message on the victim's body! " Cloaked Man A said.

" Cheh! " Shen Hong snorted before he cultivates.


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