Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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Tomorrow, as expected the price for the Purple Haze Grass skyrocketed, I decided to sell some of the Purple Haze Grass to the market and get some money. After that, I write the 5 pills formula. I also add 5 more enhanced formula, which is only available for the guard, relatives, and members of City Lord and Divine Family. After finished writing, I go to the Alchemist association and sneak into Gu Yan's room. When I am inside his room, I found out that he is apparently not here, and I scanned the surrounding with my soul energy and found out that there are 2 people at the conference room, and I sneak there.

As I expected, the two people is President Gu Yan, and Director Yang Xin. Looks like they are still testing the usage of the Purple Haze Grass.

" So, what test number is it now President Gu Yan." I asked as I am standing behind Yang Xin.

" Wha! Young Master Chen? Why are you here? And how do you get in here? " asked President Gu Yan.

" Hmm? Ahh. I am here to do a business with President Gu Yan." I said as I cupped my hand.

" What kind of business?" asked President Gu Yan.

" Hmm. This is about the Purple Haze Grass though. I am the person who write the formula and also bought all the Purple Haze Grass in the market this morning." I said as I take a glance at Gu Yan. 'Hmm. He doesn't tremble at the least. Looks like he isn't surprised at the very least. Is it because he knows that I gain some knowledge from outside and used it here? How boring!'

"How amazing! You are so young, yet you discovered that much secret about the Purple Haze Grass! Even President Gu Yan was dumbfounded that time!" Yang Xin said with sparkling eyes.

"*sigh. Yang Xin, don't we agree not to mention this in front of anyone?" Gu Yan said as he stares at Yang Xin.

" Hehehe. Take it easy Boss. Besides, Boss and Young Master Chen has known each other. I am so sad because you didn't invite me to the banquet that time Young Master Chen." she said to me while pouting.

' Stop pouting. I didn't invite you because of your danger potential is so damn high. It will be troublesome if my dragon run out of control while many higher ups are attending the banquet.' I thought inwardly. " Hehe, I am so sorry because I don't invite Director Yang Xin. " I said as I try to avoid direct contact with her.

Noticing me trying to avoid eye contact with her, she gets close to me and started to seduce me using any cards available on her hand, which made my mind runs out of control.

" Yang Xin, what do you treat me as? Stop displaying such disgraceful act!" Gu Yan said.

" Hehe. Sorry boss. " Yang Xin said as she acted cutely.

"*sigh. So Young Master Chen. I believe that you aren't here just to sell us the Purple Haze Grass isn't it?" Gu Yan said.

" President is really sharp minded. The Purple Haze Grass is indeed not the main reason I am here. I just wanted to give some Alchemic Elixir Formula I have deciphered. There are a total of 10 formulas, but only 5 formula may spread in the market, while the other 5 are secret elixir that may only be sold by my agreement, since its effect are too marvelous, and the materials are very limited in Glory City, because it is from herbs and demon beasts I encounter outside Glory City." I said in a serious tone as I give the formulas to Gu Yan.

When he reads it, his eyes are wide open and he started to tremble. I then tell him that it is genuine, and as for the 5 secret formula, I have him make 10 sets of them.

( The five elixirs that are allowed to be spread on markets are the Soul Nurturing Pill, Soul Concentrating Pill, Soul Tempering Pill, Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, and Nine Transformation Pill.

The five secret elixirs that need my approval, are Soul Condensing Pill, Soul Enhancing Pill, Soul Coagulation Pill, Sacred Body Pill, and Spirit Resurrection Pill.

Soul Condensing Pill. ( 1 set = 10 pills )

When consumed, grant the consumer condense soul force just by breathing. It's effect last for 3 hours, no side effect.

Soul and Spirit Enhancing Pill. ( 1 set = 10 pill )

When consumed, the soul realm of the consumer will be enhanced to become bigger, and if there is a demon spirit, the demon spirit have 40% chance of mutating. The side effect is the pain when the soul realm become bigger.

Soul Coagulation Pill. ( 1 set = 20 pills )

This pill effect is the same as consuming Soul Nurturing Pill, Soul Concentrating Pull, and Soul Tempering Pill together. No side effect.

Sacred Body Enhancing Pill. ( 1 set = 1 pill )

Enhances consumer's physical strength tremendously. From Bronze Rank till Legend Rank, only 4 pills are needed. Create a special membrane that protect the consumer from sharp edges weapon and highly resistant to heat, chill, shock, and poison. The side effect is having a hard time to get used to your strength.

Spirit Resurrection Pill. ( 1 set = 1 pill )

Legendary pill that can save an expert even though their soul have been wounded or started to dissipates, on condition that the body isn't still in good condition. After that, the original body will turn to dust, and then reformed by sucking the soul energy and the earth nutrients and create a special bloodline body for the deceased to inhabit. No side effect. ) ( P.S : The effect have been tested when I went out for 3 years. )

After Gu Yan read this, he started to sweat like a pig and notices that some of demon beast material comes from a demon beast with Black-Gold Rank danger rating.

" A..are you sure about letting me have this?" asked Gu Yan.

" Of course I am sure of letting you have these formula. It is because I believe in the president, so I don't dive it to your rival President." I said. " Ah. If the President want to, I may give President and Director Yang Xin to consume the five secret elixir, so I will leave materials for 11 sets.

" Thank you Young Master Chen!" they both said as they cupped their hands.

" No need for thanking me. I just do my duty as the citizen and also protector. " I said while waving my hand to signal them to stop. " Ah! And if Sacred Family is buying the five elixirs, tell them that it must be bought as a set of 10, and place tracking pills to track the medicine and check where it go." I said in a grave tone, and after confirming everything, I waited for my 9 set of secret elixirs.

After 3 hours, they finished producing all 11 sets of the secret elixirs, and I take 9, which I requested, and gave two to them. After I left the Alchemist Association, I go to my mansion and create accessories, and inscribed special inscriptions on each if them. The results are 7 bracelets, 4 earrings and 4 necklaces. The 7 bracelets have six different colors, but the inscription on it is the same, and there is only 1 difference, which is it boosts the cultivation of certain attribute which matches with the inscription. The necklaces and earrings are red in color, and each have a dragon pattern, a phoenix pattern, a sakura petal pattern and an Alchemic bottle pattern. The dragon pattern is for Ning'Er, the phoenix pattern is for ZiYun, the Sakura petal pattern is for LanRuo and Alchemic bottle pattern is for Yang Xin.

I then go to the institute and go to their class directly, and call Nie Li and co. After that, I take them to my courtyard and spar with each other so they will earn some combat experience.

After the sparring session is over.

" Ah! Ning'Er, ZiYun, tomorrow I will go on expedition. Do you want to join me? " I asked.

" En! " They nodded together and smiled.

" Why don't you ask us to join too? " asked Nie Li.

" Yes! Yes! Boo! Boo! " They started to make some noise.

" *sigh! You guys. I only have two hands, so how do you hope me to protect all of you. Just stay in Glory City, be good boys and cultivate and train your physique while I am not here." I said as I stared at all of them. " By the time I get back from the expedition, I hope you have reached Silver Rank. If you reach Silver Rank before I am back, I will give you a treasure. But, should you fail, there will be punishment." I added with cold tone which send shiver down their spine and they leave after thanking me.

" Ah. ZiYun. I want to visit the Winged Dragon Family. Do you want to join me or you want to go home first? " I asked.

" Umm. I think I will go home first then. " She said.

" Okay. Shadow. Please escort ZiYun back. " I said as my double appeared and take ZiYun back.

They could only stare at me and my double.

" I just know that LinJian has an identical brother." ZiYun said.

" Hmm. Shadow is one of my demon beast combat ability. Don't worry. It will escort you to safety ZiYun. I will visit you later in the evening." I said.

After that, ZiYun leaves with Shadow. Ning'Er and me are going to the Winged Family together. When I go back, I notice someone is glaring at me. He has red hair and a silver rank aura. ' Hehe. Shen Fei eh? Let's provoke him a little. ' I thought as I blow into her ears and she blushed, and then we leave, leaving Shen Fei clenching his fist and making cracking sound.

Winged Dragon Family.

When I am in front of the Winged Dragon Family's house, the guards ordered me to get in with an unfriendly tone. I am dumbfounded by their actions. 'To think the guard dare to behave like this, something smells fishy here.' I thought as I walked in the hall while being pushed by the guards.

Winged Dragon Family Main Hall.

The patriarch Xiao YunFeng is sitting on the top seat, while the 6 elders are seated on the two columns seat beside the patriarch.

' Hmm. Something is not right. I can feel someone spying on me. ' I used my soul force to scan the surrounding, and as expected, there is someone behind the patriarch seat.

" Greetings Patriarch Xiao. I am Chen LinJian, and my purpose of coming here is to invite Xiao Ning'Er to my expedition tomorrow. " I said as I cupped my hand.

" Hmph! You brat! How dare you come here! " Xiao Yi started to shout at me.

" Hah? Why wouldn't I dare? What mistake have I made that allow you to speak to me in such manner? " I asked him back as I glared at him. " Besides I am talking to the patriarch, not you!" I added in a slight irritated tone.

" How dare you speak to the elder like that! The Divine Family have truly fallen! " Xiao Yi said, which made my blood gushes to my head as I disappeared and reappeared in front of him as I used a rod and press it on his neck while emanating Peak Silver Rank aura.

" I dare to speak like this because you are the bastard that made Ning'Er cried and suffered every night these past 3 years. You only think of your benefit, not caring how your niece feel. " I said as I started to choke the hell out of him, and when Ning'Er heard that, she blushed and started to tear up.

" Young Master Chen! Don't be hasty! Please stop this at once!" Xiao YunFeng said as he emanates his Gold Rank aura.

" Patriarch Xiao, don't worry. I won't kill him at the least. I only wanted him to apologize to Xiao Ning'Er, since he made her suffered for 3 years while I am not here." I said while I am loosening the choke. " Now, do you want to admit your wrong? " I asked.

" Ye...Yes! Niece Ning'Er I am sorry for pushing you for an engagement on Lord Shen Fei!" Xiao You said as he coughs.

" Now then, Shen Fei. Get out here! " I said as I stared at the patriarch.

" Well, well, I am impressed that you notice me. As expected of the Divine Family first-in-line successor!" Shen Fei said as he walked out slowly and clapping his hand.

" Well, I don't expect that you will really come out. I thought that you Sacred Family members are bunch of cowards who uses their authority to oppress others." I said as I snorted in disdain.

" Hmph. I dare you to join the martial arts tournament held by the Sacred Family. Let our fist do the talking!" he said in a provocative and angry tone.

" Well, you better prepare yourself, since I won't show mercy to you there!" I said in a cold tone.

" Haha. You sure can talk big. Then see you at the tournament." Shen Fei said as he walked out of the Hall. " Ah, yes. Xiao Ning'Er. After the martial tournament, I am gonna discipline you." he said while glaring at her before leaving.

After making sure that he has left, I look at Ning'Er and notice that she is trembling.

" Don't worry. I will definitely cripple him at that match, so he won't dare to do anything to you." I whispered at her ears, which made her calm while blushing and made the elders and patriarch surprised.

" Young Master Chen. Just now you say that you want to invite my daughter to join your expedition, don't you?" asked the patriarch.

" Yes. I indeed wanted to take her with me on my expedition, but I also have something to say, but I will need the elders here to leave." I said as I stared at the elders.

" How dare you to tell us what to do!" Xiao Yi started to shout. AGAIN.

I simply glared at him, and he left quickly. The other elders started to follow suit and leave the hall.

" Young Master Chen you are being overbearing." the patriarch said as he forced a smile.

" Well, to someone who made Ning'Er suffered these past 3 years, it is already kind enough." I said as I scanned the surrounding, and notice that the six elders are eavesdropping. " Stop eavesdropping or don't blame me for being impolite any further." I shouted, which made them run away with their tail between their legs.

" Hmph. Are they really elders? I am feeling like dealing with kids. Now back to the topic. Patriarch Xiao, let me say this bluntly. I hope that you can cancel the engagement between Xiao Ning'Er and Shen Fei." I said

Xiao YunFeng started to sweat like a pig after he heard my words.

" Ah! Patriarch Xiao. If I may, I wanted to propose an engagement between me and Xiao Ning'Er. I also have brought the betrothal gifts." I said as I throw an interspatial ring to Xiao YunFeng. The contents are twenty thousand pounds of Purple Haze Grass and the secret elixirs. When Xiao YunFeng catches and checks the content, he sweats even harder.

" This... " his voice is trembling.

" Those are the betrothal gifts. Is something wrong?" I asked.

" No. I just wondered what kind of elixirs that Young Master Chen gave me." he said.

" Ahh! Those are the Soul Condensing Pill, Soul Enhancing Pill, Soul Coagulation Pill, Sacred Body Pill, and Spirit Resurrection Pill. Those are the enhanced version of the Soul Nurturing Pill, Soul Concentrating Pill, Soul Tempering Pill, Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, and Nine Transformation Pill. " I said with a smile.

" Such treasures! " Xiao YunFeng said with astonishment.

" Ah! Patriarch Xiao, don't be hasty! Those elixirs are very strong, so I recommend the patriarch to consume one per week. As for the Sacred Body Pill, Take it once per month, and try adjusting your strength, because these elixirs will boost cultivation and physique tremendously." I warned him.

" Thank you Young Master Chen!" Xiao YunFeng said as he kneeled.

" Stop it. It is a betrothal gift, so do you agree with my engagement with Xiao Ning'Er?" I asked.

" But if I do that, I will incur the wrath of Sacred Family." he said.

" Take this dagger." I said as I give him a specially made dagger from Legend Rank Wolf's bone. " When Sacred Family are trying to make things hard for you, just throw that dagger to the ground, and I will appear directly." I said as I throw the dagger and when it hit the ground on the patriarch seat, I switch place with the dagger." This can only be used thrice, so because I have used it once, there are still two time you can use it." I said as I smile brightly.

" But, what can Young Master do to them? " Xiao YunFeng asked.

I smiled as I released a peak Black Gold Rank aura, which made Xiao YunFeng and Xiao Ning'Er stare at me with astonishment. " Even if Shen Hong personally come, I will still beat the hell out of him. And please keep this as a secret from everyone, okay Ning'Er and Patriarch Xiao." I added, and they nodded.

" Alright, I approve her leaving with Young Master Chen and the engagement between Young Master Chen and my daughter." he said with teary eyes. " Ah! Patriarch Xiao, don't tell the public about our engagement yet." I said, and the patriarch nodded in approval.

" Now then, please excuse me." I said as I slowly leave the hall.

" Ning'Er, you are lucky to have such a caring fiance." Xiao YunFeng said which made her blushes even redder than before.

" Ah, yes. Ning'Er I almost forget about your elixirs." I said as I give her the elixirs and leave. " See you father-in-law! See you honey." I added and leave the mansion for real.

Snow Wind Family.

Ye ZiYun is sitting on a huge rock in her courtyard.

" Hey princess." I whispered and get elbowed.

" Gah!! " I wailed in pain.

" LinJian. I told you to change that bad habit of yours." she said while she pouted.

' How cute!! I really wish I can pinch her cheek right now. ' I thought. " Is your father home? " I asked ZiYun.

" Yes. Father is with Uncle Ye Xiu and Uncle Ye Shuo in Father's office. " she said.

" Okay. Thank you ZiYun, and this is some elixirs that I want you to consume." I tell her about the elixirs and she could only stare and nodded while blushing.

Ye Zong's office.

I sneaked outside Ye Zong's office and notices that they are discussing something.

" Who's there! " Ye Xiu snorted as he started to emit his peak Black Gold Rank aura.

I walked into Ye Zong's office and then I cupped my hands as I pleaded forgiveness.

" What are you doing here LinJian? " asked Ye Xiu.

" I wish to talk to the City Lord." I said as I kneeled.

" Speak up! " Ye Zong said.

" Milord. I wish to take ZiYun with me to an expedition. " I said as I looked at Ye Shuo.

" Alright." Ye Zong said nonchalantly.

"Don't worry Milord, I will protect.... Eh? You are not arguing with me this time?" I said in surprised tone.

" Well do you want me to argue with you?' Ye Zong asked.

" Haha. I don't dare. Lord Ye Zong. I will be leaving in the morning tomorrow, so please make sure that Lord Ye Shuo isn't late okay." I said, and Ye Shuo replies with a nod.

" Ah Lord Ye Zong. This morning, I just submit a super elixirs at Alchemist Association and there are 5 that needs my approval to get, so I will write a letter and let the Snow Wind Family to have access to that email, but please don't give the elixirs to the guards yet, because there are some that maybe spies sent by Dark Guild." I said in a serious tone

" Alright. Your warning is well heeded. We of the Snow Wind Family are grateful for your contribution." Ye Zong said.

After that, I go out and meet up with Ye ZiYun, and give her the elixirs, and I reminded her about not consuming it hastily in order to get stronger faster, and I also tell her that her father agrees to her going with me on my expedition. After I bid farewell to ZiYun, I go and contact some of Chen LinJian friends to come and join tomorrow's expedition and get to choose the treasure they want, and they all agreed readily, and then I go home and made special badges from a stone with inscription pattern inscribed.

The next morning.

I go to the library, and everyone is already there, but Shen Yue hasn't arrived yet, so I give the badge to everyone, and when I finished giving everyone their badge, Shen Yue and his gangs arrive, so I give them them a normal badge.

And the lineups are 20 members from Divine Family including me, 10 members of Sacred Family ( Shen Yue included with 9 Silver Rank experts ), 1 members of Snow Wind Family and Winged Dragon Family ( Ye Shuo is a special ops, so he doesn't count), HuYan LanRuo and her friends.

After making sure that everyone is here, we started our journey to the Ancient Orchid City.

" Everyone. Keep a low profile, because the only one who knows that we are exploring the ruins are ourselves. Others think that we are going out for training!" I said.

" UWOHH!!" They all roared.

" I said keep a low profile. " I screamed.

After that, we go out of the town and visit a mountain, and enjoyed the scenery. In the afternoon, we all have lunch. Not exactly everyone, since my food is seized by my groups. I told them to scram as I take out 3 lunchbox and I give two to ZiYun and Ning'Er, and I give one to HuYan LanRuo. The three of them blushes and silently finishes the content of the lunchbox. After lunch, we continued walking to our journey. On the way, I scanned the surrounding and realized that there are 5 Gold Rank experts following us. ' Hmm. Maybe they are from Sacred Family or even Dark Guild. ' I thought, and when evening, I tell them to set up the tents, and as I leave the group, my friends asked me where I am going, so I tell them that I want to take a stroll for a moment, and I tell them to take care if the group, especially ZiYun, Ning'Er and HuYan LanRuo, which they agreed readily, and then I enter the forest alone.

" Stop hiding and get out! " I shouted.

" Hehe. " a man cloaked in dark mantle appeared in front of me while chuckling evilly.

" *sigh. You Sacred Family members never learn don't cha? " I said while heaving a sigh.

The man is shocked as he stopped chuckling and start to emit killing intent.

" Stop wasting your energy. " I said as I walked behind him and landed a chop, making him unconscious.

After that, four cloaked men jump out of the forest and start to throw hidden weapons, using inscription, or swinging their weapon.

I take out Superbia and repel everything that is thrown at me. As I repel the hidden weapons, the cloaked men all grin weirdly, and the hidden weapon explodes when Superbia comes in contact with it.

" Is that it? " I asked as I walked out of the smoke unscatched, and then without any delay, I chopped the head of the other ambusher using the back of Superbia, and they lose consciousness instantly.

" Lord Ye Shuo. What's the meaning of this? Why don't you take care of these scoundrels?"

" Haha. I think that they are here to protect Shen Yue, but to think they are here to ambush you." Ye Shuo forced a smile. " Besides, I am here to spy on Shen Yue only."

"*sigh. Well, that matters not. Take them to the City Lord's mansion for interrogation." I said as I put a shackle on their neck.

" That shackle is? " Ye Shuo asked.

" This shackle is a specially made shackle to disrupt any kind of soul force activity from inside or outside the one who is shackled by it. " I said.

Ye Shuo stares at me with amazement, and then he helps me tie up the scoundrels and ask some guards to take them into City Lord's mansion without any civilian realizing.

After dealing with the scoundrels, I go back to the group and tell them that we are moving at night because there are FoxBears nearby.


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