Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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When I go out of the class, I directly go to the library and wait for the class to over, but I realizes that Ye Shuo and Ye Sheng are watching me, so I called them out.

" As usual, your perception is terrifying LinJian!" said Ye Shuo.

" *sigh. What do you take me for Lord Ye Shuo? A Canine Demon Beast?" I asked him.

" But still, you are quite a beast Young Master Chen, to directly offend and tell everyone that Sacred Family is actually copying inscription from the book! And looks like Young Master Chen is quite proficient in ancient language!" Ye Sheng said.

" *sigh. By going out for 3 years, I tried my best to study their culture, battle strategy, alchemy, culinary, and also their language and also the ancient writing. " I said.

" Ah! Lord Ye Shuo. May I ask for your help?" I asked.

" Hmm? What can this Lord do for you? " Ye Shuo asked.

"As Lord Ye Shuo has known, I am going to do some expedition and I wanted Lord Ye Shuo to accompany me in my expedition." I said in a serious tone.

" Hmm? So this is about the banquet night request? What do you want to do LinJian?." Ye Shuo said as he knitted his brow.

" Well, first, I am sorry Vice Principal Ye Sheng, but I wish to have some private talk here." I said.

" Well then, I shall take my leave." said Ye Sheng.

" Thank you for your cooperation Vice Principal Ye Sheng." I said as I cupped my hands.

After Ye Sheng leaves, I ordered my clone to patrol outside and make sure no one eavesdrops on our conversation. I also scan my surrounding using my soul force, and confirms that no one is here except me and Ye Shuo.

" Lord Ye Shuo as you have known, that night, I ask the Lord to spy on a certain child. The child that I want Lord Ye Shuo to keep an eye on is Shen Yue of Sacred Family. The reason is to confirm the fact that the Sacred Family is colluding with the Dark Guild." I said in a grave tone.

Hearing this, killing intent flashes in his eyes. " Do you realize what you said just now?" he asked in a serious tone.

" I dare not joke about sensitive matters like this. I know that Sacred Family is one of the three major families here, but they earned that title by colluding with the Dark Guild. First the Dark Guild lure the demon beasts to Glory City, which made every family suffers huge loss, but the Sacred Family instead is getting stronger each wave happens! If I am not wrong, the Sacred Family is also once a minor family, and they keep strong experts at their base while sending weak experts to protect the city, and the weak experts number are also very low!" I said in a tone filled with slight disgust and anger feeling mixed in.

" Hmm. I will check the record and confirm your statement, and also I will follow your journey to the ruin. It is a deal we made three years ago and also two days ago, so I will agree to it!" Ye Shuo said seriously

" Thank you Lord Ye Shuo! I am extremely gratified that you still remember our deal three years ago." I said. " Ah! Looks like the class is almost finished. I will excuse myself then Lord Ye Shuo." I said.

" En! Be careful LinJian, since you offended the Sacred Family, they will make things hard for you." he said.

" Ah! Thanks for the warning Lord Ye Shuo. But I don't think they can do any harm on me." I said.

" I mean be careful not to kill your ambusher in the city!" he said.

" Ah ! So that is what Lord Ye Shuo is trying to tell me! Don't you worry! I can restrain myself!" I said with a smile. " See you two days again Lord Ye Shuo." I added before I leave the library.

When I walked in the hallway leading to the classroom, I meet Shen Yue. ' Speak of the devil! I just talked about him and he shows up! Gotta invite him on my expedition.' I thought as I too will not let this opportunity pass!

" Hey Shen Yue! " I called him.

" What do you want you slanderer?" he said angrily.

" Hey. It is not nice to call someone who says the truth as slanderer. " I said as I coldly stared at him. " And I am here to ask you to join my expedition. How does that sound? "

" Hmph! What do I get from that then? " he asked with irritated tone.

" Hmm, I will let you take seventy percent of the treasure, and you get to choose those seventy percent first. Ah, and ZiYun will be there too. So do we have a deal?" I said.

After listening to this, his eyes started to sparkle. " Seriously? You aren't playing any tricks right? " he asked.

'Heh.. a brat is still a brat after all.' I thought as I replied. " Yes. I am dead serious here."

" Okay, when is the expedition?" he asked.

" Hmm. It is two days from today. We meet at the library." I said.

" Okay, don't leave without me!" he said.

I then wave at him and proceed to the classroom, and on the way, I meet Shen Xiu.

" You will regret your action today! " she said in a low and cold tone.

" Hey, stop talking to me, and prepare yourself two months later after the test day." I said as I look at her body.

" You! L..Lecher!" she shouted!

" Wha.. What! You shameless woman! You are the one who approached me yet you call me a lecher? Have you no shame? No wonder no man tries to get close to you." I said with a clear loud voice.

" Y.. You!! " she said as she clenched her fist and walk past me.

' Hehe! Don't worry! I am gonna shape you into a good girl two months later.' I thought as I grin evilly.

After I finish facing Shen Xiu, I go to the class and every students there avoid any eyes contact with me. I just passed through them and fetch Nie Li and co.

" Big brother LinJian! What terrible thing you have done! How if the Sacred Family decides to make a move on you?" asked Du Ze.

" Yeah! Can't we just live in peace?" asked Lu Piao as he shrugged his shoulder.

" Hmm~ If you want to live peacefully, then maybe you can kiss a goodbye to your girlfriend." I said as I grinned.

" *gulps. Ah! Sometimes, peace can't solve the problems that occur. " he said quickly.

" Hmm. Let's leave first of all. " I said.

" Okay. " Nie Li and co said in unison.

" Ah! Ning'Er! ZiYun! Do you want to join us? " I called out to the both of them.

They could only stare at me while blushing, and then they face each other and agree to follow us.

When we leave, all the students in the classroom started to make a fuss because I stole their twin goddesses.😏

Divine Restaurant.

I let them enter the restaurant first. I asked them to go in and directly go to the second floor, and then I disguised myself, and go to the first floor to order food, and when I taste the food. 'No improvisation, Nothing wrong with the taste, texture is okay. Hmm good job cooks." I thought before going into the kitchen and undo my disguise. The cooks are caught by surprise and they welcomed me. I then asked them to let me use the stove, and then I made the soul dish, and ask the waitresses to take it to the third floor.

After the waitresses left, I go to the second floor and meet up with Nie Li and co. I lead them to the third floor, and ask them to eat the food on table. When everyone eats the dish, they start to moan, and then they all experience break through in their cultivation. Du Ze, Ning'Er, ZiYun are already 5-star Bronze Rank experts . Lu Piao, Zhu Xiang Zun, Zhang Ming, and Wei Nan are 4-star Bronze Rank experts. Nie Li on the other hand is still at 2-star Bronze Rank. He is dishearten, but I tell him that his cultivation technique is special, and hard to train, and also the soul force needed to be absorbed for break through is also more than the normal person, but he will be ten times stronger than the one in the same rank as him.

After they eat their fill, they say their thanks and go back home to cultivate.

I then take ZiYun and Ning'Er together. First, they are awkward since they haven't talked for a long time. So I break the tense situation by starting to talk first.

" Hmm. Hey ZiYun, Ning'Er. Why have you two been so distant with each other lately?" I asked them.

" Well, it is me that distance myself from ZiYun. I am sorry ZiYun. I made distance between me and you, because I am jealous with you. You can choose whom you wanted to be and do what you wanted to do. But I must sacrifice something in order to do something freely, and I also doesn't have any right to love someone I love." she said as she looked at me.

I said as I pointed myself in a dumb expression and made her giggle and nod while blushing. After looking at this, ZiYun also said.

" Well, it is almost the same for me, but I didn't distance myself from you, and you didn't even try to talk your problem with me even though I am your best friend. Do you know any idea on how I am worried about you these past 3 years?" she said as she tears up.

" I.. I.." she said as her voice trembles and started to tear up as well.

I pat the both of them, and they punch me on my stomach!! ' Damn! Why do they always do this!! ' I thought as I grovel and holds my stomach.

" Please stop treating us like kids! " they said as they blushes and with teary eyes.

" Ah! I get it. So, how can I comfort you two? Do I need to give you two a hug?" I asked while grinning.

" N... No need. We are calm already." They said as they wipe their tears.

" Ahhh. You two are no fun!" I said with a gloomy tone while looking down.

After that, the both of them nodded, and give me a smooch on my cheeks.

' Wha.... What's going on!!! ' I thought as my face becomes red.

"LinJian thank you. If it is not because of you, we may never be together like this anymore. So that is a present from us." said ZiYun.

" Do you like the present?" Ning'Er asked.

" Well, I quite like it." I said in a dissatisfied tone.

"Quite?" both of them glares at me.

" Ahh! I mean I am satisfied, but did you two forget that we are on the street?" I asked.

After that, they blushes and ran back home.

' Hey! I am supposed to take the both of you home, but the both of you just run away like that. *sigh. Well then, if I am not mistaken, by this time, Ning'Er bought all the Purple Haze Grass for Nie Li right, then I should hurry up." I thought then I leave the spot and head to my mansion.

Upon reaching my mansion, I start ordering my maids and underlings to buy all Purple Haze Grass available at stores in Glory City.

As they bought the Purple Haze Grass, I started to write down the usage of purple haze grass on a sheet of paper. When I asked the Great Sage about their usage, the Great Sage said that the item need to be analyzed. So I took a bite of the Purple Haze Grass, and I threw up after I swallow a little of it.

' Damn! It's bitter!' I cursed as I take water and drink it to clear my mouth and throat.


' Wtf! Then why did I eat the Purple Haze Grass for then? Why you don't tell me earlier!'



" Yes." I said as I write down all the usages, and send it after all the purple haze grass is bought, and some are left on shop near the Alchemist Association. After that, I wait for the price of the Purple Haze Grass to rise.


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