Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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At the library.

"Master Chen. We are sorry if we offended you! Please forgive us!" Du Ze started to plead for forgiveness.

" What have we ever done to you? We have never meet you, and we have just met today, and then you suddenly yelled at us and told us to follow you, so what do you want to do with us?" asked Lu Piao.

" *sigh. Shut up already will ya! I called you here not because you guys offended me or anything. It is just because a certain brat making a bet with the lecturer and coincidentally, I also made a bet with that lecturer, since she is dissing minors and nobles that can become the defender of the city." I said as I glared at Nie Li.

Nie Li could only forced a smile as I say that.

" Well, I will help you guys, but you guys must swear that you will call me big brother . If you do that, I guarantee that you guys will reach Silver Rank or even higher before the examination day." I said.

" Are you saying the truth LinJian?" asked ZiYun as her eyes shines

"En! ZiYun, before we proceed, inject your soul force in this Crystal first." I said as I give her a new crystal to measure soul power.

" En! " ZiYun said as she inject her soul force into the crystal., and as expected it is the Snow Wind Attribute and Ice Phoenix Form.

" Hmm. Okay. I have a cultivation to that is suitable for you with me, so memorize the chant." I said as I give her the chant of Elemental Phoenixes Resurrection Technique.

"Such powerful technique! LinJian is it okay for me to have this?" asked ZiYun after she tried chanting it in her heart.

"Haha. It is okay. " I said.

" If you need something, you can tell me in the future!" she said.

After hearing this, I whispered to her " I don't need anything, but I want you to be with me." after finishing this line, I blow wind in her ears and she blushes as she hit me and said "Chen LinJian you idiot!"

After that, she goes to a corner and cultivate. Nie Li and co could only stare at her as her cultivation rises tremendously.

" So, have you guys decided?" I asked.

" Alright, we agree! " Nie Li said.

I then pass the soul crystals and test their attribute, and the result is the same as the novel, so I pass the cultivation techniques and they started cultivating.

After 4 hours, all of them have broken through Bronze Rank. Ye ZiYun and Du Ze are now a 3 star Bronze Rank, The rest are at 2 star Bronze Rank, while Nie Li is a 1 star Bronze Rank.

" Thank you Big Brother LinJian" Nie Li and co said in unison, while Ye ZiYun only take a glance at me and started to pout as she thanked me.

" En. Before you guys leave, I must remind you not to show your cultivation, keep a low profile and don't cause unnecessary problem!" I warned them.

" Okay." they said in unison.

"Ah! Almost forget! Here!" I give them armbands and tell them to put it on.

"Guehh!! What is this! It is very heavy!" everyone said with a surprised tone.

" Hehe. From today onwards, you all will wear this armband to train your physique. Don't worry, the armband is waterproof and odor proof. It increases your weigh on body by 1,5 times and your arm by your body weight, and it will increase by 0,5 points everyday. You may take it off after the examination is over. Slacking off is not an option! Understand Lu Piao?" I said as I stared at him.

"*gulp. Understood Big Brother, but why are you only looking at me ?" Lu Piao asked as he swallowed his saliva.

" Hmm. I wonder if I should tell your girlfriend about you slacking when training?" I said as I smile evilly.

" No! Anything but that please! And how do you know that I have a girlfriend?" he asked.

"Hoo. So you admitted that you have a girlfriend? I thought you don't have a girlfriend yet 🤭" I said as I covered my mouth as I laughed.

" ... Big Brother is sly." Lu Piao grumbled.

" Eh? Did I hear someone say I am sly just now?" I said as I pretend I don't notice it.

" Lu Piao said it just now." Nie Li said as he pointed at Lu Piao.

" Hey Nie Li! You are breaking our brothers code! " Lu Piao said.

" Hmm? You mean my brothers code ? 🤔" I said as I looked at him. " Well, we'll stop for today, remember to cultivate if you have time, and don't cultivate at night or the excess yin chi will cause injury your body and soul realm. That's all! You all may leave!"

" Yes. Thank you for your help big brother!" they said as they leave the library and go home. I also take ZiYun back to the city lord mansion after they all left.

" LinJian. Thank you for the technique. It really helps me a lot." ZiYun said as she blushes.

'Dang! She is too damn cute when like this!' I thought as I controlled myself. "Don't sweat the small detail. It is normal for a man to do a favor for the one he likes. 😉" I said.

After I said that, she blushes even redder and when we arrive at the city lord mansion, she directly run towards her courtyard leaving me behind me. ' Damn ! She really is too damn cute! ' I thought as I look at the sky and realize it is almost dark, so I left the city lord mansion and go to the training ground.

Training ground

It is already midnight. The training ground is calm and quiet. And in the middle of the forest, there is an orange haired goddess wearing a skinny black shirt with short tight pants. Yes. the identity of the goddess is Xiao Ning'Er. She is cultivating in the middle of the night! And the yin chi started to corrode her body even though her cultivation is rising, her physique is deteriorating.

'*Sigh. It is such a pity that 3 years ago she didn't consider my word and let the douchebag elders arrange her engagement with Sacred Family. And on top of that why Sacred Family, not Divine Family?' I thought as I heaved a sigh again as I thought about her suffering these past 3 years.

" I think you should stop now." I whispered at her ears with a low voice.

Without a hesitation, she unsheated her dagger and slashed at me. I dodged, and then she uses her left hand to punch my stomach.

"Argh!" I screamed in pain as I send myself flying while holding my stomach.

After I am sent flying, Xiao Ning'Er is stunned because she doesn't notice me, and the fact that she can send someone flying, because she hasn't reached bronze rank yet and she knows the fact that the blow just now was only limited to make her enemy grovel. She becomes more vigilant as she gripped her dagger tighter.

"You have gotten stronger." I whispered at her ear again.

"Stay away from me!" she shouted as she tries slashing at me.

I caught her hand and look at her while smiling and said " Three years have passed, you have gotten stronger, and prettier, but only your bad habit of attacking someone who tried to talk to you is still there. Such a shame."

"LinJian?" she said as she starts tearing up.

I patted her head and said " I know. It is hard. You have done really well in enduring those hardships till this very day."

She started to cry and I wanted to hug her, but I drop the idea and let her calm herself.

After 20 minutes, she settled down and apologizes.

" I am sorry LinJian. I should have listened to you three years ago. " she said while sobbing.

" Calm down. That is three years ago and you are still a kid who doesn't have a clue about what I said. And besides three years ago, I couldn't do anything yet. But now, you don't need to worry as I will take you away from Shen Fei." I said.

Hearing this, she blushes and said " Wh.. what are you saying all of sudden?"

"Hmm? So you do prefer Shen Fei to me ?" I said in dishearten tone, which made her giggle.

" Now that is the face I wanted to see." I said as I smile brightly, which made her blushes even redder.

"But, LinJian. Shen Fei is from the Sacred Family. Even though you are the first in line successor of Divine Family, It will be hard for you to make an enemy of Sacred Family." Ning'Er said anxiously.

"Hmm? Are you worried about me? You don't need to worry about me! Even the old foxes of the Sacred Family can do nothing against me." I said as I observe her body.

" Wha... What's wrong LinJian?" Ning'Er asked while using her hand to cover her body as she blushed.

" Ah. No. It is just that, I could feel that your cultivation have risen to a certain degree, but there is something wrong with your body's condition." I said, which made her face pales.

" What do you mean LinJian?" she asked as she started to tremble.

"*sigh. It hurts me to say this, but the problem in your body is your yin chi is stronger than your yang chi, and the sign of that is you have a bruise on top of your right foot, which made your body feel cold and your foot area becomes hot, and if you can withstand the pain, you can reach a certain degree in your cultivation, but after you reached that certain degree, at least, you will be bedridden for 2 whole years, and your cultivation go to waste, the worst is you will be crippled." I said as I sighed.

After I finished that line, I see her tearing up and crying again. ' Yuuji you freaking bastard! You have made a girl cried twice in a row! You are the lowest of the lowest! ' I cursed myself in my heart.

Another 20 minutes have passed and she settled down.

" I am sorry *sob" said Xiao Ning'Er as she sobbed.

" Ah. Nevermind. It isn't a problem. Besides, if anyone is told news like that about themselves, they would fall into despair, but you don't fall in despair, but instead let go of your emotion. Now you are already feeling? A little reliefed right? And if someone should apologize, then it should be me isn't it? It is because of my incompetence three years ago that made you suffered." I said.

" No. LinJian. It isn't your fault. " she said as she pondered before asking.

" LinJian. Since you know about my problem, do you have a solution for me?"

'What a strong willed girl! *sigh. Such a shame that she is engaged with Shen Fei! I will definitely make Shen Fei pay for making her suffering this much!' I thought.

" Yes. I do have a solution. It can be cured with a Dao Yin Technique on your bruised area. I will write it and tell your father to cure you using this technique. I also will write the medicinal herb that you need to brew and drink for a month to recover quickly." I said.

" Um. LinJian. Do you know this Dao Yin Technique?" Xiao Ning'Er asked.

"Of course I know. That is why I write it down, so your father can use it on you.😒"

"Could you please do it on me? I don't want to let my family members know it." she said.

I then fell in daze because of her words.

"LinJian. You okay?" she asked with a confused face.

"Ah! Yes! Ahem! Are you sure you want me to do this? There will be skin contact on the bruised area, which will be inappropriate." I said as I regain my composure.

"Ye.. Yes" she said as she blushes.

" Alright then." I said as I focus my soul force on my index finger and middle finger, and black gold flame started to glow. I stretched my hand and massages on her bruise. And she started to quiver. ' Damn! Stop moving and make such a face! '

After 5 minute of torturous event from Ning'Er squirmings, I finally finished massaging her bruise on her leg.

"Phew. Finally done!" I said.

"Umm. LinJian.." she called me as her face blushes more.

"Hmm?" I made a short humming sound.

" Actually there is another spot. " Ning'Er said.

' F*ck! I have totally forgotten that she has another bruise! ' I thought.

" Umm, where is the bruise? " I asked as I sweated because I even though Ning'Er is a child, but her figure is well proportioned that can even stun adult.

After I asked the question, she blushed harder and It is getting harder to control my hand.

" It's right here." she said as she blushes and pointed at precisely the point at the manga, which is below her ribs, above her left slender waist.

I could only swallow saliva at her figure "Ning'Er. I don't think we should continue. I am already tired, so how about you coming to my mansion tomorrow after the school?" I asked.

" I can't hold it anymore. Please do it today. " she pleaded while she blushed.

" *sigh. Okay." I said .

After I said that, she started to unbutton her shirt, and hang it on her arm, and when I see her bruise, blood gushes to my head. 'Shen Fei! I swear I will not make you die quickly when I catch you! Just you wait!' I thought and I use the Dao Yin Technique on the spot with full power to break down the yin chi, and with Great Sage help, I also used a Healing Technique to make the pain less stronger.

Xiao Ning'Er groaned in pain, and I tell her to hold it, because after this, the bruise on her spot will disappear, and she nodded while she blushed.

After 10 minutes, her bruise dissipates and she lie down on the ground weakly and then she thanked me.

" Ning'Er. Remember. After this, swear to me that you won't cultivate at night anymore."


" Now, since you are tired already because of the last Dao Yin Technique, do you want me to take you home?" I asked her.

"N..No need. I can walk back." she said as she tried standing up, but when she is on her feet, she suddenly fell, and I catch her.

"Don't push yourself. Just focus on recovering and leave everything to me." I said as she falls asleep on my arms. After that, I head back to my mansion and put Ning'Er on my bed, and I sleep on the floor.

Tomorrow morning.

"*Yawn! *sigh-of-relief! How long has it been since the last time I have a good sleep?" Xiao Ning'Er said.

"Hmm? Probably 3 years ago?" I said while whispering at her ear.

"Kyaa!!" Ning'Er wailed as she tried using her elbow to hit my stomach.

" Hehehe. Not this time." I said as I used my palm to defend against her elbow.

" LinJian? How come you are inside my room?" she asked.

"Did you forget about what happened yesterday? And this is not your room, but my room in my private mansion." I said.

After I asked this question, she blushed and said. " Thank you for curing my wounds LinJian. If you need anything in the future, do tell me, even though I don't think I can help you with anything."

" Well, there is one thing." I said.

" What is it?" Ning'Er asked.

" Be by my side forever! " I said.

After that line, she blushed and give me a smooch before saying " Okay. "

' Damn! Why do you need to kiss me all of the sudden!' I thought as I touched my cheeks and feels my face becoming red.

" Ah! It is almost time for school! " she said as she panicked.

" No worries. Enjoy your meal before going to school, and don't forget to take a bath first. You are smelly." I said as I tease her, which resulted me getting pinched.

"Aww! Aww! Stop! Okay! I will stop teasing you, so let me go!" I screamed.

She then released me and giggle, then blushes before she go and take a bath for 10 minutes, and then when she is going to change her cloth, I am watching as I sit on my bed, and she notices me.

"Wha. What are you doing you idiot!" she said as she threw a towel to me while blushing.

" Why? So are you going against your word already. It hasn't been a day yet." I said while teasing her.

" Well, not all the time I will be by your side, so will you please give me a little privacy?" she said as she blushed even redder.

" *sigh. Okay." I said as I left the room.

" *sigh. Why does he obeys me and leaves just like that?" she said as she sighed and blushes.

" So you really want me to always observe you?" I whispered behind her.

" Wha.? How come you are still here? Didn't you leave just now?" she said in surprise.

" Hmm? That is my double." I said.

" Then please leave, and let me get dressed please." she said while blushing.

" Didn't you just say you don't want me to leave?" I asked.

" Ah geez! Please get out, so I can go to school already!" she shouted.

" Aha! Alright! I will wait you at the dining room. Do you know where it is?" I asked.

" I don't know, so please wait outside." she said.

" En! Okay. hurry up or the food will get cold."

" En! " she said as she nodded.

After a few moments, she finished , and I take her to the dining room, and I let her sit first, and I take out two piping hot omurice. When I took out the omurice, she only glances at it, but when she asked me what this dish is, I tell her that this is an omurice which is sold at Divine Restaurant. I asked whether she had gone there before, she replied by saying she is focusing on cultivating in these past 3 years, so she has never gone there. I could only feel sorry for her, and after that, we eat and finish our breakfast.

Before going to school, I pass Ning'Er her cultivation technique and I give her the special armband and tell her to use it like I used to say to Nie Li and co.

After that, I leave with Ning'Er to school and then leave after she is inside her classroom.

As I am going to leave the school, I realized that today is the day where Shen Xiu will teach about inscriptions, and attended by Lord Ye Shuo and Vice Principal Ye Sheng, so I directly go to the library and borrowed the Book of Divine Lightning Fire.

" Eh? LinJian, what are you doing here?" a sweet voice reverbrates near my ear.

"Hmm? I am borrowing a book of course." I said as I looked to the voice's direction and realizes a pink haired girl with splendid figure. 'Hmm.. Looks like I hit an unexpected event. This girl must be HuYan LanRuo, the first-in-line for the HuYan Family.'

" Eh? Since when you are interested in reading books?" she asked in confused tone.

" Since 3 years ago I guess. I am really interested in ancient languages book and have been trying to decipher the meaning of the words." I said.

"Ah, LanRuo. Do you have time tomorrow? I want to go to an expedition four days later, care to join me ?" I asked.

" Hmm? Why would I join you?" she asked while pouting, which added her charming point.

" Maybe you will find the one you are attracted to beside Ye Han." I said while teasing her, which resulted me getting a chop on my head from her.

" That was damn long ago! Don't bring that up again!" she said as she shows a smile which is also not a smile.

"Ouch! I am joking! So, how do you think about it? You want to join?" I asked.

" Well, if you insist ... "

" I insist! " I said without waiting letting her continuing her word.

" O.. Okay." she answers as she is surprised by me insisting her to join.

" Well then, can I ask you to help me recruit people for this expedition?" I asked.

" Leave it to me !" she answers directly.

" Thank you, and tell them to come to the library two days later in the morning." I said as I reminded her.

After that, we part ways and I go to the classroom's front and meet Covert Unit Leader Ye Shuo , Vice Principal Ye Sheng and Vice Instructor Lu Ye.

" What are you doing here! Shouldn't you be in your class! " scolded Lu Ye.

"Ah! Vice instructor. I am sorry, but the lessons at Genius Class is quite boring, so I come here to watch my brother's class." I said.

"You! How dare... "

" Lu Ye! Stop there!" Ye Sheng scolded Lu Ye.

" Bu.. But! "

" No buts! Young Master LinJian is a genius class student, and there is nothing that can be taught to the Young Master anymore, so stop scolding the Young master." said Ye Sheng in a calm tone.

" Thank you Vice Principal." I said as I cupped my hands.

" Don't sweat the small matters." Ye Sheng said.

" Respected elders, do enter first." I said as I looked at Ye Shou, and he nodded.

In the classroom, Shen Xiu is teaching about inscriptions, and when I enter, and she notices she starts to cause trouble.

" Hmm? Young Master Chen? Why are you here? Shouldn't you be attending your class? Are you skipping class?" asked Shen Xiu in a provocative and ridiculing tone.

" Haha. Lecturer Shen Xiu! Today, I am not attending my class because I don't learn anything from lecturer today, so I take this chance to attend your class and study something new." I answered her back in a ridiculing tone.

" Ahaha! Well, I do hope that you don't come here to sleep when I am teaching." Shen Xiu said in ridiculing tone.

" No. I will not sleep here and I will listen to your lesson." I said as I grinned.

After that, she start to teach and tell us about Inscriptioned weapon and armors, their uses and grades, and when she tell us about battle scroll inscription, as I thought, she uses the Scarlet SunBurst pattern.

"*sigh!" I sighed a loudly as I opened the Book of Divine Lightning Fire and found the Lightning Flame Burst pattern.

Everyone is looking at me, including Ye Shuo, Ye Sheng, and Lu Ye.

" What's wrong Young Master Chen?" asked Shen Xiu.

"You Sacred Family members are really the lowest of the lowest!" I said in a cold tone towards her. Everyone gives me a shocked expression as I stated that.

" How dare you defame my Sacred Family!" she shouted as she clenched her fist.

" Hmm? Why wouldn't I dare!" I snorted in disdain. " Your so called Scarlet SunBurst pattern is just a crappy pattern! It is hardly a bronze rank, yet you explain this to the students? Are you really a lecturer?"

" Huh? What nonsense are you spouting? Not a bronze rank? It is a bronze rank pattern!" she said.

" Hmm, but I think the Divine Restaurant is using this pattern to keep their food warm." I said, which made everyone laugh.

"You.." she said as she clenched her fist.

" What? Let me tell you something! That Scarlet SunBurst pattern is a copy of The Lightning Flame Burst pattern from the book of Divine Lightning Fire I have here. Your Sacred Family first generation used this book and cut down the lightning part and made this nondescript Scarlet SunBurst pattern." I said in a cold tone.

" You !!! " she screamed at me as her face gets red because of shame and anger.

" Hmph. I have lost interest in your lessons. At the beginning, I do have big hope since it is you the one teaching, but looks like I am wrong. I am leaving." I said as I leave without caring her.

She stayed calm and move on with the lesson, while saying that I am spouting nonsense, but Ye Shuo, Ye Sheng and Lu Ye started to shook their head, sigh and look down on her, since the inscription pattern she draws matches with the pattern drawn in the book, but with some patterns that have been stripped down.


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