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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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20 BE

2 hours have passed since the banquet is over, the night is calm, but inside the restaurant, I stayed vigilant and keep scanning my surrounding.

'Heh. As I expected, they really made a move tonight!' I grinned as I sensed the presences of 10 Silver Rank experts and 3 Gold Rank experts. ' Now then, how should I do these guys?' I thought as I smiled evilly.

Outside the restaurant.

" So the orders are to demolish this building?" asked a gold rank expert.

" Yes. Elder Shen Ming told us to teach this Divine Restaurant's people a lesson for trying to harass our member in front of public." replied the other Gold Rank.

"How should we demolish this building?' asked another Gold Rank expert.

" It is impossible right? " I said as I copied the gold rank expert voice.

" Why is it impossible to demolish?" Asked the Gold Rank expert.

" *chuckle. Because the two Gold Rank experts and the Silver Rank experts are immobilized by me already of course. " I said while grinning at the Gold Rank expert.

"Wha! When did you?" asked the Gold Rank expert as he merged with his Obsidian Turtle demon spirit.

" Hee. An Obsidian Turtle eh? That is a pretty rare demon spirit here, but!" I said as I clenched my fist and punched the shell. I punched through the shell and hit his main body, which resulted in him vomitting blood.

" Gah! Impossible! How can it break easily!" the Gold Rank expert said as he lie down weakly on the ground.

" Haha! Nothing is impossible! I knows the weak spot of the Obsidian Turtle because I have slain a lot of it before !" I said.

After that, The Gold Rank expert in front of me suddenly wailed in pain as fire ignited from his abdomen and thoroughly burn his body to ashes. The 10 Silver Rank experts and 2 Gold Rank experts died the same way as the first Gold Rank expert, leaving only ashes behind.

' Soul Shackle Technique? No. Maybe this is a secret technique they activated if they failed their mission. These guys are really cunning! I thought as I scanned the surrounding. And I found a string shaped soul force, coming from Sacred Family's mansion. It is connected to these experts. Luckily I disguised myself, so my identity doesn't get leaked. After that, I go back to the restaurant and patrol till morning.

The next morning, to my surprise, there are papers on the wall, and the content is a subjugation request of a murderer. His face is the face I use last night. The danger level is Gold Rank, and the reward for subjugation is ... Well whatever! I don't care, but when I look at the one who write this subjugation request, I couldn't help but snort in disdain. The one who request this is the Sacred Family.

'Hmph! "Well, as expected!" is the things I should have thought, but for some reason, I get pissed off easily because of this bastards. Just look after the banquet after the Demon Beast Horde, I will massacre you all!' I thought inwardly while grinning maniacally and go to the City Lord Mansion to fetch ZiYun.

At Ye ZiYun's yard.

'Hmm. ZiYun has grown up! Last time I see her, she is just a kid, now she has become a beauty!' I thought as I sneak behind her.

" Morning goddess." I said as I blew air into her ears.

" Kyaa!" she screamed as she punches my abdomen. AGAIN ON THE SAME SPOT!!

"Three years have passed, yet you strike at the same spot like the last time " I said as I made a pained face.

"Hmph! Three years have passed, yet your bad habit haven't changed either!" pouted ZiYun.

I smiled as I pat her head and said "I am back! Let's go to Holy Orchid Institute now shall we ?"

"En." she nodded as she followed me.

We take a stroll in the town and chatted for a while. I look at the surrounding, and everything is almost the same as before, but only the buildings is the same. The situation and aura however is not good. That is because every poor family here are being oppressed by the Sacred Family, so the mood is kinda gloomy.

After strolling for half an hour, we finally arrived at the Holy Orchid Institute. The place is crowded with students, who are happily running around and playing, without a care in the world. I then 'escort' Ye ZiYun to her class and when I look inside the class, everyone is talking and making a ruckus. I look at the table on top and realized a young man with orange hair and clothings. He is sleeping and don't care what others do. Hmm. He must be Nie Li. I thought as I try to match his attire to the manga, and his outfit is exactly the same. Xiao Ning'Er is also there, but she becomes cold and gloomy. I can only sigh as I feel sad because of her changes from a kind and cheerful girl to the ice princess.

I waited outside the classroom to make sure that Nie Li is reborn, and I waited. After twenty minutes, the lecturer arrives, and I instantly feel my stomach ache. The lecturer is the insufferable bitch Shen Xiu. Even though I know the plot, I really don't want Shen Xiu to teach them. Oh well, whatever.

As she passes me, she started to spout nonsense.

"What are you doing here Chen LinJian?" asked Shen Xiu in a provocative tone.

"What I am doing here is none of your business, so scram!" I said as I glare at me.

"Hoo! So you being the first in line successor, made you think you can act like an important figure eh?" she continued to provoke me.

"Well! I am an important figure, but at least I have never oppress neither minors nor nobles family like your Sacred Family! Keep looking down on those minors and nobles family, I guarantee that you all will be sorry! And if your family ever tried to make things hard for Winged Dragon Family and Heavenly Mark Family, then mark my words! I will personally crush your family!" I threatened her with angry tone.

"Hmph! You sure like to talk big! You? A brat who still reeks of milk dares to challenge my Sacred Family?" she provoked without any trace of fear.

I then release an peak Silver Rank expert aura to scare her, and her face becomes pale and I suppress my aura.

" Now stop spouting nonsense, and don't waste my time anymore, so get in and start teaching!" I said as I give her a cold look.

"Cheh!" she snorted as she enters the room.

And so, the 'study' started. I keep looking at Nie Li, and when Shen Xiu merged with her Scarlet Flaming Fox, I then focus on Nie Li and as I thought he opens his eyes, but what's strange is he don't tear up as he looks at his surrounding, and he even yawns when he wakes up!

'Wtf? Why isn't this going according to the manga?' I thought as I stared in disbelief.

As Shen Xiu spoke, I could only hold my head and scratches it as Nie Li don't say the line he should say, but just stares at her, which made my head heavy.

'Could this mean I am reborn at a timeline where Nie Li isn't reborn ! Then what should I do about the preparations I did 3 years ago?' I could only sigh as finally the climax where Shen Xiu started to belittle the minors and nobles, blood gushes to my head, but Nie Li stood up and reprimand Shen Xiu, made a bet, and get punished with his gangs after he made the bet with Shen Xiu.

'Hmm. I could only do my best and lead them so that bitch won't stay in the institute!' I thought as I silently left the apprentince class and go to the library for work, as for the restaurant, I hired 2 chefs, which I monitor using my shadow, and they are quite docile than the last cook. And they are also obedient, as they don't try to ruin the recipe by adding their 'knowledge' and 'experience' like the last chef.

I started to discuss with the Great Sage what kind of techniques are suitable for Nie Li and his gangs, Zi Yun , Ning'Er, and also LanRuo, considering she is my childhood friend.

Finally, the results are :

• Ye ZiYun - Snow-Wind Attribute, Ice Phoenix Form - Elemental Phoenixes Resurrection Technique.

• Xiao Ning'Er - Wind-Lightning Attribute, Lightning Dragon Form - Supreme Thunderstorm Dragon Technique

• Nie Li - Attributeless, Scattered Form - The Heavenly War God Technique ( The Super Cultivation Technique combined from The Heavenly God Technique and War God Technique, which needs a lot of combination and revision from Great Sage and myself.)

• Lu Piao - Chaos Attribute, Scarlet Sun Form - Chaos Deity Technique (At first, I want to give him the Chaos God Technique, but after considering his personality, better not!)

• Du Ze - Lightning-Fire Attribute, Heavenly Thundercloud Form - Sacred Thunderblade Technique

• Zhu Xiang Zun - Holy-Fire Attribute, Flame Winged Serpent Form - Eight-headed Serpent Deity Technique.

• Wei Nan - Holy-Wind Attribute, Wind Deity Form - Supreme Wind Technique

• Zhang Ming - Holy-Light Attribute, Divine LightCloud Form - Healing Light Technique

So, I finish thinking of their cultivation technique, and it is almost time for their class to end, so I leave the library after I pack all my stuff's and head to Fighter Apprentice class. As I left the classroom, I meet Shen Xiu.

"Well, lecturer Shen Xiu. That just now is a spectacular 'lessons'. " I said in a provocative tone as I clapped my hand.

" Hm. Thank you for your compliment." she said nonchalantly.

" But still, a teacher accepting an impossible bet, where she will win. Do you even have any honour? " I asked.

" Says the person who threatened a woman." she said with ridiculing tone.

" Hmm? You are a woman? " I asked as I tried holding my laughter.

" What's funny? " she asked.

" Ahhahahaha! You are still a woman? I doubt that in the future you will even be able to marry someone else with that attitude of yours and become someone's lady. " I said as I laughed, which made her face red from embarrassment.

" Kuh! " she clenched her fist as she thought of an idea. " Hmm. Then should we make a bet like that brat did ?"

" Hoo? What kind of bet? " I asked.

" Hmph! Last time you are a bronze rank, and now you are a peak Silver Ranked right? " asked Shen Xiu.

" So, what does that have to do with the bet? " I asked.

" You train those brats, and if they reach bronze rank before the examination day, I will do what you want me to do, while if I win, you too should do what I want you to do. " she said in a cold tone.

" Hmm? Are you sure about that ?' I asked.

" Hmph! I am serious. I never tell lie. " Shen Xiu said.

" Hmm, so should we say what we want the other party to do if they lose?" I asked.

" Well, I think we should. So starting from you then Chen LinJian. " Shen Xiu said in evil tone.

"Hmm. If I win.... I want you to quit the Sacred Family and become mine? " I said while grinning evilly.

" Wha! Hmph! Then if I win, you will strip and run across the city while saying that you are my pet, and then quit the position as first-in-line successor and be my slave. " Shen Xiu said as she smiled evilly.

" Wha!! Isn't your bet is a bit overbearing Teacher Shen?" I said as I forced a smile.

" Hmm? So Young Master Chen doesn't dare to do this bet? " she asked.

" Hmph! Then let's legalize the bet on a blood contract! " I said in a serious and angry

" Blood Contract? What is that thing? " Shen Xiu asked.

" Just wait! " I said as I took out a paper and write the bet condition and punishment.

" Blood contract is a secret technique that bind the one who applied their blood here. When one wins the bet, the loser's soul will be invaded and they will do according to the bet." as I finishes my word, I show her the contract and she makes sure that the content is not being rigged.

" Now, for the finishing touch. " I said as I took out a needle and used it to poke my index finger and blood bead formed on the poked part, and I pressed it on the blood contract, leaving a blood seal.

" Now, it is your turn teacher Shen. " I said as I passed the needle to her.

She then started to flinch.

" Eh? Teacher Shen is afraid to sign the contract of the bet that she proposed! " I said as I ridiculed her in front of public again.

" Shut it! " Shen Xiu shouted as she took my needle and poke her index finger and leave blood seal on the contract. After that, the contract glow brightly and burn to ashes.

"Okay. The contract is done. Don't regret in the future okay honey!" I said when I stared at her.

"Say that after you win!" she said as she leaves.

After she left, I go inside the class and shouted.

" Nie Li! Lu Piao! Du Ze! Wei Nan! Zhu Xiang Zun! Zhang Ming! Come here!"

" What happened? Did they provoke Master Chen?" the class started to make a fuss.

" LinJian? Why are you calling them?" asked ZiYun.

" Hmm~? Ah ZiYun! Don't mind me. I am going to personally train them, and kick Shen Xiu out of this Institute. She is not a lecturer, but a scoundrel!" I said as I looked and whispered to her.

" Ah! Okay then!' said ZiYun.

" Oh! ZiYun wait a second! Follow me for a second." I said.

" HEY YOU GUYS ! COME DOWN AND FOLLOW ME TOO!" I shouted and they started to line behind me and follow me to the library.


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