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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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' Hah.. How can I revive the restaurant? ' I thought inwardly. I keep on thinking as the janitor and the waitresses keep cleaning the restaurant. After thinking, I made a slogan and write down ' DIVINE RESTAURANT CHALLENGE : DON'T BE SATISFIED. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH OUR FOOD, THE FOOD YOU EAT WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE. ' I also added ' SACRED FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT AS A RESULT OF SENDING THUGS TO RUIN THE RESTAURANT.' I hang the slogan outside and in the afternoon, there are many people starting to form a line of queue to challenge. They ordered lots of dishes, and I cooked the dishes they order. When the food is served, they are caught by surprise, since the foods are different from how it was usually. Be it the look, or smell, it is completely on different level than the one served before. When they take a bite, they started to moan in satisfaction. Even the mouth of the janitor who is a 'cook' , started to water and swallowing saliva as he smells the dish's aroma. I cooked an omurice for him, and he happily accepted it and vow that he will learn how to cook and decorate foods at this level, and then become a chef. I then teach him how to make the omurice and he failed splendidly. I encourage him that this is one of the hardest dishes to cook. He nodded as he trained how to cook like me.

It is already evening, but the customers keep coming. I keep cooking and realizes that it is closing time, so I ordered the waitress to place the close sign on the door and tell them that tonight, the chef will be having a banquet, so anyone is welcome. The waitresses then gives the invitation letter to the customers and they left happily even though they haven't have a taste of my food yet.

When the last customer is served, the waitresses and janitor clean the restaurant, while I am in the kitchen trying to cook something. I visualize that I inject soul energy into the food I cook when I put the lid on, and when the kid is of, the food is glowing and the smell is enough to make someone's soul realm tremble in excitement.

I made 9 portions of this Soul Force injected food. I asked the 6 waitresses and 3 janitors to test this food. When they smell it, they started to moan in ecstasy, and when they eat it, I can feel their cultivation rise to a considerable level.

" Wow! What food is this Young Master? It really is amazing! " one of the waitress said.

" Yes. I think I made a break through to Silver Rank when I take a bite of this dish! I have been struggling to break through this bottleneck for years, but only taking a bite of this dish is enough to make me do a break through!" said the other waitress in amazement.

"Stop talking and start chewing, or else I won't cook for you guys again!" I said as veins popped on my head.

Hearing this, they stopped talking and finishes their dishes.

"So how do you all feel ?" I asked.

"How do we feel? We have never felt this great. Thank you Young Master Chen!" they say as they cupped their hands.

"Okay. Now start washing the rice. Tonight, there will be a banquet and I want you all to be fast in preparing the ingredients because of the lack of time !" I said as I started to take a huge wok.

I made a lot of rice, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, soup, vegetable, and desserts.

After 3 hours, I finished cooking and I used the Scarlet SunBurst Inscription to keep the food warm except the dessert. ' Damn. Nie Li is right. It is really suitable to cook water. ' I thought and then I ordered the waitresses and janitors to clean themselves to prepare to welcome the guests.

1 hours later, people start to come and the first floor is full of people, so I instructed the waitress to lead the other people to the second floor. I then tell the people gathered here to wait before feasting, because the City Lord has yet to come. After half an hour, the City Lord and every influential people in Glory City arrived, except the Sacred Family. I then welcome the City Lord and lead these VIPS to the third floor. And then I announce the banquet start, and the first floor and the second floor started to tremble as people become crazy as they reached for the food. Seeing these scene, I scolded them and then I tell them not to worry, since I have cooked a lot of portion, which will be used to refill the food container that is empty. After that, the crowd become docile and queue properly to take the food. After making sure everything is alright, I go to the third floor and meet with Ye Zong, Elders of Snow Wind Family, my father, Elders of Divine Family, President Gu Yan of the Alchemist Association, Vice Principal Ye Sheng , and the patriarch of the HuYan Family HuYan Xiong.

"Greetings honored guests, My name is Chen LinJian, and I hosts this banquet to celebrate my returning to Glory City."

"Hah. Do you really need to be showy? To actually made Ye Shuo clean up your mess just as you returned" Ye Zong sighed.

" Haha. Well it is the guards' fault for slacking, and also this morning, you probably heard some mysterious man froze thugs of Sacred Family right?" I asked " These guys are truly daring! To actually act like bigshot and used all the restaurant's available table and refuses to leave when asked, and threaten the waitresses and janitors here. Luckily I got here and noticed this. If not, maybe Divine Restaurant will run out of business right? Now then, father how are you going to explain this?" I said as I give Chen ZhengLong a smile, which also not a smile.

" *cough. Jian'er, father is very busy these past 3 years. You know too right! Your shadow monitors me everytime and it is really disturbing! I can't even focus on doing my jobs! And the waitresses there didn't even report to me! " the patriarch answered while being panic.

" *sigh. Well, let bygones be bygones. Besides, the real purpose of this banquet is to show the result of my journey, so here it is." I said as I tossed an interspatial ring on the table, and I show everyone what is inside of the bag.

"First is an Alchemist expert's journals. The language is of ancient language, but I only decipher a little. If I have time, I would help deciphering it. I will gift it to the Alchemist Association." I said as I gifted the journals to President Gu Yan.

" Thank you Young master Chen. " Gu Yan said as he received the journals.

"Next is a manual for weapon forging. This manual teaches you how to make a sturdy weapon. When I stroll in town this morning, I realize the swords are of low quality while the inscription is that of a high level. The result is before the weapon can use the inscription effect, it will break because of the burden. So, I believe the manual will be useful to HuYan Family, so please receive my gift Lord HuYan." I said as I passed the manual to HuYan Xiong.

"En. Thank you." HuYan Xiong said as he nodded.

" And the last is I found an ancient writing books. From the picture, I believe that it have defense capabilities, but I cannot decipher it yet, so City Lord. I believe one day, this book will be useful to you, in order to increase this city defenses." I said as I give the books to Ye Zong.

" Hmm. It really is a shame that the books you brought home is in ancient language, but good job out there !" Ye Zong said as he heaved a sigh.

" And for the closing event, I have prepared several dishes I cooked in a special way. Have a taste!" I said as I presented a ball shaped meats, making a course.

"What is this? It doesn't look like the ordinary food down there ?" Chen ZhengLong said

Everyone started to fuss as I watches them, I then ask them to smell the foods before eating them according with the order of food..

"What a smell! It made my soul realm trembling! I can feel rich Soul Energy emanating from this ball." said Ye Zong.

Everyone looks at each other before eating them and started to groan and moan in ecstasy as they finishes the courses.

" What is this thing? It is delicious, and powerful. I am going to break through!"

I looked at them and grinned. I cupped my hands and said " Congratulations everyone on making a breaking through in their cultivation."

"Hmm. what kind of herbs did you use to make this dish? It really is superb!" said Gu Yan with astonishment.

"Well, it is not because of herbs, but a technique unique to me only, so this food is a secret and also hard to get dish." I said as I forced a smile.

"Hmm. Maybe young master Chen learnt how to make it when travelling?" asked Vice Principal Ye Sheng.

" Haha. No way! I learnt it by myself here just now in the morning, so it is kinda hard to explain to others. " I said to vice principal.

" Ah I see! It really is a shame, but thanks to young master's cooking, I manage to break through to Black Gold Rank !" said Ye Sheng.

"Ah. Before everyone leaves, I wanted all of us here keep this as secret. And we shouldn't carelessly reveal our cultivation, so it is better to stay secluded." I said with a serious tone and everyone nodded at me.

The banquet is over, and everyone went home already. Only me, my father, Ye Zong and Snow Wind Family Elders are still here.

" Milord. I have an important request for you in order to corner cancers inside your city." I said as I looked at him and Ye Shuo.

Ye Zong takes a glance at the elders and the elders left, leaving only me, Ye Shuo, and Ye Zong.

"Speak Up!" Ye Zong said.

"Yes! I will hold an expedition to an ancient ruin in following days, so I hope Lord Ye Shuo can follow me and monitor a certain child." I said as I look at Ye Shuo. He is there standing while smiling. Looks like he is happy that he finally have a chance to do a serious spying.

Ye Song looks at Ye Shuo and Ye Shuo said. "Don't worry City Lord! I will definitely do my best and succeed this mission!" he said as he kneeled in front of city lord

" Lord Ye Shuo. I just want you to stand by and spy on a child and don't be noticed or else this mission will be a failure!" I said .

"You can count on this Lord here." Ye Shuo said proudly.

" Ah yes. Tomorrow is the Orchid Institute's starting of new semester right? May I deliver ZiYun to school City Lord?" I said as I looked at him and notices him glaring at me. 'Seriously this doting father!' I thought.

"Did you just thought of me as a doting father ?" he asked.

"No! How would I dare Milord!" I said as I started to sweat like a pig.

"Well then, tomorrow I will tell my guard to let you pass if you want to enter, just identify yourself to the guard. It is late now, so go I am leaving now." said Ye Zong.

"Yes! See you tomorrow Milord!" I said as I bowed and see Ye Zong out.

I also see my father out and bid farewell. After that, I clean the restaurant with the waitresses and the janitors. After the restaurant is clean, the waitresses and janitors go back to their home, while I stays at the restaurant because I have a bad premonition that something will happen to this restaurant tonight!


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