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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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3 years have passed since I left Glory City. In these 3 years, I have traveled to the Infinite forest, Red Blood Marshland, Crystal Clear Lake, Endless Dessert, Ice Continent, Thundering Land, and Ancient ruins on the path to each places mentioned above. I don't have a lot of fortutious encounters, but I managed to reach Peak Legend Rank in 3 years. The Demon Beasts I face are a lot more sinister than in Glory City. Not to mention that I always met packs of Demon Beasts. Starting from a pack of ordinary wolves to some unidentified demon beasts at first glance. The unidentified demon beasts are the most dangerous, not because Glory City doesn't have any information about them, but they unlocked their spiritual wisdom already, and they used every trick to get their prey off guard. I learned from experience, so everytime I meet a 'corpse' of a demon beast, I will directly use either Ira or Invidia to burn them or freeze them and harvest their demon spirits. Well, in these 3 years, I have good hauls of materials, demon spirits, herbs, cultivation techniques (revised of course), alchemic journals and weapons.

I stood at a valley near the Glory City, and looks at Glory City. 'Hah. 3 years have passed, but Glory City is still standing there and unchanged!' I thought inwardly. I then look at the guards. They are pretty much slacking off. They must be newbies. Well, I have a chance to bully someone! Ever since I left Glory City, I hadn't found anyone to bully, so... I leaped down and dashed toward the gate.

'Hmm Looks like they haven't noticed me !' I thought and I listen to their conversations. Well, what they talked about is how boring it is to be guarding here all day. I cannot agree more, but it is your duty, so do your best!

"Well then, if you are that bored, wanna play tag with this little brother ?" I whispered at one of the guards and pushed him lightly, resulting him falling down and screaming.

"Who are you! How dare you do this to a guard!" a guard shouted.

"Eh? But just now you are saying how bored you are." I said as I irritated them.

"Hmph. Kneel and beg for forgiveness! Maybe we will only leave a scratch if you do as we tell you." the guard shouted and pointed his spear toward me.

" Why the hell would I kneel to someone weaker than me? And I do this so you guys don't slack off!" I said.

" Hmph! Then don't blame us for being impolite then!" the guards said as they charged at me together.

" What? Aren't you guys too weak to become guards here?" I said as I swing my hands and the wind pressure blow them away like a leave blown by wind.

" Gah! Too strong! Go and ask for reinforcement! Tell them we have intruders!" one of the guards shouted.

" Hahaha! Well, even if you call the mightiest Black Gold Rank to stop me, it will be useless. And I don't have any ill intent on this City" I said as I grin. " Lord Ye Shuo. Maybe you can make them believe what I said just now. " I added as I looked at a tower.

"*chuckle. Well, you really are a bully LinJian." a figure stepped out from the shadow and greeted me. I also greeted him back.

"What? LinJian? Young Master Chen?" asked one of the guards as he started to tremble. "We are sorry for being arrogant! Please spare us !" the guard added as he kneels before me.

I grinned and looked at Ye Shuo. Noticing my gaze, Ye Shuo said in a solemn tone " You are fired!"

"No! Please give me a chance Lord Ye Shuo! I, no. We promise that we won't slack off again." the guard pleaded.

" Okay, but this is your last chance." I said as I leave. Ye Shou also followed me.

On the way, I asked Ye Shuo.

" Lord Ye Shuo. Is there any movements from the Dark Guild when I am gone?"

"No. The Dark Guild is really cunning, so it is hard to catch them red handed. The people from Star Restaurant also don't make any suspicious movement." Ye Shou replied.

"Oh. I see." I said. " Ah, yes. Please inform to the City Lord that I have returned and I am going to do a banquet at the Divine Restaurant. So please tell the City Lord to attend with elders of Snow Wind family because I have informations and treasure to share." I added.

"Alright. I will inform the patriarch and the other elders." said Ye Shuo

After accepting the invitation, Ye Shou leaves to inform the City Lord.

After Ye Shou left, I used my aura mimicry inscription, visual bending and voice controlling technique, and then I walk through the city and go to Divine Restaurant. When I arrive, to my surprise, the situation is not like what I imagined! The restaurant's front is empty! I then walked inside the restaurant and I instantly understand why the restaurant is empty. The insides are full of thugs ( Sacred Family of course duh!). The waitresses are unable to do anything in front of these thugs.

"Ah. Sorry the restaurant is full." said one of the thugs.

"Hmm.. I see, but I see an empty space there." I pointed at the thug's head as I grinned.

" Hey. Do you know who I am ?" asked the thug with irritated tone.

" Hmm. Ah. I know ! You are a sunnuva bitch!" I said as I provoked him.

"That's it! I am going to freakin' kill you!" the thug said as he brandishes his sword to me.

The waitresses are getting anxious as they see a stranger provoking the Major Family member without any fear, and now that stranger is going to be killed by them.

As the sword comes into contact with my body, the sword shattered because it is not a match for my peak Legend Rank body, and I also used a special armor which is transparent, so the sword is like a twig that is used to hit a steel.

"Whaa! How is this possible! That sword is Gold Rank Inscriptioned weapon which costs a million demon spirit coins! How dare you!" he said as his eyes become bloodshot.

"You are the one who swing that sword towards me. I also didn't hit it, so it is your fault!" I said as I heaved a sigh.

" Shut Up! I will definitely kill you!" he said as he tried to merge with his Crimson Nether Bear, but before he finished merging with his demon beasts, I opened the door and kick him outside. The other thugs are surprised and tried to attack me at the same time. But I kicked them all outside the restaurant too, and I go outside the restaurant.

"Darn! How dare you do this to us!" shouted the first thug I kicked as he merged with his Crimson Nether Bear.

"Well, why the hell wouldn't I dare to do this to you guys? Who the hell are you guys anyways?" I sneered at them.

" Grrr! Remember this. We are from the Sacred Family! You attacking us is being disrespectful toward our supreme family!" the first thug said. " Now that you know our identity, it isn't too late yet to kneel and beg for mercy. If you do so, maybe you will leave with some scars if lucky, the worse is maybe you will be crippled." He added as he laughed.

"What? A supreme family? Aren't you lowlifes actually getting carried away?" I snorted as I used Invidia to freeze them all.

'Hmm. Looks like my Shadow isn't patrolling here. I cannot blame him since I only ask him to monitor this area when being constructed. And after it is done, it only does what I told him.' I sighed as I see this scums that have become ice sculptures.

I call the patrol and asked them to detain these guys, but they wanted to detain me instead. I then smacked the one that tried to detain me which made the passer-bys stare at me with disbelief.

"How dare you!" said one of the guards.

"Hah. Just Leave me alone already. Ever since I came here, there has been nothing but troubles!" I heaved a sigh and then I go near the guard and bribe him.

At first he wanted to refuse, but when he check the content, he snorted and said "Hmph! Since you are new here, I will just say this. Next time, make sure you don't just beat the hell out of someone and freezes them on the road! You are free to go!" After that, he left with his group.

' Hey you guys forget the thugs ' is what I wanted to say, but after I saw they left quickly, I thought I will report this later.

I entered the restaurant again and the waitress welcomed me and thanked me.

" Welcome sir to the Divine Restaurant. We are sorry for the inconveniences that sir have to go through. And we also wanted to say thank you for driving away those thugs." said the waitress.

"En, I understand how the both of you feel, serving those bastards! By the way, how long have they been here like this?" I asked

"Mmm.. They have been here since the opening, but the first time only some of them came and dare not to cause trouble, and as time passes, their number increases and they act like that for almost 2 years." they said as they sighed.

"Hah. How are the higher-ups managing this restaurant? Well then, I wanted to order all of the food here." I said which made the waitresses looks at me and asked whether I am serious or not. And I tell them that I will finish all the dish I ordered.

After 20 minutes, the foods are served. I ate all the foods and the waitress only stare at me as though they are looking at a real glutton. The food I ate tastes like sh*t if I may say.

'WTF? How come the taste is like this?'

"Umm, may I see the cook who is responsible for the food?" I asked

After a few moment, the cook comes out. His appearance is like a 30 years old man. His outfit is a mess and he looks arrogant.

"Mm. are you the one who cook these?" I asked.

"Indeed I am the one who cook those foods. Is there any problem." asked the chef.

"Why does it tastes like this?" I asked.

"Why you ask? Then how should I answer you? This is normal right?" asked the cook.

"Hah. Then you follow me." I said as I heave a sigh and go to the kitchen.

"Wait! Only the cook may enter here!" the cook said as he tried to stop me.

I don't show any interest to the Cook's word as I entered the kitchen.

'WTF!! Is this a kitchen or an animal's den?' I thought as I looked at the trashes around the kitchen and sighed again.

"Hey! You are a cook right? I will ask you a question. Do you think this kitchen's condition is so good that you dare to prepare food for the customers ?" I started to reprimand him.

" I .. " he wanted to speak as I stopped him I told him.

" Get the hell out of here. Pack your things and don't show your face here ever again." I said with cold tone.

" What? Who the hell are you? How dare you trying to kick me out like this! Don't you know whose Restaurant is this?" the cook shouted as his veins shown in his head.

I then cancel my aura mimicry, visual bending and sound controlling, which made the waitress gasped, kneeled and said.

"Young Master!"

"Wha ? Young Master?" said the cook with disbelief.

" Get the hell out! Now! Don't make me use force!" I shouted at the cook.

" But Young Master. This is how I make money for living. How else could I live besides cooking?" the cook asked.

" Cooking? You dare to say cooking after this mess? Okay! I will let you work here, but starting from now, you will become the janitor here! If you made improvement, I will reconsider letting you cook again." I said in an angry tone.

" So who will be the cook?" asked the former cook, and the janitor-will-be.

" I will be the cook! And I will look for a competent person that cook according to my recipe! Not a scoundrel who tried to alter my recipe and made the food tastes like sh*t! Now stop babbling ant start cleaning ! " I said.

" But.."

"Any other words and you are out!" I said as I screamed at him.

"Yes Sir!" he said as he tears up and start cleaning the kitchen.


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