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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After finished ' sparring ' with the patriarch, I felt my body is very weak and I feel as if some of my internal organs are broken. Even with the painkillers and medicinal herb applied, it still hurts a lot. As we proceed to meet the city lord, I notices that ZiYun is sitting near a pond alone. I excused myself to meet ZiYun for a moment.

"*Sigh. Where did Ning'Er go? Why does she leave me alone?" ZiYun looks as the pond as she keeps sighing.

" Do you want to know " I asked as I whispered at her snow white ear which resulted me getting punched on my abdomen.

'Dang! She really knows where to punch!' I said in my heart as I grovel in pain.

" Ah LinJian! Sorry! I thought that someone is trying to bully me!" she said.

" Aw.. Who the hell dare to enter the City Lord's mansion to just bully you! Not even that Shen Yue dares to enter this place uninvited just to bully you! And my stomach is really hurtful right now! Why the hell would you and Ning'Er always punches me at my stomach when I tried to greet you guys!" I said as I keep holding my stomach and grovel in pain.

"*chuckle. Well it is your fault LinJian. We already told you that you should stop greeting us like that didn't we?" asked ZiYun while laughing.

"Now we are talking. A girl like you shouldn't show such sad face don't you?" I said with a smile.

After hearing this, ZiYun started to tear up.

" Eh?? What's wrong ZiYun? Did anyone bully you? Did I say something wrong just now ?" I asked in panic since ZiYun started to sob in front of me.

" *crying voice. What should I do? Ning'Er hates me now!😭" Ye ZiYun said as she started to cry.

I wipe her tears as I said in a warm tone "Don't worry ZiYun. Ning'Er doesn't hate you. It is just that she being engaged to Shen Fei made her stressed out and jealous to you who can marry whoever they want. Besides, I will not let any bastard take Ning'Er! So stop crying ZiYun. I promise you that Ning'Er will be freed from Shen Fei 3 years later, and you two can have friendly talks everyday."

Hearing this, ZiYun stops crying and gives me a smooch on my right cheek. After that she cheers up and thanked me.

After she left, I touched my right cheek and thought ' That doesn't count right? Since she is still a kid and not a girl yet right ?'

After that, I meet up with my father and proceed to meet the City Lord. I follow my father to the hall and we kneel until the City Lord arrives.

"It's been a long time isn't it Chen ZhengLong? Congratulations on breaking through Legend Rank!" Ye Zong said

We raised our head and see the City Lord. Yep his figure and clothing is the same as in the manga I read.

" I am unworthy of such praise milord!" the patriarch said. Before continuing, he looks at me and I nodded since I know what he wanted to say. " Besides, it is thanks to my son who discovered a soul cave not far away from the city. The cave also has arrays that protect its interior, and also repels demon beasts or uninvited person." the patriarch added.

"Hoo. A soul cave eh? Then why don't you tell us earlier about this?" Ye Zong said

" My apologies, but we still need to clear the surrounding from demon beasts, so we can venture into the cave without wasting stamina on fighting the demon beasts." the patriarch answered as quickly as he thought for a good reason. " Besides, we just found the cave, so we cannot directly inform this to milord yet." the patriarch added.

"... Hey you brat over there!" Ye Zong called to me in an unfriendly tone.

Hmm. Even his personality is the same. He doesn't even care if my father is there while calling me brat.

"Yes milord. What's the matter?" I asked.

"You have reached Black Gold Rank right?" Ye Zong asked.

"Yes milord." I replied.

" Do you want to be the next city lord?" asked Ye Zong while looking at me while grinning.

I stared at him, and cupped my hands before I said " I am sorry milord. I don't think I am ready to be burdened with such responsibility. And above all, I am still young and inexperienced and I also wishes to travel to a lot of places, so I wish the City Lord can be merciful to let me be free till I am ready."

After I finished, Ye Zong burst into laughter. "Hahahaha.. Brat. Do you think I will surrender my position as City Lord easily, but the way you answered my question piqued my interest. what do you mean you want to travel to a lot if place?" asked the City Lord.

I could only sigh as I know that I have talked too much. I then answered Ye Zong " Milord, I wanted to travel outside Glory City to search for any humans that have survived through the Age of Darkness and build their own City like Glory City."

After listening to my answer, Ye Zong and my father gasp in surprise.

"Brat. Do you know what you are talking about just now?" Ye Zong asked.

"Yes. I know what I am talking about. There is no way only Glory City is the only place humanity resides. If Glory City is the only place where humanity resides, then why don't all the demon beasts come and attack this place? So, I conclude that the demon beast have their forces divided to attack the place where humans reside, That is the reason I believed that there are still humans out there. And I will try my best to learn about the things that Glory City don't have and take back any useful things for the city." I said as I look straight at Ye Zong's eye.

"Hah. You really are extraordinary! Well then ZhengLong, do you agree to let your son go out of the town and venture outside?" asked Ye Zong.

"No. I refuse. But if there are 30 Black Gold Rank experts with him, then I will agree." said the patriarch.

"Well, father. If the city lord sends 30 Black Gold Ranked experts to accompany me, then the city will be in danger. Not to mention the Dark Guild right? Besides if there are people following me, I am afraid that they will be burdens, since they can't match my speed. And also I have some life saving treasures and techniques, so please don't worry about me. I will be back in 3 years." I said

"Well then, how about your study?" asked the patriarch as he scratches his head trying to find a good reason to make me stay.

"*chuckle. Well I know that you will play this card against me, so... COME OUT!" I yelled and then my Shadow that I used to monitor the worker appears. It has the aura of Silver Rank, so it will not be very suspicious.

"This is my Shadow. I will ask him to attend classes and I can also make him act like me. And its sight and hearing is also connected to me, so it can do a conversation too." I said as I puffed my chest.

"Hah.. It really is hard to let a prodigy go out alone."Ye Zong said

"Hah.. It is really hard to let my son to go out alone to such dangerous place." my father said.

"Haha. Don't worry. I will report every time on breakfast, lunch and dinner." I said.

After I said that, Ye Zong and the patriarch can only heave a sigh.

" So, when are you leaving?" asked Ye Zong.

" I am leaving now!" I said as I activated my void form and leave Glory City.

Ye Zong : ...

Chen ZhengLong : ...

After that, my Shadow gives the City Lord a letter. The content is only Snow Wind Family members are the one who may enter the cave. Should anyone enters uninvited, they will be regarded as threat and the defensive mechanism on the soul cave will activate and destroy the cave. ( Which I made before travelling )😋


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