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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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... What the hell have I done? How should I restart the forest? I thought for a long time and found a solution. I added some high class illusory inscription on the array I had laid out before I merge with YinLong and FengDaJie.

After a few hours, there is a illusory forest stretched out, and I also applied a restriction array, so only legend rank expert can enter this forest and know what happened 😋.

"Respected elder, please stop hiding and show yourself. I don't wish to use violence on someone at your caliber sir." I said as I stared at a tree not far away from where I am standing and started to emanate my peak Black Gold Rank aura.

Suddenly a figure shows in front of me. He has a mysterious aura surrounding him and looks like he is not here for trouble.

"I am sorry if I have offended you young master Chen." said the mysterious middle aged man.

" Please drop the formalities Lord Ye Shuo. How come I am offended when Lord Ye Shuo is just doing his duty!" I said as I smiled.

Ye Shuo could only stay silent for a moment before asking me " Young master Chen.."

" Ahh. Please drop the formalities Lord Ye Shuo ! I am not ready to be called young master by Lord Ye Shuo yet! " I said as I looked at him with a smile which is a smile, yet not a smile at the same time.

" Ahem. Well then, how should I address you?" Ye Shuo asked.

" Lord Ye Shuo can call me LinJian if the lord want to." I said.

" Well then, LinJian, I want to ask you some questions. Is that a problem?" Ye Shuo asked.

"Hmm. Well then Lord Ye Shuo. If you want to ask something, I will answer it, but I hope that in the future, I need Lord Ye Shuo's help, I hope that Lord Ye Shuo can help me. Is that okay?" I asked him back.

After pondering for a while, he answered and asked the questions.

"Alright. This Lord will help you, but I will not help you if it betrays Glory City or endanger the Snow Wind Family. And then, I wanted to ask my questions, and I hope you can answer truthfully."

"Ask away Lord Ye Shuo."

"First, do you have any malicious intent toward Glory City? and how do you know me? only the patriarch of each family is aware of my existence!"

"Hmm. First. If I have a malicious intent toward the city, then Lord Ye Shuo wouldn't be breathing anymore when I found sir right?" I asked him back which makes him started to sweat. "What I am doing right now is for this city. I am growing stronger faster is to protect this city from cancers known as Dark Guild and Demon Beasts Horde that can come anytime when we aren't suspecting. And for the second question I have no obligation to answer sir " I added.

Ye Shou stared at me with disbelief and said "Such a dedication! I am impressed by your determination, but should you run out of control, I am afraid that I have to take action against you. And if you don't wish to talk about that, then I can only drop the question."

" What if I tell sir what I know about the dark guild. " I asked him suddenly.

He gasps and asked me to tell him what I know.

" I have someone in mind. Does Lord Ye Shuo knows the Star Restaurant? "

"Hmm.. Star Restaurant eh? Isn't that a restaurant that the Sacred Family established?"

" Yes. Have sir heard news of someone being poisoned there a few days ago?"

"Hmm. Yes. I know that a waiter of the restaurant is poisoned, luckily his life is not in danger anymore.'

" Well, I am the one who forced the waiter have a taste of the cooking and then he is poisoned."

" Say What? How do you connect that with the dark guild?"

" Well, I just conclude that they are trying to poison a first in line successor of Divine Family. Who else is so daring except the Dark Guild?"

"Hmm. Sounds reasonable, but I will need to do a further investigation about this problem to avoid slandering."

"Lord Ye Shou, you don't need to do that, what I wanted you to do is 3 years later, I am going to a ruin, and I want elder to accompany me there and elder will get the answer there." I said as I smile. " Besides, if elder do an investigation now, they will become more alerted and will not act rashly, which will make us unable to get any evidence." I added

Listening to this, he pondered and agreed with me.

" My next question is how many people are aware of your cultivation? " he asked

" Well, everyone knows that I am a silver ranked, but the one that knows I am Black Gold Rank is my Father, Lord Ye Shuo and some elders that have duty of protecting me." I said.

"Hmm. Well done. You are doing things carefully and cautiously. You really earn my admiration."

" Haha. Sir is too kind. I don't deserve such praise from sir."

"Now then, when I surveyed this area, I found some places that is filled with strange arrays. Is that your doing?"

" Yes. That indeed is my doing."

" What are you hiding inside that array?"

" Well, these array behind me is to keep the mess I made just now. I 'accidentally' deforested the entire forest just now." I answered as I laughed.

" Then how about the other one?"

" Ah the other one is used to keep gifts that I want to present for some people 3 years later."

Hearing this, Ye Shuo sighed and asked the last question.

"Well then, the last question. Will you follow me to the City Lord's mansion to meet and talk with the City Lord?" he asked.


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