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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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Shadow Dragon of Death : ....

Sacred Flaming Fenghuang : ....

Me : ....

"So you are a reincarnated too?" they asked at a same time.

"Yes, but I am a bit different from both of you!' I said while smiling.

"Hmm. How is it different ?" asked the dragon.

"Well, you guys are reincarnated from the past, but I am reincarnated from the future." I said.

"Hmm... The future eh ? So, how will this world be 10.000 years later ?" asked the Fenghuang with a ridiculing tone.

"I am sorry, but I indeed know the future of this world, but only to a certain extent because I am from another world." I said while heaving a sigh.

"Different world ?" the Fenghuang and the Dragon said as their eyes are filled with both interest and suspicion.

"Yes. I come from another world and I am blessed with some of my previous knowledge of this world, because in my previous world, there is a legend about this world, but sadly the legend is incomplete." I said while heaving a sigh as I recall my previous life where Tales of Demons and Gods is being updated once a month 😭.

"Updated ? What do you mean by updated once a month ?" they asked as their brow twitches.

"Ah.. Update means that the continuation of the legend, since in my previous world, there are special team whose job is to decipher ancient writing and then tell the world about it. And please don't read someone's mind without asking." I said as I forced a smile.

"Hmm. it is really hard to believe that you are reincarnated, since a reincarnated being s usually have a small fragment of their memory or a shard at most, but you still have all of your memory." the dragon said in astonishment.

"Well, what can I say. Since before I come into this world, my life is like an endless cycle of boredom. Maybe that is why I don't think that I have lost any of my memory. Or I only have memory of the novel I read ?" I said

" Novel? What is that?" asked the Fenghuang

"Geh.. It is a book that record any events in another worlds."I answered as I think quickly.

"So how many world events that your world has recorded?" the dragon asked.

"Well. If I answer that, it will be a long story. So I will let you read those novels from my memory if both of you agree to integrate with me and help me till my death." I said while looking at both of them.

"*roar. Hahaha.... then I shall gladly accept your condition." the dragon laughed

"*chuckle. Alright. I shall let myself integrate with you and protect you for your lifetime." the Fenghuang said.

"Now then, before integrating, I want to ask 4 questions. Is that okay ?"I asked.

" No. two only!" they answered together.

"Alright then." I said as I smiled.

"First, How should I address both of you. and the second is what do you remember about your past."I asked.

" Well, I will start first" said the dragon.

"Well, as you know, I am The Shadow Dragon of Death. As for my name, I prefer if you could call me YinLong. The thing that I remember in the past is I am a beast that serves someone who sealed the space and time of this world, fighting against 6 humans along with the other beasts that serves that man? or beast perhaps?" YinLong said as he tried to remember his past.

"*chuckle. Then it is my turn right? I am The Sacred Flaming Fenghuang. As for my name.. Hmm.. maybe you can call me FengDaJie (Sister Feng basically). As for my past memory, I remember that I am fighting against a hooded being with his beasts along with my 6 masters. I do remember seeing that dragon, but I don't wish to fight him since we have already argued for 5,000 years and got bored, so we let the matter go and be friend." FengDaJie said while smiling.

"W...Wh..Who is your friend you stupid bird!" the dragon said as he blushes.

"Hmm. So YinLong is a chaos member that serves the Sage Emperor while FengDaJie is an order member that serves the 6 ancestral hero that fought against the Sage Emperor eh." I said as I looked to the 'sky' and pondered. 'Well they fit the condition of my Supreme Overseer Cultivation Technique, since one is the force of chaos while the other one is the force if order.' I thought as I smiled.

"Hrmm.. Supreme Overseer Technique? Which sect have that overbearing technique? From the name, it really is a kind of narrow minded person who created this technique!" said the dragon.

"Well sorry for being a narrow minded person" I said as I forced a smile and veins appeared in my head.

"Hmph, but narrow minded aside, this technique really is a spectacular technique which let you integrate with two demon spirits together, but it seems that it only have affinity with holy and chaos? No probably Light and dark also have affinity with this technique, and looks like it also let the cultivator fuse demon spirits into their own or with other demon spirit to create a mutated? No, since it is made, it should be an artificial mutation then!" YinLong added to reduce my anger.

"Wha..." I can only gasps in a amazement since he knows what this cultivation technique can do.

"*chuckle. Looks like our master this time is an amazing human ❤️." said FengDaJie

"Who said I wanted him to be my master?" YinLong said.

"Well then I shall have him for myself then ❤️" said FengDaJie.

Well, they keep arguing for a whole hours before agreeing to integrate with me.

Before integrating, I asked for their blood and made win-win contract inscription. The agreement is as they are inside me, they will grow and be nourished by me, they have access ONLY to my novel memories and they will be free after my death, as for me, they will protect me and help me with any problems I encounter. After the contract is done, I integrated with both of them at the same time.


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