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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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The next morning, after I finished my activities, I use my cloak and go to the training ground. As I go out of the mansion, I check the mansion's surrounding and there is neither traps nor scout sent by Yun Hua to monitor me. Maybe he is quite clever for not sending people to spy on me, since even 3 gold rank experts cannot catch me.

As I passed the town, I heard many news. But the news that makes me surprised are the engagement between Xiao Ning'Er with Shen Fei and the Sacred Family trying to engage Shen Yue and Ye ZiYun.

' These Sacred Family duo makes me wanna puke! These two bastards will eventually be destroyed by Nie Li! Should I wait three years to kick Sacred Family's ass with Nie Li ... or should I solo them? Hmm. I think it is better to do it with Nie Li, since I need to earn his trust to advance to Draconic Ruin Realm later.' I thought as I proceed to the Training Ground.

After I arrived at the training ground, I searched for the cave that I used last time. When I found it, I started to create Clear Water Array to bend light and make the cave invinsible. After that, I proceed to lay down the Aura Suppressing, Soul Suppressing, and Spirit Suppressing array to suppress and not letting any sort of energy to leak out from the cave. I also add the Misleading Fog array to make someone take a route that passes the cave without making them come in contact with the cave. Not to mention since I am a Black Gold Rank already, the inscription effect is at the early phase of Demigod Rank, so the only person who can breach this place is Demigod existence and the Demigod existence in Glory City is Lord Ye Mo and Demon Lord, but I need not to worry, since they are at the Nether Realm.

After finishing the arrays outside, I took a stroll outside and search for 5 giant stones and keep them at my interspatial ring, and then I go back to the cave and start to lay down arrays on the stone. The first stone is for me, so I imbued it with array that boosts holy and chaos attributed cultivator, the second one is for Nie Li 3 years later, so I imbued it with array that boosts attributeless cultivator, the third stone are for the City Lord, since in the novel that I read in the past says that he integrated with the Snow wind Ape, I imbued the stone with Snow Wind attribute, as for the fourth stone, I imbued it with Ice and Snow Wind attribute for Lord Ye Mo. And for the last one, I imbued it with Water and Steel attribute for my father, since his attribute is mercury, which is the compound form of steel and water. Each stone has a specially made inscription to attract heavenly energy and store them as time pass, so the one who uses this stone has a possibility to reach Heavenly Fate Realm in the Tiny World. As I make this treasures which grow stronger with time, I decided to make countermeasure in every stone, for example I made the stone specially trigger a trap which reacts to a person who wield the Law of Hell (*cough Demon Lord), or someone whose attribute doesn't match. For the activation, the one who wishes to use it should say the name, but I fixed it as I already write each person's name on each stone. After that, I start to take a nap.

6 hours have passes after I inscribed the array, an I am still tired since I keep focusing on making the array and use my soul force to make these stones. I then sit down and made my lunch? or dinner? or snack perhaps to recover my stamina. After finishing my snack, I took out the two lamps and sit in front of them.

'Both of them are still hatchling, but already at peak legend rank! I mustn't haste in order to integrate with them.' I thought, as I put my palm on top of the lamps. The golden lamp is emitting heat and holy aura, while the black lamp is emitting a black and chaos aura.

I focus my consciousness and it starts to drift inside the lamps. I then found myself in a piece of land which is divided into two parts. one part is burning with flame and emitting holy light, and the other part is a land of dark soils with skeleton emitting eerie and chaos aura and chills that might freeze someone because of fear.

' Hmm. to think that you really manages to enter this place. ' an eerie sound reverbrates.

' Human child, you are really extraordinary! From these past 10.000 years, no one have come to an idea to let his consciousness drift into our lamps together! ' this time a gentle voice reverbrates.

"Excuse me, but who are you ? Can you please show yourselves? " I asked

'*roar! I am the reincarnation of a dragon who govern the shadow and death 10,000 years ago, The Shadow Dragon of Death !' As the dragon is mentioning his identity, he slowly appears from the ground while spinning slowly and dark aura is swirling around him and dissipates after his introduction is over.

'*chuckle. I am the Sacred Flaming Fenghuang. I govern the fire and holy light. I am also a reincarnated being from 10,000 years ago.' As the Fenghuang introduces herself, the holy flame starts to burn and shine brightly, and as her introduction is starting to end, the light starts to dim and the flame starts dissipating as her form become more visible as the light dissipates.

"Umm. Hello there too, I am also a reincarnated person. I am known as Chen LinJian in this world, you can call me Yuuji. Nice to meet'cha !" I said after they finished their introduction.


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