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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After walking for half an hour, I turn into an alley and I start to gather information about my enemies. I scan my surrounding using my soul force and the result is there are 4 Silver Ranked Fighter, 4 Silver Ranked Demon Spiritualist and 3 Gold Ranked Fighter and a Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist. 'Looks like the elders are having holiday or probably having a day off, since the enemies dare to approach me and followed me for 30 minutes, and not wiped out yet.' I sigh.

" Why bother hiding! Show yourselves !" I shouted.


"Not answering? Don't blame me for being impolite then!" I snorted as I take out my cloak and katana, and donned them. After a while, the 4 Silver Ranked Fighter comes out and search for me.

I then get behind the Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist and knock him out using my katana's handle. After getting hit by my katana and passed out, I tied him and seal his meridian and acupoints to avoid him escaping.

After securing the Gold Demon Spiritualist, I take off and keep my cloak and appeared behind one of the Silver Ranked Fighter and knock him out. Surprised by my appearance, one of the Silver Ranked Fighter uses a Scarlet Flame Inscription to create fire surrounding me while laughing victoriously.

"Pfft. This kind of inscription is used to boil water! Why are you using this on me ?" I said as I casually walked through the flame while laughing, making the scroll user stared with confused expression and getting angry, since his best inscription is being ridiculed by a brat. He unsheated his sword and the other two also unsheated their sword and tried to attack me on three different direction.

I keep my katana and took out my kusarigama. Noticing the strange weapon, the took a step backward. I swing the chain and caught two silver ranked Fighter, while the sickle is headed towards one of the Gold Ranked Fighter hiding beside the end of the alley. The Gold Ranked Fighter being careless, get stab by the sickle and started to bleed and becoming somewhat weak.

The other Gold Ranked Fighter noticed that his friend is stabbed by the sickle and bleeding nonstop, get mad and charged toward me. I just swing the chain and the chain tied his legs making him trip and fall to the ground. After falling to the ground, I uses the sickle to cut his tendons and rendered him unable to move.

"No way !! He is just at most a Silver Ranked, yet he could deal with 2 Gold Ranked Fighters easily, and pinpoint their location." The Silver Ranked Demon Spiritualist A said as cold sweat is forming on his head. " Should we escape?" asked the Silver Ranked Demon Spiritualist B. "You can try 😉" I said between them as I wink, resulting them losing their foot standing as I used Invidia to freeze their body.

After I tied them and line them up, I asked the Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist. "Now, tell me who send you guys!". "Hmph. don't get cocky brat. You are lucky to capture me while I am careless!" said the Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist.

"So, you are refusing to answer my question. 😊" I said as I smile "Well then, I think this time I can try my new inscription on you then !" I continued with evil smile.

"What are you planning to do! Leave me alone!" shrieked the Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist as I grabbed his hair and drag him into a room.

After I am inside the room with the Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist, I started to make an absolute obedience inscription array on his body. After the array is drawn perfectly on his body, it started to disappear leaning a crest on his back. I cut my finger making shallow wound to apply my blood on his crest.

After I draw a circle on the crest using my blood, the mark started to glow and electrocuted him a little and lose his consciousness. I untied him, and after he regains his consciousness, he kneels before me and said " Good night young master Chen!"

"En. So, what is your name, you and your friend's faction and your purpose on trying to ambush me ?" I asked

" My name is Shen Bing, I am a Gold Ranked Demon Spiritualist from the Sacred Family, and also a member of the dark guild. The other guys are also member of Dark Guild. Deacon Yun Hua wanted us to avenge our member that you poisoned."


I am speechless. To shamelessly accuse me because his assassination attempt failed. After this, I asked him to stay still and I proceed with the other. I applied absolute obedience inscription array on their body and brush my blood on the mark and made them obedient to me.

After a few minutes of questions, I realize that these guys are actually newly recruited because when I asked about their base's whereabout, they answered that it is located at Star Restaurant. When I heard Star Restaurant is the base, I can just sigh because I know the fact that their headquarter is in the Nether Realm.

*Sigh " Alright then, return to Yun Hua and if he asked you guys about me, tell him that 'Sorry deacon Yun Hua, we didn't expect Chen LingJian will be as slippery as mudskipper and he manages to reach his mansion before we could ambush him, but we heard that three years later he will visit a ruin when he is having a conversation with his friend. Do forgive us for our incompetence!' understand?" I asked.

They nodded and then they bid farewell to me. I also use my cloak to go back to my mansion and continue cultivating and reached 1 star Black Gold Rank. I consolidate my cultivation and prepare for integrating with the two demon beasts tomorrow.


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