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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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After I arrived at my mansion, I go to the kitchen and look around. 'Hmm. Nobody is here.' I thought and then 'Growl~~' I felt my stomach rumbling and I enter the kitchen and search for garlic, shallots, eggs, salt, cooked rice, pepper, leeks and chili. I take out a rabbit demon beast meat, a wok and handmade frying pan. I minced the garlic, shallot, and chili, and diced the meat as I waited for the wok to heat up. After the wok heat up, I put the meat inside the wok and sprinkled some salt. As the meat started to turn brown, I put the garlic, shallot and chili together until it started to get fragrant. After it started to get fragrant, I can feel some prying eyes on the door, but I ignored them as I continue to put the rice in and started to mix the ingredients in the wok. I put some salt, and pepper and mix them for the last time before I put it on the plate. I put the egg on a bowl and start beating it. After I beat it, I filter it before I put it on the frying pan and mixes it. After it is almost cooked, I flipped the egg into a perfect oval shape and put it on the top of the fried rice and then I use a knife and sliced the eggs, resulting the 'fried oval egg' open up and covering the fried rice. (Imagine chef Motokichi's Omurice)

After I am done, the door suddenly opened as the maid and the elders barged in and observe the dish I made. "Hmm. this dish look extraordinary! We have never seen any cooking like this in Glory City!" The first elder said in astonishment. "Yes. And the smell is also good that my mouth is watering, wondering how it will taste ! Who would have thought that young master could cook!" said the second elder, which resulting him getting smacked by all people. " Ahem. I am hungry, so I will eat first before I cook again !" I said, which resulted the elders and maid to celebrate happily. After I finished my meal, I cooked them the omurice and they stared with astonishment. " Such a great performance and impact this dish possess ! The moment the egg is sliced, the egg covers the rice and produce fragrance rises and make someone to be rendered unable to resist it !" the maid said with astonishment. "Hmm.. The taste is really good!! This is definitely the best dish that I ever have!" the first elder and third elder said while stuffing their mouth with the omurice. After thinking for a while, I asked if it is okay if I start a restaurant, which resulted in the agreement if everyone that is present. I cough and said " Shouldn't we discuss this with the patriarch first?" Hearing this, the elders directly ask me to follow them to the main family house to discuss the matter with the patriarch.

At the main family house, I meet the patriarch and the elder start talking about the omurice that I cooked. After hearing this, the patriarch seems unhappy, but accept the idea. " Before that, let me try some of this so called omurice." the patriarch said. After that, I take out the omurice from my interspatial ring and let the patriarch have it. When the patriarch take a bite of the omurice, he shows a satisfaction face, and then he agree to open a restaurant. " Father, since I need your help to open the restaurant, I think we should divide the profits fairly, so how about father having 60 percent of the profits, while I take 40 percent?" After pondering for a while, the patriarch agreed to the term and I also added " Father, don't you think it is strange for a restaurant to only serve one kind of a dish?" Hearing this, the patriarch and the three elders mood went down, but I tell them that I have another recipes, their eyes suddenly lit up and I write the menu. The menu that I write down are foods unique in Glory City, because what I write down are Japanese cuisine and Italian cuisine, the price of the food is also well balanced, so not only nobles and aristocrats can enjoy the food, but the minor family are also able to eat here. There are also term of breakfast set, lunch set, dinner set, and kid's meal. After I write those, the patriarch asked me to cook all the menu I write. I can only sigh as I cook and serve the dishes. The foods are too many for us, so the patriarch invited the family member to have dinner together, which resulted them become satisfied and wondering who the cook that prepared such a feast for them before they left. I am staying at the main house tonight because tomorrow, the patriarch and I am going out to look at our future restaurant's location.

The next day, the patriarch and I am strolling in the town to search for the location to build the restaurant which is arranged by the city lord 😓. As the patriarch is looking at the area, I asked the patriarch whether it is possible to make it into a 3 stories building, which is answered instantly with a yes. I planned to make the first floor as the dining hall, second floor as kitchen and third floor as the apartment for employee or citizen. After we finished with the building interior, we started to discuss about the restaurant name which is simple since it is the property of Divine Family, we decided to give it Divine Restaurant as it's name. It will take about 4 months to finish the building the restaurant, so I decided to continue cultivating, while the patriarch went back to the main house.

The sun has set and as I am on my way back to the mansion, I feel that there are people following me. From the aura, it doesn't feel like the three elders, so I conclude that there are people trying to do me harm. I grinned as I thought finally I have a chance to use my weapon and face a human.


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