Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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Tomorrow morning, I prepare to go out to the cave to cultivate. But before going to the cave, I have some important thing to do. I packed my equipments and then I go to the Divine Family main family house to meet the patriarch.

As I arrive at the main house, I asked the guard to let me meet with the patriarch, and the guard take me to meet the patriarch. I enter the main hall and notice that the patriarch is worn out.

"What happened father?" I asked. "Ah. Jian'er. When I went out with you yesterday, the elder notified me that there are a lot of paperwork to do, and I have just finished it without sleeping and I feel really tired now. By the way, What are you doing here ?" the patriarch asked in a very weak tone. "Ah, I am sorry to cause you trouble, but father, may I ask you to do something? I wanted father to send our servants to buy every Purple Haze Grass that is available at town and ask some farmer to plant Purple Haze Grass?" I asked. "Hmm. Why do you need a lot of Purple Haze Grasses? Are your mansion full of insects ? Even if there are a lot of insects, why would you need Purple Haze Grasses available in the city?" the patriarch asked in a confused tone. "Well father I hope you will forgive me for not telling you the reason." I said as I cupped my hands and apologize to the patriarch. "Hmm. Alright then, purple haze grass eh. Chen Feng, ask the servants to buy purple Haze Grass and hire farmers to plant some purple haze grass." the patriarch said. " Thank you Father for fulfilling my request." I said as I smiled brightly. "Oh, right! Jian'er, I have prepared a demon spirit for you to integrate with. Chen Feng! Take the demon spirits here!"

After a few moments, an elder enter the room with 50 demon spirits which is neatly placed on a tray. " Jian'er, since you are already a Gold Rank, but you haven't integrated with any demon spirit yet, so I thought of preparing some demon spirits for you." the patriarch said with a bright smile. I take a look at the tray and I almost burst out laughing. "Er, father, this is.." I said while holding my laughter. "These are the demon spirits that you can choose to integrate with."

In front of me are demon spirits with most of them as Poor Level Growth Rate demon spirits, and some with good quality. As I sorted through the demon spirits, to my surprise, I found a demon spirit with God Level Growth Rate. I appraise it and






"Father. This demon spirit is..?" I asked with confused expression. "Hmm.. What kind of demon spirit is this? It looks like a peacock!" the patriarch also answer with confused expression. "And it also emits a somewhat special aura." the patriarch added with astonished expression. " Then, father. I choose this demon spirit. " I said while smiling brightly. The patriarch is speechless while I shamelessly take the demon spirit and I leave the room.

After leaving the Divine Family's main family house, I head toward the training ground to cultivate. But, before I go to the training ground, I visit the Sacred Family's Star restaurant to test their food. As I get into the restaurant, an old man come and greeted me. "Well, well, what a big surprise we are having today! What a fine day to have Young Master Chen to visit our Star restaurant!" said the old man with a provocative tone. "Hm. It is just a coincidence that I pass in front of this and I feel hungry suddenly, so I come here to eat." I said in a calm tone, as I go and look for a seat without minding the old man.

I found a seat and sit there and look at my surrounding. I found the person that I recognize. The man has a strong build with yellow long hair, covering his right eye. 'Hmm. If I am not wrong, that guy is the dark guild's deacon Li Yun Hua.' As if he felt my gaze, he walked to me and ask "Do you need something young master Chen?" "Ah. I wanted to order some food. Is that okay ?" I asked "Sure, why not? So what does young master Chen wanted to order?" he said while sizing me up. "Hmm. I want to eat the most delicious dish that you can make." I said with a smile. "Understood." he said as he left for the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, a waiter taking a tray come to me and said " Young master Chen, your food is here." he said as he opened the lid of the tray and started to explain " This is the signature dish of the restaurant, The Flaming Tongue. The tongue is the Cow Demon Beast's Tongue, fried in high heat, and then dipped in special sauce and it is done." I secretly appraise the food and then I sigh. "What's the matter young master?" he asked with a confused face. "Care to eat with me?" I asked. "No! How would I dare to eat with someone of a higher status?" he said while his face looked pale. "Nevermind. I insist!" I said as I cut the tongue and slipped it to the waiter's mouth. I make sure that he swallowed it. After 2 minute, the man fall on the ground as his mouth started to foam up. I asked the elder about this and his face started to turn pale as he answered that his waiter have a weak digestive system. After hearing his explaination, I couldn't help but grin and said "Well, since his digestive system is weak, why don't you eat with me? Your digestive system should be better than his since your cultivation is better." The old man started to sweat and said " I am sorry ! Looks like the sauce and the meat used is rotten. I will ask the cook to make a new one !" he said as he started to panic. "No. Thank you, but I will leave since I have wasted a lot of time here." I said as I leave some demon spirit coins for them before I left the restaurant. ' Hmm. This Yun Hua is truly daring, to plan an assassination just like that. ' I sigh as I cancel my trip trip to the training ground and go back to my mansion.


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