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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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It has already been 3 days since I left the mansion. I continue cultivating from the night to dawn. With the help of the enlightenment stone, I reach the peak Silver Rank. I then stabilize my cultivation and take out a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, the bear Demon Beast's blood, and brush.

I place the cloth on the ground and closed my eyes as I hold the brush and imagine what kind of inscription I desire. For this cloth, I wanted it to have an invinsibility, odor absorbing and cleaning feature, anti thermal detection, and aura concealing features. I open my eyes and to my surprise, the cloth is filled with inscriptions, and it is really complex and neat.

Next, I place the shoe on the ground and repeat the same thing as before, but this time I make this time I add speed boosting and trace removal feature. I opened my eyes and the inscription on the top of the shoe is the same as the cloth, but when I look below, I notice that there are 2 inscriptions on the sole of shoes.

I wear the shoes first, and then wear the cloth. After I wear the clothes, there are 3 cloaked men entering the cave as they panic. "What the hell happened? Did the young master get ambushed and killed by some kind of Demon Beast?" ⊙﹏⊙ said cloaked man A with infuriated tone. " I don't think so. The feeling I perceive is that young master have his legs chopped off. It is probably someone setting trap inside the cave while the three of us are following the young master. *Sigh for us to make such blunder. What and how are we going to report this to the patriarch?" cloaked man B remains collected and apparently emitting some cold killing intent. " Should we go and say to the Patriarch ' Patriarch, sir, we feel really sorry for this, we have been reckless tehee.' while making <°(>W<) pose ?" said cloaked man C which resulted him in getting scolded by the other two cloaked men. "Then why don't you go and say that? Do you think the Patriarch will say ' oh. Okay ' ? You will get flipped by the Patriarch. I mean like this '(╯°□°)╯︵ /(.□. \)' . So let's go and spread out to search the young master! I refuse to believe that he died from that kind of things! I am sure that he is still alive and kickin' ! " the cloaked man A said optimistically. After that, the three cloaked men leave the cave and me behind.

'Phew.. to think that there are actually three spies were watching me and I didn't notice (-_-). Well the test is successful 😁. Even peak Black Gold Rank expert will need a lot of effort to find and catch me.' I go out of the Training ground and go back to the mansion and notice that there are some experts searching here and there. I get into my room from the window and suppress my aura before taking of the cloth and shoe, and keep them in my drawer. I go to the bathroom and on the way, I meet the maid as she is surprised, she tells the experts outside that I am at the mansion and not even a wound is visible on me.

"What happened? Why are there so many experts here ?" I asked the maid. " Umm. it's because young master has been gone for 3 days without telling me and today morning, three elders have come to search for you. They said that the young master maybe in trouble so they need to search for you. Thank goodness that the young master is safe and sound." the maid said while smiling.

Then a loud voice could be heard as the door is opened. "Young master. we are glad that you are fine." said the first elder in a relaxed tone. "I told ya that the young master is alright!" said the second elder while looking proud, which resulted him getting a smack from the three elders. " We are sorry for the commotion we caused, young master. On top of everything we are really glad that you are alright."said the third elder as giving a smile. 'They should be the three spies that go inside the cave.' " Respectable Elders. I apologize for the unnecessary trouble I caused for the respectable elders." I said as I cupped my hand and bowed my head. " Oh nevermind that. This is also our mission. And also congratulations on breaking through Silver Rank young master." The first elder said as he smiled.

I froze and the forced a smile and asked "Does father know this ?" "Yes. We told him and he makes a funny face and disbelief after that. After that I get hit because he thinks that I am telling some stupid joke. *Sigh." said the second elder as he sighed. ' Well you always crack jokes everytime and everywhere you are, so no wonder the patriarch doesn't believe you.' I think inside my heart. " Well then. Respectable Elders, I shall excuse myself as I need to take a shower as I just got home." I said. "Please help yourself the n Young Master." the elders said and then immediately left.

As I get in the bathroom, I take an enlightenment stone to the bathroom and used some Purple Haze Grass and other berries on the bath to refine my body and soul realm. After soaking for an hour, I feel my body getting lighter and about to break through Gold Rank. I then leave the mansion and headed for the market to buy Demon Beast Bloods, ingots , and lots of herbs. istore them inside my interspatial ring and head home. I go to my room and write a letter 'Sorry, I got to go outside to train. I will be back in 3 days.' and then I open the drawer and put on my invinsibility gears. After a minute pass, three cloaked men barged into my room and said" How could this happen again?" said cloaked man A as he looks at his surrounding. "*Sigh Young master is always troubling us. Hmm. Look, there is a letter on the table" said cloaked man C. " Lemme check. 'Sorry igottogooutsidetotrain Iwillbebackinthreedays' what is this ?" cloaked man B tried to crack a joke and get hit by the other cloaked man. After they left, I leave Glory City and look for a cave to do my stuff.


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