Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
1 Reborn and Xiao Ning“Er
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Tales of Demons and Gods - I Become Chen LinJian
Author :Zero9120
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1 Reborn and Xiao Ning“Er

Japan, Tokyo,28 December 2019

Another ordinary, and uneventful life has occurred to Yuuji. He has never liked the way his life lead him to, because these kind of uneventful life is boring and colorless. So he read light novels to overcome his boring and paint his colorless life, but little did he know that his uneventful life will become a life full of adventure, danger, and hard work.

Japan, Tokyo, 10 January 2020

As Yuuji walked to a cafeteria to grab a drink and meet a working companion.

" Hahh. Another uneventful life" grumbled Yuuji and ended with a sigh. As he is grumbling, he doesn't notice that someone is running toward him and bumped into him, making him lost balance and fall down the street, and a biker passed through his body and squashed him, and Yuuji died.

Yuuji feels his consciousness is drifting in a dark space, flowing against the current while thinking ' *sigh. Am I dead? My previous life is short and uneventful and restless. I really wish that I can be reborn in a world which my life will be full of events, not another uneventful and restless life like this. And damn Mad Snail! You are the reason my life become so restless because waiting for TDG's update! Well if I get reborn, I wish that I will obtain unique skill just like Rimuru. Even if I get the Great-Sage only, it will be superb." I thought as my consciousness start fading away and found out that a light suddenly passes, shattering the dark dimension, and I heard a girl's voice.

" Master Chen, please wake up. Breakfast is ready."

" Let me sleep for a moment. I haven't slept enough yet." I said in a lazy tone with my eyes shut.

"Master Chen. If you don't wake up now, your breakfast will get cold." the voice become somewhat panic.

I open my eyes and saw a cute girl wearing ancient Chinese clothing, which is used by maids in the China's kingdom era.

"Alright. Just give me a moment as I want to take a bath. After I finish bathing, I will head to the dining hall for breakfast." I said.

After listening to my reply, the maid feel relieved as she leave the room. After she has left, I go to the bathroom to take a shower. 'What the hell? How can I know the way to the bathroom?' I thought inwardly. As I am showering, I pondered ' she calls me master Chen just now didn't she? So I have been reborn as Chen LinJian , the first in line to succeed the Divine Family, which means I am currently in the world of Tales of Demons and Gods. So with my future knowledge, I wanted to have more benefits as I live in this world.'

After finishing the shower, I head to the dining hall where my breakfast is prepared. I go and take a seat as I eat my breakfast, I can just eat it while not making any scene ' Damn this world's food yucks! If I were a food taster, I will definitely discharge the cook for the lack of skill! I wonder if this is already the best cuisine in this City?' I pondered as I continue chewing my breakfast and avoiding to show my disgusted face as I swallow the food.

After I finish my breakfast, I go out and stroll around the city to digest Chen LinJian's previous memory. First, I go to the market and look at the things that are sold here. I go through every vendors in market and realized that there aren't many vendors that sell food, while the vendors that sells equipment ate filling the road. I search for a vendor that sells raw material for cooking and bought basic ingredients for cooking like salt, pepper, etc. When the vendor realized that the one buying his food ingredients is the first-in-line successor of the Divine Family, he smiled smugly as though he have sold all of his stock and made a huge profits that need to be shown to the surrounding people. I then keep the things I bought at my interspatial ring and leave the vendor's stall without minding him.

When I want leave the market, and head for the Training ground, I saw two girls laughing and giggling together. One is wearing a white dress with purple line and purple-colored hair and ocean blue eyes with her skin as white as snow. From Chen LinJian's previous memory, she is one of the girls he used to hang out with when he is a kid. Her name is Ye ZiYun. The other girl is wearing an orange dress with yellow line and red collar, with her orange hair tied back in ponytail style, and her orange-colored eyes shining with confidence, she is also one of the girls that he used to hang out with since childhood. Her name is Xiao Ning'Er. They both look energetic and cheerful. From this I can conclude that Xiao Ning'er hasn't been engaged to that sunnuva bitch Shen Fei.

I approached them carefully and greet them from behind which resulted in me getting hit at my abdomen by those two girls.

"Ouch. Is that how you both are supposed to treat an acquaintance?" I said while groaning in pain.

"LinJian?" the girls said as they look at me and become flustered.

"Sorry! We didn't mean to hit you" ZiYun said hurriedly.

"Yeah. Why did you sneak behind us to greet us? We thought that you are a kidnapper, that's why we hit you." Ning'Er added immediately.

" Who the hell dare to kidnap the City Lord's daughter and the Holy Orchid Institute twin goddesses? If the kidnapper is caught, they will die a horrible dead!" I said as I laugh, which resulted them in giggling.

I then go near Ning'Er and whispered "Ning'Er, I wanted to tell you something important, so don't make a surprised face or do something to attract attention since I don't want to make ZiYun anxious."

Ning'Er nodded and then I tell her "Ning'Er, tell your father to be vigilant toward the Sacred Family. And also keep an eye toward the elders. They will propose an engagement between you and Sacred Family."

Hearing this, Ning'Er just giggled. As I look at her reaction, I couldn't help but sigh, since it looks like she treats my word as joke, since she is still a child afterall. Well let's see in the future 2 years later, maybe I will save her from Shen Fei and give the character I hate the most a good beating. I give her a warm smile before I leave the duo.


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