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Author :ProfMush
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"So late today,did the old guy give you excess work?", asked grandpa while smoking dried fish over the smoky fire.

"You are older than him grandpa so stop calling him old , as for work , it was just the usual , I was just slow today."Ren replied while throwing down his backpack and hurrying next to Grandpa.

One thing that has really shocked generations is the astoundingly high appetite exhibited by growing children and it was no exception for Ren who had just eaten at old Yin restaurant.

"I will never get old , if your grandma was alive she would have told you how I still have youthful energy, ha ha ha ", grandpa replied with a loud laughter . Ren joined in the laughter as they began eating the fish , he had grown used to such language from his grandpa.

"Remember tomorrow it's 100 squats before you depart for school." a shout was heard from the other room. Ren let out a sigh and didn't reply back as he spread a mat and lost himself in deep sleep.

"One.... five...eleven.....sixty.....s..ev..e..n.t..y!....."

Ren counted loudly within the chilly morning breeze. It was slightly dark as it was five in the morning.

Something unusual happened that morning, Ren had accomplished the 100 squats too early and the next few words from his grandpa caused him to wish being crippled. He was ordered to make another 100 jumps above a 1 meter raised platform.

Ren's feet showed huge veins and his stomach grumpled with every jump. Off course it was the taste of breakfast that kept him jumping and it was finally over ,

at 6:30 in the morning.

"What ! ",Ren couldn't believe it ,he began cursing absent mindedly moving into his room and packing his items and some training clothes. He ran into the kitchen and began preparing breakfast for his grandpa. "You don't have to , I already prepared some,here take this bun and hurry to school."

So grandpa too has a heart,Ren thought to himself and took the bun and hurriedly ran to school,a five Mile distance.

"You , little brat ,you are late again. Give me a good reason not to punish you!"

A seven foot tall and robust figure stood by the gate with a huge " Kashima School" banner .

This was the basketball coach who happened to be on duty that week .Ren cursed ! This was the second time that week he had been late,and it was the second day of the week.

"I...wa.s....",Ren couldn't find a good reason and could only shakingly stare at the tall figure with a look full of pity.

"Oh, I thought so,you did it to taste my disciplinary! Face the gate !! "


The sound of a whip landing on Ren's back was heard ten times.

"Run to class and don't be late to clean the basketball court before four in the afternoon!", The teacher on duty roared behind the limping figure of Ren .

"That little brat never learns, mphh!!"

The figure said while retreating to his office.


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