Star Wars: Force Bound
34 Bound By Fate
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Star Wars: Force Bound
Author :Soulcrystal
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34 Bound By Fate

The hum of energy blades swung around in the air could be heard and the collision of a green blade against another with the absence of color reverberated through the room.

The black blade that was held by the boy had white electrical energy flowing through it like veins. It had a very unique feel to it and definitely was of a different quality than the green one.

Both still were a genuine blade that could hurt and kill so there was no judgment on that.

The black blade in Jack's right hand deflected the green blade nearly without any effort before the person using the green blades distanced herself.

Jack smirked and moved his lightsaber downward letting it face the ground, changing his posture and stance.

"You should really rethink that reverse grip of yours.", commented Jack on the female's stance.

That got a pout in response and a slight frown.

"Do no start with that now. Why is everyone complaining about my reverse grip? Also, I am not complaining about your reverse grip, am I?", complained Ahsoka nearly instantly.

Jack laughed a little. "I don't mean that you should forget about it. Dual-wielding suits you. It's more about your attacking that lacks power when you use your blade in a reverse grip."

Jack twirled his second lightsaber on his left hand. "Look, every time I attack I change it back to a normal grip with the Force." Showcasing what he meant Jack outstretched his left arm and let his lightsaber spin on the surface of his palm.

It got so much spin to it that it became a blur to the eye and could be sued as a shield.

But Jack only grabbed the hilt in perfect timing and let the blade rest. "The length of the blade is necessary to keep a good offensive capability in your fighting. Only defending will get you so far. But the reverse grip..."

Jack changed both blades into a reverse grip and let the blades rest behind him. The cooling effect brought a slight chill to his neck that also seemed to calm down his mind.

"With this, you can utilize more of your body. It makes you agile and hard to predict. Your defense also becomes more solid because the blades are closer to your body."

When Jack said that Ahsoka seemed to have enough and charged at him again but the next second she could feel how her body was pulled towards Jack and she even lost the grip of her own Lightsaber and Shoto

Jack only smirked when he had Ahsoka completely defenseless in front of himself. He let her to the ground and deactivated his blades. Letting them levitate towards a cupboard at the side he went into a martial art stance.

"And you also got your hands free to use the Force freely. How about you keep to one blade as long as you are not yet good enough with the Force?"

Ahsoka squinted her eyes and took on the challenge.

"I can feel your frustration. Let it flow and fuel your determination. But..." He caught her fist and swept one of her legs away. When she fell Jack pinned her underneath him holding her arms on the ground. "Don't let yourself get controlled by your emotions. What makes this? The 37th time you are on the ground?"

Ahsoka could only sigh and now smirked back at him. "38th...Are you losing count?" she asked back.

"You know, if you were an Echani you would probably be happy about losing that much.", said Jack to her.

Ahsoka questioned that. "Why would that be the case?"

"Echani communicate their emotions through combat and sparing. Most female Echani even chose their partners through it. Let's say you would be completely all over me if you were from that race." Jack chuckled lightly.

But what he didn't expect was that Ahsoka pursed the lips to a smile and quickly kissed his cheek.

When Jack realized that and looked at her he could only see her smirking. "What, didn't expect that now, did you?", she asked a hint of smugness.

Jack looked in her blue eyes for a little while and then came closer to her face with his own. That got a reaction out of her and her smug expression became surprised. She even became slightly restless not knowing what he was going to do now.

"Careful there, Ahsoka. I could get the wrong idea." Jack said it playfully in a hushed voice and then stood back up, letting her free from the submission.

Sometimes he forgets that a teenager has that playful curious attitude towards the other gender. And even his own body reacted to it. He could feel his still fast-beating heart. That being said only his mind and morals were actually holding him back.

He noticed since their bond was created that Ahsoka seemed to be much more...proactive in teasing him than he would like it. And she still managed to surprise him more often than not.

But then again, he kinda throws those curveballs that don't need to be mentioned himself.

Looking at her he could see now that her body was already growing more and more into the female figure that she would become.

Right now her body was rather petite with the small mounds on her chest but that would already change in only a few years. Not to mention when she becomes a full-grown woman.

Scratching his head over his own damn thoughts he looked at the door only at the right moment for it to open up.

Yoda was walking into the room and looked at the two younglings with a somewhat curious expression. That is because Ahsoka was still lying on the ground not having moved an inch.

"Diligent, you are. Training together, a good thing is. Follow me, young Shea should. Young Tano, wait here, you will." Yoda said and started walking back out.

Ahsoka was frowning after standing up as well and looking after Grandmaster Yoda.

Jack saw that and put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry so much. You will get yourself a master for sure. They just need to figure out who is good enough for you." His words were of the encouraging type.

He said to her those words because most of the others from the wolf clan had already either left for the agriculture corps or had become padawans. Some unfortunate ones even left the order.

That showed how harsh the selection actually was. Not even with Jack's training did they all manage to uphold a certain standard. And now only Ahsoka and himself were still left in this clan.

She smiled back at him and even got her small chest back up to show her pride. Ahsoka was sure of her skills and very confident. So it was understandable that her not being selected by anyone hit her even harder.

But knowing Jack was still here made her mostly confused. She also knew he was the best out of all the younglings in the clan. And he was still held back to become a padawan. At least since the clone wars started the Battlemaster Cin Dralic gave them some training in a few basics of the other forms.

Ahsoka focused on Ataru with implementing some aspects of Jar Kai while Jack went after Niman and Jar Kai. At first, it made Ahsoka question his choice of focus since it is said that the form was the most non-aggressive and that diplomats mostly used it.

But after sparing so much she knew that style is way more than just simple jack of all trades and master of none. If the user of it is well versed in all aspects it could become a deadly instrument and Ahsoka knew how strong Jack was in the force.

So choosing a form more reliant on it was not all that bad.

That aside, his words really helped her mood get back up and she only nodded. "Hope you tell me what master you are going to learn under."

"Of course, why would I keep silent about that?", smiled Jack and went ahead following the little green guy after telekinetically summoning his lightsabers and hanging them on the magnetic clips that were on his belt. "See ya later."


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