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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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"Boss, that young man is coming. He's only Elite+, relax," he said.

The old woman glared at Lion-man, "Shut up! Even if he is, he must've been related to the one who made that barrier," she said.

Song Tian, who just arrived in the cultivation world, didn't expect his new land would be located on the town square.

There's a lot of luxurious buildings and shops beside his property, while his new place is only a small house with empty land.

Song Tian looked around and found the small restaurant in front of him is the only place open at this moment.

Arrived at the restaurant, Song Tian went to introduce himself to the owner of the small restaurant.

Song Tian found out the old woman is called Zantia, and the town he's in is called Almara Town.

Almara Town is located on the central continent of the cultivation world.

At first, Song Tian thought he's going to saw some high technology stuff when he arrived at the cultivation world.

But it turns out there's no floating vehicle like the one he got from Gale Hudson or some sort of sci-fi oriented building.

Song Tian also got to know with the lion-man wearing a metal armor as he's the only customer at this time.

Lion-man is called Aaron Sukus, he's a mercenary. He also lives not far away from the small restaurant.

Song Tian took out some gifts he prepared for his new neighbors and handed it to Zantia and Aaron Sukus.

Looking at two cocoons in his hand, Aaron Sukus asked, "What is this?" he said.

Song Tian answered, "It's spiritual crop's fruits, you will see a juice and meat sandwich inside," he said.

Aaron Sukus puzzled, "Huh? You're joking, right?" he said as he didn't believe any of it.

Song Tian smiled, "Open the cocoon, and you'll see," he said.

Aaron Sukus immediately opened one of the cocoons, and steams are coming out of it, revealing a bun with chopped meat inside.

Zantia, who's looking from behind the counter, couldn't help but surprised.

"Spiritual energy? Who is this young man?" Zantia thought as she saw spiritual energy coming out from the food.

Song Tian spoke, "If you want to eat it, make sure to prepare some milk. It's really spicy," he said.

Aaron Sukus laughed, "Milk? Pfft, who needs that," he said as he immediately stuffed the spicy meat sandwich into his mouth.

Not long after Aaron Sukus took a bite, he's surprised as the sandwich is delicious.

But as he bites more of the food, Aaron Sukus felt something wrong with his lip and tongue.

Looking at the lion-man, Song Tian laughed, "Open another cocoon, it'll help you slightly," he said.

Zantia, who's not talking much until now surprised, "Strengthening effect? How is this possible?" she said as she saw the aura of Aaron Sukus starting to increase after eating the food.

Aaron Sukus, who's also realized, couldn't help but look at Song Tian. "Song Tian, do you have more of this sandwich? I'll buy it for 100 universal coins each," he said while still feeling the burn in his mouth.

Song Tian replied, "Don't be hasty, that strength is only a temporary, it will stay in your body for one minute," he said.

Song Tian continued, "But at first consume, your defense will be increased permanently. Are you sure you're still willing to buy it with that price?" he said.

Aaron Sukus nodded, "I'm still going to buy it with that price. One minute gain of strength will be a good aid for my works," he said.

Song Tian smiled, "Sure, I have 6 more of this sandwich if you want to buy," he said.

Zantia suddenly spoke, "Song Tian, I'll buy them all!" she said.

Aaron Sukus gasped, "Boss, I'm the one who ordered it first!" he said.

Zantia shrugged, "Let's go outside, if you can withstand my attack, I'll let you buy it," she said.

Aaron Sukus could only smile bitterly as he can't do anything when it comes to an old woman in front of him.

In the end, Zantia is the one who bought 6 spicy meat sandwiches.

Song Tian may appear calm, but in his heart, he's stunned as he didn't expect someone would buy his sandwich at that price.

One universal coin is equal to $10 in his country. With 6 of his spicy meat sandwiches sold for 100 universal coins each, Song Tian earned $6000.

Aaron Sukus asked, "When are you going to get this spiritual crop again?" he said.

Song Tian pondered, "I think I will start to plant it in six days," he said.

Although Song Tian already got a gate to the cultivation world, he won't start his farm immediately.

With the main quest and the chicken coop affair, Song Tian couldn't just start a new farm somewhere else.

Song Tian also needs six days because that's the day where he harvests his crop, and he needs to synchronize all his plants.

Even in the cultivation world, his crop growth rate is still affected by the Goddess of Nature's blessing.

Aaron Sukus surprised, "You're the one who plants it?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian nodded, "Yes, I am," he said.

Aaron Sukus thought Song Tian get the spiritual crop from someone else, he didn't expect the young man in front of him is the one who cultivates it.

Song Tian asked, "Where do I need to get my permission to start my business in this town?" he said.

Aaron Sukus answered, "Let me bring you to the city lord's office. It's not far away from here," he said as he stood up.

Song Tian nodded and went to follow Aaron Sukus.

Several moments later, Song Tian already got permission from the City Lord. He didn't expect to get permission straight away without taking out any money.

Aaron Sukus also surprised as usually someone would have to pay some fees for permission in this town.

On the way, Aaron Sukus looked at Song Tian, "Hey, why are you so relaxed? It's weird to see city lord gave away permission for free," he said.

Song Tian asked, "What's so weird about it?" he said.

Aaron Sukus replied, "It's weird, that city lord is known for his greediness. There's no way he would just give you the permission for free," he said.

Aaron Sukus continued, "You have to be wary of that lord, he might have something on his mind," he said.


"Human over there, don't move!"

Aaron Sukus's face changed, "I knew it!" he said as he saw a lot of guards pointing weapons at them.
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Aaron Sukus looked at Song Tian, "It's city guards, hurry up and run! I'll hold them up for you," he said.

Song Tian surprised as he wondered why all the guards are pointing their weapons at them.

Then Song Tian looked at Aaron Sukus in front of him, "It's fine, let me take care of it," he said.

Aaron Sukus gritted his teeth, "The fudge are you talking about? Your strength is only at Elite+, just flipping run!" he said as he started to fight the guard.

All of them are at Legendary+, there's no way Song Tian could handle them. That's what Aaron Sukus thought.

Song Tian looked at the fight, and he couldn't help but feels touched.

Song Tian even started to think he feels some sort of power of friendship beginning to flow through his veins like some protagonists in anime and manga.

"Hurry up, or else, I can't eat that sandwich if you're captured by those guards," Aaron Sukus shouted.

Song Tian, "..."


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