Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
144 In His Backyard
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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144 In His Backyard

At 5 AM, getting out of his meditative state, Song Tian saw two chickens were silently staring at him.

As Song Tian kept looking at them, he's surprised to find the qi flowing through his chickens.

Once his chickens started to integrate with the chicken coop back then, Song Tian tried to see if there's an abnormality in his chicken.

He didn't find anything except a regular flow of qi found in every living being.

Now Song Tian spending a night with his chickens, a strong qi suddenly could be seen flowing inside his chickens.

Song Tian looked around and found out another chicken also has qi flowing in their body. "Ah! Don't tell me they've awakened their phoenix bloodline?" he said as his eyes lit up.

Song Yi suddenly spoke, "Master, it's not a phoenix," she said.

Unconvinced, Song Tian looked at the Rooster 1 and Hen 1 stats.


- Name: Rooster 1.

- Breed : Leghorn [six chickens left to advance].

- Status: Healthy.

- Friendship: Friend.

- Foods: Yes.

- Increase Friendship Requirement: Spent time with it.


- Name: Hen 1.

- Breed : Leghorn [six chickens left to advance].

- Status: Healthy.

- Friendship: Friend.

- Foods: Yes.

- Eggs: Yes. Will lay ??? eggs at every 00:01 AM.

- Increase Friendship Requirement: Spent time with it.

After looking at his chicken's stats, Song Tian's body began to tremble uncontrollably, holding his excitement as another new thing appeared.

Song Tian laughed, "See, even the stats show the breed is going to advance," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Six chickens left to advance? Also, why did the egg amount become question marks suddenly?" Song Tian said.

Song Yi answered, "But it's not really a phoenix," she said.

Song Yi continued, "The new amount of eggs will be available after chicken started to lay an egg again tomorrow. I also have no idea how many eggs they'll be able to produce from now on," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Then what creature is it going to evolve if it's not a phoenix?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "I don't know, that new thing on your chicken stats suddenly appeared after they're being enveloped by the golden light," she said.

Song Tian didn't believe what Song Yi said. Since the new thing appeared and the system itself is provided by Song Yi, there's no way the owner didn't have any idea about it.

As for the golden light, Song Yi must've known something about it.

Knowing what Song Tian thought, Song Yi sighed, "Master, although I don't know what is that new thing, I'm sure your chicken isn't going to evolve into a phoenix," she said.

Song Yi continued, "But I do know about the golden light leaking from your body," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "You know about the golden light? What is it?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "It's the energy from the law of creation," she said as she started to explain.

After Song Tian started to train that law, the spiritual energy in his body is slowly changing into energy from the law of creation.

When Song Tian meditated, the impure energies which previously occupied are coming out from his body, being replaced by more purer energies.

Those excess energies then started to enveloped Song Tian's chickens.

The excess energy started to envelop the chicken because the energy itself also carries manifestation from Song Tian's desire.

Deep down, Song Tian really wants his chickens to become similar, like a mythical creature, phoenix.

When Song Yi told him about that, Song Tian's face flushed red as his hidden desire is being exposed by his system.

Song Tian asked, "Is there any possibility for my chicken changed into a phoenix because of that?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "No, those energies won't change the living being into a creature that already exists," she said.

Song Yi continued, "Because your mastery is only at 4%, at most it will only improve your chicken," she said.

Song Tian pondered, then his face changed, "Wait, already exist? You mean phoenix is real?" he couldn't help but ask.
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Song Yi answered, "Yeah, it is. The phoenix itself is one of many celestial beasts in its universe," she said.

Song Tian's eyes lit up as he didn't expect the mythical creature he saw on many stories, and legend turns out to be a real creature.

When Song Tian asked how a human know about the mythical beast, Song Yi can't answer him as she had no idea.

Song Tian started to speculates that humans from the past accidentally saw the real creatures visiting this universe and started to write its legend, which passed until this time.

Song Yi told him the reason she knows about the golden light because the integrated coop and barn are also using those energies to improve Song Tian's animals.

That's why Song Tian's animals can produce and grow up faster than other creatures in other places, even without help from the law of time.

Song Yi also told him the celestial spirit already has the law of creation mastery at 5%, the moment they're born into this world.

But the celestial spirit can't increase their mastery for the law of creation any further and stuck at 5% forever.

That's also the reason why Song Yi can help Song Tian to revive Giga, Mamat, Matsuno Tamiko, and others from death.

Song Tian, who hear that couldn't help but surprised, "5%? Does that mean I can also revive any creature after I reach 5%?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "Yes, but if the spirit and soul are destroyed, you need to increase your mastery more," she said.

Song Yi continued, "But I have no idea at what percentage you need to reach to be able to revive the spirit and soul," she said.

Song Tian laughed as he didn't expect the god-like cheat almost within his grasp. He went outside to finish his work, so he can train the law of creation after that.

Four days have been passed. Every hen in Song Tian's farm now produces 4 eggs every day.

With a total of 24 hens, excluding the smaller ones, Song Tian's farm produces 96 eggs every day.

In front of the spiritual tree, a lot of round containers could be seen hanging around its branches.

Song Tian sighed, "Ah, I need to wait for another week to finish my main quest," he muttered.

Song Tian thought the spiritual tree has the same amount of yield as a regular tree, which is 1000 fruits.

Turns out, his spiritual tree only produces 500 fruits.

After harvesting the cheese, Song Tian picked one of them and starting to look at the stats.

[Low-Moisture Mozzarella]

- Type: Spiritual Tree.

- Plant Cultivator: Song Tian.

- Effect: [Whole: HP +100.000, Endurance +100] for one minute & [One small bite: HP +10.000, and Endurance +10] for one minute, both durations can't be stacked.

Song Tian forced a smile as he looked at the stats, there's no way he can handle the whole cheese by himself.

Song Tian went outside and handed the whole low-moisture mozzarella to Claudia Lawrence.

After discussing the price, the low-moisture mozzarella will be sold at the farm shop for $100.

The farm will also sell the quarter and half part of it for $25 and $50.

Song Tian already made another container for the quarter and half part of the low-moisture mozzarella cheese and put them into his shop.

As Song Tian walked outside from the shop, he saw his grandfathers, Song Lian and Zhu Dong, are talking with Xin Hao.

All of them had serious looks on their faces. Song Tian walked towards them.

After greeting all of them, Song Tian asked, "Grandpa, what happened? I thought you're staying at the Pinwheel Galaxy for a little while," he said to his maternal grandfather.

Song Lian told him that Zhu Dong is stayed at Pinwheel Galaxy for a little while, to monitor Xin Jiang and Lin Jiao's training. He didn't expect his maternal grandpa already back on Earth.

Zhu Dong hesitantly looked at his grandson.

Song Tian asked, "What? Is it another invader again?" he said, which makes Xin Hao who heard it, startled.

Xin Hao rubbed his temple as he looked at Song Lian, "Ah, Old Lian, did you tell him about it?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Lian sighed, "We can't hide it from him, Xiao Tian already knew about Andromeda," he said.

After hearing the story, Xin Hao also sighed, followed by Zhu Dong.

Song Tian asked, "What about Grandpa Yang, Uncle Rob... Err, I mean Grandpa Rob and Grandpa Daichi? What about grandmas?" he said.

Zhu Dong answered, "Xiao Yang is at the Northern Coast, Old Rob at Trisia, and Daichi is at Milverion," he said.

"We're operating separately because the invader this time is going to attack different places simultaneously."

"Both of your grandmas are currently protecting the crystal," she said.

"From the information we gathered, some group will attack on around this area soon."

Hearing what his grandpa said, Song Tian surprised, "This area? Why?" he couldn't help but ask.

As far as he knows, there's nothing unusual in Springville for Andromeda's invaders to attack.

Zhu Dong answered, "There's a sealed gate connected to the dimensional room left behind by the Founder's father. Invaders are aiming for that," he said.

Zhu Dong continued, "Since the seal is somehow weakening, people from Andromeda managed to identify it," he said.

Song Tian pondered, "Weakening? Is there no way to strengthen the seal? Grandpa, what are the thing inside that dimensional room?" he said.

Since the people from Andromeda can detect something far away with their technology, there's no way they only want a dimensional room.

There must be something inside it.

Zhu Dong shook his head, "I have no idea, Old Lian, and I never went inside that room before," he said.

Zhu Dong continued, "Only The Founder can enter and exit that room as he pleases. It's tough to call The Founder, his communication device is always turned off," he said.

Just as Song Tian about to say something, he felt a severe pressure out of nowhere.

Song Lian suddenly spoke, "Xiao Tian, stay in your farm," he said.

Song Lian continued, "Old Hao, Old Dong, set the barrier formation around the vicinity," he said.

Xin Hao and Zhu Dong nodded as both of them immediately disappeared.

Not long after, Song Tian saw everyone around the vicinity started to lose their consciousness, and their bodies disappeared simultaneously.

The only one left on his farm is Sindria.

Song Tian started to panic, he thought the invaders are kidnapping his workers.

"Don't worry, I moved those peoples to my dimensional room. It's easier to evacuate them that way."

Song Lian's voice suddenly rang in Song Tian's mind.

Song Tian asked, "Grandpa, what if those peoples woke up? Isn't it troublesome to explain it to them later?" he said through his mind.

Song Lian answered, "They're not going to wake up," he said.

Song Lian continued, "I'll teach you this technique later. It's convenient to evacuate people in some unexplainable situation," he said.

Song Tian nodded, "Grandpa since invaders are attacking this area, where's the location of the sealed gate?" he asked.

Song Lian answered, "It's around your farm's area," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "Where?" he said.

Song Lian answered, "The gate is located just beside your backyard's gazebo," he said.


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