Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
134 Song Tian Learned About Spiritual Herb
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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134 Song Tian Learned About Spiritual Herb


Sidestepping to the left, Su Wen starts to punch back the man on his throat.

The man coughed as he held his throat after being punched while gritting his teeth really hard, enduring the pain.

The man glared at Su Wen, "Fu...Fu...Fudge your m..." he said as he started to lose his consciousness and fell to the ground.

Su Wen shook her head, she took the man's bracelet.

Looking around, Su Wen didn't see any people around the vicinity, she couldn't help but sigh.

Su Shu's voice suddenly rang in her mind, "You seem to enjoy this a lot, master," she said.

Su Wen smiled, "I don't know. It just different than the time I spar with Xiao Xia and Little Yui," she said.
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Su Shu laughed, "In just 40 minutes, you already took fourteen bracelets," she said.

After taking down an opponent after stepping into the battle zone, Su Wen suddenly feels she needs to collect more bracelets from another participant.

Su Wen also had this similar feeling when she tames a monster or collecting a rare item drop in a survival game.

She usually plays that with Song Tian, Song Xia, and Elisa Delgado.

Not long after, Su Wen's eyes lit up as she heard a step not far away from her.

Meanwhile, in the observation room, Song Tian is drooling as he looks at the food in front of him.

On a huge plate, slices of meat glistening with a dark red sauce, sprinkled with several tiny slices of vegetables which Song Tian didn't recognize, are sit perfectly beside the rice.

While the dish itself already makes Song Tian drools, there's a thing which makes him even surprised.

The food is enveloped by a purple light! It's Song Tian's first time to see such a thing happened in real life.

Song Tian knows that his aunt's cooking is delicious, but he never knew his aunt could cook this kind of food, which Song Fen called spiritual food.

Earlier, Song Tian also witnessed his aunt, Song Fen, cooked in front of him.

Ignoring the kitchen appeared out of nowhere in the observation room, Song Tian saw his aunt cooked the food under ten seconds.

Song Tian asked if Song Fen also has a system or something like that, but she's not.

Song Fen told Song Tian that she learned this from her master, Selena.

Song Fen got to know Selena from her father. Song Lian told her that Selena is The Founder's friend.

During her time visiting the Martial Hall, Selena found a potential on Song Fen and decided to becomes her master.

Song Tian asked, "Aunty, what kind of effect did this food has?" he said.

Song Fen asked, "How do you know about the effect?" she said.

Song Tian answered, "Since you said it's spiritual food, I just tried to guess. My spiritual crop also has some effect after eating it," he said.

Song Fen surprised, "You can cultivate the spiritual crop? No wonder," she said.

"This spiritual food will add twenty levels to all the stats permanently on the first consume."

"After that, the effect will only fully recover HP and MP."

Song Tian looked at the food, "Mana? This food can also recover mana?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Fen nodded, "Yeah, it's using a spiritual herb. It's an effect from the herb I took from dad's warehouse," she said.

Song Tian gasped, "Herb? Wait, did grandpa plant a herb for his own medicine?" he asked.

Song Fen shook her head, "No, he usually bought it from his system or from the cultivation world," she said.

Song Fen continued, "Are you going to ask your grandpa to teach you to plant the spiritual herb? Unfortunately, he didn't plant it," she said.

Song Tian sighed, "Yeah, I was thinking about that. I'll ask him later, maybe I can find a way to plant the spiritual herb," he said.

Song Fen smiled, "It'll be good if you can plant the spiritual herb. Hurry up, eat the food," she said.

Song Fen looked at Song Jia and cats, who watched the monitor excitedly, "Xiao Jia, Xiao Li, Xiao Yu, let's have lunch," she said.

Looking at her family eating, Song Fen smiled, "Xiao Tian, didn't you said your system is here? Where is she?" she asked.

Song Tian answered, "She's with her cousin wandering around. They want to try this county's cuisine," he said as he took a bite on the meat.

Several moments later, after finished eating, Song Tian opened his panel to look at his stats.

- Name: Song Tian [Level 4].

- HP: 220.000/220.000.

- MP: 170.000/170.000.

- Strength: Level 110.

- Endurance: Level 120.

- Agility: Level 105.

- Mental Strength: Level 80.

- Equipment: Intermediate Tools.

- Ability: Dairy Stats, Poultry Stats, Crop Stats, Fish Stats... Click to see more.

- EXP [850/5000].

Song Tian surprised, "It even increases my HP and MP," he exclaimed.

Song Li and Xiao Yu also surprised as they suddenly feel their strength significantly increased after eating the food.

Xiao Yu looked at Song Fen and then Song Tian, "Your family is really something," she said.

Song Fen smiled, she looked at Song Jia, "Xiao Jia, the test is almost over. Hurry up and do your thing," she said.

Song Jia sighed, "Aunty, you're the matriarch, why I'm the one doing this," she said.

Song Fen chuckled, "Beat me first," she said.

Song Jia's mouth twitched, she glared at Song Tian who's trying to hold his laugh.

Several moments later, Song Jia already announced the test result.

Everyone is startled when they heard a result of someone who knocked out more than fifteen peoples and the fastest one to clear the test.

When everyone saw the one who held the result, they're startled as it's an unknown young woman called Su Wen.

They've never seen Su Wen in Martial Hall before, and everyone started to speculates on where she's from.

Some of them even started a rumor that Su Wen is a secret disciple from the higher up.

Amanda Berg also passes the test in her group, although she didn't clear as fast as Su Wen.

The worker walked toward Su Wen, "Miss, Matriarch told me to bring you," she said.

Su Wen nodded and went to follow the worker.

The worker knocked on the door, "Matriarch, the person is here," she said.

"Let her in."

The worker nodded as she opened the door for Su Wen.

Stepped inside the room, Su Wen surprised to see Song Tian grinning at her, "Didn't you told me you're not coming?" she said.

Song Tian chuckled, "What do you think? How is it feel to be limelight?" he said.

Song Fen glared at Song Tian, "Stop teasing her," she said.

Song Fen looked at Su Wen, "You already got the other two rewards from my niece, right?" she said.

Su Wen nodded, "Yeah, Sister Jia already gave it to me," she said.

Song Fen smiled, "Good. Since Xiao Tian told me that you like cooking, you can watch me cook your spiritual food reward," she said.

Su Wen's eyes lit up, "Can I really watch it?" she said.

Song Fen smiled, "Of course," she said as she walked to the kitchen, followed by Su Wen.

In front of the desk, an old man hesitantly asked, "Young miss, are you sure you want to hold this auction? I don't want to offend his family," he said.

Shen Lan chuckled, "Don't worry, Song Tian isn't that petty. I just want to make him realizes his limit," she said.

Shen Lan continued, "Make sure to invite all the best farmers all around the world. I'll make an invitation for Song Tian myself," she said.

The old man sighed, "Alright," he said as he left.

Shen Lan looked at some images on her monitor, and most of them are Song Tian's farm captured from outside view.

Gazing at the picture frame on her hand, Shen Lan's eyes full of longing, "Soon, you'll realize that your little farm didn't stand a chance against the others," she muttered.

"I'll make sure to led you back on the right path."


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