Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
120 Like a Muscle Balm
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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120 Like a Muscle Balm

Passing the door, Su Wen looked around, she saw many trees and plants she has never seen before. She found herself on top of the hill.

Su Wen looked at the skies and surprised to see the blue planet.

Taking out her phone, Su Wen asked, "Is that this planet's moon?" she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Yeah, Gale told me it's this planet's moon," he said.

After taking a picture of the blue planet, Su Wen started to point her phone toward the town.

Su Wen zoomed her camera and saw many different types of humanoid species walking around.

Seeing Su Wen playing around with the camera on her phone, Song Tian smiled, "How is it?" he asked.

Su Wen answered, "This is really great! But I don't see any green bald humanoid in the town," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "I've never seen that one yet. I wonder if there's really a species like that," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Let's go to Gale's house," he said.

Su Wen nodded as she followed Song Tian.

"Welcome, my master is waiting for you."

Arrived at the place, both of them are greeted by the humanoid robot.

In the living room, Gale Hudson looked at Song Tian, "Where's the food at?" he asked as he didn't see Song Tian brought anything with him.

Song Tian laughed, "I brought the chef itself, you can ask her to make you the food. You'll be her first customer on another universe," he said as he introduces Su Wen to Gale Hudson.

Gale Hudson looked at Su Wen, "Any Earth foods are fine, I'm fed up with the food from this planet," he said.

Song Tian asked, "Is the food here really that terrible?" he said.

Su Wen nodded as she's also curious about that.

Gale Hudson clicked his fingers, and his robot arrived with the food.

Song Tian and Su Wen saw the food which had meat, noddle, and bread. There's also a vegetable which both of them never seen before.

Gale Hudson slides the plate toward Song Tian and Su Wen, "Try it, and both of you will understand," he said.

Song Tian glanced at Su Wen, nodded. Both of them immediately tried the food.

While Su Wen seemed to be fine, Song Tian already making a weird face.

Looking at Song Tian and Su Wen, Gale Hudson couldn't help but laugh.

Song Tian went to the sink, "What the flip have I put into my mouth?" he said.

Su Wen's face paled, she sat back on the chair. Cold sweats could be seen all over her face.

Song Tian looked at Su Wen, "Su Wen, try to check if that thing is even edible for a human to eat," he said.

Su Wen smiled bitterly, "On the stats, I saw it's edible. But the taste is really terrible," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "It tastes exactly like a muscle balm, how the fudge is this even edible," he said.

Su Wen replied, "Is that how the balm's taste like? Wait... Are you saying you've eaten the balm before?" she couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian answered, "Not purposely, back in my elementary school, Wang Hai sneakily put the balm on my food," he said.

Song Tian looked at Gale Hudson, "How the fudge you even managed to live with this food?" he asked.

Gale Hudson laughed, "That's why I have to endure to wait for human or another species which had similar taste buds as us to deliver the food," he said.

Without saying anything, Su Wen went to her dimensional room to cook some foods. She couldn't help but pity the old man to eat those foods every day.

Several moments later, Song Tian and Gale Hudson are leaning back on the chairs with their full stomachs.

Gale Hudson lit up his cigarette, "I didn't expect you're really good at cooking," he said.

Gale Hudson continued, "If you're opening a restaurant on this planet, that would've been great. I already transfer the money into your account," he said.

Su Wen shook her head, "I'm not ready to open a restaurant on another universe while I haven't made one on Earth," she said.

Su Wen continued, "How did you know my bank account?" she asked as she didn't even tell Gale Hudson about it yet.

Song Tian laughed, "He's the one who made the device for your elder sister, remember?" he said.

Su Wen surprised. That's right! With the technology Gale Hudson possessed. Something trivial such as that is easy for him.

Song Tian asked, "Gale, is it okay if we roam around in this planet? I'm planning to bring my friend here to look around," he said.

Gale Hudson laughed, "You can roam anywhere, there's no danger in this galaxy," he said.
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Song Tian asked, "Why?" he said.

Gale Hudson answered, "Because in this Oldrun Galaxy, no one can harm each other," he said.

Gale Hudson continued, "It's like a non-PK zone in the game, Oldrun is basically the safest galaxy in the Universe-15," he said.

Song Tian's eyes lit up, "Great! Su Wen, let's go!" he said.

Gale Hudson stopped both of them, "Before going out, remember, don't eat any fruits, plants, or anything on this planet," he said.

"There's no aggressive creature or beast here, but don't hunt them because most of them aren't edible,"

"If you see the water had an unusual color, don't even try to drink or swim in it."

Gale Hudson took out an iron ball and handed it to Song Tian, "Use this vehicle, it can cross the land, sky, and sea," he said.

Song Tian picked the iron ball, "How to use this?" he asked.

Gale Hudson answered, "Just click that button, it will automatically transform," he said.

Gale Hudson continued, "Don't worry about fuel, there's no such thing as fuel in my dictionary," he said.

In front of the house, Song Tian clicked the iron ball, and it immediately floated to the empty area to transform.

Song Tian looked around at the floating object in front of him excitedly. It had an oval shape, with the front side had a smaller size while on the back had a bigger size of it.

The bottom part of it made out of metal material, while on the top section, it had a glass material.

As Song Tian looked around, he didn't see any propeller or anything like that to keep the object float.

Following Gale Hudson's guidance, the floating object already synchronizes itself with Song Tian.

Song Tian looked at Gale Hudson, "How much is this?" he asked.

Gale Hudson answered, "It's free, but let Su Wen use the gate as I will order the food from her," he said as he handed Su Wen an iron ball.

Gale Hudson told her it's a communication device.

Gale Hudson looked at Song Tian, "But if you want to upgrade this vehicle, you need to pay," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "Upgrade? You can upgrade this? It already can travel on land, sky, and water, right?" he asked.

Gale Hudson laughed, "Firearm, Barrier, Increase Speed, Radar, and other stuff," he said.

Song Tian replied, "What if I want to upgrade this so it can travel to another planet?" he asked.

Gale Hudson smiled, "This bad boy can travel between planet already. If you dare and have the money, I can even upgrade it as your transportation between universes," he said.

Gale Hudson continued, "Anyway, I already installed a smart map. It already had a complete map on this planet. It will also immediately mapped the Earth once you used it there," he said.

Several moments later, in the vast desert, Song Tian already used to control the vehicle.

Song Tian looked at the screen on the dashboard, "The back seat is enough for four peoples, we can set the destination and let it automatically drive. It even had a glass flooring for us to see below," he said.

Song Tian continued, "This vehicle also had small dimensional storage to store some stuff. I wonder who Gale really is," he said.

Su Wen beside him replied, "Maybe he also had a system," she said.

Song Tian shook his head, "Nah, if he is, Xiao Yi would've detected it already," he said.

Song Tian looked at the mountain, he looked down and saw a clear distinction between desert and grassland.

Su Wen's eyes widened as she saw a mountain filled with huge colorful mushrooms.

"Song Tian, go to that mountain," she said.

Song Tian nodded and started to drive toward the mountain.

As they got closer, both of them shocked to see at how big the mushroom is. It's even bigger than the tree on Earth.

Su Wen looked around as they're slowly landing to the land, "Is it safe to stop in this area?" she asked.

Song Tian looked at the screen, nodded, "Yes, as long as we don't eat these mushrooms," he said.

Parking the vehicle, Song Tian and Su Wen stepped out of it.

Su Wen awed, "So beautiful," she thought as she looked at the large mushrooms surrounding her.

Su Wen saw small glowing creatures flying around the mushroom forest.

Looking at Su Wen, Song Tian smiled, "Give me your phone, I'll take a photo of you," he said.

Su Wen took out her phone and handed it to Song Tian.

After taking several photos, both of them went to the vehicle.

Song Tian sat on the chair, "The only creatures we found only those small creatures, huh," he thought.

Song Tian looked at Su Wen, "You decide where to go," he said.

Su Wen looked at the screen as she moved the map with her finger. Not long after, she taps the location, and it immediately set the waypoint toward that location.

Song Tian looked at the map, nodded, and started to drive toward the waypoint.

Several moments later, Song Tian saw red smoke. He looked down and saw an old man unconscious beside the campfire.

Not long after, Song Tian stepped out of the vehicle and started to inspect the white-haired old man.

Song Tian found out the old man had pointy ears, "Is this old man an elf?" he thought.

Su Wen asked, "How is it?" she said.

Song Tian sighed in relief, "He's still alive, just need some energy. Do you have some water?" he asked.

Su Wen nodded, she took out a water bottle from her dimensional storage and handed it to Song Tian.

After helping the old man have some water, the old man started to open his eyes.

The old man looked at the young man and young woman, "Please give me some food," he said in a low voice.

Su Wen immediately took out some foods from her dimensional storage and handed it to the old man.

The old man started to eat the food slowly, and as he keeps eating, his body began to glow brightly.

The old man laughed, "I feel it... I feel the energy," he said excitedly.

Sensing there's no threat from the old man, Song Tian pondered, "What is this old man gonna do? Is he going to evolve or something?" he thought.


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