Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
106 For the Greater Good
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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106 For the Greater Good

After dinner, Song Tian went to check the new mannequin made by Goddess of Creation in his dimensional room.

Poking the shoulder of the mannequin, Song Tian couldn't help but shivered.

"What the... It feels way more similar to human," Song Tian exclaimed.

The mannequin had translucent materials, and Song Tian almost can see through the black liquid inside it.

As Song Tian looked closer, he's surprised to find the mannequin had a complete structure of the human skeleton.

Wiping the sweats on his forehead, Song Tian looked at the panel floated beside the mannequin and took it to see the instruction Goddess of Creation left for him.

On the panel, Song Tian saw the list of the instruction.

- This hitting target is made by replicating human's structures.

- You don't need to hold back your strength with this mannequin as I made it, so the mannequin will be restored to its new state once its break.

- The mannequin also can replicate human's internal organ, just in case if you want to experiment.

- If you attack or use the law of creation or destruction, the mannequin will calculate how much you've been mastering the law.

- You can set the mannequin to becomes a moving target, you can do that by imagine on how you want it to moves while it's in passive behavior.

- You can set the mannequin to attack, and you can set its strength to whatever you want (Don't bite more than you can chew).

- Once you set it to attack you, if you lose, the mannequin will stop and heal you once you're almost on the brink of death.

- If you already reach 10% of both laws, we'll meet again.

- Click the [OK] button, and this panel will integrate with Song Yi.

Song Tian clicked the [OK] button, and the panel disappeared immediately.

Song Yi's voice could be heard, "Master, you can check it in your own panel," she said.

Song Tian opened his panel and saw a new interface called [Training Interface]. He immediately clicked it.

[Training Interface]

[Set Behavior]

- Passive.

- Defensive.

- Offense & Defense.

[Set Strength] (Disabled: Defensive/Offense & Defense Behavior Required!).


- Law of Creation: 0%.

- Law of Destruction: 0%.

After looking at the [Training Interface], Song Tian's eyes lit up. He immediately went to punch it.


[Law of Destruction: 0%]

Looking at the stats, Song Tian shook his head, "So the regular attack won't be calculated, huh," he thought.

Song Tian went to apply the law of destruction on his fist and started to punch the mannequin again.


The red color appeared in the spot where Song Tian hit the mannequin. He looked at [Training Interface] again to see his mastery of the law of destruction.

[Law of Destruction: 0.005%]

Song Tian eyes widened, "Only 0.005%? Are you kidding me?" he exclaimed.

Song Tian used the exact amount of power when he breaks his previous mannequin made by unbreakable metal ingot, and he didn't expect his mastery on the law of destruction to be that low.

Several moments later, Song Tian could only manage to increase the law of destruction to 0.008%.

Looking at the mannequin in front of him, Song Tian pondered on how should he apply the law of creation to attack it.

After pondering for a while, Song Tian looked at his stats, and he had 20.000 mana left.

"Let's hope it doesn't consume too much of my mana," he muttered as he started to apply the law of creation to the mannequin.

After Song Tian said that, the mannequin's size suddenly increased as numerous holes appeared all over its body. White objects slowly crawling its way out of those holes.

Some of the white objects are also made its way back to the body of the mannequin by drilling it.

There are also green colored where the holes appeared.

While the mannequin is covered by the white objects, Song Tian saw the black liquids slowly dripping from the holes in the mannequin's body.

"Darn, I didn't expect to make bones grow and spreading rapidly like a root would be this horrifying," Song Tian thought.

As the bone roots disappeared, the mannequin's size came back to normal, and Song Tian looked at the [Training Interface].

[Law of Creation: 0.002%].

Looking at the stats of his mastery, Song Tian could only smile bitterly.

"It cost me 15.000 mana, and I haven't even tried the other behaviors, yet," he muttered.

In the end, Song Tian decided to stop training and went to sleep.

Two days later, after harvesting the wheat, Song Tian stepped out of the combine harvester while smiling in satisfaction.

Ever since Mamat increases the Yield Efficiency to perfect, Song Tian ended up harvesting 10.000kg of wheat, which makes him in a good mood this morning.

Song Tian went to Su Wen's stall and saw there are a lot of peoples already.

Song Tian even saw the cats, Song Li, and Xiao Yu, hanging around Su Wen.

"It's not even one hour and peoples already swarming her stall. Looks like I have to wait," he thought as he went to the worker's gazebo.

While looking at his phone, Song Tian suddenly smelled a fragrance. He turned around and saw Claudia Lawrence, Giga, and Mamat brought some foods with them.

Claudia Lawrence sat in the couch, she looked at Song Tian who's staring at the foods on her hands.

"Boss, this food isn't spicy, it doesn't suit your taste," she said while she hides her food away.

Mamat grinned as he voraciously devours his food, "Wow, this is so amazing," he said.

Mamat continued, "Boss, you know the feeling when eating this food? It's like the meat melted as it touches my tongue, and the complex flavors spreading around as if it comes down from the heaven just to spoil my taste buds," he said.

Song Tian's face twitched while Claudia Lawrence and Giga were laughing.

Several moments later, after Song Tian tortured by watching his workers eating the delicious food in front of him, his eyes lit up as he saw Su Wen is coming.

Su Wen handed a huge container, "Here's your food," she said and went back to her stall.

Claudia Lawrence surprised, "Wow, when did you order the food?" she asked.

Mamat nodded, "Strange, I only saw you sat here watching us eating," he said.

Song Tian grinned, "I'm ordering it by phone," he said as he opened the containers.

Claudia Lawrence, Giga, and Mamat were shocked to see the foods in the container.

Claudia Lawrence's eyes lit up, "Boss, are you ordering these foods for all of us?" she asked.

Mamat grinned, "As expected of our boss," he said.

Just as both of them were going to take the foods, they saw the containers disappeared.

Song Tian laughed, "For all of you? No no no, these foods are mine," he said as he immediately started to devours his foods.

Claudia Lawrence and Mamat could only watch as the foods devoured quickly.

Several moments later, Song Tian walked to the stall to return the food container back.

Su Wen asked, "Did you already find a way to grow those mushroom?" she said.

Song Tian shook his head, "Not yet," he said.

Su Wen sighed, "Too bad, there's no recovery food. The rest of them are similar to the sandwich I gave you yesterday," she said.

One day earlier, Su Wen came to gave Song Tian the sandwich, which increases Song Tian's agility significantly.

While Su Wen is around, Song Tian asked if Su Wen had any food that can recover his mana.

Unfortunately, the only food Su Wen had to recover mana is the mysterious soup which requires Alvis's mushroom as an ingredient.

Su Wen asked, "You just harvested your wheat, right? When are you planning to sell the wheat flour?" she said.

Song Tian answered, "I don't know, you can take some if you want," he said.

Song Tian asked, "Are you planning to do some bakery stuff?" he said.

Su Wen shook her head, "No, I want to complete my main quest," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Quest again? You really do enjoy grinding those quest, huh," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Speaking of the quest, might as well take a look at my own," he said, and a scroll appeared in front of him.

- Eight Main Quest: Your Own Spiritual Crop.

- Requirement: Create 3 of your own variety of spiritual crop's seeds (0/3).

- Optional Requirement: Completes 20 farming-related quest on the Interuniverse Quest Board (0/20).

- Rewards: ???.

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Song Tian surprised, "Xiao Yi, what's that?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Yi answered, "Master, my cousin didn't see you doing any quest. That's why I put that optional requirement," she said.

Song Yi continued, "If you do the optional requirement, I'll give you some additional reward," she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Can I not do that? Twenty quests seem too much," he said.

"Please, do it! It's for the greater good, master," Song Yi answered.

Song Tian could hear that Song Yi seems to be panic, "What happen if I don't do the optional requirement?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Yi continued, "If you're not doing that, my cousin might cancel our holiday trip," she said.

Song Tian, "..."


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