Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
102 Another Quality
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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102 Another Quality

Song Tian woke up in his dimensional room and looked at the watch.

"Crap, it's already 8 PM," he said as he immediately gets up.

Song Tian looked at the new practice target Goddess of Creation made for him, but he decided to check it later. He needs to makes dinner for his little sister first!

Walking inside the cabin, he found Su Wen is on the kitchen making dinner. Song Tian turned around and saw Song Xia is glaring at him.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian just arrived, "What's happening? Xiao Yi told me that you've fainted inside your dimensional room," she said.

Song Tian smiled embarrassingly, "I use too much energy to train," he said.

Su Wen sighed, "Too much energy, huh? Don't be reckless again and keep an eye out of your mana," she said.

Song Xia who's hearing her brother just fainted couldn't help but surprised.

"Brother, you're losing your consciousness during the training? How is that possible?" she asked.

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Song Tian smiled, "Let me clean myself first, and I'll explain it," he said as he went to his bedroom.

After cleaning himself, Song Tian smiled apologetically, "Su Wen, sorry for the trouble," he said.

Su Wen smiled, "Don't worry about that," she said.

Song Xia asked, "Brother, what's happening?" she said.

Song Tian told them what happened. Su Wen isn't really surprised as she has seen Song Tian revived Xin Yin's parents.

Song Xia, however, looked at her brother weirdly as she didn't believe any of it.

Song Tian noticed his little sister's expression, and he cuts his finger, which makes Song Xia surprised.

Song Tian grinned, "Xiao Xia, this right here is what it's called healing magic like in those RPG games," he said as his finger's wound immediately closed in front of Song Xia's eyes.

Song Xia eyes widened as she saw the wound closed before her eyes.

"Wow, that's amazing! Brother, do it one more time!" she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Wait, let me see how much of my mana decreased by using that," he said as he opened his stats.

- Name: Song Tian [Level 4].

- HP: 50.000.

- MP: 45.000/50.000.

- Strength: Level 30.

- Endurance: Level 40.

- Agility: Level 28.

- Mental Strength: Level 35.

- Equipment: Intermediate Tools.

- Ability: Dairy Stats, Poultry Stats, Crop Stats, Fish Stats... Click to see more.

- EXP [650/5000].

Song Tian surprised that it needs 5000 mana for the small wound on his finger.

Song Tian also can see that several of his stats are increased from his training.

"I think that will be enough, that small wound alone is already cost me 5000 mana," Song Tian said.

After talking for a while, Song Xia managed to convince Song Tian to show the law of creation one more time.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian who's cleaning the dish, "My sister clinic will be ready soon," she said.

Song Tian replied, "That's great! Speaking of your sister, where is she? I haven't seen her for a while," he asked.

Su Wen answered, "She's in overseas, to buy some equipment for her clinic," she said.

Su Wen continued, "She will be in Archaine tomorrow," she said.

In the morning, inside of the barn, Song Tian looked at his cow inside the breeding room.

- Name: Cow 2.

- Breed: Holstein.

- Status: Healthy.

- Friendship: Friend.

- Food: Yes.

- Milk: None.

- Estimated Times: 3 days.

-Increase Friendship Requirement: Spent time with it.

Song Tian patted the cow, "Xiao Yi, my cow will give birth soon. What should I do?" he asked.

After looking at the cow's stats and saw the estimated times left, Song Tian started to get nervous.

Song Yi answered, "Master, the breeding room will assist the cow in giving birth at ease," she said.

Song Yi continued, "You don't have to worry as the cow won't feel any pain during the birth process," she said.

Even after hearing that, Song Tian still worries about the cow left alone when giving birth.

Song Tian took out his phone and called Su Wen to ask about Su Lin.

"My sister will be here tonight, what's happening?" Su Wen's voice could be heard on the phone.

Song Tian replied, "My cow is about to give birth in three days. I want to ask your sister help," he said.

Song Tian continued, "I thought your sister will be coming this afternoon. I will ask her tomorrow," he said.

Su Wen replied, "Alright, I will let my sister know after she's arrived," she said.

After talking for a little bit, the call ended.

Walking outside of his barn, Song Tian saw Wang Hai's car arrived.

"Brother, what's up?" Song Tian asked as Wang Hai walked toward him.

Wang Hai grinned, "I'm bored in the office," he said.

Song Tian asked, "Don't tell me you're dodging another meeting?" he said.

Wang Hai laughed, "Yeah, Brother Qiang will handle the meeting for me," he said which makes Song Tian speechless.

In the gazebo, Wang Hai sighed, "I told my dad that I want to work directly in the construction site, but he won't let me," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "You want to work in the site directly? Is your work at the office really that boring?" he couldn't help but ask.

Wang Hai smiled bitterly, "All I do is handling some documents and supervising some workers on the site," he said.

Wang Hai continued, "My hands are itching to try the [Ability] you gave me," he said.

Song Tian pondered, "Have you shown the [Ability] to your dad? He might change his mind once he saw it," he said.

Wang Hai shook his head, "I haven't, he's really busy," he said.

Wang Hai continued, "The reason I'm here is also related to that," he said.

Song Tian sighed, "I don't really have anything want to build at the moment," he said.

Wang Hai looked around. His eyes lit up as he saw Giga and Mamat are sitting on the bench beside the shop.

"Brother, your workers always hanging out in that bench, right?" he asked.

Song Tian nodded, "Yes, they're always sitting there. I already told them to use my living room," he said.

Wang Hai grinned, "How about I build them some kind of shelter for them to hang out?" he said.

Wang Hai continued, "Look at them, hanging out on a wooden bench, I feel really bad for their working condition," he said.

Song Tian's face twitched as he heard that, but what Wang Hai said is indeed true.

Song Tian can't just let his workers hanging out in the wooden bench like that.

"How much is it?" he asked.

Since his brother took the bait, Wang Hai laughed, "It's free, I just want to use the [Ability] again," he said.

Song Tian shook his head, "That won't do, just tell me the cost," he said.

Wang Hai replied, "But you need to use your money for your farm," he said.

Song Tian laughed, he told Wang Hai about the bluefin tuna and how much he earned after selling that.

Wang Hai shocked to hear Song Tian earned millions from selling the fish.

Wang Hai sighed, "Too bad you release half of them to the ocean," he said.

After Wang Hai shows the cost of the building, Song Tian immediately transfers the money.

Wang Hai told him that he will start building in the evening.

Wang Hai continued, "Where's Kenji?" he asked.

Song Tian chuckled, "He's being dragged by his fiancee somewhere. I saw both of them already left this morning," he said.

Wang Hai laughed, "He must've been really busy, his house is almost finished after all," he said.

Several hours later, Song Tian, Claudia Lawrence, Giga, and Mamat looked at the gazebo behind the shop.

This gazebo is filled with sofas, coffee table, and a small fridge. Wang Hai even made a retractable glass wall around the gazebo.

The glass wall had 3 modes, transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Wang Hai told them they can easily switch the mode on the button on top of the coffee table.

Wang Hai also made additional room for Giga and Mamat since Claudia Lawrence already had her own restroom.

Song Tian looked at his workers, "The fridge is empty right now, you can fill it with anything you want," he said.

The workers nodded eagerly, especially Giga and Mamat since they're finally had a more comfortable place to hang out after work.

At night, Wang Hai already left, and Song Tian went to the dimensional garden to check the book Alvis left him.

Looking at the bookshelf, Song Tian didn't know which one to read as there are a lot of books in there.

As he looks around, Song Tian found a letter from Alvis which tell him which book he needs to read first.

Picking the green book on the top shelf, Song Tian immediately read the content inside.

"Before learning to plant the spiritual crop, one must reach the [Star Quality] on the regular crops first."

Reading the first part, Song Tian nodded as he felt he's already qualified to learn it. He continues to read the book.

Song Tian looked at the requirement list.

- After the crops reached [Star Quality], take the seeds from the fruit and plant them in any place.

- To avoid the hassle from getting the bees, increasing the fertilizer and sacrificing the other fruit to let one sucked all the essences in the plant, read the red book on the middle section of the bookshelf.

- After the crops reached the [Elite Quality], take the seeds to combine it with other things.

Song Tian stopped reading the requirement list immediately after he saw the [Elite Quality].

"Wait.... [Elite Quality]? Is that supposed to be higher than [Star Quality]?" he thought.

Song Tian thought the [Star Quality] already the highest possible quality on the regular crops, turns out he's wrong.


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