Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
90 It“s Only a Starting Poin
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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90 It“s Only a Starting Poin

Four days have been passed since Xin Jiang and Lin Jiao revived, Xin Hao decided to settle with his wife on Earth.

Xin Yin and his parents temporary live in the small apartment, they're planning to build a house beside Gao Zhao's house.

Song Tian's parent's house also already done, but Song Xue and Song Xia still live in Song Tian's place as they're already used to it.

A day before this, Song Tian harvested 3-star quality crops, and he decided to make a vote in his shop for customers to determine which fruits or vegetables to sell on the shop.

Now Song Tian already saw the vote, he's surprised that 60% of his customers prefer [1 Star High-Quality], and 40% of them choose to vote [2 Star High-Quality] crops.

None of his customers voted for [High-Quality] even when Song Tian already put it on the voting box.

According to Claudia Lawrence, 3-star quality crops is well received by the customers, it just the price are too high for them, which is understandable to Song Tian.

Since Song Yi can alter the quality of the fertilizer on the farm, Song Tian also makes 3 new fields for his star quality crops, it's called [1 Star Field], [2 Star Field], and [3 Star Field].

Song Tian also named the place for his experiment with the crops as [Experiment Field].

Song Tian looked at the planted area in front of his cabin, "Should I call it Normie Field or Field for Normies?" he thought since he decided to let the [High-Quality] crops stay in there.

Song Tian shook his head, he decided to call it [Normal Field].

Since 30.000 bluefin tuna already matured, Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, can I use your express to send 15.000 bluefin tuna back to the ocean?" he said.

Song Tian answered, "Yes, my worker can send them back," she said.

Song Tian hearing that couldn't help but relieved since he doesn't need to drive all the way to the beach and rent a boat to release the bluefin tuna anymore.

Several moments later, Song Yi's workers already picked 15.000 bluefin tuna.

Song Yi giggled, "Master, you just released 45 million dollars worth of fish right there," she said.

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Song Tian laughed, "I still had 15.000 to sell anyway," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Is there even a limit on selling the fish to you directly?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "No, you can sell as much as you want," she said.

Song Yi continued, "Although the price depends on each world's demand, you don't need to worry about bluefin tuna as it's always a high demand in my world," she said.

Song Tian asked, "So if I were to sell the bluefin tuna, it's usually going to your world?" he said.

Song Yi replied, "Yes, as for the other fish, it'll be sent to the place where it's the most demanded," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "So you guys like to eat fish, huh," he said.

Song Yi chuckled, "No, it's used to feed an ocean spiritual beast on my world," she said.

Song Tian gasped, "Feed? Why not use it as a food supply for your world?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Yi laughed, "Master, our kind, celestial spirits can only eat spiritual stuff. Such as spiritual crops and others," she said.

Song Tian nodded, but soon surprised, "Celestial spirit? Xiao Yi, is that the name of your kind?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "Yes, that's the name of our kind," she said.

Song Yi continued, "Since you already become a disciple of Goddess of Creation and God of Destruction, you naturally can hear the name of our kind. Master, why don't you sell your fish to the Basic Seller?" she said.

Song Tian shook his head, "Heck no, I don't want to lose a lot of money," he said.

After that, Song Tian sells 15.000 bluefin tuna to Song Yi for $20/kg or $3000 each since all of his bluefin tuna are weighed at 150kg.

Song Tian earned 45 million dollars in one go after selling all of his bluefin tuna.

He didn't need to worry about selling 15.000 of them as he still had 6 of bluefin tuna left for breeding purposes.

After the limit of the fish eggs increased to 3000, Song Tian had 10 ponds on the dimensional room, so he can hatch a total of 30.000 eggs. Not counting on what he called decoy ponds on the [Fish Field] building.

Song Tian looked at his bank account through his phone and didn't know what to say.

Now he's suddenly gained so much money, Song Tian found that it's not as exciting compared to when he sells it to the other peoples.

Even though Song Tian sell the bluefin tuna for Song Yi's world, he still feels it lost the touch of interaction with the other people.

Song Yi chuckled as she knew what Song Tian is thinking right now, "Master, you need to level up, so you can directly sell your product to my world or any place you wants to," she said.

Song Tian startled, "I can sell my product to the other universe by myself?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Yi answered, "Of course you can, you're already God's disciple, the law of the universe won't dare to lay it hands to you anymore," she said.

Song Yi continued, "But as how to do that, I don't have the information yet. That's why you need to level up. All I can say is the Earth is only a starting point of your farm, think of all the possibilities, master," she said.

Starting point? Song Tian is really surprised at this. He started to think about all the possibilities of his farm.

If the Earth is only a starting point, that means someday he can even start his farm somewhere in the other world.

Not long after, Song Tian shook his head as he decided not to think about it.

He's not even reached Pedro Costa's level yet in farming, Song Tian needs to think about improving his farm first.

With all the money on his bank account, Song Tian decided to buy the rest of the storage upgrade.

Material Storage Upgrade, Egg Storage Upgrade and Milk Storage Upgrade cost him $550.000.

Song Tian also decided to buy Building Ability and Blacksmith Ability for Wang Hai and Yoshida Kenji, which cost him $500.000.

Looking at two transparent gems in his hands, Song Tian asked, "How to use these?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "You just need to tell them to focus their qi to the gems and the ability will be transferred to them," she said.

Song Tian nodded, but he still got a lot of money left, he didn't know what he's going to do now.

Song Tian suddenly remembered when Su Wen told him about the grain field back then.

"I need to build a grain field, but first, I need to buy a tractor!" Song Tian thought.


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