Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
83 Going to Check It Later
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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83 Going to Check It Later

"Alright, I'll contact you once I'm ready," Song Tian said as he put his phone back to his pocket.

Earlier, he's called by Lin Qiang's workers, and they told him to contact them once he's ready to sell the Bluefin Tuna as their acquaintance also looking for it.

Song Tian also found the couple names are Liao Jin and Felicia Tan.

Before he went to sleep, Song Tian added another 50 square meters to the Basic Fishing Pond inside the dimensional room, so he can store a total of 15.000 fish in there.

Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, is the 300 eggs limit really limited to the type of fish?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "It's actually limited to the pond," she said.

Song Tian eyes lit up, "Does that mean I can bypass the limit if I build another breeding pond?" he said.

Song Yi giggled, "Yes, you can. Wow, I didn't expect you can think the loophole in it," she said.

Song Tian immediately builds another 49 breeding ponds, which make him had a total of 50 breeding ponds inside the dimensional room.

With all of the breeding ponds available, Song Tian can hatch 15.000 eggs in a short time.

After he builds the last breeding pond, Song Tian immediately moves 50 pair of bluefin tunas to each pond so he can produce 15.000 eggs tomorrow.

"Now about the fishing pond outside," Song Tian muttered.

After pondering for a while, Song Tian shook his head and went to sleep.

At 6 AM, after Song Tian already finished his work, he went to his dimensional room and move all 15.000 eggs to the bigger pond.

Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, can the fish breed continuously?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "After breeding, it has a one-day cooldown before the fish can breed again," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "That's great, I can finish the quest quickly and remove these breeding ponds soon," he said.

Although having a lot of breeding ponds is convenient for Song Tian, it takes the space of his dimensional room.

Song Tian is waiting until the eggs limit to be increased, so he can remove the breeding ponds and only use one to save the space of his dimensional room.

Looking at the empty field, Song Tian sighed, "What if someone is going to observe the growth of the bluefin tuna? It's going to be a problem if they can see the fast growth of the fish," he thought.

Song Yi chuckled, "Master, leave everything to me. I can make it as if the fish had normal growth," she said.

Song Yi continued, "I can even edit your video from the CCTV you've installed, making it seems you've been rearing the bluefin tuna for a very long time," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Oh, you can even edit the video? Are you sure?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Yi laughed, "Just leave everything to me," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Fine," he said.

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Song Tian continued, "I need to contact Wang Hai. I can't just build the Basic Fishing Pond and leave it open outside," he said as he took out his phone.

Not long after, Song Tian got a reply from Wang Hai that he will come this afternoon.

Several hours later, Wang Hai arrived at Song Tian's farm.

Looking at Song Tian at the field, Wang Hai asked, "So, what's the plan?" he said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "I only thought of building the Basic Fishing Pond on the entire field, but I can't just leave it open outside," he said.

Wang Hai nodded, "So we just need to cover the pond, right?" he asked.

Song Tian answered, "Yes, it only needs cover," he said.

Song Tian isn't worried about the depth of the water and size of the pond since the Basic Fishing Pond simulates the real living condition for any type of fish.

Song Yi also told him that the fish live inside the Basic Fishing Pond won't get restricted by the size of the pond because the fish inside will think they're swimming in the vast ocean.

In reality, the fish only swims in one place without moving that much.

After talking for a while, Wang Hai already noted the building for Song Tian.

Wang Hai's workers will build a huge warehouse-like building, and then Song Tian can build the Basic Fishing Pond after that.

The building estimated time will only take 3 days.

Wang Hai looked at Song Tian who's rubbing his temples, laughed, "Too much stuff going on in your farm, huh?" he said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Yeah, I have to think of this and that before doing anything," he said.

Song Tian continued, "I even had to think on how to make the fishing pond outside to be more believable to a normal people," he said.

Wang Hai laughed, "That's why you need to hire a manager, they can take care all of that for you," he said.

Wang Hai continued, "But with the abnormal stuff you had, it will be hard to find one," he said.

Song Tian sighed, he was also thinking of getting a manager, but it'll be even harder for him to hide the strange stuff he got from Song Yi.

Song Yi also told him to look for a wandering spirit and make it become a manager, but the spirit must have a management skill.

If the wandering spirit didn't have it, they could only do a regular job as a farmhand.

He didn't even know if the spirit sighting posted on the supernatural section of the Global Forum is real or not.

After pondering for a while, Song Tian decided to check the Global Forum later.

Two days have been passed, and the bluefin tunas on the breeding ponds already hatched another 15.000 eggs.

Just after Song Tian wakes up, Song Yi's voice rang in his mind, "Master, congratulations for completing the Side Quest 17: Hatch the Eggs," she said, and a scroll appeared in front of him.

- Rewards: New option on the [Building Interface], and Amount of eggs allowed in the Basic Fishing Pond increased to 3000.

- (Claim now).

Rubbing his eyes, Song Tian immediately claimed his rewards and went outside to work.


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