Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
81 Opening the Stall
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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81 Opening the Stall

In the evening, after Su Wen left, Song Tian started to milk his cow and not long after, he closes the metal bucket and looked at the heifer and bull stats.


- Name: Cow 2.

- Breed: Holstein.

- Status: Healthy (Ready to breed).

- Friendship: Friend.

- Food: Yes.

- Milk: Breeding is required to produce the milk.

-Increase Friendship Requirement: Spent time with it.


- Name: Bull 2.

- Breed: Holstein.

- Status: Healthy.

- Friendship: Friend.

- Food: Yes.

-Increase Friendship Requirement: Spent time with it.

After looking at the stats, Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, how long does it take for a heifer or cow to breed?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "It only takes one day for them to breed and the pregnancy will last for 30 days," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Great, let's breed it now," he said as he didn't have to worry about the heifer's age since the Integrated Barn already speed up the times for it.

After leading the couple to the breeding room, Song Yi also told him that the bull will be automatically released after the breeding session is done.

Several moments later, Song Tian put the foods on the table. He looked at Song Xue, looking at some documents in her hand.

"Sister, eat your dinner first," he said.

Song Xue flips the pages, "Wait," she said.

Looking at how busy his elder sister is, Song Tian sighed.

Song Tian looked at his little sister who's eating rapidly, "Xiao Xia, do you need more games?" he asked.

Song Xia gasped, "Of course, why?" she couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian smiled, "Put all the games in your account wishlist, I'll buy all of them for you," he said.

Song Xia eyes lit up, but its dimmed soon as it's unusual for her brother to do something like this.

Usually, her brother always let her buy anything but games because it'll affect her study.

Song Xia asked, "Brother, usually you won't let me buy games. What's happening?" she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Look at your elder sister, neglecting the foods and buried herself in work almost every day," he said.

Song Xia looked at Song Xue, "Yes, she's really busy," she said.
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Song Tian sighed, "Do you want to be like that? Imagine looking at documents every day, you can't eat delicious food and didn't even have the chance to play the games," he said.

Song Xia shook her head, "No, I want to eat all day and play the games for the rest of my life," she said.

Song Tian asked, "You still want to be a content creator or streamer, right?" he said.

Song Xia nodded, "Of course, I got to play the games, I also get money from ads, donations, and subscribers on my live stream," she said.

Song Tian grinned, "See, if you're still become content creator and streamer, you will have a lot of times to travel, enjoying a lot of foods around the world, and meet a lot of peoples. You even had the times to do some side job, such as product endorsement and others," he said.

Song Tian continued, "All of that just from recording and streaming gameplay. If you follow your elder sister, you don't really have the time to do all of that," he said.

Song Xia face changed, she can't even imagine if she follows her elder sister's path.

Song Xue face twitched as her little brother, and little sister is talking about her, "Xiao Tian, stop leading Xiao Xia astray," she said.

After talking for a while, Song Tian went to sleep.

In the morning, Su Wen already at Song Tian's farm.

Looked at Su Wen who came early, Song Tian laughed, "Wait, I'm going clean myself," he said as he went to the bathroom.

At the living room, Su Wen looked at Song Tian, "Where should we open the stall?" she asked.

Song Tian answered, "Before that, we need to rent some spot to put your stall," he said.

Su Wen shook her head, "We don't need to rent, the Basic Portable Stall will let me put the stall anywhere I want," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Anywhere?" he couldn't help but ask.

Su Wen nodded, "Yes, I can even put it in the public place, and no one will mind it," she said.

Song Tian surprised that the Basic Portable Stall had that function, that means Su Wen can even set her stall in front of someone else's restaurant.

Song Tian pondered for a moment, "How about we set it on the department store on Wellspring Town?" he said.

Song Tian continued, "There are a lot of peoples there even on the weekday," he said.

"Sounds good, are you ready?" Su Wen said.

Song Tian nodded, "Yeah, let me get my truck," he said.

Several moments later, Song Tian and Su Wen arrived at the department store in Wellspring Town.

Looking around, Song Tian saw an empty spot several meters away from him.

A lot of peoples are going back and forth on the road near the spot, it's near the entrance and exit from the department store to the parking lot.

Leading Su Wen to the spot, Song Tian is satisfied, the place around had the trees surrounding it to prevent the sunlight coming down directly to them.

Su Wen immediately let out the Basic Portable Stall as she also finds the spot is excellent.

The Basic Portable Stall immediately deployed instantly without arousing people's suspicion.

Song Tian saw security walked around and saw the stall, but the guard didn't mind it and treating it as if the stall has been already there since a long time ago.

On the stall, there's a small fridge, stove and other kitchenwares Song Tian didn't know.

Beside the stall, there are five small tables and chairs, enough for 10 peoples to eat.

Song Tian looked at Su Wen, "Do you have a quest related to this?" he asked.

Su Wen shook her head, "No, the main quest isn't related to this at all," she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Not the main one, I mean the side quest. Try to check it," he said.

Su Wen nodded, just as she's about to ask, Su Shu's voice already rang in her mind.

"Master, there's a side quest related to the Basic Portable Stall, do you want to see it?" she asked.

Su Wen nodded, "Yes, show it to me," she said, and the quest panel appeared in front of her.

Unlike Song Tian, Su Wen chooses the modern theme as the theme of her panel.

Not long after, Song Tian asked, "Did you already accept the quest?" he said.

Su Wen nodded, "Yes, the quest requires me to sell 50 foods, snacks or beverages," she said.

Song Tian smiled, "That's great, what are you planning to sell?" he asked.

Su Wen shook her head, "I don't really know, but I'll try to make several beverages first to see if peoples are interested," she said as she went to the stall.

Song Tian grinned, "Then I'll order an iced cappuccino, at least I got to take the number one customer spot," he said.

Su Wen laughed, "Alright, wait for me to make it," she said as she started to make an iced cappuccino for Song Tian.

After Su Wen made an iced cappuccino, Song Tian asked, "Have you decided on what to sell?" he said.

Su Wen smiled bitterly, "I don't really know," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "You already had a lot of cooking tutorials on your Sphere, how about making one of them as a starter?" he said.

Su Wen asked, "Do you think people will buy it?" she said.

Song Tian smiled, "You don't need to think it, try to make it first and see," he said.

Su Wen nodded, she started to pick some ingredients from the small fridge in the Basic Portable Stall.

The Basic Portable Stall is integrated with her dimensional kitchen, so it's really convenient for her to take any ingredient she needs.

Several moments later, Song Tian looked around the spot, and suddenly he can smell a sweet fragrance coming from the stall, and it makes him salivating.

"What are you making?" he asked.

Su Wen smiled, "I'm making Korean Fried Chicken," she said as she stirred the fried chicken with the sauce.

Song Tian gulped, just as he's about to order one portion for himself, he's startled to see several peoples already coming in front of the stall.

A woman 1 asked, "Sister, can you make a portion for me with rice?" she said.

A man 1 nodded, "Yes, make me one with rice too," he said.

A man 2 asked, "What beverages do you have?" he said.

A woman 2 asked, "Can you make me two portions, one for taking out and one for me to eat here," she said.

More people kept asking Su Wen, and she becomes overwhelmed by a lot of peoples.

"Alright, people. Please queue up."

All peoples turned around and saw a tall young man smiled at them. The peoples who swarmed the stall started to realize the owner seems to be overwhelmed, and all of them began to queue.

Su Wen sighed in relief as the peoples finally started to calm down, she began to take the order with Song Tian help.

While most of them ordered a Korean Fried Chicken, some people order other foods such as curry, sandwich, and others.

The peoples who're eating at the table beside the Basic Portable Stall are surprised to see the young woman can make any kinds of foods and snacks.

Picking the plates and glasses from the table, Song Tian put it on the dishwater on the stall.

As he opens it, Song Tian surprised to see the void inside the dishwasher, "I just put it here, right?" he asked.

Su Wen nodded, "Yes, just put it there, it will clean them automatically," she said.

Song Tian put all the plates and glasses to the dishwasher.

Several moments later, Song Tian looked at Su Wen who's making a coffee for the customers, "How is it? It's not too bad, right?" he said as he takes the coffee and delivers it to the customers.

Su Wen smiled, "Yes," she said.

At first, Su Wen is still nervous when to interact with the peoples who are ordering the foods, but she's slowly getting used to it.

After getting the money from the customer who ordered the coffee, Su Shu's voice suddenly rang in Su Wen's mind, "Congratulations master, for completing the Side Quest 5: Make Some Money," she said, and a panel appeared in front of Su Wen.

- Side Quest 5: Make Some Money.

- Rewards: Ordering Machine for Basic Portable Stall, Ability to Sell the Foods or Beverages to the System, and New Available Items in the Shop.

- (Claim Now).

Su Wen decided not to check her rewards immediately as there are still peoples around waiting to order the foods.

At 4 PM, the stall already closed.

Slowly driving his truck out of the parking lot, Song Tian grinned, "It's just your first-day opening, and you already got a lot of customers," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Some of them even started to complain when you're closing the stall, that's a good sign," he said.

Su Wen smiled bitterly, "If it were not for you around helping me, I don't even know if I can handle it," she said.

By just cooking the foods alone, she already feels the pressure of it.

Su Wen can't even imagine if she does the cooking and delivering the foods simultaneously.

Song Tian asked, "How about hiring people?" he said.

Su Wen shook her head, "No way, I won't hire a stranger," she said.

Song Tian sighed, he tried to think if there's someone Su Wen knew so he or she can be hired, but he found none of them are looking for a job.

Arrived at the farm, Su Wen went to play with the cats in the cabin, and Song Tian went to milk his cow.

After milking his cow, Song Tian went to the living room.

Song Xia who just arrived, asked, "Sister Wen, how is your stall?" she said as she already knew about the Basic Portable Stall.

Su Wen smiled, "It went smoothly with your brother around," she said.

Song Xia giggled, "That's great, next time bring me with you on the weekend," she said.

Su Wen laughed, "Sure," she said.

Song Tian asked, "Do you check your quest rewards? It might be useful for the next time you're opening the stall," he said.

Su Wen surprised, "Oh, I almost forgot about that," she said as she immediately claimed her rewards.

Looking at the rewards, Su Wen checked the new items at the shop as she somehow already know the first two rewards by the name of it.


- Music Player for Basic Portable Stall = $5000.

- Book of Basic Speed for Cooking = $10.000.

Su Wen looked weirdly at the shop, "What do I need music player for? I can just use my phone for it," she said.

Su Shu giggled, "That Music Player is for the customer. It can calm the customer's mind," she said.

Su Shu continued, "It'll calm their mind and stabilize their emotion once they hear the music from it," she said.

Su Wen smiled bitterly, "Do I really need that? It cost $5000 just for a music player," she said.

Su Shu giggled, "Master, imagine if someday you encountered an angry, sad or any different types of customers. Isn't it going to be trouble for you to deal with them?" she said.

Su Shu continued, "All of that will be solved by just hearing the music from it, saving you from a lot of troubles," she said.

Su Wen nodded, "That's actually not bad, I'll buy it," she said as she immediately purchases the Music Player for Basic Portable Stall from Su Shu.

Su Wen asked, "How about the Book of Basic Speed for Cooking?" she said.

Su Shu answered, "It'll help you speed up your way of cooking, it's going to be convenient for you, master," she said.

After that, Su Wen also asked about the Ordering Machine for the Basic Portable Stall just to make sure.

The Ordering Machine for the Basic Portable Stall is for the customers to easily order the foods.

Su Wen can set the foods available for order on her own panel, set the prices and stuff.

There's also a screen at Su Wen's Basic Portable Stall to see the order from the customers.

After the customer already ordered the foods, all they had to do is waiting at the designated area.

Su Wen doesn't have to deliver the food and just makes them wait at the designated area.

Several moments later, after Su Wen told him about the rewards, Song Tian laughed, "That's great! It'll help you a lot," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Next session, I'll come with you, but I'll watch over from far away so you'll get used to doing it," he said.

Su Wen surprised, "Far away? You can just sit on the customer's table or something," she said.

Song Tian smiled, "Nope, if it's like that, you won't get used to doing it alone," he said.

Song Tian continued, "How about tomorrow?" he said.

Su Wen shook her head, "Tomorrow is the day the bluefin tuna eggs hatched," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Ah, that's right. We can do it after that," he said.

After talking for a while, Su Wen left as it's already night.


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