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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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72 Future

Putting his battle axe on the bedroom, Song Tian sat on the bed, pondered about the price of his new fruits at the new field.

Although the taste of the fruits are way much better, it only had a slight increase in quality and still doesn't really give him the reason to raise the price, which makes Song Tian hesitated.

Unlike when the quality increase from [Above Normal-Quality] to [High-Quality], this time, it doesn't increase the size of it.

Song Tian shook his head, he decided to ask Fujiwara Ayame opinion first as she's supposed to come today.

While playing the idle games on his phone, Song Tian suddenly remembers about the mysterious soup he ate.

"Didn't Su Wen told me one of my stat will be randomly increased? Why is my stats are still the same?" he thought.

The sudden increase of his HP and MP is related to the mysterious woman he saw on his dream, so he didn't think the mysterious soup Su Wen made might have had anything to do with it.

With a lot of stuff going on in his head, Song Tian smiled bitterly, and he'll just ask Su Wen later.

Several hours later, Fujiwara Ayame came to the farm.

Song Tian walked alongside Fujiwara Ayame, showing her around his farm.

After looking around, Fujiwara Ayame asked, "So, where is it the new fruit you wants to show me?" she said.

Song Tian led Fujiwara Ayame to the new field.

Fujiwara Ayame looked at the strawberry, "Isn't that the same?" she said.

Song Tian smiled, "Try it," he said as he left some fruits in the plants to show Fujiwara Ayame.

Fujiwara Ayame immediately took the strawberry and ate it.

As she took the first bite, she's surprised the fruit taste way better than before, and she notices Song Tian looking at him as if he was anticipating something.

"What?" Fujiwara Ayame asked.

Song Tian gasped, "You didn't want to describe the taste of it?" he exclaimed.

Song Tian continued, "Like the sweetness spread around the tongue, accompanied by slight sourness as the fruit instantly melted in the mouth or something like that?" he said.

Fujiwara Ayame face twitched, "Why do I need to describe the taste of it?" she said.

Song Tian shook his head, "Ah, turns out you're not one of us," he said as he sighed.

As both of them talking, Fujiwara Ayame told Song Tian she didn't plan on getting the new strawberry as her customers already satisfied with the [High-Quality] version of it.
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But Fujiwara Ayame is interested in getting the blueberry and orange for her shop.

Fujiwara Ayame looked the orange trees outside, "Can you provide year-round supply for the orange?" she asked.

Song Tian nodded, "Of course, I can plant the orange trees in the greenhouse as it had still some space left," he said.

Song Tian continued, "In 30 days, the orange will be ready for you to take," he said.

Fujiwara Ayame furrowed her brows, although Song Tian is the only son of the Song's Family, she didn't believe Song Tian can plant the trees for that short of time.

"I don't believe it, I need to see it first whether you can plant the trees in that amount of time or not," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Sure, I'll make sure to remind you in the next month, hehe," he said.

Fujiwara Ayame asked, "What about those blueberries? I want 20.000 for my shop every month," she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "I don't even know what the price of the new fruit at this field," he said.

Song Tian continued, "If you were to compare the blueberry on this field and the other field, do you think I should increase the price of it?" he said.

Fujiwara Ayame nodded, "Of course you need to increase it for a little bit," she said as she also tried the blueberry on the planted area.

Fujiwara Ayame continued, "If the size were increased like the last time, increasing it for $5-6 wouldn't be a problem. But it's only the taste, it should be increased around $1-3," she said.

Song Tian walking back and forth in front of Fujiwara Ayame, thinking the new price of his one star quality fruits.

After pondering for a while, he decided to only increase the price of [1 Star High-Quality] fruits for $2 higher than before.

Several moments later in the living room, Song Tian got another annual contract deal as Fujiwara Ayame want him to supply the blueberry for her.

Since Song Tian offered free delivery, Fujiwara Ayame requests him to sent the strawberry and blueberry each week as it's hard for her to store the fruit for a long time.

Song Tian got $408.000 upfront payment immediately from Fujiwara Ayame.

Looking at Song Tian, Fujiwara Ayame reminded, "Don't forget to start sending it tomorrow and each week," she said.

Song Tian smiled, "No problem," he said as he didn't have to worry because he got Song Yi's Express with him.

Fujiwara Ayame stood up, "You should try to check Pedro Costa's farm to learn more about the crop pricing," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Yes, I should've gone to his farm a while ago, but I almost forgot about that," he said.

Fujiwara Ayame smiled, "Anyway, just don't be overwhelmed once you went to his farm," she said.

Song Tian asked, "Why?" he said.

Fujiwara Ayame chuckled, "You'll see it once you go there," she said.

Fujiwara Ayame continued, "All I can say is, I'm partnered with him for chocolate," she said as she left.

"Chocolate? It's made from the cocoa bean, isn't it?" Song Tian muttered, and his face suddenly changed as he realizes something.

"Does that mean he had his own flipping factory on his farm?" he exclaimed.

"Darn, I should go to his farm as soon as possible," Song Tian thought as he couldn't help but excited.

Song Tian took out his phone and sent a message to Pedro Costa, asking him when Pedro Costa is free so he could visit his farm to learn some stuff.

Not long after, he got a reply from Pedro Costa which said Song Tian can come anytime he wants to.

Song Tian eyes lit up, just as he's about to reply the message, Song Yi's voice rang in his mind.

"Master, I'm back," she said.

Song Yi continued, "This is your Fifth Main Quest rewards," she said as the scroll appeared in front of Song Tian.

- Quest Rewards: Song Yi's Breakthrough (Already Claimed), Fertilizer and Pesticide Upgrade, and New Items in Song Yi's Shop.

- (Claim Now).

Just as Song Tian presses the claim button, he passes out.

In the front of the screen, Song Yi saw Song Tian passed out, and her connection suddenly got cut off.

Song Yi immediately check Song Tian's stats and found nothing wrong on his body, "What's happening?" she thought as it's happening for a second time.

Song Yi stood up as she wanted to ask her mother about this weird problem.

As she tries to open the door, Song Yi found she can't move her body.

Song Yi's heart is in turmoil right now as she didn't know what's happening around her.

Not long after, she can move her body again, but Song Yi looked around and saw all the stuff around isn't moving for a little bit as if it was frozen in time.

Her pet which jumping around the couch is stayed still, floating in the air.

Song Yi suddenly heard a woman's chuckle, which makes her startled.

She turned around and saw a woman appeared out of nowhere.

Song Yi can't see the face of the woman at all, the only thing she can recognize is the woman had a blue hair, and she heard her voice in her mind.

"My siblings were right, you're more fit to be my disciple than your father does," the blue-haired woman said.

Song Yi was puzzled, she didn't know what the woman was talking about, she tried to ask but found she can't even speak.

The blue-haired woman's right hand glowed with a bright light as she pressed Song Yi's forehead gently as she draws something on it.

Song Yi eyes suddenly closed.

Looking at the blue light on Song Yi's forehead slowly dimmed, the light on her right hand disappeared as she lowered her hand.

"With this, you're officially my disciple," she said.

Song Yi opened her eyes, her back was drenched in cold sweat her, and the tears are dripping from her face.

Earlier, after the blue-haired woman does something to her forehead, she found herself in a different place, and a lot of things is shown to her.

She saw Song Tian beginning of life, the time when he starts his farm ambition, and their first encounter in the cabin.

Song Yi also saw Song Tian's future, which causes the tears in her eyes right now.

At the future, Song Yi saw Song Tian with his broken golden colored armor was holding a giant mass of light, preventing it from hitting a planet.

Song Yi saw Song Tian is preventing her and the other friends from moving to help him.

In the end, she saw Song Tian sighed, and he turned back at them, smiled.

Song Yi saw Song Tian smile as his pupils completely changed its shape, and the golden light swirling around his body.

"Brother, don't!"

Song Yi saw herself and other friends were shouting at Song Tian in sorrow.

As the golden light around Song Tian's body starting to get bigger, it slowly wrapping around the giant mass of light.

Song Yi saw Song Tian's body is slowly crumbling.

Song Yi saw Song Tian smiling at them and bid his farewell as his body slowly disappeared along with the giant mass of light.

Song Yi can't believe she saw such a tragedy happened to her master.

She suddenly felt a hand patted her head gently and saw the blue-haired woman in front of her is smiling at her.

"You don't need to worry about that event as you're already my disciple," the blue-haired woman said.

Song Yi now can see the face of the blue-haired woman clearly and shocked to find it's the most beautiful woman she has ever seen, but she's somehow have seen this woman before.

Not long after, Song Yi face changed as she suddenly remembered who the woman is.

Whenever her family is praying on the temple, there were huge portraits, and the blue-haired woman is one of the people in it.

Just as Song Yi was about to kneel, the blue-haired woman is holding her.

The blue-haired woman smiled, "You're a celestial spirit, as one of the ancient beings, you don't need to kneel in my presence because you're already my disciple," she said.

Song Yi surprised, "Me?" she said.

The blue-haired woman nodded, "Yes," she said.

Song Yi can't believe she becomes a disciple of a woman in front of her, but she didn't have time to get excited as she's worried about Song Tian right now.

The blue-haired woman notices this, "I know you're concerned about your master, but you can prevent it now," she said.

Song Yi asked, "How do I prevent it?" she asked.

The blue-haired woman chuckled, "I already stopped the time and reconnect your connection to Song Tian," she said.

The blue-haired woman continued, "That future you saw is because Song Tian refused to learn the law of destruction," she said.

Song Yi startled, "Law of destruction? Him?" she exclaimed.

The blue-haired woman smiled, "Yes, my little brother is offering him the law of destruction, but his ancestor's bloodline still flowed through him and makes him refuse it," she said.

The blue-haired woman continued, "He also didn't take the law of life seriously. Because of that, he never learned one of the basic law, which also prevents him from learning the law of creation, and led to the future event you saw earlier," she said.

Song Yi remembers Song Tian told her that he's encountered with a mysterious woman in his dream and he also talked about the law of life.

Now the dots are connected, Song Yi asked, "What should I do?" she said.

The blue-haired woman smiled, "You just have to make sure Song Tian agree to learn one of the basic law for the law of destruction," she said as she pats Song Yi's head.

The blue-haired woman continued, "Good luck, my disciple. Next time we meet, I'll teach you the law of time," she said as she disappeared.


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