Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
71 Harvesting the Crops at the New Field
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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71 Harvesting the Crops at the New Field

At 5 AM, Song Tian started to work on his farm. While on his way to feed his chickens, he already saw Giga is watering the crops.

Song Tian already told Giga to come at 8 AM and didn't need to be early to start his work.

But Giga said he prefers doing his work early as it'll give him more times to do other stuff after his work.
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Several moments after Song Tian finished all the work on his farm, he went to get his containers to harvest the crops at the new field.

Bringing some containers with him, Song Tian looked at each stats of his crops in the new field.


- Name: Strawberry.

- Status: Ready to Harvest.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes (1 Star High-Quality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Fruits: x50 (Max).

- Estimated Time: 7 days.


- Name: Roma Tomato.

- Status: Ready to Harvest.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes (1 Star High-Quality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Fruits: x50 (Max).

- Estimated Time: 7 days.


- Name: Blueberry.

- Status: Ready to Harvest.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes (1 Star High-Quality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Fruits: x50 (Max).

- Estimated Time: 7 days.

"Alright, let's do it," Song Tian thought as he starts to harvest his crops.

Giga who's looking around the crops saw Song Tian harvesting the plants at the new field, he walked toward Song Tian.

Not long after, Giga is already beside Song Tian, he asked, "Why don't you just buy a tractor to harvest this stuff?" he couldn't help but ask as he already researched about how the farm on this world works.

Giga is wondering why Song Tian uses the manual method on harvesting as there's a more convenient way to do it.

Song Tian shook his head, "Although I have a plan on buying the tractor, I'm not planning on buying that for this kind of plants," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Thanks to Su Wen, I have a plan on my mind to build a grain field. For that, I have to use the tractor. But it's not the time yet," he said.

As both of them talking, two hours have been passed, and Song Yi's voice rang on Song Tian's mind.

"Congratulation for completing the Fifth Quest: Crop Madness," she said.

Song Yi continued, "Master, I'll be away for several hours for a breakthrough before giving you the quest reward," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Alright, good luck on your breakthrough," he said.

Looking at the containers full of strawberry, blueberry and roma tomatoes, Song Tian and Giga picked some of them to try it.

Claudia Lawrence, who just arrived at the farm, saw Song Tian is calling him.

Song Tian looked at Claudia Lawrence who's coming toward him, he picked the strawberry and handed it to her.

"Try it, this is the result of the experiment several days ago," he said.

Claudia Lawrence looked at the strawberry, there's no difference in size compared to the previous one.

As she took a bite, she notices the flavor is way better than the one at the shop.

Song Tian looked at Claudia Lawrence expression, nodded smugly.

Song Tian started to take a bite, and he felt the sweetness accompanied by slight unnoticeable sourness of his strawberry spread around his tongue.

"If I were to plant the 2 Star Quality crops, it would be way better than this," he thought.

Just as he wants to describe more about the taste of his own strawberry in his mind like the novel, comic, manga, manhua and manhwa he read so far, he heard Yoshida Kenji is shouting at him from the other side of the road.

Song Tian eyes twitched, "Bob flipping darn it! At least let me feel like one of those protagonists," he shouted back at Yoshida Kenji.

Yoshida Kenji was puzzled, "What the fudge are you even talking about? Hurry up and come here to get your axe," he shouted.

Song Tian went to Yoshida Kenji's temporary workshop with Giga following him as he is also curious about the axe.

Inside the workshop, Song Tian saw a lot of stuff, aside from the furnace and forging tools, he didn't know anything else.

As Song Tian looked around, his eyes widened as he saw a huge battle axe laying on the tables, and he immediately went to pick it up.

Yoshida Kenji looked at Song Tian who quickly picks the axe with his one hands, laughed, "Freaky strength as usual, huh," he said.

Song Tian grinned, "Nah, I'm not really training that hard anymore," he said as he looked at the battle axe.

Song Tian tried to look at his axe gently as if he's looking at his own lover like some protagonist in the novels he read.

Giga looked at Song Tian weirdly, "What is he doing?" he couldn't help but ask.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly, "Who knows, he might be imagining himself to be one of those novel protagonists or something," he said.

Song Tian heard what both of them are talking about, "What if I'm really a protagonist?" he said.

Yoshida Kenji snorted, "Protagonist? You read too much novel," he said.

Yoshida Kenji continued as he sighed, "Back then, I even saw you sit in your bedroom balcony, looking at the sky while holding a cup of coffee like you're in some music video or something," he said.

Song Tian faces getting red as he didn't expect Yoshida Kenji saw him doing that.

After successfully changing the subject, Song Tian took a closer look at his battle axe.

Song Tian double-bladed battle axe is made pure from all of his metal ingots, from handle to the head. It only had some additional materials for the handle added by Yoshida Kenji.

It's really wide and had a length of 170cm, Yoshida Kenji also told him the weight is 300kg.

The edge of the battle axe is really sharp, Yoshida Kenji demonstrates the sharpness of it by floating the paper and silk above the axe's blade, and it's smoothly cut as both materials touched the edge.

Yoshida Kenji sighed, "It's not as sharp as I want it to be, but it should be enough," he said.

Song Tian gasped, "What the fudge do you even mean? You say that's not sharp?" he exclaimed as he saw his battle axe sharpness is already on point.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly, "I saw my teacher's sword, and it can cut the materials before it even touched the edge of his sword," he said.

Yoshida Kenji continued, "Although my training already finished, I still can't replicate my teacher's sword," he said.

Song Tian surprised, he though his battle axe is already sharp, now he can't even imagine Yoshida Kenji's teacher's sword.

Song Tian is already satisfied with the battle axe in front of him, he took out his phone and typing something.

Not long after, Song Tian looked at Yoshida Kenji, grinned, "I already paid the construction bill for your new house and the land your mom booked," he said.

Song Tian continued, "The money your mom paid previously will be refunded to your mom, and the money of the construction bill will be refunded to you. Take it as a payment for making my battle axe," he said.

At first, he planned to use his money to buy the land, but he didn't expect his mom already prepared it for him.

So he uses it as a payment for his battle axe instead.

Yoshida Kenji surprised, "That's too much! You don't need to pay for it," he said.

Wang Hai also wants to provide his house for free, but Yoshida Kenji refused after he successfully makes excuses.

Song Tian waved his hand, "Nah, it's already refunded to your mom's account anyway. Your money should be refunded soon," he said.

Yoshida Kenji heard a notification from his phone and saw it was his money being refunded by Wang Hai's dad company, which makes him speechless.

Song Tian went to test his axe and went to the trees on the new field where he meets with Giga for the first time.

Song Tian started to swing his battle axe diagonally to the trees, and it went through smoothly.

Yoshida Kenji looked at his brother swung the axe, "Yo, don't neglect that axe after you're getting bored of it. It's tough to transform that metal ingot after all," he said.

Song Tian suddenly realizes something, "Wait, isn't the material provided by Song Yi is unbreakable? How come Yoshida Kenji can transform it?" he thought.

Song Tian eyes lit up, "Is he also fated one? But if he is, Song Yi would detect him already," he thought as shook his head.

He's going to ask Yoshida Kenji later.

Song Tian looked at Yoshida Kenji and Giga, grinned, "Both of you, move back several meters away from me," he said as he's starting to hold his battle axe with both of his hands.

Giga saw Yoshida Kenji stepped back, he also followed along, "What is he going to do this time?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly, "You'll understand once you see it," he said as he knew what his brother is going to do.

Both of them saw Song Tian started to spinning around with his battle axe, chopping around the trees around him.

Song Tian laugh could be heard as he's spinning around with his battle axe, which makes Yoshida Kenji and Giga speechless.

Not long after, all the trees in the new field already chopped, leaving the stumps behind.

Song Tian wipes the sweat on his forehead, "That feels awesome," he said as he can finally do the "spin2win" move from the berserker class on his favorite MMORPG back on his school's day.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly, "Look at the mess you created," he said as he looked at the trees laying on the ground.

Song Tian laughed, "At least I can use these woods for some materials," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Anyway, can you make my battle axe had a red light or something like that?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji surprised, "I can attach some red gems if you want, but for what?" he said.

Song Tian laughed, "To makes it seems like it had a special effect when I use that move," he said.

At somewhere in the garden, a man with a red hair looked at the hologram screen, "Eldest sister, look at that! He's touching my domain!" he said eagerly as he looked at the black-haired woman behind him.

The black-haired woman shook her head, "He just uses it to clear the area for his farm," she said.

The red-haired man grinned, "I wonder how I should meet him. Should I appear as a demon? Old man? Or..." he said.

The black-haired woman glanced at the red-haired man coldly, "Little Destruction, If you're going to forcefully makes him as your disciple, I'll create a replacement for you," she said.

The red-haired man immediately shrunk back, "At least let me do something to him, it might be useful for him in the future," he said.

The black-haired woman sighed, "Fine, just don't do something stupid," she said as she took a snack and ate it.

The red-haired man grinned, a whirl of black vortex suddenly appeared in front of him as it's slowly compressed to a small size and it shot downward in a high speed.

Another woman with a blue hair appeared with a young woman with a brown hair beside her, she looked at her elder sister bickering with her little brother, sighed.

The brown-haired young woman looked at blue-haired woman, "Sister, don't mind them. They're just fighting over a young man to take as their disciple," she said.

The blue-haired woman furrowed her brows, "Who is it?" she asked.

The brown-haired young woman giggled, "It's called Song Tian," she said.

The blue-haired woman nodded, her eyes started to shine as she saw a lot of thing in her mind.

She saw Song Tian's life from the beginning to the current times.

The blue-haired woman saw Song Tian encounter with Song Yi and all of his life, surprised.

"He formed a soul bound with celestial spirit, how come I didn't know about this?" she said as she walked toward the black-haired woman and red-haired man.

The black-haired woman notices her little sister came toward her, "Little Time, what's happening?" she said as she saw the blue-haired woman seems to be confused about something.

The blue-haired woman sighed, "Sister, the young man you're going to take as a disciple has formed a soul bound with celestial spirit, but why I didn't know any of this?" she said.

The black-haired woman chuckled, "I hide it from you. Little Destruction also wants to take him as his disciple, I don't want you to join this either," she said as she glared at the red-haired man.

The blue-haired woman sighed, "I'm not, it just his celestial spirit is touching my domain through her father, and I don't know what to do," she said.

The red-haired man chimed in, "Sister Time, just take that Song Yi as your disciple," he said.

The blue-haired woman pondered for a moment, "It might be a good idea, but I'll have to see her first," she said as she disappeared.


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