Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
68 Unusual Farmhand
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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68 Unusual Farmhand

"Uncle, what's your name?" Song Tian asked as he looked at the man in front of him.

The man answered, "I'm Giga," he said.

The man still scared after thinking the young man in front of him might be a god.

Song Tian nodded, he notices the expression on Giga seems odd, "What happen?" he said.

Giga didn't dare to look Song Tian in the eyes, "Are you... perhaps a god?" he asked.

Song Tian surprised, "God? Uncle, where did that question even came from? I'm only a human," he said.

Giga slightly relieved to hear the young man isn't a god in disguise, he furrowed his brows, "How can you even create a human body if you're only a human?" he couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian laughed, "It's a long story," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Is your name only Giga? No surname at all?" he said.

Giga shook his head, "In the universe where I live, only minorities using the surname," he said.

Giga continued, "My parents gave me this name as they're inspired by their friend's partner, Giganotosaurus," he said.

Song Tian shocked, "Giganotosaurus?" he said as he immediately took his phone out.

After searching the image of Giganotosaurus from the website, he shows the picture to Giga, "Uncle, is it like this?" he asked.

Giga looked at the image, "It's similar, but it's more ferocious than that," he said.

Song Tian talked with Giga for a while, and he's disappointed to find the Giganotosaurus on Giga's universe only one of its kind.

Giga also told him that his parent's friend always made a blunder about his origin, he said he came from another universe, but no one believes him because of the universe law.

Giga pondered for a moment as he's also witnessed the law of the universe by himself.

"If it's real, how come he's not punished by the law of the universe?" Giga thought.

Song Tian looked at Giga who's wearing a vest made of leather, he started to think of buying some clothes for him.

"Uncle, for now, you can use my clothes while waiting for me to get you new clothes. It might be big though," Song Tian said as Giga only had 170cm height.

Giga laughed, "Don't worry about the size of clothes," he said as he started to become bigger.

Song Tian shocked to see Giga transformed his body size and soon Giga is the same size as him.

Giga laughed as he notices Song Tian's expression, "I can transform to any size I want, although getting used to this small body might take a while," he said.

Song Tian gasped, "Small?" he said.

Giga grinned, he went to the ground away from the Basic Crafting Station and started to transform his body size again.

Song Tian mouth wide opened as he looked at Giga's body kept expanding.

He looked up and can't really see Giga's face anymore as it's getting covered with his body muscle.

Song Tian tilted down his head until he's looking straight and he only saw giant knees.

"Holy moly! Uncle, you're massive as fudge!" Song Tian exclaimed.

Giga deep laugh could be heard, "This is the size of the giant tribe from my universe, there's also a lot of peoples from my tribe who are taller than me," he said as he slowly transformed back to Song Tian's height.

Song Tian mouth still wide open as he didn't expect the man in front of him is a giant in real life, with a height of 6 meters.

Song Tian went to pick his clothes for Giga to wear temporarily.

After Giga changed his clothes, he asked, "So, what's my task? You offered me to become your farmhand or something, right?" he said.

Song Tian didn't know what task he planned for Giga and Song Yi's voice suddenly rang in his mind.

"Master, you can open the [Farm Interface] and go to farmhand section," she said as she continues explaining the farmhand to Song Tian.

After Song Tian opened the farmhand section, he can see Giga's name on the list and clicked it.

Song Tian could see a lot of list from tilling, planting, watering, pruning, harvesting, and other stuff including poultry and dairy stuff.

Song Yi told him the task is only limited by Song Tian's farm knowledge and it'll be unlocked after Song Tian learn new stuff in farming.

Song Yi told him he can check the box beside the task list to enable the farmhand to do the task.

If Song Tian didn't put the check on the box, the farmhand wouldn't be able to do the task at all.

After the task is already set, Song Yi told him all of his farming knowledge will be shared with the farmhand.

Also, the copy of the Basic Tools will be available for the farmhand to use.

After understanding how the farmhand works, Song Tian looked at Giga, "Uncle, are you sure you want to become my farmhand?" he asked.

Giga laughed, "You already gave me a second life, I will become your farm leg if you want to," he said.

After thinking for a while, Song Tian decided to set Giga to water the crops on the planted area which had a total of 1130 crops including trees, and Song Tian can handle the rest of 2800 plants in his greenhouse and new field.

Giga looked at Song Tian, "Just let me water all of it," he said.

Song Tian asked, "Are you sure about that?" he said.

Giga laughed, "Of course, that much is nothing. I even used to mine a massive meteorite by myself," he said.

Song Tian nodded, "Alright, wait for me to call my friend. I need to think on how much your salary will be," he said as he took his phone out.

Giga surprised, "What are you talking about? There's no need for salary, I will do it for free," he said.

Song Tian waved his hand, "I can't let anyone work without getting paid, just wait for me here," he said as he dialed Wang Hai's number.

Just as before he presses the call button, Song Tian suddenly felt his energy suddenly drained out, and he's almost fainted to the floor if Giga isn't catching him.

Giga looked at Song Tian's face suddenly pale, "Damn, your energy must be drained because of making my body earlier," he said.

Giga helped Song Tian and led him inside his cabin, and after they're inside, he suddenly felt a mysterious force approaching this area.

Giga saw a light came toward Song Tian, he tries to protect Song Tian, but he found his body can't even move for a little bit.

Giga could only watch as the light shot into Song Tian's head as he gritted his teeth, he's trying to force his body to move but ended up in vain.

He looked at Song Tian's face and surprised that it's not pale anymore.

Song Tian who's fainted suddenly saw a bright light and found he's in an empty area.

He looked around and found nothing as he only saw a white-colored place.

The white-colored place suddenly changed into a dark place but filled with a lot of stars swirling around.

Song Tian looked around and found a planet which he didn't recognize at all, "Is this in space?" he thought.

Song Tian saw a light suddenly formed in front of him as it's slowly turned into a woman whose face he can't even see.

Song Tian could only see the woman's smile, but he can't even saw the face feature clearly.

He suddenly heard a faint woman's voice.

"My disciple, congratulation on touching upon the law of life. Keep working hard, and when the time is near, we'll meet again," she said as the woman in front of him disappeared along with space.

After Song Tian saw the woman and space disappeared, he found Giga is looking at him worriedly.

He sat up and asked, "What's happening to me?" he said.

Giga smiled bitterly, "You've fainted because your mana is depleted and there's some weird light shot into your head, I want to prevent it but I can't move my body at all," he said.

Giga continued, "Are you okay?" he asked.

Song Tian nodded, "Yeah, thank you," he said.

He decided not to talk about the weird light as it's probably connected to the woman he met earlier, Song Yi's voice suddenly rang in his mind.

"Master, what's happening to you? There's a sudden increase in your stats," she said.

Song Tian surprised, he immediately checks his stats.

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- Name: Song Tian [Level 3].

- HP: 50.000.

- MP: 50.000.

- Strength: Level 14.

- Endurance: Level 27.

- Mental Strenght: Level 25.

- Equipment: Basic Tools.

- Ability: Dairy Stats, Poultry Stats, Crop Stats, Fish Stats... Click to see more.

- Another hidden stats required to be level 5 to unlock.

- EXP: [800/1000].

Song Tian looked at his own stats surprised to find his HP and MP dramatically increased as he remembers the exact amount of his HP, which is 11.000 and 7000 for his MP.

He also surprised as his Mental Strength is increased to level 25 from level 10.

Song Tian asked, "Xiao Yi, do you also see the woman earlier?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "Who? I don't see anyone, but our connection suddenly got cut off for a bit," she said.

Song Tian furrowed his brows, "So you don't see anything while I'm at that place, huh?" he said.

He doesn't know who the woman is as he can't see her face and the woman even call him her disciple.

Song Tian was getting puzzled as he's never become a disciple in his entire life.

In the end, he shook his head as he decided to wait as the woman said they'll meet again when the time is near.


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