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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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66 So Unfair

Song Tian looked at Song Jia who's face suddenly pale after reading the letter, he asked, "Sister, what's happen?" he said.

Song Jia shook her head, "You can go now, Grandpa said he'll come to your farm as he's really busy right now," she said.

Song Jia continued, "Remember, don't neglect your train and disgrace our family," she said sternly.

Song Tian nodded, he bids his farewell and left with Su Wen.

In the car, Su Wen looked at Song Tian, "Why are you terrified of her?" she couldn't help but ask.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, he tells the whole stories about the mad training his elder cousin drilled him ever since he's little and his first time to see his mom's anger.

After hearing the story, Su Wen shocked, she didn't expect such thing happened to Song Tian and she can't imagine the gentle Zhu Mei rage would be like since Song Tian said she's almost killed Song Jia.

Su Wen asked, "Why is she insist on training you?" she said.

Song Tian answered, "I'm the only son in the Song's Family, my siblings and all my cousins are women," he said.

Song Tian continued, "Sister Jia is really fanatic when it comes to the family, anything had to do with Song's Family, she'll get involved no matter what," he said.

Su Wen laughed, "Being the only son isn't easy as it sounds, huh," she said.

Song Tian sighed, "Yes, I wish I had little brother or male's cousin," he said.

Arrived at the farm, Song Tian and Su Wen saw Claudia Lawrence just put the metal bucket in the warehouse.

They walked towards her and greeted her.

Song Tian smiled, "Thank you for helping me milking the cow," he said as he took some money on his wallet.

He handed the money to Claudia Lawrence, but she refused.

"Boss, there's no need for that," she said.

Song Tian laughed, he put the money on Claudia Lawrence's hand, "Just take it as an early bonus," he said.

Claudia Lawrence smiled bitterly, she didn't have a choice but to take the money.

After talking for a while, Claudia Lawrence left.

Song Tian and Su Wen went to the small dimensional garden Alvis left him.
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After passing through the portal, Song Tian jaw widened as it's his first time to enter the dimensional garden.

Alvis definition of small is a bit off, the small dimensional garden size is huge, it's two times the size of his greenhouse.

Song Tian looked around as there are a lot of plants in the garden, he didn't even water it, yet the crops are still showing its vitality.

Song Tian saw a letter on the table, he took it and read the content inside.

"Song Tian, put your blood on the green crystal beside the letter so you can bring the dimensional garden to wherever you want and don't forget to put fresh water in the tank each month for the auto sprinkler. Make sure to study the book I left you in here if you feel you're ready for it."

Song Tian surprised, no wonder the crops are still healthy, turns out there's auto sprinkler in it.

Song Tian looked at the green crystal on the table, he cuts his finger and let his blood drip on it, and he heard Song Yi's voice suddenly rang.

"Unknown grade dimensional garden detected. Master, if you want this dimensional garden to fully integrate with me, you have to reach a higher level," she said.

Song Yi continued, "You can still bring this dimensional garden to wherever you want, but you have to manually check it yourself and can't use the [Farm Interface] on it," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "What level do I have to makes it Integrated with you?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "I don't know, I have to breakthrough first before getting access to that information vault," she said.

Song Tian nodded, at least he can still bring the dimensional garden to wherever he wants.

Song Tian looked around the garden, he couldn't help but get emotional as he can't see Alvis again.

Several moments later, after Su Wen picked several mushrooms, she brings Song Tian to her dimensional kitchen.

Song Tian looked around as it was his first time entering it.

The dimensional kitchen is spotless and had a lot of stuff he didn't know about, he only knows stuff such as microwave, stove and other on the kitchen. It also had a dinner table with four chairs in it.

Song Tian looked at the huge fridge with a screen in it. On the screen, he can see a lot of ingredients.

"Is this the items available in the fridge?" he asked.

Su Wen smiled, "Yes, it's so convenient as I don't have to worry about the ingredient getting spoiled and I can just touch the ingredient on the screen to makes it appeared on wherever I desired," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "It's indeed convenient," he said.

Song Tian sat on the chair as he watched Su Wen's cook the food.

Several moments later, Song Tian helps Su Wen bring the food to his cabin as Su Wen makes several mysterious soup and other foods for dinner.

Song Xia looked at her brother, and Su Wen's brought the food out of nowhere surprised, "Sister Wen, where did the food come from?" she asked as she didn't see Su Wen's cooking in the kitchen.

Su Wen laughed, "It's from my dimensional kitchen, hurry up eat the food while it's still hot," she said as she put the food on the table.

Song Xia looked at the food which makes her salivate, "I wish I had my own dimensional stuff," she said as she scoops the soup.

Song Tian looked at her little sister, "What dimensional stuff you wish you had?" he asked.

Song Xia giggled, "Dimensional stuff where I can get a cake whenever I want," she said.

Song Tian and Su Wen looked at each other, smiled.

Too bad Song Xue can't have dinner with them as she's really busy with her work.

After all of them ate their dinner, Su Wen already got a notification from Su Shu about her quest.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian, "Guess what I got," she said.

Song Tian pondered for a moment, "Did you get a kitchen knife made from Golden Dragon Bone which can transform to a greatsword or something?" he said.

Su Wen laughed, she knew where the kitchen knife came from as she also reads that novel.

"I got Basic Portable Stall, Basic Teleportation Gate and new items in Xiao Shu's shop," she said.

Song Tian surprised after hearing Su Wen got Basic Teleportation gate, "The stall must be for you to sell some food, but what're the items unlocked in Xiao Shu's shop?' he asked.

Su Wen smiled bitterly, "Yes, Xiao Shu said it was for me to makes money and one of the items in the shop is really expensive," she said.

Su Wen continued, "Can you even believe it? Book of Ingredients had $10.000 price tag on it," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Book of Ingredients? It cost the same as my Book of Crafting, buy it, it's definitely worth your time," he said.

Su Wen furrowed her brows, "Really?" she asked.

Song Tian nodded, "It is, come with me," he said as he led Su Wen and Song Xia who's also curious to the backyard.

Song Tian pointed his finger at his Basic Crafting Station, "That's what I got from the Book of Crafting," he said.

Song Tian started to took out his unused Mayonnaise Maker, and other stuff he crafted, "They're crafted by me, I got it from Book of Crafting," he said.

Song Tian continued, "You knew our trip to Trisia Cave several days ago, right? It's for me to craft farm-helper from the book of crafting," he said.

Su Wen surprised, she immediately purchased the Book of Ingredients as she's also curious as to what she can learn from it.

After purchasing it, Su Wen looked at Song Tian and Song Xia, "I almost forgot to told you guys the effect of the mysterious soup I make earlier," she said.

Song Tian asked, "Effect? What is it?" he said.

Su Wen smiled, "Mysterious soup had an effect to massively boost random stat on first consume permanently, but for the next time you eat it, it'll only revitalize the energy," she said.

Su Wen continued, "The first boost will take 12 hours after the soup is consumed, the effect after that first will be instant, and Xiao Shu said to check your stats later. Too bad We can't check Xiao Xia's stats," she said.

Song Xia pouted, "So unfair, I also want system too," she said.

Song Tian pats Song Xia's head, "That's why you got to keep training until you reach the beginning of the cultivation stage, so you can ask mom to let you inherit her system," he said.

Song Xia shook her head, "No, that's different. I want my own," she said.

Song Tian and Su Wen sighed as they can't do anything about it.

Song Yi who's watching Song Xia from her monitor felt pity for her, she went outside of her room and saw her mom's talking with her dad.

"Mom, can you assign one of your people for Song Xia?" she asked.

The white-haired woman surprised, "Song Tian's little sister?" she said.

Song Yi nodded, "Yes," she said.

The white-haired woman smiled, "There's no need for that," she said.

Song Yi was puzzled, "Why? I can't bear to see her like that," she said.

The white-haired woman smiled, "Her paternal ancestor had close ties with our kind," she said.

After pondering for a moment, Song Yi's face changed, "Don't tell me they're related to that pact?" she said.

The white-haired woman nodded, while Song Yi is shocked by that.


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