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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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63 Yoshida Kenji

At the living room, Song Tian heard his door knocked and saw it was Elisa Delgado.

Elisa Delgado sat on the couch, "There will be temporary new tenants, they will rent the rooms for a month to wait for their house to be built beside your parent's house," she said.

Song Tian eyes lit up, "Really? Great, is it two peoples?" he asked.

Elisa Delgado shook her head, "It's three people, but they rent four rooms," she said.

Elisa Delgado continued, "As for who they are, I don't know because the company said they have already taken care of," she said.

Song Tian surprised as the tenants are planning to rent four rooms, he needs to prepare the welcoming gift for them.

Song Tian looked at Elisa Delgado's pale face, "Say, why don't you go out more often? You're always stuck in your room," he said.

Elisa Delgado snorted, "Aren't you the one who said I will be in charge to manage the tribe's warehouse?" she said.

Song Tian gasped, "But I only said you can help me for a day," he said.

Several days ago, when Song Tian logged into the survival game, he saw the warehouse for storing the building materials get mixed with the foods materials.

Because of how massive his warehouse in the survival game, Song Tian asked Elisa Delgado to help him to organize the stuff in the warehouse.

Song Tian didn't expect Elisa Delgado organize his tribe's warehouse neatly, and she also gets along very well with his other tribe member and ends up as another admin on his tribe.

Ever since that day, Elisa Delgado has been stuck in her room almost 24/7 and spent most of her time in the survival game with Song Tian's tribe.

Elisa Delgado smiled embarrassingly as she's really got addicted to the game since the tribe members are hilarious to play with.

"Anyway, the report is done. I need to help the tribe to raid another server," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Another server again? Didn't we just raid server 592?" he said.

Elisa Delgado grinned, "We need to expand our tribe's territories as fast as possible before the new update came out," she said as she left.

Song Tian sighed, "Damn, what have I done to turn her into such a hardcore player," he thought.

Not long after, Song Tian heard a car coming, he went outside and saw it was Wang Hai's car.

After Wang Hai stepped out of the car, Song Tian saw another young man came out, which makes him surprised.

Just as he's about to walk toward them, he saw a young woman pounced his arm.

"Brother Tian," The young woman said as she smiled.

The young woman had a long straight black hair, she's about the same height as Song Xia.

Song Tian smiled, he pats the young woman's head, "Little Yui, welcomes back," he said.

The young woman is Yoshida Yui, she's the little sister of Yoshida Kenji.

Song Tian hugs the young man, "Why are you not telling me? I could've picked you up at the airport," he said.

The young man had black hair with a crew cut. Although he's not as tall as Song Tian, his body is well built and considered to be tall as a guy on his age.

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The young man is Yoshida Kenji, Song Tian have been friend with him since the first year of middle school.

At that time, Yoshida Kenji didn't talk much as he just moved to Archaine from Japan and makes other peoples harder to approach him.

After his first school day is over, Yoshida Kenji saw three classmates were waiting for him in the hallway.

One of the classmates was asking him for money if he wants to be safe around, but he refused.

The three classmates were angered, and just before they try to attack Yoshida Kenji, their face changed as they saw two young men came approaching them.

"Crap, he's here," One of the classmates said.

The young man with a short spiky hair with a buzz cut looked at the three classmates coldly, "I heard there's a new member in our class, why are you trying to extort our own classmate?" he asked.

That young man was Song Tian when he's still in middle school.

When he skipped the class on the new restaurant outside of the school, he heard a report that the classmates were trying to extort a new member in his class.

The three classmates gulped as they didn't dare to say anything to Song Tian.


Another young man with a short hair angrily punched the wall behind one of the classmates while glaring at their eyes, which makes them terrified.

That young man is Wang Hai.

"If you want to extort, do it with another school. If I see you doing this stupid thing to the member of our school again, don't even think you can continue staying in this school anymore," he said.

"Yes, we're sorry," Three classmates said at the same time.

Song Tian looked at them coldly, "Don't apologize to me and Wang Hai," he said.

Three of them immediately apologized to Yoshida Kenji and left.

Yoshida Kenji looked at two young men he didn't saw at his class earlier, "Thank you," he said.

Song Tian laughed, he patted Yoshida Kenji's shoulder, "Don't worry, are you free right now? Let's go to the new restaurant I found, the food is delicious," he said.

Yoshida Kenji shook his head, "I need to do my homework," he said.

Song Tian laughed, "You can just do it later at night, come on," he said.

Wang Hai nodded eagerly, "Yes, or we can just copy our classmate's work," he said.

Yoshida Kenji replied hesitantly, "But..." he said.

"It's fine, trust me, you don't have to worry about the homework," Song Tian said as he brings Yoshida Kenji to hang out with him.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly as he didn't have a choice but to go along with Song Tian and Wang Hai.

That's how Song Tian and Wang Hai got to know Yoshida Kenji.

As for what happened in the martial art tournament, Song Tian didn't have time to reminiscing his past as he needs to bring them inside.

Song Tian looked at another young woman, "This is?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji laughed, "She's my fiance, Fujioka Masami. Masami, this is my brother, Song Tian," he said.

Fujioka Masami smiled, "Nice to meet you, Brother," she said.

Song Tian smiled, "Nice to meet you," he said.

He looked at Yoshida Kenji, "Didn't I hear it wrong? You guys already engaged?" he said.

Yoshida Kenji grinned, "Yes, soon we're going to marry," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "Damn, congratulation," he said as he's happy for his brother.

Song Tian continued, "Anyway, let's go inside," he said as he led all of them to his cabin.

Song Xia just finishes recording her gameplay video and starting to get hungry.

Just as she opened the door, she's surprised to see a young woman holding her brother's arm.

Song Xia gritted her teeth, "You flipping witch, stop getting clingy with my brother," she said as she separates Yoshida Yui with her brother immediately.

Yoshida Yui gasped, she pointed her finger at Song Xia, "You're the witch! Stop disturbing my reunion with my brother," she said.

Song Xia stomped her leg, she pointed her finger at Yoshida Kenji, "That's your flipping brother, go back to where you came from," she said.

Yoshida Yui snorted, "Nah, he's not. My Brother Tian is way cooler than him," she said.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly as his little sister always bickering with Song Xia every time they met.

After talking for a while, Yoshida Yui and Fujioka Masami left as they're already tired.

At the gazebo, Song Tian, Wang Hai, and Yoshida Kenji sat as they held their own bottles of beer.

Yoshida Kenji asked, "Why I don't see Sister Xue around? Is she busy with her work?" he said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Yes, there's a new project in her company," he said.

Yoshida Kenji sighed.

Song Tian took out his phone and showed an image to Yoshida Kenji.

"Since you already finish your training in Japan, can you start making me this?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji looked at the image, laughed, "Damn, you're really obsessed with that, huh?" he said.

The image Song Tian show to him is the image of the battle-axe berserker usually use in MMORPG game.

Song Tian grinned, "Of course, can you? Yes, or not?" he said.

Song Tian is obsessed with the battle-axe since he played the MMORPG as a berserker class back then, and he's always pestering Yoshida Kenji to make him one ever since he played the game.

Although Song Tian can't use the battle-axe for battle, he could use it to chop some trees in his land.

Yoshida Kenji smiled bitterly, "Even if I can make one, there's no material fit for it," he said.

Song Tian furrowed his brows, "Why don't you use the normal material?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji shook his head, "The battle-axe of this caliber, if I were to make it with a normal material, it would hurt my pride," he said.

Song Tian pondered for a moment, "Wait for me," he said as he went somewhere.

Wang Hai glanced at Song Tian, "Don't tell me he's going to use that," he said.

Yoshida Kenji asked, "Use what?" he said.

Wang Hai grinned, "You'll see," he said.

Not long after, Song Tian came back with something in his hand.

He went to the Material Storage near his Basic Crafting Station to get the metal ingot he bought from Song Yi.

Song Tian handed the metal ingot to Yoshida Kenji, "How about this?" he asked.

Yoshida Kenji looked at the metal ingot, his face changed.


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