Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
43 Song Tian“s Parents Goes to the Cultivation World
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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43 Song Tian“s Parents Goes to the Cultivation World

Scrolling through the web browser, Song Tian finds out that the Archaine Farmers Festival is being held every year. There are four competitions, which is poultry, dairy, crops, and artisanal food.

It'll be judged by several influential farmers from all around the world. As for further information, Song Tian didn't found anything. "What should I plant for the festival?" he muttered.

Song Tian looked at the estimated times for his crops on the reminder he put on his phone.

- x500 Strawberry: 4 days left.

- x200 Potato: 4 days left.

- x200 Cabbage: 5 days left.

- x200 Turnip: 3 days left.

- x10 Apple (x4 in the backyard): 12 days left.

- x10 Orange: 20 days left.

- x10 Kiwifruit: 20 days left.

"Looks like I can't bring apples to the festival," Song Tian sighed. Just as he put back the phone to his pocket, the phone is ringing, and it's from his mom, "Mom, what's up?" he said.

"Xiao Tian, be sure to come early tomorrow. After lunch, your dad and I will be going to the cultivation world," Zhu Mei said.

Song Tian sighed, "Alright," he said, and the call ended. He sat on the chair and stared blankly at his monitor for a while until Song Li wakes him up from a daze.

At 4 PM, Song Tian is notified that the greenhouse is ready to use and Song Yi told him the greenhouse is only %50 integrated with her.

Song Tian asked, "fifty percent? Does that mean the greenhouse isn't gonna work?" he said.

Song Yi answered, "The greenhouse is working, but it'll be better if it's hundred percent integrated with me," she said.

Song Yi continued, "Too bad there's no quest related to the greenhouse yet," she said.

Song Tian nodded, he sat on the couch and stares blankly at the TV.

Song Li looked at Song Tian, "Why are you unusually quiet?" he couldn't help but ask since Song Tian is usually very energetic.

Song Tian sighed, "My parents are going to the cultivation world tomorrow, and it's gonna takes a while for them to come back," he said.

Song Tian doesn't feel this way when he moved out to his cabin since he can still visit his parents, but this time is different. Somehow, he felt reluctant to see his parents went to the cultivation world and can't bear to part with them.

Moreover, the cultivation world is way different than the world he lived in. He couldn't help but worry about his parents. He doesn't even know why he got emotional all of a sudden.

Song Li said, "It's not like they're gone forever, just sit here nicely and wait for them to come back."

Xiao Yu glared at Song Li, "Shut up if you don't know how to console him," she said.

In the next day, Song Tian already finished all his work and looked at the fertilized eggs on the incubator, "It's going to hatch tomorrow, that means I can breed another couple today," he said as he picks a couple of chicken and put them on the breeding room.

Several moments later, Song Tian called Song Li and Xiao Yu and went to the seed shop.

Arrived at the parking lot, Song Tian went to the seed shop with the cats on the left and right shoulder. He put several types of seeds for him to experiment on the greenhouse later.

On the cashier area, Song Tian asked, "Where's Miss Tanaka?" he said.

The worker looking at the young man with a cat on each shoulder, "Young people these days sure surprise me. His cats look like a tiger. Is it a tiger cub?" he thought.

The worker decided not to ask it and answered, "Young Miss still busy on her crops. She's going to participate again on this year Archaine Farmers Festival," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "Does that mean she always participate in the festival?" he asked.

The worker laughed, "Of course, our young miss is has been on the top three ever since she's started to participate," he said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, "Damn, I should've learned from her back when she's not busy," he said.

He handed the money to the worker and went to the parking lot. After putting the seeds on the back of his car, he went to his parent's house.

Arrived at his house, he's surprised to see Su Wen with her parents. He also found Lin Hua with Gao Zhao. He greeted all of them and looked at Gao Zhao, "Grandma, where have you been?" he asked.

Gao Zhao smiled, "I'm done treating Xiao Hua, I'll be back after this," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "Did you really take Lin Hua as your disciple?" he asked.

Gao Zhao answered, "Yes, but she will train her basic first in Martial Hall to stabilize her body foundation before ready for me to teach her directly," she said.

Lin Hua smiled bitterly, "The basic training is hard. How can your family put such an inhumane training method as a norm," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Oh, what training did you do right now?" he asked.

Lin Hua answered, "It's a triathlon. I can't fathom why is this multisport for training a beginner level like me," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "It's good for your body, and the distance isn't that much compared to the real triathlon," he said.

Several moments later, Wang Hai and his parents. "Xiao Tian, I heard you can make your own material. Why don't you work with aunty?" A woman who looked like in her early forties said to Song Tian. It was Hao Zhi, Wang Hai's mom.

Song Tian scratched his head, "Aunty, my material isn't that good, and you already know I already decided to work on my farm," he said.

Hao Zhi smiled, she knows Song Tian since he was still a little boy. Even back then, Song Tian always says that he will become the best farmer in the world.

She didn't expect Song Tian is really going to start his own farm. She patted Song Tian's head.

Song Chen, Zhu Mei, Wang Zheng with his wife and Ye Yun with her husband, gathered on the couch.

Su Lei already met with Song Chen and Zhu Mei. But looking at both Song Chen and Zhu Mei again he couldn't help but shivered, "Both of them are the heads of the largest organization in the underground," he thought in his mind.

Ye Yun looked at her husband, laughed, "Don't be nervous, it's not like they'll eat you or something," she said.

Song Chen laughed, "Don't be so stiff," he said. He looked at the man who's coming, "Oh, looks like Xiao Zhong finally arrived," he said.

Su Lei surprised to see the man who's coming, it was his big brother, Su Zhong. "Brother, what are you doing here?" he asked.

Su Zhong laughed, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that Brother Chen is my boss," he said.

Su Lei jaw widened, he didn't expect his big brother turns out to be Song Chen's people, "Does that mean you're also one of the demon kings?" he asked.

Su Zhong laughed, "Of course," he said. He looked at Wang Zheng, "Yo, how does it feel to meet the brat who's used to prank you?" he said as he mentioned his sister-in-law, Ye Yun.

Wang Zheng eyes twitched, "Hmph, I can't even believe that she's married into your family," he said.

He looked at Su Lei, sighed, "Ah, I hope your daughter isn't going to inherit your wife's bad habit," he said.

Ye Yun glared, "What do you mean? I'm smart and refined, of course, my daughter will be like me," she said.

All of them continued to bickering for a while and gathered outside.

Song Tian looked at his mom, "Mom, where do you plan to live in the cultivation world?" he asked.

Zhu Mei smiled, "There are houses left by your grandparents there, so we're going to live there while in the cultivation world," she said.

Song Chen looked at his son, laughed, "Xiao Tian, now we're going to leave, are you sure you can bear to part with us?" he said.

Zhu Mei glared at her husband, "Stop teasing him!" she said.

Song Chen coughed, he looked seriously at his son, "Make sure to protect yourself and your sisters," he said.

He pointed his finger to Song Tian's forehead, "Here's the set of the technique I created during my times in the underground and your grandpa help me to improvise them. Remember, only use this if there's no way out," he said.

Song Tian suddenly feels a lot of images flooding his brains, which makes him dizzy. The images of his father during his reign in the underworld and during his training appears before him as it's engraved as his own memory.

Zhu Mei shocked to see what her husband do, "Why are you imparting him that set of technique? Xiao Tian is strong enough without that," She gritted her teeth.

She remembers there are two times she saw her husband using one of that technique.

The first one is when her husband conquered the west region of Trisia and enemies are surrounding her to blackmail her husband. The second one is when their first daughter still a baby, a woman is disguising as a nanny and kidnaps their daughter.

Both events happened, and both enemies are disappeared without traces, and it happened in front of her. That's the second times Zhu Mei saw her husband cold and merciless expression, it's different than the cold expression she usually saw in her husband.

Although Zhu Mei knew that technique is used to save her and their first daughter, she didn't want to see her son using that technique which really makes her terrified.

She's fine since she really loves her husband. But what if her son is using that technique in front of the peoples who are close to him? Even if her son intention is good, there's no guarantee they will have the same mentality as her.

Humans are so fickle that it only takes one bad deed to makes them forgot all the good ones.

Song Chen smiled as he knew what his wife is thinking, "Just in case if he's ever facing the same situation, it'll save a lot of trouble for him," he said.

An hour later, Song Chen smiled, "All of them are here," he said.

Song Tian jaw widened as he saw his paternal and maternal grandparents are flying in the sky.

Four of them are making a hand gesture which he didn't recognize, and several moments later, a huge dimensional rip is opened, which makes some of the peoples gathered shocked.

Song Chen patted his son head, "Take care," he said, and he bid farewell to his daughters.

Zhu Mei hugs her son, "Xiao Tian, remember to take care and stay safe," she said as her eyes reddened.

Song Tian looked at his mom and dad, his eyes were already red, he felt reluctant to see his parents go. But in the end, he sighed, "Be careful," he said.

He saw his parents floating toward the dimensional slowly until his parents disappear after entering it.

Song Tian looked at both of his sisters who are really sad at the moment and decided to let them be for a while before helping them to move their stuff.


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