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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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39 Shady Pills

In the Gazebo, Song Xia rubs Xiao Yu, "Sister Wen, is this another brother's spiritual beast?" she asked.

Su Wen shook her head, "No, both of them aren't forming the bond yet," she said as she feeds Song Li with a snack.

Xiao Yu licked her paw, "Only beast tamer can make multiple bonds with a spiritual beast. Your mom has a similar aura with a beast tamer," she said as she feels beast tamer's aura around Zhu Mei.

Song Xia surprised, "Beast tamer? Is this one of those RPG class?" she asked.

Su Wen laughed, "You play too many games. Don't follow your brother's bad habit," she said, and she saw Song Xue is coming.

Song Xue looked at the girls playing with the cats, smiled. She sat on the gazebo and looked at her little sister, "Xiao Xia, we're going to move on this area soon," she said.

Song Xia eyes lit up, "Really? When are we going to move here?" she said.

Song Xue grinned, "Do you really want to know when?" she said.

Song Xia pouted, "Why don't you just tell me?" she said.

Song Xue laughed, "It'll be revealed, soon," she said. She looked at Su Wen, "Xiao Wen, I heard you've been falling to my brother's embrace at the arena back then," she said.

Su Wen gasped, "Where did you hear that? We're just a friend," she said.

Song Xue laughed, "Xiao Xia told me that," she said.

Song Xia shivered as Su Wen glared her, "Ah, I got nature's call. Be right back," she said as she tries to run, but Su Wen's already holding her.

"Ahaha...Mercy...Sister Wen...Stop...Ahaha...I'm sorry...," Song Xia laughed as she's being tickled by Su Wen.

Song Xue laughed watching the girls and not long after, she saw her little brother walked toward them, "Xiao Tian, do you want to advertise your farm? I'm going to advertise your farm on Sphere if you want," she said.

Song Tian startled, he shook his head, "No no, don't do that. If we do such a big advertisement campaign like that, it'll bring a lot of trouble," he said.

Song Tian sighed, "My farm can't handle that yet, I'm still trying to stabilize my supply," he said.

The free advertisement from Su Wen's video already got him a contract with Fujiwara Ayame. If his elder sister advertises his farm on the Sphere, he's afraid he can't handle the supply since he only has few of them.

Song Tian continued, "I plan to advertise it on the local newspaper and radio. I'm just waiting for the right time to advertise it," he said.

Song Xue couldn't help but sighed to hear her little brother already has his own plan.

Song Xia asked, "Brother, when can I move to this area?"

Song Tian answered, "Three days from now on. While waiting for the house to be built, both of you can either stay at my cabin or our parent's small apartment in front of my farm," he said.

Song Xia surprised, "That building in front of your farm?" she asked as she didn't know it was their parent's apartment.

Song Tian laughed, "Yes, both of them are planning to go there in a minute to look around," he said.

At the small apartment, in the Room 01 on the first floor, Elisa Delgado stared at his monitor nervously, "Crap, my boss wants to visit me soon," she said as she's starting to prepare and cleaning her own room.

Elisa Delgado never met with her boss before. She only met with one of the workers who hands her the apartment's keys. After looking at the company's email for the sudden visit, she's starting to get nervous.

Several minutes later, Elisa Delgado saw both man and woman, which somehow remind her of someone, "Boss, please... come in," she said as she led them inside.

In the living room, Elisa Delgado serves them some tea carefully as to not makes any mistake in front of her boss.

Zhu Mei and her husband laughed to see the nervous face of their new employer, "You don't need to be nervous in front of us. Elisa, right? I'm Zhu Mei, and this is my husband, Song Chen," she said.

Elisa Delgado surprised to hear the name of the man, she looked at Song Chen and then Zhu Mei, "Song? Pardon me, are you Song Tian's parents?" she couldn't help but ask because she saw Zhu Mei's face, the tall figure and golden eyes of Song Chen in front of her really resemble Song Tian.

Zhu Mei smiled, "Yes, he's our son. We came here to notify you that we're going to build our house beside this apartment," she said.

Elisa Delgado surprised, "No wonder they remind me of someone, turns out they're Song Tian's parents," she thought.

After hearing the last part, Elisa Delgado feels the hammer of judgment approaching her, "Does that mean I'm not needed as the landlord anymore?" She couldn't help but ask as she didn't feel like to part with this job.

Zhu Mei laughed, "Don't worry about that, we're not going to fire you. We built a house here for my daughters, so my son can watch over them while we're on a long trip overseas," she said.

Zhu Mei continued, "Also, you don't have to worry about the new tenants either. We only built this apartment just so my son can have neighbors since there are only a few residences near his farm," she said.

Elisa Delgado sighed in relief but also surprised to hear the reason why her workplace is here in the first place. Her boss also said that she doesn't have to worry about the apartment maintenance as the company already handle it and if there's anything wrong, just report it to Song Tian.

On the car, Wang Hai saw the sign of his brother's shop, "Why is it closed already? It's only 3 PM," he said after he saw the sign on the door and kept driving his car to the parking spot.

The man on the passenger seat looking at the farm through the window, "So this is Xiao Tian's farm, huh?" he said.

Song Tian heard a car was coming and went to see it. He looked at the person who stepped out of the car, laughed, "Uncle Zheng, it feels weird to see you outside of the office at this hour," he said as he greets the man.

The man who looked like in his forties, laughed, "Brat, even I can feel bored in my office all the times," he said as he patted Song Tian's head.

The man is Wang Zheng, he's Wang Hai's father and the owner of the biggest construction company in the country.

Not long after that, Song Chen and Zhu Mei came back from the small apartment, and all of them are gathered in the backyard.

Wang Zheng looked at a young woman who resembles someone, he looked at Zhu Mei, "Sister Mei, why I find this brat familiar?" he asked.

Zhu Mei laughed, "Xiao Zheng, do you remember a girl who's disguising herself as a crew and sinking your client's yacht?" she said.

Wang Zheng shocked, "You mean this brat is Ye Yun daughter? Impossible!" he said as he pointed his fingers to Su Wen. He can't believe the mad girl he remembered back then had a daughter.

Zhu Mei laughed, "There's nothing impossible. Look at me, you didn't even expect that I'm married to your brother, right?" she said.

Su Wen was puzzled, "Aunty Mei, did Wang Hai's dad know my mom?" she asked.

Zhu Mei laughed, "How come he didn't know your mom? Whenever your mom fails to acquire a new territory because of him, your mom always targets his business to vent her anger," she said.

Wang Zheng smiled bitterly as he can't do anything since Zhu Mei always compensates whatever damage Ye Yun did to his business, he looked at Su Wen, "Brat, don't learn from what your mom does. She's too vicious," she said.

Su Wen shocked to hear that, "No wonder my dad didn't even refute my mom whenever she's mad," she thought in her mind.

Near the river, Song Tian looked at Song Chen, "Dad, how long are you going to the cultivation world?" he asked.

Song Chen shook his head, "I have no idea, it may be long, or it may be short. Who knows," he said.

At 8 PM, all peoples already left after dinner. Some of them are surprised to see Song Tian makes his own materials, and Wang Zheng really wants to make Song Tian work at his company.

Song Tian laying down on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling, his parents are going to the cultivation world, he couldn't help but feel nervous and worried about his parents.

Song Tian sat and decided to meditate to calm his mind.

On the living room, Xiao Yu looked at the pill she got from Zhu Mei, she looked at Song Li who's already eating it, "How is it? Do you feel anything different?" she asked.

Song Li shook his furry head, "No, she said the effect started once I'm sleeping. Xiao Yu, remember what Song Tian's mom said. Don't consume it before you formed a bond with a human," he said.


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