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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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36 Xiao Yu

Song Tian scrolling through a lot of product and didn't know what he's going to buy, he feels his phone vibrating and saw Tang Xun messages, "I will come a bit late, I forgot today my wife had an appointment at the hospital for a check-up."

After replying Tang Xun's message, Song Tian remembers that he also needs to make a mayonnaise, he's struggled to think whether or not to sell the mayonnaise since his chicken only produces 14 eggs/day.

Several minutes later, Song Tian decided to increase his eggs production first before thinking to sell the mayonnaise, and he went to the chicken coop.

In the breeding room, Song Tian put another couple of chicken to breed, and he looked at the chicks in the brooder, "In four days and you'll be grown up. Tomorrow I will have to take you out to adapt with other chickens," he said as he pats the chicks and feeds them.

Song Tian came back to his PC, and he added a lot of canned bluefin tuna on his shopping chart since it's cheap and clicked the order button, "What's the estimated time for the product delivery?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "It'll arrive immediately after the seller handed the product to my workers," she said.

Song Tian gasped, "Worker? Since when did you have a worker?" he said.

Song Yi giggled, "I just hire some spirit on this world and make them disguise themselves as human to pick the product," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "You can even do that? How did you not tell me?" he said.

Song Yi laughed, "How can I tell you if you don't even ask," she said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly, and several moments later, Song Yi told him that the product arrived in front of his door.

Song Tian looked at the package, and he can see the canned bluefin tuna and camel milk he ordered, he saw there's a man with [Song Yi Express] on his jacket.

The worker smiled, "Mr. Song, right? Here's your delivery. Please sign it here," he said as he shows where to sign it.

After signing, the worker left with his delivery truck, there's even a big logo with Song Yi's name on it, "Wow, even there's company vehicle. How did he undisguised himself once he's done with his work?" he asked.

Song Yi answered, "My worker will disappear without a trace when there are no people in the proximity," she said.

Song Tian nodded, and he got a call from Wang Hai, he answered the call, "What's up?" he said.

"Brother, there are several price range between $8000-$20.000 depending on the quality of the additional materials. You only need to pay the worker and additional materials." Wang Hai said as his voice could be heard on the phone.

Song Tian said, "Alright, I'll pick the best quality, sent me the document and list of materials needed so I will craft them as fast as I can."

"I'll send you the email," Wang Hai said, and the call ended.

Song Tian immediately checks the new email, signed the document, and transfer $20.000 to Wang Hai. He opens the attachment, and he can see a lot of materials he needed to makes.

Song Tian could hear the car arrived on his farm and it's Tang Fu and his son. Song Tian greets led them to the planted area.

Tang Fu started to inspect the fruits and surprised to see the fruits is way bigger than before, he didn't say anything as he picks the fruit, took a bite of it and his face changed, "No wonder you're going to increase the price of this fruits," he said as he took another bite of it.

Tang Xun puzzled with his father behavior, "Is it really good?" he couldn't help but ask. Tang Fu didn't answer as he kept eating the fruits, Tang Xun decided to taste the fruit.

Song Tian laughed to see both father and son, "See, how is it? Is it worth the price?" he said.

Both father and son nodded and decided to buy 5000 each for Tang Fu's shop and Tang Xun's cafe.

Song Tian surprised, "10.000 strawberries? Are you sure you want to buy this much?" he asked as he didn't expect the father and son would buy this much.

Tang Fu laughed, "Xiao Tian, both my shop and my son's cafe had been popular since using your fruits. If we're using this fruit, imagine how would people react?" he said.

Tang Xun nodded, "Song Tian, you also need to farm another fruit. If you can farm a great coffee bean, that would be great," he said.

Song Tian smiled, "Yes, I will farm another fruit since I already plan to build a greenhouse. Coffee bean sounds great, I will try it later," he said as he helps both father and son to harvest 10.000 fruits.

Several moments later, three of them finished to harvest all the fruit, Song Tian said, "Uncle Fu, Brother Xun, please let other people know that there will be farm shop open starting from tomorrow."

Both father and son said they will let the people know, they even told him to make a flyer so they can put it in their shop. Song Tian earned $20.000 from selling 10.000 strawberries to them.

After watching Tang Fu and Tang Xun left, Song Tian went to his backyard to craft all the materials needed.

In somewhere around the forest, Song Li is following the cat from behind, it had similar features with Song Li, which looked like a toyger. It had white and black furs in it but had a more slender figure and a longer tail.

The cat looked back to see she's still being followed around, "So annoying, I didn't even talk to him, why he keeps bothering me," she thought.

Song Li eyes lit up, and he saw the cat glanced back for a second, "Xiao Yu, you finally glanced back. Is this means you agree to be with me?" he said.

Song Li continues to talks nonstop for an hour, and he finally sighed as his stomach grumbling, "Too bad, it seems the heaven won't allow me to kept pursuing you and decided to makes my stomach empty. Xiao Yu, I will come back again after I fill my stomach," he said as he walked back.

Xiao Yu eyes twitched to hear the cat talking nonsense again. After she's been bothered several days by the cat, she had to think a way to pay him back, "Let's follow him to see where's he live in. I will take all his foods," she thought as she started to follow Song Li.

Song Li realized that Xiao Yu started to walk towards him, "Did you finally realize that we're fated to each other and decided to follow me to wherever I go?" he said.

Xiao Yu retorted, "Hmph, since you kept following and bothering me. I decided to see where you live and takes all your food as a payback," she said.

Song Li eyes lit up as it was the first time that Xiao Yu talks to him, "Let alone food, I will even give my body and soul to you as a payback," he said.

Xiao Yu eyes twitched, she decided to ignore him and kept following him.

In the cabin, Song Tian finishes his last metal frame, wiping the sweats on his forehead, "Phew, it's finally done," he said as he looked at the piles of materials he crafted. "I forgot I also need the store's sign. Let's try to craft it," he said as he starts to transform the leftover materials on the Basic Crafting Station.

After several times transforming the materials, Song Tian satisfied with his latest creation. The store sign he crafted is made of woods embedded with glass with metal frames around it.

The sign is written with the glass which embedded inside the wood, it has [Farm Shop] on the above and [Song Tian's Farm] on the bottom. Song Tian also makes a smaller version of it for the open and closed sign on the door.

Song Tian went to the shop to install the sign on his shop, and after he finishes installing the sign, he saw the Song Li come back but surprised to see another cat beside him which had similar features like a toyger.

Looking at the cats beside each other, Song Tian laughed, "Yo, is this the one you're talking about?" he said.

Song Li nodded his furry head, "Yes, look at both of us. Isn't it like we're fated for each other?" he said.

Xiao Yu snorted, "Hmph, fated your arse!" she said. Xiao Yu looked at the young man, "Are you the owner of this shameless cat? Please take him away from me. Oh, I forgot I need food for compensation," she said.

Song Tian smiled, "Alright, let's go inside. I just bought some food earlier for Song Li. I'm Song Tian, what's your name?" he asked.

Xiao Yu licked her paw, "You can call me Xiao Yu. Wait, why can't I step further?" she said as there's some barrier which prevents her from walking forward.

Song Tian smiled embarrassingly, "Sorry, I forgot.. Xiao Yi, let her in," he said.

Xiao Yu puzzled by what Song Tian said. The barrier in front of her disappeared, and she can walk inside the farm, "Spiritual Artifact?" she thought in her mind as she didn't expect the young man in front of her had a spiritual artifact.

Inside the cabin, Song Tian prepared the canned bluefin tuna he just bought for Song Li and Xiao Yu and put it on the plates and Xiao Yu eyes lit up as she smells something delicious.

Song Tian brings the plates to the table, "Here's your food," he said to the cats.

Song Li and Xiao Yu immediately eat their foods, and Xiao Yu even took some Song Li's portion, but Song Li didn't mind her at all and becoming more happier.

Looking at two cats in the table, Song Tian smiled, "So, why are you decided to follow him? He said that you're not even bothered to talk with him," he asked.

Xiao Yu licked the waters on the bowl, "I'm getting annoyed by him every day, he kept following me and talking nonstop. I even ignore him, but he just can't stop to talk," she said.

Xiao Yu continued, "I decided to follow him to his home and take away all his foods, but I didn't expect he's already soul bound with you. I thought he's living in the cave somewhere around the hill area," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "Cave? You lived around the cave in the hills behind my house?" he asked.

Xiao Yu nodded, "Yes, it's only me who live in the cave. The other spiritual beast had their own nest. Since your cat also similar to me, I thought he's living in the cave," she said.

Song Li looked at Xiao Yu, "I also live in the cave around the hill, but I accidentally slumbered for a while in here and found out that it's transformed into human land," he said as he tries to bite another tuna, but it got snatched away by Xiao Yu.

After talking for a while, Song Tian realizes that it's already 11 PM, "Xiao Yu, it's already late. You can stay here and sleep in Song Li's bed. I'll take him with me to my bedroom," he said.

Xiao Yu shook her head, "It's fine, I'll just sleep in your sofa. We the spiritual beast have a rule which forbids us from sleeping on opposite gender's nest," she said as she considered Song Li bed as the nest.

Song Tian surprised, "Quite conservative, huh? Wait for me, I'll buy you a bed," he said as he feels bad for Xiao Yu to sleep on the sofa.

Xiao Yu looked at the young man back, puzzled, "Where is he going to buy the bed at this hour?" she said.

Song Li licking his paw, "He has a way to get a bed for you, just wait for a minute," he said as he knows all Song Tian interaction with Song Yi because three of them are connected to each other from a soul bound.

Several minutes later, the bed arrived, which make Xiao Yu surprised. It has similar features with Song Li's bed but with a different color. Song Tian put the bed beside the couch and went to sleep.


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