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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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31 New Side Ques

In the afternoon, Elisa stared widely in front of her PC, "Isn't this too easy to apply for a job? All I had to do is to send my identity card?" She said as she looked at the emails.

Elisa hesitated for a while thinking it might be a scam, but she gritted her teeth, "Screw it, it's not like I'll lose anything by sending a copy of my identity card," she muttered as she gets a copy of her identity card and put it on the scanner.

Not long after Elisa sent her identity card, she received a phone notification. She picks her phone, looking at the phone, startled, "How did they know my account number?" She almost shouting but managed to hold it in her mouth.

Elisa was surprised to look at the notification because the company she applied for a job just now transferred $2500 to her, "All I had to do is to send my identity card?" She's puzzled and saw there's another email on her PC which states that she will come tomorrow to start the work.

Looking at the requirement Elisa was speechless as she didn't know what to say about this, "Fine, I'll start packing today," she said.

At the Song Tian's Farm, Wang Hai still playing with Song Li, he looked at Song Tian, "Brother, since the shop already started to build, what product are you planning to sell?" He asked.

Song Tian answered, "Right now, I only have 46 eggs on my storage. The earliest crop I can harvest is turnip and strawberries, but the strawberries already reserved for cake shop, just look at my note, and you'll see my product," he said as he took out his phone and handed his phone to Wang Hai.

[Chicken Coop]

- Roosters: 5.

- Hens: 7 (Two of them still not ready to lay the eggs).

- Chick to grow: 1 day.

- Eggs to hatch: 1 day.


- Strawberry in storage: 1000 for Grandma Zhao.

- Eggs: 46.

[Planted Crops and Trees]

- Low-Quality Strawberry (50 plants/100 fruits): 3 days.

- High-Quality Strawberry (500 plants/100 fruits): 4 days.

- High-Quality Cabbage (200 plants): 5 days.

- High-Quality Potato (200 plants/20 fruits): 4 days.

- High-Quality Turnip (200 plants): 3 days.

- High-Quality Apple(10 trees in the planted area and 4 trees in the backyard): 19 days.

- High-Quality Orange (10 trees): 27 days.

- High-Quality Kiwifruit (10 trees): 27 days.

Wang Hai looked at the notes on his brother's phone, shocked, "Brother, 50 plants/100 fruits? Does that mean each plant can produce 100 fruits? It's two times more yields than your previous strawberries and what's low-high quality? You mean crop quality?" He asked.

Song Tian laughed, "Yes, I already got a way to produce more yield on multifruit crops. For the low-high quality, it's because I got some connection to get me some high-quality organic fertilizers," he said.

Wang Hai gulped, "Damn, look at that high-quality strawberry, you have 500 plants, and it'll produce 50.000 strawberries. Brother, you need to get some connection with some distributor for that much fruits," he said.

Wang Hai continues, "I'll ask my connection if they know some distributor out there and I'll contact you once I got some respond," he said.

Song Tian nodded, "Alright, thank you. But you don't need to rush, it's not like the fruits will go away," he said.

Wang Hai snorted, "It's true the fruits won't go anywhere, but it will rot if you just leave it like that."

Song Tian laughed as he knew his best friend concern about the fruits, "Don't worry about that. You already know I got myself a spiritual beast, of course, I had my way to preserve the freshness of my fruits," he said.

Wang Hai smiled bitterly, "Fine, but I'll still look if there's someone knew a distributor just in case your magic didn't work," he said.

After talking for several hours, Wang Hai left, and Song Tian sat on his gazebo with the cat on his lap, he tells Song Yi to show him the quest list.

After looking at the quest list, his eyes lit up as he saw there's another fishing quest.

Side Quest 3: Angler's Pride.

- Quest Requirement: Catch 5 different types of monster-sized fish and release them after catching.

- Quest Rewards: Ability to build Basic Fishing Pond and additional rewards.

Song Tian laughed, "Fishing Pond? I can finally include the fish I caught to my farm incomes? Great," he said.

Song Yi giggled, "Master, you have to catch the monster sized fish first," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Monster-sized fish? Let's wait until tomorrow, I'll show you how to catch a dragon," he said, and he talks with Song Li and Song Yi for several hours.

Looking at the watch, "It's still 8 PM since I don't have anything to do, I'll just read some novels," he muttered as he went to his bedroom and turn on his PC.

Song Tian could hear his door knocked and looking at his watch, "Who's coming this early? It's still 5 AM," he muttered as he walks to the bathroom and washes his face.

Song Tian went downstairs, opened the door and saw Su Wen, he yawned, "Why are you coming at this hour?" He asked.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian who's just waking up, laughed, "Today is the day the eggs hatched, right? Hurry up and show me," She said as she took Song Tian to the chicken coop.

After walking to the breeding room, Su Wen looked at two small yellow creatures which snuggling against each other, she picks them up, "So cute, where do I put these chicks?" She asked.

Song Tian said, "Just put them in the brooders, I'll get some feeds for them," he said as he went to took some chicken feeds and put them into the brooder.

Su Wen's looking at the chick she just put on the brooder, "It's like an aquarium," said as she kept observing the newborn chicken.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian, "Let me feed the chicken today, I want to try it," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Alright, come with me. I'll show you how to feed it first," he said as he led the Su Wen and show her how to feed the chicken.

After showing the ropes, Song Tian looked at Su Wen who's efficiently feeding the chicken, "Alright, you kept playing with the chicken. I'll water my crops," he said.

Several moments later, Song Tian finishes watering all his crops, he looked at Su Wen who led the chickens to the outside to play around, "I'm going to clean myself," he yelled, and he went to his bathroom in the upstairs.

After cleaning himself and put new clothes, Song Tian went downstairs and saw Su Wen's still playing with the chicken, "Su Wen, I will go to the lake to fish. Are you coming?" He asked.

Su Wen surprised, "Sure, let me get some my fishing gear at home," she said.

Song Tian surprised, "You already bought your own fishing gears?" He asked.

Su Wen nodded, "Yes, yesterday my dad took me to the fishing shop in the local market to buy some fishing gears for me," she said.

Song Tian laughed, and he went to drive Su Wen to her home.

Su Lei, who reads the newspaper, looked at the car just coming at his house, "Oh, it's Xiao Tian," he said.

Song Tian and Su Wen stepped out the car, and he greeted Su Lei, "Uncle, are you free today?" He asked.

Su Lei puzzled why the young man is asked him whether he's free or not, "I didn't have any work today, what's up? You're not going to ask my blessing to date my daughter aren't you?" He asked.

Song Tian laughed, "Nah, I'm going to the lake to fish with Su Wen. If you're free, why don't you come with us?" He said.

Su Lei eyes lit up, it's been a while since he's fishing. Since he didn't have anything to do on his free time and his daughter is coming along, he nodded, "Sure, wait for me to get my old fishing gears," he said as he went to inside the house.

Song Tian feels his phone vibrating, and it was from Wang Hai to let him know that the farm shop already built.


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