Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
27 Archaine Farming Association
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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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27 Archaine Farming Association

Song Tian looked at the quest rewards, "Global Forum & Marketplace? Does that mean it's only a forum & marketplace for on this planet? There's a lot of forum already on the website," He thought.

Song Yi giggled, "You'll see once you get it, hehe," she said.

At 7 PM, Song Tian cleans his dishes after dinner since Gao Zhao still at his paternal grandparent's house. He felt his phone vibrating and saw the number he didn't know.

"Hello?" Song Tian answered the phone.

"Hello, I found your number from the online marketplace. Are your garlic and cabbages still available?" Old man voice could be heard on the phone.

Song Tian surprised as he didn't expect the item he posted would attract a buyer that fast, "Hello. Yes, it's still available. How much would you like to buy?" He said.

"I'd like to buy all the garlic and 10kg of cabbages, I'm on the Wellspring area, I wonder if you can deliver it tonight," The old man asked.

Song Tian said, "Sure, just sent me the GPS location and I'll deliver it," he said.

The call ended, and Song Tian already got the exact address of the buyer. Wellspring is the closest residential area, and it's 5km away from Song Tian's place.

Song Tian packed all the garlic and 20 cabbages on the back of his truck, and he drives away to the buyer location.

On the road, Song Tian could see the sign [Welcome to Wellspring]. After he drives for a bit, Song Tian could see a lot of houses.

Song Tian arrived at the exact GPS point the buyer sent him, and he can see the old man in his fifties sitting on the bench in front of his house.

Stepping out of the car, Song Tian greeted the old man, "Hello, are you the one who's ordering the garlic and cabbages?" He asked.

The old man stood up and walks to the entrance and open the gate, "Yes, wait for me to call my son to help me pick the vegetables," he said.

Song Tian shook his head, "No need, I'll help bring all of them for you," he said as he walks to the back of his truck to get the garlic and cabbages, "Where do I put this?" He asked.

The old man led Song Tian and put the vegetables in front of the door, the old man said, "Thank you, young man, here's the payment," he said as he took out his wallet.

Song Tian accepts the money, smiled, "It should be me who's thanking you," he said as he took the money and bids farewell to the old man.

"$60 from cabbages, huh? Not bad. I need to produce a lot of garlic if I really want to make a profit out of it, because I only got $15 from 100 garlic, and I can get that much by fishing for a few minutes," Song Tian said as he sold his garlic for $3/kg which contains 20 bulbs of garlic, and the cabbage for $6/kg which only includes two cabbages.

Song Li, who's been following Song Tian and laying around on the passenger seat, said, "Just increase the price."

Song Tian shook his head, "I wish I can, but if someone heard the supplier selling at retailer's price, it'd bring a lot of trouble," he said.

Arrived at his farm, Song Tian sat on the couch and pondered for a while, "I should've researched on marketing first before started," he sighed and stood up, "Well, let's try to sell eggs on the online marketplace first," he said as he went to the Basic Crafting Station.

"Since I can use any material to craft the container, let's try using the fiber first," Song Tian said as he pulls the drawer to get some fibers to craft egg container and several moments later, he already crafted ten of them.

Looking at the egg container he just made from fibers, Song Tian opened the container and starting to inspect it, "Hmm, it's sturdy enough. The textures almost feel like chipboard."

Song Tian put the container aside, and he went to his bedroom and opened the online marketplace, "Let's see the average prices for the eggs," he said.

Several minutes later, he saw the average price for one container with 12 eggs inside it are $6. Song Tian went to his warehouse to get the eggs, put it on the container, and took some photo of it.

"My container can fit ten eggs, and I haven't tasted any of it yet, let's put $5 to see if people will buy it," Song Tian said as went back to his bedroom to post his eggs at the online marketplace.

Song Tian stood up, "Alright, I need to breed more chicken to increase my productivity," he said as he went to the chicken coop to put a couple of his chickens in the breeding room.

In the morning, Song Tian watering the strawberries, "Xiao Yi, if I buy the subscription plan, does the crops I already planted also affected with fertilizer?" He asked.

Song Yi answered, "No, the organic fertilizer from me can't replace fertilized crops, but it can replace the fertilized trees. Master, if you get the combo subscription plan, only the organic pesticides will be applied on it," she said.

Song Tian nodded, "So, I have to remove these crops after I harvest it, huh. Well, at least it's going to work on the fertilized trees," he said as he waters his trees.

After watering all the crops and trees, Song Tian went to the crafting station to craft the Scarecrow and several minutes later he the scarecrow he makes starting to takes shape, so I just need to drip my blood five times, right?" He asked.

Song Yi said, "Yes, just drop it on the head part, master."

Song Tian cut his finger and drips his blood to the head of the scarecrow. After the fifth blood dripped, the temperature around him changes, and he can see the eyes of the scarecrow started to glow and dimmed after several seconds.

"Wow, I purposely put a smiley emoji face on it, but when the eyes glow it somewhat creepy," Song Tian said as he looks at the scarecrow eyes, "How many scarecrows do I need to cover the whole farm?" He asked.

Song Yi laughed, "Master only needs one, there's no effective radius for it. Once you put it on the ground, it'll protect your entire lands," she said.

Song Tian couldn't help but grin widely, "Nice, now let's put this baby down. Oh yeah, I'm going to purchase the annual Combo Plans, so I don't have to put the nets over my crops and trees anymore," he said.

"Aye, now that's more like it," Song Yi said as she charges Song Tian $3600 for the subscription plan.

Two hours later, Song Tian went to plant 500 strawberries, and 200 cabbages, because he already subscribed to the Combo Plans and want to see if there are any changes to it. He looked at the newly planted crops, and he can see the quality changes from (Above Normal Quality) to (High Quality).

Song Tian asked if there's a massive difference between (Above Normal Quality) and (High Quality, but as always, Song Yi always answers him vaguely and tells him to try it by himself.

At 11 AM, Song Tian sold 80 his cabbages and earned $240.The buyer this times came to Song Tian's place himself. After transferring his money, the buyer who looked like in his forties said, "Young man, when is your cabbages ready, I hope you can contact me again. Why is there no potato on your farm?"

Song Tian surprised, "Isn't potato can only be planted starting from March? I saw on the websites," he said.

The buyer snorted, "You must be looking at the Whirlpool Farming Society website, right? Don't trust them, they purposely mislead the farmers on this country so they can monopolize," he said.

The buyer continued, "Try to look at country's farming association website, that website can be trusted," he said.

Song Tian shocked to hear that the website he usually visits for researching the crops turns out can't be trusted, but he didn't take the buyer's word yet as he's didn't know which one is right.

Looking at Song Tian face, the buyer laughed, "I know you still doubt my word. Trust me, follow the country's farming association method and you'll not regret that," he said as he bids farewell to Song Tian.

Song Tian still pondered for a while, and he went his bedroom to open the country's farming association.

On the road, the buyer answer the calls, "Hello, what is it, boss?" He said.

"Andre, how is that young man?" The voice could be heard on the phone, and it sounds like an old mand.

Andre answered, "He's good, turns out he's tricked by that damn Whirlpool Farming Society. He even thought that potato can't be planted on this month," he said.

"Ah, why is he not checking the Archaine Farming Association website?" The old man asked.

Andre answered, "I don't exactly know the reason, but I can tell it's because our websites only let signed member to see the content inside. Boss, you have to know that young man these days didn't really want to bother to create an account just to research thing," he said

"Ah, the difference in a generation, I guess. Alright, keep looking after that young man, we don't want another young farmer to give up on their profession," the old man said.

Andre answered, "Don't worry, boss. I won't let that damned society ruin that young man career," he said, and the call ended.

At the cabin, Song Tian finished creating an account for Archaine Farming Association, "Ah, it even required my full address and my phone number," he complained and he starting to look at the content inside.

Looking at the content inside, Song Tian surprised to see the list of the crops he can plant on this month, "What the fudge! I can even plant turnip, lotus root, and cauliflower this month? There's also Kiwifruit, and Orange for the trees? Damn, I gotta get this seeds and seedling," He said as he stood up and prepare to the seed shop.

On the seed shop, Song Tian didn't see Tanaka Miyu since he wants to ask something about the Archaine Farming Association and Whirlpool Farming Society. In the end, he bought all the seeds and seedlings he needs.

Looking at a lot of seeds he put on the back of his truck, "Hmm I also need to craft seed storage and Basic Portable Seeder," he said as he went inside his car.

Arrived at the farm, Song Tian immediately buys the material from Song Yi and starting to craft and several moments later, he looked at the seed storage he just crafted. It has the same appearance as the material storage, only it has a window on the surface of the trunk.

Song Tian looked at the Basic Portable Seeder on the crafting table, it had an appearance like a paint sprayer with the small tank below its nozzle, "Xiao Yi, are you sure it's not a paint sprayer?" He asked.

Song Yi laughed, "Master, just try it, since action speaks louder, hehe," she said.

Song Tian looked at three buttons on top of Basic Portable Seeder, "Xiao Yi, tell me how this thing works," he said.

Song Yi said, "Master, the three buttons consist [Previous], [Next], and [Fill]. First, press the fill button, and it'll automatically load the seeds stored in the seed storage. After that, you can just switch between the seeds by pressing [Next] or [Previous] buttons. You'll see the name and quantity of the seeds on the small LCD display above the buttons."

Song Yi continues, "Master just have to aim the nozzle at the tilled soil and press the trigger. It'll put the correct amount of seeds for one tilled soil. You don't have to worry about wasting your seeds as it will be stopped once the correct amount of seeds poured into the soil," she said.

Song Tian nodded his head, he presses the fill button, and he can see the LCD displayed [Strawberry Seeds x215]. He presses the next button, and it changed to [Potato Seeds x 513].

Several moments later, Song Tian already plants 200 potato, 200 turnip, and every ten seedlings for orange and kiwifruit.

Wiping his sweat on his forehead, "Phew, finally I can rest at ease knowing more crops can be planted this month," he said after he's looking at all the stats.


- Name: Potato.

- Status: Process to Germinate.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes, (High Quality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Fruits: x20 (Max).

- Estimated Time: 7 days.


- Name: Turnip.

- Status: Process to Germinate.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes, (High Quality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Estimated Time: 6 days.


- Name: Orange.

- Status: Sapling.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes, (HighQuality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Estimated Time: 30 Days.


- Name: Kiwifruit.

- Status: Sapling.

- Condition: Healthy.

- Fertilized: Yes, (HighQuality).

- Watered: Yes.

- Estimated Time: 30 Days.

Song Tian went to clean himself and prepare for his dinner. Cleaning the fish he caught from the river, Song Tian heard someone's knocking the door.

Opening the door, Song Tian found out it was Wang Hai and Lin Qiang, looking at them, "Did you take a break from training?" He asked as he led them inside.

Wang Hai and Lin Qiang sat on the couch, "No, we already finish the training. It much faster than I expect, Brother Lin is swift when it comes to learning this kind of stuff," Wang Hai said.

Song Tian smiled, "That's good, but it's too bad from now on, I can't hang out at Brother Lin's restaurant at night," he said.

Lin Qiang laughed, "No place to hang around, huh? Xiao Tian, I rented the place to Tang Xun. He will move his cafe there, so you can hang out as much as you want," he said.

Song Tian surprised, "Oh, why is Brother Xun moved his cafe? Isn't his cafe in Wellspring area already well known?" He asked.

Lin Qiang said, "His wife is pregnant right now, that's why they moved to the local market since it's closer to their home and hospital," he said.

Song Tian nodded his head, "Alright, I'll prepare dinner for both of you. Wait for me to cook the fish," he said as he went to the kitchen.

Several moments later, Song Tian, Wang Hai, and Lin Qiang finish their dinner. Song Tian looked at Wang Hai, "Fatty Wang, who's the owner of the project in front of my farm?" He asked since he's curious about his future neighbor.

Wang Hai startled to hear the sudden question, rubbing his hands, "I don't really know, my dad won't tell me who is it," he said.

Song Tian eyes narrowed, he knows his best friend is lying when he rubs his hands like that, "Really?" He said.

Wang Hai nodded his head, "Yes, I wonder who's the owner of it," he said.

Song Tian looked at his best friend act as if he doesn't know a thing, his eyes twitched, "Cut the crap, tell me who's the owner," he said.

Wang Hai shook his head, "How can you not trust me? Brother, when have I ever lied to you?" He said.

Song Tian snorted, "I know your habit when it comes to lying. Ah, I think I'm going to post the photo I took at our middle school camping," He said as he smiled and took out his phone.

Wang Hai face changed, "Brother, don't do that! I'll tell you, okay. Your parents are the one who asked us to build it," he said.

Song Tian surprised to hear his parents is the owner of the building, "What are they up to this time?" He thought in his mind.


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