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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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23 Immortal Ca

Song Tian was startled to see his fish was snatched by something. He turns around, and he could see the round shaped creature was eating the fish he just caught.

After Song Tian looked closer, he was surprised that it was a cat. The cat had white fur with black stripes around its body and face. The eyes were pointed, and it had golden colors.

Felt being stared, the cat meowed, licking his paw, and continues to eat the fish. Song Tian shook his head and walking back to the river to catch another fish.

Several moments later, Song Tian caught another river trout, and he removes the hook from the fish mouth.

The cat looking at the fish in Song Tian's hand and start to launch itself to steal it.

Just before the cat snatched the fish with his mouth, Song Tian stepped back slightly and caught the cat, "Hehe, do you think the same trick will work on me?" Song Tian smirked.

The cat tries to escape, but Song Tian didn't let it. Song Tian looking the cat he caught, "What a bad cat, is this the spiritual beast Grandma Zhao was talking about?" Song Tian said, and he looked at the cat, "Hey, can you talk? Hello," He said.

The cat didn't respond and only let out a meow sounds. The cat was staring at Song Tian with its cute face, but Song Tian didn't budge a bit and still holding the cat.

Song Tian smiled, "Oh, the spiritual beast can't talk? What a letdown. Here I thought it was awesome like the stuff I read in the novel."

Song Tian continues, "Looking at this cat appearance, it looks expensive. I wonder how much money I can get if I were to sell it to some pet breeders for some breeding experiment, hehe," He chuckled.

Looking at Song Tian's creepy smile, the cat shivered, "Brat, how dare you have the thought of selling me," the cat finally speak to Song Tian.

Song Tian was surprised to hear the cat talk in human language, and he could hear the voice of a man from the cat. But his face didn't change, "Oh, this cat can even talk? Wow, I can give it to some scientist. At least I can contribute something to this country and the world," He said.

The cat starts to panic after hearing the young man wants to hand him to the scientist, "Young man, calm down. Don't let the evil thought corrupting your mind," the cat said.

Song Tian laughed, "Evil thought? Hehe, it's for the good of science you know," He said.

Seeing there's no way out, the cat sighed, "It just one fish, I'm sorry okay? I'm starving. I haven't eaten for six months already," the cat said.

Song Tian surprised, and he didn't have the heart to tease the cat any more. He releases his grip on the cat and hands the fish to him.

The cat quickly bite the fish and escapes, "Haha, what a fool!" The cat said to Song Tian as he disappeared.

Song Tian can't figure out why the cat can goes into his farm, "Xiao Yi, is the spiritual beast can go in my farm even with the fence already installed?" He asked.

Song Yi giggled, "No, that cat has been around this area even before you start building the fence. Don't worry master, the fence protection will prevent him from going outside of the farm," she said.

Song Tian surprised as he didn't see the cat before, "Maybe he just awake from his slumber or something," He muttered.

Song Tian goes fishing again for 30 minutes, and he already caught five river trouts. Song Tian immediately sells all the fish he caught, but he didn't see any money appeared in front of him.

Song Yi said, "Master, the money already on your bank account."

Song Tian surprised, and he took out his phone to check his bank account. He could see there was an additional $25. On the transaction history, Song Tian could see the name of Song Yi transferred $25 to his account.

"Xiao Yi, you even had the bank account?" Song Tian asked.

Song Yi laughed, "Of course, who doesn't have it? Master, my bank account is compatible with any bank existed in all universe and galaxy," she said.

Song Tian gasped, "All universe? Can I also make the bank account like that?" He couldn't help but ask since it sounds impressive to him.

Song Yi giggled, "Who knows, you'll find out as you level up, hehe," She said.

Song Tian smiled bitterly.

Meanwhile, the cat was trying to escape the farm, but he couldn't get out, "Damn, what is this thing? Why is there a barrier preventing me from going outside?" The cat lowering his body as he tries to launch himself to attack the barrier, but he got bounced back.

"Ouch, this brat's so cunning. To think that brat had a spiritual artifact," the cat said as he glanced at some crops not far away from him.

The cat walked closed to the crops, "Let's see, if I destroy this plant, that brat will be annoyed to death and cries to his mom," The cat slashing the crops with his paw.

Before the paw reached the crops, the cat felt electrocuted, "What is this damn thing?" the cat was shocked to see even the plants on this area is protected by something.

The cat didn't bother trying to destroy the crop anymore as he's afraid of being electrocuted again, "Hmph! If I can't destroy this place, I will just keep annoys that brat until he begs for mercy," The cat went to Song Tian's cabin.

Song Tian sat on the couch with the girls watching the TV, he saw the cat was coming inside and walks toward him.

The cat looking at Song Tian, "Hmph, since I can't go outside, might as well live in here. Brat, get me some food," he said as he lay on the couch beside Song Tian.

The girls heard a cat and surprised to see the cat laying itself comfortably beside Song Tian.

Su Wen looked at the cat, "Song Tian, is this your cat? It's so cute," she said as she grabbed the cat and let it lays on her lap.

Song Xia and Lin Hua also start to play with the cat on Su Wen's lap, the cat stared at Song Tian, "See, this is how you should treat me. With respect! Ah, stop rubbing me on my stomach" The cat said as the girls were rubbing him.

Song Tian eyes twitched, "Su Wen, can't you hear the cat talking? It's the spiritual beast that Grandma Zhao mentioned," He said.

Su Wen and the girls surprised to see the cat is the spiritual beast, but they can only hear the cat meowing to them.

Su Wen shook her head, "Really? But I only heard the cat meow from it," she said.

Song Tian took the cat from Su Wen and staring at the cat eyes, "I know you can't go outside of this farm. If you didn't let the girls hear you speaking, and let them think I'm crazy, I would call the scientist to pick you here," He said.

The cat shivered, "How can you do this to an elder? Brat, didn't your people have a culture which respects an elder and cherishes the young?" he said as he let the girls hear him talking and they're surprised to see the cat is speaking in human language.

Song Tian glanced at the girls, "See, this cat can speak. This cat just got away from stealing my fish earlier, so I was thinking of what to do with this cat," he said.

Su Wen immediately took the cat from Song Tian's hand, she rubs the cat head, "He's probably just hungry, just let him eat. Poor cat, are you hungry? I'll prepare some fish for you," She said as she brings the cat to the kitchen and the girls were following her.

The cat who's on Su Wen's arm steal a glance to Song Tian and making a smug face at him.

Song Tian eyes twitched looking at the cat being spoiled by the girls.

After eating the fish prepared by Su Wen, the cat laying on the couch comfortably.

Su Wen looked at Song Tian, "What's the name of this cat?" She asked.

Song Tian shook his head, "I don't know, I only met him when I'm fishing on the river," he glanced to the cat and said, "Cat, tell us your name."

The cat shook his head, "I don't have any name, just call me Lord Tiger," he said.

Song Tian laughed, "Pfff, how can lazy cat like you claim as a tiger? Lord Fatty is more befitting for your name," he said.

The cat snorted, "Hmph, you just didn't see my true form yet," he said.

Song Tian said, "True form? Show it then."

The cat said, "I can't transform into my true form without a contract."

Song Tian eyes lit up when he heard contract from the cat, but he's snorted, "Contract? Pff, such a cliche way to make an excuse. If you can't transform, no need to spout so much bullcrap," he said.

The cat said, "You don't even know how the spiritual beast on this world works? I pity your limited knowledge, even your mom feels sad at your low intelligence."

Song Tian mouth twitched, "Who doesn't even know how to spout such a bullcrap? Even elementary school can lie better than you. What a shame," he said as he shook his head and continues to mock the cat for being fake for an hour.

The cat can't handle being mocked like that, gritted his teeth, "Brat, drop your blood on my forehead," He said as he cuts his forehead with his claw.

Song Tian surprised to see the cat cuts his forehead, he also cut his finger and drip his blood on the cats.

Not long after, Song Tian could feel his head slightly dizzy, and he could hear Song Yi said, "Congratulations, master, for contracting the spiritual beast."

Name: "Waiting for master to name it."

Breed: Immortal Cat.

Ability: Indestructible Body and Soul, Natural Herder.

Likes: Fish and Delicious Foods.

Hates: Spicy Food.

The cat face changed, "Crap!" He said as the contract already sealed. The cat's really regretting his action just now as he recklessly let Song Tian formed a contract with him.

Song Tian looked at the stats, "Xiao Yi, what ability is that?" He asked as he saw the natural herder ability.

Song Yi answered, "This cat has natural talent on herding dairy animals. As for other ability, I guess master already know what it is, right? The cat now already form a soul bind contract with you, he can also communicate with me and hearing our conversation," she said.

The cat who's been sulking as he can't believe he become a contracted spiritual beast to Song Tian, surprised to hear a young woman's voice, "Who are you?" He asked.

Song Yi giggled, "Hello cat, I'm your elder sister. Master, I think you need to give him a name so it'll be convenient to call him," she said.

Song Tian laughed, "Alright, let me think a few names for this cat," he said.

The cat retorted, "It's Lord Tiger!" He said.

Song Tian said, "Alright, from now on your name will be Song Li," He said as the cat being enveloped by the golden light.

The cat startled as he never experienced the contract before, he only knows from another fellow beast.

The black stripes on the cat slowly transformed into tiger pattern as the white fur slowly turns darker as it becomes gray colored, and the body only gets slimmer slightly.

Song Tian looked at the transformed Song Li, "Wow, you're more like a toyger now," He laughed.

Song Li said, "What toyger? Is that a toy? How can you compare me, the Lord Tiger to a mere toy."

Song Xia, Su Wen, and Lin Hua have been watching the process of the contract until the cat transformed.

Song Xia went to the guestroom to get her mirror and place it in front of Song Li.

Song Li looking at himself in the mirror, surprised, "So this is my true form?" He asked.

Song Tian and the girls looking at Song Li in silent, they even thought that Song Li can't accept his true form and tries to comfort him. But before they do so, the cat was jumping excitedly, "Haha, look at how handsome I am."

Song Li jumping around on the couch as he's rejoiced with his true form, looking at Song Tian smugly, "See? This Lord Tiger is so handsome. What? Can't you even speak in front of this lord? Speechless by this lord handsomeness? Haha," he said.

Song Tian and the girls speechless looking at the cat and also relieved to see Song Li didn't feel sad with his true form.

The girls were playing with Song Li outside, and Song Tian starts fish again to get some money.

At the parking lot in the airport, Song Chen turned on the car and looked at his wife, "Are you sure you want to build right in front of Xiao Tian's farm?" He asked.

Zhu Mei nodded her head and smiled, "Yes, for now, don't tell him anything. Once it's already built, he can't say no to that, and also it's going to be convenient for him in the future," she said.

Song Chen smiled bitterly as he can't say anything to his wife, and he drives the car back to home.


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