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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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13 The Truth

At Song Tian's cabin, everyone is already left except the elders. Gao Zhao, Gao Ning & Wei Xiu are on the kitchen to prepare the foods since it's almost dinner times.

Meanwhile on the living room, Song Tian and his grandpa seems to be discussing about something.

Song Lian looked at his grandson and said "Xiao Tian, i didn't expect you to already got the system and you obtain it in the mortal world. At first, we're waiting for you to reach into cultivation stages to tell you this".

Zhu Dong looked at Song Lian and impatiently said "Just get to the point already. Look at our grandson face, he's so nervous right now" Zhu Dong then looked at Song Tian's face.

Song Lian glared at Zhu Dong "Like you're one who talks!" and Song Lian looked at Song Tian said "The so called system we called now is actually spirit wih an exceptional intelligent being".

Song Lian continued "From what i know so far, they have their own domain in the other universe with an exceptional technology no human can ever hope to reach".

Song Tian still didn't get what his grandpa said and asked "But didn't our universe had law itself? Why it can't it prevent another being from entering it's universe?".

Song Lian said "There is, but it's only prevent the harmful being. The system itself is only guiding us, so they can travel freely to all the universe they want to".

Song Lian sighed "As to why I and Old Zhu is waiting for you to reach your cultivation stage to tell this because we're planning to let you inherit one of our system to you hence we call this inheritance and the system only allow us to pass this to our relative once they reach the cultivation stage ".

Song Tian surprised to hear this but still asked "Inheritance? That means i can inherit the system from you? How about dad? And what happen to you if you pass the system to other people?".

Song Lian said "Yes, you can. I will let both of you and your dad inherit the system. The system itself had the ability to reproduce itself and can be only passed through blood related ones. As for the rest, i leave it to Old Zhu as he's been glaring me for a while now".

Zhu Dong glared at Song Lian and said "Humph, now you remember me. Xiao Tian, it's time for your best grandpa to explain it hehehe".

Zhu Dong said "Xiao Tian, there is the difference between the fated ones and the inherited ones. Both me and Old Lian is the fated ones, that means we got the system itself through our fate. There are some people in other world got the system, but most of them is getting them through inheritance".

Zhu Dong Continued "As to why we can detect each other system is because we're the fated ones. The inherited system can't detect our, but we can detect them no matter how hard they're trying to conceal it. That's why your system can detect us when coming toward you right?".

Song Tian nodded and said "Yes, my system warned me when both of you are coming. No wonder when I met with Grandma Zhao, she can't detect anything. Does that mean she didn't have system on her?".

Gao Ning and Wei Xiu coming as they're putting the coffee for their husbands and grandson. Gao Ning said "My little sister got one too, but it's inherited from me".

Gao Ning continued "Me and Sister Xiu also the fated ones. It just we can't detect the system from another gender. As to why, i don't even know".

Wei Xiu said "That's right, if your grandpa didn't told me i don't even know if he got ones or not".

Song Tian shocked to heard that "And here i though the system is rare, turns out everyone can have them" He sighed.

All of them laugh hearing their grandson sigh. Zhu Dong said "Who said it's not rare? Xiao Tian, for my whole life in this universe i never encounter any fated ones except my wife, your grandpa and your grandma"

Zhu Dong continued "Now we added you to the list, it's only five. On the cultivation world, i only met one guys who had the system and it's inherited ones. That elder told us that he got it from his deceased father. Both me and your grandpa know him as he's the sect elder in the cultivation world where we studied together".

Song Tian asked "So there's only few of them? How about on this mortal world? Is there anyone who also had system like us? If there is, does that mean there's hidden danger on this mortal world?".

Song Lian laughed "There is monk who got the inherited ones. What do you mean hidden danger? Xiao Tian, you read too much novels. Do you think there's a system who can help our cultivation directly like those in the novel?".

Song Lian continued "There's no such thing on this world as it's already rules set by this universe. Even if there is, it must be somewhere in other universe. You must be confused to why i know this right? Xiao Bo, explain it to Xiao Tian".

Song Tian confused as to what his grandpa says and before he said anything, the white eagle appeared out of nowhere in Song Lian shoulder.

"Yo, so this brat is the new fated ones huh?" The white eagle talked.

Song Tian jaw widened to see the white eagle could talk like this, he glanced at Grandpa Lian "Grandpa? This is?" he asked.

Song Lian laughed "This is my system, Song Bo. He can formed into a being because our level is higher".

Song Tian surprised. Now he knows the system can form into a being, he excitedly said to Song Yi "Xiao Yi, can you form into one?" he asked.

Song Yi answered "Not yet master, our level can't compare to them".

Song Bo glanced at Song Tian as if he can heard what they're talking about and said "Just be patient, when you reach the desired level then your system definitely can form into a being".

Song Bo lowering his head to drink the coffee in Song Lian's mug and continued "When we reach higher level, that means our privilege to enter the vault of information in system domain is increased. That's why we know about this".

As the coffee on the mug almost drained out, Song Bo said "This universe will convert any harmful system function, look at me for an example. At first i'm Alchemy God System but once i came to this universe, i'm being converted into Eastern and Western Medicine System".

Song Tian shocked to heard that Song Bo is used to be an Alchemy God system. "It seems that each universe had it's law" He though in his mind.

Zhu Dong looked at Song Lian showing off his system to his grandson and said "Xiao Tian, forget about that bird. Xiao Chao, show yourself!".

A golden cat appeared out of nowhere and glanced at the Song Bo "Yo birdie, no wonder you can't stop squeaking. Turns out that black liquid with a bitter taste on it can make you stupid".

Song Bo snorted "What a kid like you know about the adult taste? Hush, just go take a little nap somewhere and don't disturb our adult conversation".

The golden cat fur raised "What do you say birdie? You want some?" As the golden cat baring its fangs.

Song Bo shook his head as if it's not bothered by a cat and said "Look at you, there's your master's grandson and you act like this" while drank the last bit of coffee on Song Lian's mug.

The golden cat realized that he is being glanced by Song Tian "Cough. That's the birdie fault for squeaking too much okay. Anyway, my name is Zhu Chao. Previously i'm Merchant God System, now being converted here as Business Management System" Zhu Chao said.

Song Tian speechless at sudden changes of behavior "No wonder my maternal family is really rich, it's Business Management System" He though in his mind.

After having a dinner with the elders and talked for an hour, all of them left.

Song Tian sat on the couch and wondering about what his grandpas system said to him, he asked "Xiao Yi, does that mean when you came on this universe you're also converted? What's your previous function?".

Song Yi said "That's the only thing i don't know about myself. Master, you need to level up so i had more access to gather information".

Song Tian said "I see. We don't have to rush anything, there's still a lot of opportunities later".

"AH!" Song Tian slap his forehead as if he remembered something "I forgot to ask what kind of system my grandmas had" He shook his head.

Song Tian goes to his bedroom to turn on his PC to look for chicken favorite treats.

As he researching them, Song Tian shocked "Wow, i didn't expect that something fresh had been in front of me this entire times".

Song Tian got to know that one of the chicken favorite treats are strawberry and cabbage which he already planted on his farm.

"I still got some strawberries left on the fridge. Might as well let them eat it tomorrow" Song Tian muttered.

Song Tian opened the Sphere to see if there's any new interesting videos from the channel he follows.

Looking at the following section, Song Tian didn't see any new interesting videos.

"It's still 10PM, let's see if the novel I added to the library already had 100 chapters for me to read before i go to sleep" Song Tian said.

As he looked at his account libraries on the novel websites, Song Tian could see several novels already had updated 100 or more chapters on it and he decided to read one.

At 5 AM, Song Tian wake up and goes to wash his face. "Oh yeah, today i will let the chicken eat some strawberries" Song Tian said as he walked down to the kitchen to take several strawberries on the fridge.

After picking up all the strawberries, Song Tian put the strawberries to the cutting board to split it into 4 parts and put it on plastic bag.

Song Tian look at the chicken already waking up, he goes to collect the eggs and put the chicken feeds first.

He took out one slice of strawberry to see if the chickens are interested or not. However, he underestimated the chickens as one of them tries to jump to Song Tian to get the strawberry on his hand.

Song Tian shook his head and he spread the slice of strawberries for all the chicken to get their share.

Looking at the chicken seems to really like it, Song Tian relieved and he goes to the planted crops to water them.

After Song Tian finished watering all the crops, he looks at the tilted soil from yesterday when showing off to his families and friends.

"Should i just put another strawberries and cabbages on it? But that would be too boring, i need to plant another ones since i don't really know the demands right now. Also, i need to consider to grow a fruit tree early so i can easily harvest it when the season comes" Song Tian though in his mind.

Song Tian walked toward the chicken coop to let his chicken out and goes back to his cabin to research the crops and trees to related.

"Woah, the easiest fruit tree i can find to grow outside is apple. I think i need to consider to make a bigger greenhouse if i want to take the fruit tree seriously. Since the weather isn't too cold this month, i think i can grow some garlic outside and adding more strawberries and cabbages" Song Tian said in his mind.

After that, Song Tian train his body until 6 AM and goes to take a shower. "What's for breakfast?" Song Tian though.

Song Yi suddenly said "Master, how about you try to use the Basic Fishing Rod you got? Not only you can get some fish, you can also eat them".

Song Tian said "I bet you only wants me to spend some money to buy the bait right?".

Song Yi said "Of course not, I just care about master wellness okay".

Song Tian laughed "Wellness huh? Fine, i'm also curious to try it" As he took the Basic Fishing Rod and goes to the river on the back of his cabin.


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