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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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6 Starting To Grow

Song Tian browsing through his PC and looked at greenhouses. He didn't expect there's a different variety of it. In one website, it said that there are three types of greenhouses which is ridge and furrow, gutter connected, lean-to and detached. And another website said there is dome type of greenhouse, pit greenhouse, house hoop and many other thing.

Song Tian felt that his brain can't process all of it and decided to types the keyword "best greenhouse" in search engine website. Now Song Tian become overwhelmed with a lots of beautiful greenhouse. From simple tunnel greenhouse to castle-like greenhouse.

Song Tian smiled bitterly "It's too much, i will just finish my quest first".

The he continued his research to related plants. This time, he saw the pest section and look at how to prevent it. He looked at it carefully and bookmarked the websites just in case he encounter the troubles in the future while also noting the important stuff like preventing rat with peppermint oil and such.

"Now, i can look at chicken section. I need to know how to take cares of it" Song Tian though in his mind.

After done researching with many thing, Song Tian goes to the dining tables to eat his dinner with families.

In the dining tables, Song Chen asked his son "Xiao Tian, how is the progress? Did you already plant the seeds you bought?".

Song Tian answered "Yes, i already plant cabbages and strawberries dad. All i need is to take care of it and wait for it to grow. I also research at how to prevent pest problem on the internet".

Song Chen nodded his head "Good, now it seems that you're not just testing the water. I will come with you tomorrow to see it".

Song Tian can't wait for his dad to see his tilt technique "Nice, i will let you see new martial art technique i applied to farming tools".

Song Chen eyes lit up when he heard martial art "Hoho, now i'm anticipated more for tomorrow".

Zhu Mei seeing her husband and son shook his head "Xiao Tian, i will also come tomorrow to see the new cabin".

Song Tian just remembered that he had to ask his mom about the furniture and stuff "Oh yes, i almost forgot about it mom. I want to ask your opinion on furniture and decorating on the cabin".

Zhu Mei smiled "Sure, now eat your food".

After finished the dinner with his families, Song Tian goes to training area to train his body. Although he don't want to inherit Martial Hall, Song Tian always train his body just in case it's needed in the future.

Drenched in sweat, Song Tian took a shower and goes to sleep.

In the morning, he got messages from Wang Hai which said "Brother, i'm going to start to build the gazebo today".

After Song Tian replied, he goes to breakfast with his family.

Song Tian goes inside the car and waiting for his parent to come. After all of them inside the car, Song Tian drive straight to the farm.

Arrived at farmland, Song Tian shocked to see the cabbages and strawberry he planted already in seedling stages. He take a look closer and making sure there's nothing wrong with it.

Song Yi already knew what her master is thinking and said "Don't be surprised master, our system tools is different. Growth rate is definitely different from normal plants".

Song Tian relieved to see hear that and sighed "It just too bad i can't see estimated time with my low level".

Song Chen after accompanying his wife to take a look at cabin goes outside to see his son inspecting the soil.

Song Chen walk closer to Song Tian and surprised to see the little green in front of him "Is that what you've been planting? It's already showing it's growth".

Song Tian said to his father "Yes dad, this here is the strawberry seedling" Showing his father around.

Song Chen looked at the tilted soil which perfectly round and aligned to each other curiously asked his son "Xiao Tian, the soil is perfectly round and aligned to each other. Are you using machine to tilt it?".

Song Tian laughed and said "Of course not, i'm only using traditional tools. Dad, remember what i want to show you? Let's go to the empty soil and see how i tilted the soil".

Song Tian and his dad goes to the empty soil. He pick up the Basic Hoe and said to his Dad "Dad, watch carefully hehe".

Song Chen laughed at how smug his son is "Just do it, i'm watching".

Song Tian performed the one round, vertical, horizontal technique and 3x3 technique on it.

Song Chen eyes lit up and focused to see his son fast movement. He can clearly see it because he is Martial Art master.

He can see that his son is tilted the soil carefully to makes it round and the movement really fast.

Song Tian looked at his father and said "How is it dad? Cool right? Haha".

Song Chen laughed and said "Lend your hoe to me, i can already get the gist of it".

Song Tian curiously asked "Are you sure dad? Here you go" Song Tian handed his Basic Hoe to his dad. He though that it'll be no problem since he's the only one to use the system tool function.

Song Chen taking a closer look at Basic Hoe "Hmm, the material seems different from normal hoe and it's much lighter" though in his mind.

Song Chen raised his arm and focusing his qi on his arm. He started to copy his son did. From one round all the way to the 3x3 techniques in very fast motion.

Song Tian startled to see his father do what he exactly just did a while ago with fast motion. The difference between him and his dad is while he's only raising the hoe and swing it down till the round magically appeared, his dad is doing the legit version of it with very fast motion.

He clearly can see the fast movement from his dad "Damn, i never though that hoe really can be applied with martial art" Song Tian though in his mind.

Song Chen looked at his son and smugly laughed "How is it Xiao Tian? Me too can do your stuff, easy".

And Song Chen continue "Xiao Tian, from the technique i saw. I can improve it. Take a look" Song Chen focusing his qi on his legs and arms and swung the hoe with movement faster than before. 6x6 rounds appeared before him".

Song Tian jaw widened in shock to see his father can go all the way to 6x6 and Song Yi voice could be heard "Master, your dad is amazing. He did it without system power and only pure fast and precise movement".

Song Tian pondered for a moment and said "Xiao Yi, if i were to really apply martial art to the Basic Hoe. Is the system going to restrict my movement and only let me do the 3x3 technique on it?".

Song Yi answered "Who knows, you have to try it for yourself master".

Song Tian smiled bitterly and said to his dad "Dad, let me try your technique" He took the Basic Hoe from his dad.

Song Chen happily handed the hoe back to his son. He's happy to see when his son eager to improve himself.

Song Tian then trying the basic technique he got from system first but with martial art, he can do it easily. After that, he tries to copy what his dad did.

At first attempt, he only managed to tilt 4x4 and second attempt he already succed the 5x5 ones. But once he tries to do the 6x6, he's failed. He feels that it burden his legs and arms once he's attempting to do it just with the body strength alone.

He then tries to apply Qi on his legs and arms and then attempting to do 6x6. At first he's still failed, after several trials and errors he finally succeeds.

Song Yi suddenly said "Congratulation on completing your first hidden quest, since you're not the first to realize the way to do it. I will only gives you 1 EXP point, be creative next time so you're not going to encounter this kind of situation master hehe".

Song Tian speechless to heard that he only gets 1 EXP point. But then he suddenly feels his body become energized.

"Congratulation for reaching the level 2, now master can see your own stats" Song Yi said.

Scrolls appeared in front of him.

"Stats : You can see your own stats below"

- Name : Song Tian (Level 2)

- HP : 10800 MP : 6500

- Strength : level 12

- Agility : level 16

- Endurance : level 25

- Mental Strength : level 6

- Equipment : Basic Hoe and Basic Watering Can.

- Farm Ability : See the Stats of The Plants.

- Another hidden stats required to be level 5 to unlock it.

- EXP : 0/250.

Song Tian enjoyed now that he can see the stats and asked "Xiao Yi, is the MP related to my qi?".

Song Yi answered "Yes master, it's related to your qi".

Song Chen looked at his son trying his best to do what exactly he did and laughed "Haha that is my son. Now you can do 6x6, but be careful with it. It can strain your mind, you need to train your mental strength more if you want to use this for more often".

Song Tian nodded his head and said "Yes, i didn't expect it to be affecting my mental too. It seems i still need to train more".

Song Chen said "That's the way, don't just focus on your body and qi. You also need to train more on mental strength. Alright, i'm going back to your cabin" Song Chen walk toward the cabin.

Song Tian then follow his dad and took the Basic Watering Can, he start to water all of the planted soil.

After finished with watering all of them, Song Tian immediately taking a closer look to planted soil and he can see the small scroll floating beside and something written on it.

"Plant Stats"

- Name : Strawberry.

- Status : Seedling.

- Condition : Healthy.

- Fertilized : None.

- Watered : Yes.

- Estimated Time : 6 days.

And Song Tian take a look at cabbages he plant to see the stats.

"Plant Stats"

- Name : Cabbage.

- Status : Seedling.

- Condition : Healthy.

- Fertilized : None.

- Watered : Yes.

- Estimated Time : 8 days.

Song Tian excited to see the he can finally see the estimated times "Strawberry 6 days and Cabbage 8 days huh. Now it's becoming more game like" He though in his mind.

After that, he took a shower on his cabin and said to his dad "Dad wanna come with me? There is small restaurant nearby which is really delicious and cheap and Mom, what are you doing? Are you coming with us? Or i can take the food here" He look at his mom seems to measure something around the cabin with measuring tools.

Zhu Mei said "I'm still measuring for furniture and decoration, both of you can go without me. Bring me something to eat too".

Song Tian and his dad goes to small restaurant. Song Chen looked at woman seems to be around his age, he could see powerful aura emanating from her. From the way he looks, this woman definitely stronger than he is.

Gao Zhao already can see two people coming and muttered "Why do i feel familiar aura from the older man" and after both of them closer Gao Zhao laughed "Xiao Tian, welcome. Is this your dad?".

Song Chen immediately greeted "Song Chen from Martial Hall 4th Generation patriarch greeting the Elder" He cupped his hand.

Gao Zhao nodded and said "No wonder your aura is so familiar to me, you're Old Lian son huh?".

Song Chen answered "Yes elder, i am the son of Song Lian and Gao Ning. May i know the name of estemeed elder?".

Gao Zhao amused at Song Chen behaviour and laughed "You brat don't even know your own aunt huh? Well, it's to be expected since last time i met with them is at their wedding ceremony".

Song Chen shocked to see the woman in front of him is his own aunt and said "Are you aunt Gao Zhao? My mother has been looking for you everywhere. Aunty, why don't you come with me later?"

Song Tian jaw widened after hearing their conversation "Does that mean you're my grandma?".

Gao Zhao laughed and said "Haha yes, from now on you can call me Grandma Zhao. No wonder i can see a lot of qi around you" after that she looked at Song Chen and said "Yes i will come with you, i can't find your parent since i can't sense their qi and their old house already replaced with commercial building".

Song Chen smiled bitterly "My parent just got the spiritual artifact that can hide the aura of location they put in to 20 years ago".

Gao Zhao shook his head "No wonder i can't find their whereabouts. I'm just settling down here 15 years ago. Now, let's set that aside and what are you gonna eat?".

Song Tian and Song Chen ordered the menu and waiting for it.

Song Tian asked his dad "Dad, is Aunty Zhao really grandma? Why is she look the same ages as you".

Song Chen said "Of course, at the peak of cultivation you can change how you look to anything you wants to. After you reach peak of Martial Art, you will have another breakthrough. But for now, just focus on what your current training".

Song Tian though "It seems the cultivation world really exist in this world huh" and he asked his dad "Dad, since cultivation really exist in this world. Does that mean there is hidden sect and upper realm? Is there hidden threat in this world?".

Song Chen laughed "There's no hidden sect in this world, only martial art school like us exist in this world. The upper realm you talked about is only exist in novel. From this universe, it's called Cultivation World which is located at another galaxy".

Song Chen continued "Hidden sect only existed in Cultivation World. Even peak cultivator like your grandpa and grandma comes here, their strength would be restrained by law of universe and can only change their look and retain their age. You don't have to worry about hidden threat and such, like i said before. Peak cultivator strength will be restrained and their strength at most will be like your grandpa and grandma. On this world, they can't use cultivation technique to kill. Back then, there is group of cultivators trying to find a loophole with the law of universe and their bodies ended up crumbling like ashes".

Song Tian shocked to hear such revelation from his dad.

Gao Zhao already handed them the food and Song Tian asked "Grandma Zhao, is what my dad said true? If so, i heard both of you talking about spiritual artifact earlier. If people can use spiritual artifact, that means there's some hidden threat from it".

Gao Zhao laughed at Song Tian worried face and said "It is true. While there is spiritual artifact on this world, it can't harm any mortal being. At most, it can only be used as protective means. I have a lots of offensive spiritual artifact, when i bring them here it's not working anymore. Only the defensive ones are working".

Song Tian relieved after making sure that there's no hidden threat from it and started to eat his foods.

After both of finished their lunch. Song Chen decided to pay the bill but Gao Zhao refuses and said that it's on her since she already find a way to meet with her elder sister and there's no way she can takes money from her own nephew.

On the way to the farm, Song Tian asked "Dad, is Grandma Zhong strong?".

Song Chen answered "Of course, even when her strength is restrained in this mortal world she is 10 times stronger than me. She is after all already reached peak of cultivation and is the same level as your grandpa and grandma".

After both of them arrived on the farm, Song Tian handed the food to his mom. He suddenly hear the truck sound coming over, it seems that Wang Hai worker just arrived.

A minutes later another car arrived, it's Wang Hai car. After he stepped out the car, he immediately greeting Song Chen and Zhu Mei first and said to Song Tian "Brother, sorry for coming late. I'm still waiting for another material for your gazebo to comes".

Song Tian patting Wang Hai shoulder and said "Why would you apologize to me, i'm not rushing it anyway. You can take your time with it".

After all of them chatting for several minutes, they suddenly heard big truck sounds which different from Wang Hai's worker truck.

Song Tian came out to see vehicle truck arrived and followed by his sister car.

After Song Xue stepped out of the to approach them waved over to Song Tian "Xiao Tian, come here".

Song Tian looked at his sister and walked closer to her and said "Sister, what is this?".

Song Xue laughed and said "Just look at the back of the truck and you'll see".

The truck driver immediately opened the back door of the trailer and the loader automatically protruding to the ground. A few seconds later, car unloaded from it.

Song Tian surprised to see the car, he knew exactly what type of car it is. It is car manufactured by Amercan company and the model is called Gladiator which just came this year. It is midsize pickup truck he's been trying to look for.

Song Xue looked at her brother curiously looking at the car and smiled "What are you looking for? Just go inside, it's your".

Song Tian said "Really? How come you know what types of car i like sis?"

Song Xue laughed "Of course i know, did you forget that i'm the owner of Sphere? If there's activity on your account, of course i will get the notification immediately".

Song Xue continued "Don't even try to reject the car. I've been using my connection to customize your car and it's bulletproof too".

Song Tian smiled bitterly "Fine, i will pay it back to you once i earned enough money".

Song Xue shook her head "Pay? How come you say that to your own sister. Are you saying that you don't consider me as your elder sister?"

Song Tian sighed "Of course you're my elder sister. Fine, i will just take it. This is the last time okay".

Song Xue laughed "That's more like it. Now you don't have to borrow cars from mom, dad and me anymore. You can just take your own car and bring your girlfriend with it".

Song Tian muttered "I don't even have a girlfriend".

After that Song Xue immediately bid farewell to everyone as she still had lots of work to do.

As the time goes, evening comes. Song Chen with his wife immediately goes to pick up Gao Zhao to take her to see his mother.

And Song Tian goes back to his home with his new car.


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